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A SAMPLE WRITING MODULE FOR GROUP A ( Module designed by ROSLAN AHMAD : 014-2762755 )

ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU WRITE. Paragraph 1 1. Which holidays? How long? 2. Whose family? Where did they go to? 3. What is the name of the place? Where is located? 4. What did they take to get to the place? 5. When did they arrive? Were there many people? Why? 6. How did they feel? Why? 7. Who bought the tickets? How much did it cost? Paragraph 2 1. What did they do in the farm? Took a ride? 2. How did they tour? Who guided them? 3. What did they see? Did they take photographs? Paragraph 3 1. Where did they take a rest? Small hut? 2. What were they served with? 3. Were the fruits delicious and satisfying? 4. What did they like most? Paragraph 4 1. How long were they at the farm? 2. Did they feel hungry? 3. Where did they go to? 4. What did they have? 5. What time did they go home? 6. How were they? 7. What were their hopes in future?

A SAMPLE WRITING MODULE FOR GROUP B or C ( Module designed by ROSLAN AHMAD : 014-2762755 )
COMPLETE THE PARAGRAPHS WITH CORRECT ANSWERS. It was the school holidays. ___________________________ brought his family to a Fruit Farm in _____________________. He drove his family in a _____________________. They reached the farm in the morning. Then Encik Amin __________________ tickets. The tickets were quite ____________________________ because it was the holidays. As they entered the farm, a farm guide led them into a _____________. Encik Amin and his family had a ride in a van. They toured the all around the farm. In the farm, they saw many _____________________ such as durian trees, ______________________ and _____________________. All of them were excited. At times, Encik Amin took ________________ of the fruit trees. In the afternoon, they had a rest at a small ______________. They were quite ______________. Not long after that, the farm guide served them with many types of local _______________ such as durians, bananas, ____________ and _______________. The fruits were very delicious. It was really satisfying. Late in the evening, they felt ________________ so they went to a restaurant. There, they enjoyed rice and some dishes. After that, they went _____________ . They were tired but they were _____________.