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Security Checklist High Risk Area

(Revision XX date)

General - Whilst operating in the High Risk Area - UKMTO Voluntary Reporting Area (area bounded by Suez to the North, 10 S and 78 E) Noon position, course, speed, estimated and actual arrival times to be reported to UKMTO Dubai and Marlo.

Note: The frequency is to be increased to six hourly intervals when six hours of entering or navigating within the IRTC.

10 days in advance of entrance the High Risk Area (Indian Ocean / Gulf of Aden): Check NATO Shipping Centre website: for current piracy alerts. Assessment carried out by ship and office. Contact National Coastguard if applicable. Initial report to UKMTO. Initial report to MARLO. Notification to MSCHOA / Register Vessel Movement Form Check confirmation received from MSCHOA (Coastguard if applicable). Procedures for communication (codewords etc.) with company if hijacked Procedures for company communication with family, press etc. 5 days in advance of entering the High Risk area (Indian Ocean / Gulf of Aden): Contact details on board / posted on the bridge. Film to be placed on windows - to stop glass fragments / struck by bullets. Pre-programmed telephone to be placed on the bridge with 3 telephone numbers 1: UKMTO, 2: IMB-PRC, 3: FHT Office / CSO and 4: MSCHOA Pre-prepared email messages to be drafted and ready for sending 1: UKMTO, 2: IMB-PRC . 3: FHT Office / CSO and 4: MSCHOA. Safe Area (Safe Muster Point) determined and checked (e.g. communication / food / drinks). Watch keeping scheme established to ensure extra look out (24/7). Scheme for Look Out established (24/7). (look out black spots must be taken into account)

Physical barriers in place. (e.g. barbed/razor wire, steel fence in stairwell etc.). Note: PPE to protect hands, arms and faces. If dummies, dummies placed on board / at the cargo. Warning signs posted in Somali language. 5 days prior - updates of her position and intended movements are done with UKMTO NOTE: Should you need to amend or update any information please inform MSCHOA by e-mail ( ) or Fax (+44 1923 958520).

48 hours in advance of entering the IRTC: Do not slowly approach the Rendez Vous points at the IRTC vulnerability will be increased when speed will be reduced. All work on deck and other exposed areas be stopped whilst transit the high risk area. All tools and equipment that may be of use to the pirates should be stored in a secure location. Gas bottles, flammable liquids etc. to be stored / protected from small arms and other weapons. AIS on, transmitting restricted information (ships identity, position, course, speed, navigational status). Security requirements in accordance with agreed security level. (Ship Security Manual). Kick off meeting to all crew members (including FHTs Security Instructions). Alarm signal signifying a piracy attack is determined and explained to ships Crew. SSAS is tested . On board security drill performed. Fire pumps and/or hoses pressurised and ready for use. Except for navigation lights, all lights which can be seen from outside the vessel are turned off. Note: Once pirates have been identified illuminate all possible lighting to demonstrate to the pirates that they have been observed. Check carried out on locking/blocking off doors, windows, access to bridge etc. Additional auxiliary machinery running (incl. generators / steering motors) to increase readiness / redundancy.

All ladders and outboard equipment stowed or up on deck unable to be used easily. Check Anti-Piracy Planning Chart Q6099 is available. 18 hours in advance of entering the IRTC: Establish minimal external communications (radios, handsets and AIS information) to essential safety- and security-related communication and SOLAS information only, during transit of the GoA.

After passing the High Risk Area:

Integrity of all peak and side tanks to be inspected . Reports of any interest during transit can be sent to NATO Shipping Centre: