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When we look around us, we see and recognize art.

We find a lot of things that we can relate to art and contain art. Art is everywhere; it is part of our daily life and it is common for us to see art in just waking up in the morning. We can also see art through murals, portraits, posters, paintings and more. So art is everywhere because people need it to use in their everyday lives. But what is art? What is art appreciation? And what is its significance to us? Art is the quality, production, expression or realm of creative skill and imagination, especially through a visual medium such as painting or sculpture. It is also defined as the use of skill or creativity to make aesthetic objects, environment, experiences and the likes that can be shared with others. Art appreciation is a different thing. It refers to as the knowledge and understanding of the universal and timeless qualities that identify all great art. It is important in a way that it helps us know the ideas about the past, what has happened as of late, what is currently happening and what will happen in the future. It also tells us the ideas about the society. Another thing is that art appreciation helps us to express feelings that we cant state through vocal means. Some thoughts are express and reveal its meaning through visual arts, and that is one thing why art appreciation is important because it tells and shows us meanings. Art also makes things more presentable and look better and more complete. It acts as a way of communication. Without knowing others languages, through art, it brings out the meaning and feelings of the one who made it by just looking on it and defining what does it mean. Now that we know the importance of art appreciation in our daily lives, what is its significance with my course or field of studies? Marketing and advertising needs the help of art in many aspects. First of all, what is marketing? What is advertising? Marketing refers to as knowing the needs and wants of the consumer and building a good costumer relationship. Advertising is a form of communication to persuade and encourage audience to continue or take new action. Art contributes, to my field of study, in a way that it helps the advertisement more presentable and well designed. Most of the advertisement is well planned because art helps the product to be more appreciated and easily accepted in public. The way how you endorse the product has an impact to the consumers who have seen it. By the use of art, it helps the advertising more encouraging and more promising that it will provide the needs of the people. In advertising, art is one of the factor affecting its presentation and introduction.

Without its creativity, it will somehow decrease its impact to the public. We all know that art can be considered as a form of communication. Through art, we can identify the publics desires and needs. We may observe on how they react and interpret things around them and with that we may know what lacks their living. Therefore the application of art will enter the field of marketing. What are the different learning/realizations I have discovered this prelims lessons in Art Appreciation which give me much value as a person?

This picture symbolizes that each and every person here on Earth has their own art. Art is not just creating paintings, drawings, and other visual images. It is also the way how you live your own life. In just deciding what you will wear for this day is a form of art. Interacting with others and expressing your feelings for someone are another example of art. You are the boss of your own art, this quote makes me realize that though I am not that good in drawing, painting and other artistic things, I can still be recognized as a person who is good on her own art. It is because I know that I can make my life colorful by enjoying it and by being artistic in every move that I make. I can say that being good in academics is another form of art. Based on our lecture, academics is located on our left brain which is more on realistic, logic and control. And at the right side is based on being good in kinesthetic activities like dancing, creating arts and poems. I, maybe, excelling on the left brain because I am a type of a person who really afraid of presenting in front of many people. But as far as I know, when I was at my pre-elementary and elementary days, I really join contest like pageants, dancing, singing, oration and declamation. But as I grow old, I started to be shy and stop joining those contest. Instead, I focus with my studies and other academic activities. I know that I am not that very genius but I can say that I can be proud of what I am attaining today as a person. I assure myself that I do my very best in every activity that we are making and this is how I can show my own art. Making my religious sacred is also a form of art. It is how well I respect and trust God in everything that I do in my life. He is the center of everyones life. God knows what we can do and how we can excel more on that. He is my number one inspiration.

What kind of feeling/s I have experienced that I give much value during our class discussions and art work activities? How these unique experiences shape/ motivate my well being as a person? This photo explains how I feel with my experiences in the subject including our art work activities and discussion. I feel bored whenever I am doing nothing because in our art works I used to do lot of things in a sense that I dont feel tired because I am enjoying it. Second is that I am willing to take risks just to have a good grade whether my work is new or we are all not used with it because it is a matter of being creative so I will take the risk if the viewer, especially our professor, if he will appreciate or he will be disappointed with my work. So whatever it is, I am willing to take risks just to prove I have my own creativity. The third one is that I dont feel having any rules when I am doing any form of art. It is just I dont want to have limitations with my work. I dont like the feeling of having any rules in terms of creating or constructing something. Am not denying the fact of asking myself of what if? because it helps me improve my work and build it up to be more presentable and fine-looking. I admit that I have made lots of mistakes whenever I am doing my art work. But it helps me develop my work and learn from it so that in upcoming activities I know what I am doing and what to be done. I feel generous in a way that if some people are asking for help about ideas or opinions, I unselfishly tell them whatever I have. I feel independent because I know I have my own style about art and that makes me feel that I can do it all by myself without depending to others. Next is that in our activities, I am doing unusual things to have new style and to be more unique, that is why I am experimenting for new things to have an original look for my work. In making art, sometimes I feel that I cant do it because of lack of creativi ty but I motivate myself that I can do it because I have my own style of designing things that I know others dont have. I have my unique approach that motivates me to do and finish the given activity. I am a hard working student that even though I am not sure if I can do such things because of having poor confidence, still I accomplish it and finish it on my own way. And lastly, I know that I am not alone because I have my family and friends who accepted me for who I am. So these are the results of those experiences I have encountered in the discussions and art work activities. It shapes up my well being and teaches me how to be more creative as a person. Art appreciation helps me bring out my abilities, skills, talent and creativity that make me a better person.

Art Appreciation
Preliminary Examination

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