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Driving sunlight toward maximum energy efficiency

Gear Drives for Solar Tracking

Answers for industry.

The pivotal point for maximum energy efficiency

Regenerative energy will play an increasingly important role for securing a reliable power supply in the future. Solar power, in particular, holds enormous untapped potential. However, harnessing it involves highly innovative technologies for concentrating solar power (CSP) gear drives from Siemens play a key role in the development of these technologies.

Concentrating solar power technologies utilize movable mirrors, so-called heliostats, to focus light onto absorbers. Uniquely designed gear drives from Siemens ensure that the heliostats optimally track the suns movement. Particularly noteworthy: the high stiffness and low backlash of the gear drives, allowing you to fully leverage solar power to your advantage. Typical solar power application areas of Siemens gear drives include: Solar tower plants Dish stirling plants High concentrated photovoltaic (HCPV) with fresnel technology

A varied portfolio of power Siemens has put together a unique portfolio of gear drives for all types of solar power plants four different drive variations ranging from 1000 to 40000 Nm. for every size and type of heliostat. Whether single-axis drive such as the SD15 or two-axis drives such as the TD20, TD30 or TD122, Siemens has an appropriate solution. All of the members of the gear drive family feature a compact design that combines azimuth und elevation gear in a single housing. These structural elements ensure greatly help to reduce installation time.

The know-how of experience As a leading innovator in the field of solar gearing, Siemens can draw from a wealth of experience. It supplied its affiliate company Flender with geared motors for photovoltaic plants as far back as 1984. Today, Siemens continues to carry this innovative gear drive tradition forward with the development of analysis technologies such as FE methods, with CFD and other simulation programs, and through collaborations with partners such as Germanys National Research Center for Aeronautics and Space.

Advantages of Siemens gear drives for solar tracking Comprehensive portfolio for customer-specific needs High stiffness and low backlash for maximum power efficiency Compact design that combines azimuth and elevation gears Reduced installation time gear drive is a structural element Lower maintenance (e.g. gear drives are self-locking) Maximum flexibility: can be equipped with any motor (e.g. AC, DC, servo or other)

Gear Unit TD20

Gear Unit TD30

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Gear Drives for solar tracking



heliostat surface area (m2)

50 TD30









Max. gear unit torques (Nm)

Gear Units at a glance

Gear unit torques Operation 270 Nm

Gear unit torques Azimut: 1658 Nm Elevation: 1111 Nm

Gear unit torques Azimut: 4792 Nm Elevation: 3886 Nm Azimut: 9393 Nm Elevation: 7556 Nm Azimut: 3581 Nm Elevation: 11461 Nm Azimut: 48632 Elevation: 48857 0,7 mrad

Gear unit torques Azimut: 13000 Nm Elevation: 10000 Nm Azimut: 20000 Nm Elevation: 20000 Nm Azimut: 40000 Nm Elevation: 40000 Nm Azimut: Modular: 6366 - 100028 Elevation: Modular: 6958 - 109333 0,5 mrad

Go to stow

270 Nm

Azimut: 4094 Nm Elevation: 2745 Nm

In stow position

1000 Nm

Azimut: 2917 Nm Elevation: 5937 Nm

Gear ratio

Noch nicht definiert. zw. 6000 und 10000.

Azimut: 48114,7 Elevation: 48628,1 0,7 mrad

Max. backlash

1,0 mrad

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