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SEAMEO INNOTECH District Supervisors Leadership Program Class 16A

Reflection Paper for Module 2 (Managing Self) Allan S. Pancho, Jr.

Reflection Question: What are my significant learning and insights from this module given my roles as District Supervisor? What affirms me as DS in this module? What are my current areas for development and what small steps must I take to address these areas and work on becoming an effective "coach" in my District? In this Module, I came to realize that Who I am now is the result of the experiences that I had in my leadership journey. Being a working student in my college days, a classroom teacher for 13 years, and a school principal at the same time the District Officer-in-charge for the past two years, were examples of these experiences that helped me become Who I am now today. Because of this, I need to value all the interactions that I have with the teachers, principals, pupils, parents and stakeholders because their opinions, beliefs, tragedies, accomplishment and ideas have contributed so much in shaping myself as a leader. On the other hand, I didnt know before that I have resources within my reached known as My Leadership Capital that I can use in the performance of my responsibility as a leader. These resources include family background, demonstrated values, experiences, expertise, education, natural attributes, and social/relationship capital. It is very important for me now to recognize these gifts considering that these are intangible aspects of leadership that will drive people to listen to their leaders. Being a District Supervisor, part of my responsibility is to help the principals, teachers, and pupils discover their leadership capital and how they can use it in the realization of the school goals. It is also very important to note that the topics on Appreciative Inquiry, Principles of Original Sin and Original Blessings were very interesting not only because it was comprehensively discussed by the Resource Speaker but it is because I, myself was convinced on the wisdom behind them. It is premised on the idea that there is something unique in each individual. In every situation there is always a good side and

bad side of it. It is then our responsibility to uncover the uniqueness of our teachers, pupils and principals by giving them varied activities and by using the basic processes of Appreciative Inquiry and pay attention to what is good with them. To our pupils, provide them with varied experiences. Let them explore many ways in doings things so that they will discover their gifts/uniqueness and allow their gifts to come out. How I wished I was able to learn this topics years ago. This module has also developed my interpersonal skill in dealing with people. As a leader, I need to be aware on how to manage anger, how to listen actively to others, how to make use of the different conflict response styles and what to observe in a group in order to establish a relationship among our teachers, principals, pupils and stakeholders in a more personal way with the feeling of trust, confidence and selfesteem. Managing ones self is a challenging task. However, with our ability to relate others using our interpersonal skills, I believe we can change an ordinary teacher, an ordinary principal or an ordinary pupil into an outstanding individual.