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Class Activity CEE 525 Physical Fitness and Conditioning

Key definitions: Program Design: A process upon which the application of sound strength and conditioning program principles are based. Plyometric Training: Involves quick, powerful movements using a prestretch, or countermovement, that involves the stretch-shortening cycle. Speed-Endurance: The ability to maintain maximal movement velocities or repeatedly achieve maximal accelerations and velocities. Activity: The class is divided into groups. For this activity you will be required to develop an 8 week training program. You will select a population and create a program following the outline below. Training Program Requirements 1. Introduction a. Identify the need for creating a program, why are you writing this program? b. You may identify your population here 2. Purpose a. What is the overall purpose of the entire program b. State your population 3. Movement analysis a. What movements are associated with your population 4. Physiological analysis a. What are the energy requirements of your population b. Be specific to positions if your population is a team sport 5. Nutrition Factors a. Briefly address caloric demands b. Talk about nutrient timing c. Identify any special needs 6. Injury analysis a. Identify the major and minor injuries associated with your population 7. Special concerns a. Does your population have special needs (hypertension, diabetes, orthopedic etc.) 8. Training status a. Define the training level of your population (Need to Make Some Assumptions) i. How many years have they trained

ii. High school, college division, pro, 50 year old non-athlete, etc. 9. Physical testing and evaluation a. What aspects will be evaluated 10. Primary resistance training goal a. What is the goal of your strength training program? 11. Test selection and administration a. What tests will be used to evaluate your population and why b. Be specific 12. Program design a. Stick with training goal and include i. Specificity ii. Overload iii. Progression b. Warm-up and stretching i. Identify the warm-up and stretching you will be utilizing for your population, be specific. c. Agility i. What type of agility training will be utilized and why d. Plyometrics i. What type of agility training will be utilized and why e. Strength i. Briefly describe your strength training program ii. The meat of this should be in a table or chart and should include i. exercise selection ii. choice, frequency, order iii. Load iv. Volume v. Intensity vi. Rest periods vii. Identify variations f. Stamina i. Refer back to your Physiological analysis ii. What will you do to train all the energy systems? 13. Program application a. Describe how your program should be followed b. Be very detailed here, this should explain all your charts and or tables 14. Discussion a. Why did you create this program, follow up from introduction b. Justify your reasoning for doing what your doing c. This should include the majority of your references 15. Conclusion a. What does your program do for this population b. Why is your program better than any other program c. Make a powerful conclusion statement