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Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala


The privilege to introduce ourselves as founder of chikkis to the world. It achieved top goodwill and high reputation of over 100 years under the trade name Maganlal. Maganlal chikkis have become a superb meal substitute since long. Maganlal chikkis have become very popular and liked by all and every age group, people of all castes and communities. Over the years of experience and reputation Maganlal Food Products have developed many more products like fudges, salty snacks, jelly sweets, jams, fruit syrups, and variety of mouth - watering snacks. The Company products have a wide range of supply ranging from export houses to Defence establishments including a proud network of distributors all over India. Some of our esteemed clients include Indian Naval Canteen Services, Central Railway and the like. The unit started to manufacture products according to Codex standards and due to such practice Maganlal Food Products became proud owners of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Certification. A product have now come to have a wide range of supply ranging from export houses to Defense establishments including a proud network of distributors all over India.

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala

This is the time when our country had not received independence, somewhere in the year 1888. At this time Late Shri. Bhewrajji Agarwal had put up his shop in the name of his son Shri. Maganlal. Shri. Maganlal along with his two sons - Shri. Ambalal Agarwal and Shri. Mohanlal Agarwal started the business of gud-dani. They did this manually, which included roasting, cleaning and extraction of peanut peel. Just when his two sons were in their tender years, Shri. Maganlalji breathed his last. Undeterred, the two sons continued the business in the name of their beloved father. Initially they used to make fine hard candy, mixed with raw roasted peanut and sold this at their shop counter in dry leaves of teak tree. In front of the shop was the Railway Station where trains journeying to and fro between Pune and Mumbai halted. The gud-dani became so famous that the people literally used to get down from the train just to purchase the gud-dani. As a result there was always heavy rush of public at the shop and it was very difficult to handle the customers. Because of this, sometimes the passengers missed their train. As the popularity, there was a demand from the Central Railway Board requesting them to supply gud-dani in measured packages in passenger trains. Since they had very less time on hand, they put their heads together to search for an appropriate name to supply a nutritious product, which would provide hard working Railway personnel healthy nutrition for their bodies. This name would have to be such that it would spell easily on the mouths of anybody including 2

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala each and every child. The new name would also have to suit the properties of the product. Finally after all the brain storming, the new name invented came to be called Chikki. Hence Chikki was introduced to the world. Soon Lonavla town became synonymous not only with the word Chikki but Maganlal Chikki. Over the years of experience and reputation Maganlal Group

developed many more products like fudges, salty snacks, jelly sweets, jams, fruit syrups, and variety of mouth - watering snacks.

Maganlal Factory

Maganlal Food Products is Indias leading Chikki (Nutritional bars) manufacturing company. The Company also manufactures more than 50 mouthwatering jellies and candies, including such delights as jams, syrups, squashes and confectionaries for all the major seasons. Presently we are manufacturing a wide range of Nutritional bars (Chikki). Our daily turnover with established manpower and machinery amounts to 2000 kgs. We can increase the capacity to 5 tons per day. The machinery is all custom made by reputed internationally recognized company. Lonavla is situated 60km from Pune and 110km from Mumbai so it has an easy access to both worlds so to speak. Moreover to manufacture a world class product like this we have the infrastructure of an Industrialized Estate. Maganlal Factory is located just 2 km from the Railway Station and Bus Stand respectively. The manufacturing Unit is 3

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala located in an ideal climate most suitable for food industry. This product will not retain the same original taste & aroma if manufactured in a city like Mumbai. The factory has a sufficient convenient working space with a sizable area of 6500 sq. ft. The clean air and pollution free atmosphere of a Hill Station like Lonavla which is at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level proves to be just the ideal place for manufacturing a splendid product like Chikki. In the past Lonavla proved to be just the ideal place for making gud dani and today it still retains the reputation for being the best place for manufacturing Chikki. Bars or Chikki as called are very rich in nutritional value. They contain Jaggery, Glucose and Sugar which provides nourishment and energy to the human body. For this very reason these prove to be a highly nutritious food. It is easily digestable, chewable and provides instant energy. It does not contain synthetic agents like preservatives or food colours and is suitable for all ages, sex or classes of people. At Maganlal Food Products quality is never compromised. They proud to state that in view of motivation to small scale industries our Chikki Manufacturing Unit has been selected as Pilot Project by UNIDO, FICCI (Quality Forum) & MARATHA CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE (PUNE). Under the guidance of these honorable authorities, we have met the expectations and requirements of International Code of Practice.

Maganlal Pickles & Custard

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala Those whove been to the Lonavala market will agree that in miles all you can see are chikki shops. Not surprising, given that after hospitality, the chikki market would be the largest employers of locals there. There are many to choose from the famous ones include National, A-1, Maganlal and Coopers (especially for fudge). With such an impressive history, who would not stop by their shop and buy some of that original making-history kind of stuff. But which shop should one stop by? Every other shop is a Maganlal! Why would anyone want to have so many branches / franchises in a span of 1 kilometer? The two Maganlal brothers of the active fourth generation split a few years back with the understanding that one of them would fully concentrate on the wholesale business. He defaulted and sold the brand name to various franchisees. What resulted was a family feud, a pending litigation and several Maganlals rubbing shoulders with each other in the marketplace.

Maganlal Products
CHIKKIS Crush Peanuts Plain Mix

Groundnut Cashewnut Khajur Roll Chocolate Pouch Packing Tiffin Box

Coconut Dry fruit Anjeer Roll Gulkand

Sesame Kaju Mix

Grams Dryfruit Mix Khajur Mango Pickle

SOFT CHIKKIS Mix Roll Mango Roll Limbu Mirchi JELLY & SUGAR Pickle

Container Box Bucket



Lunch Box Fancy

Cricket Bat Hexagonal Gas Cylinder

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala

Maganlal Business Names

Aark Food :- Navi Mumbai Chocolates :- Mumbai
Maganlal Chikki Namkins & Food Products Hotel Parag Sweet Home Cold Drinks Santosh Chikki


Pune District




Pune District

Maganlal Chikki Om Sweets Amit Sweet Corner Dhanlaxmi Sweets


Pune District


Ahmednagar Kolhapur

Rajpurohit Sweet Mart Kanhaiya Industries





Introduction of Parle Agro Bailley

Parle Agro brings to their consumers the magic of Premium fresh fruit drinks conveniently packed and available all through the year. Parle Bailley - Popularly known as the fastest growing packaged water brand Parle Bailley Aqua is produced at 17 manufacturing units to provide the discerning Indian consumer fresh and pure packaged water.

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala

Parle Agro: Packing a Makeover for Bailley

With the big boys in the bottled mineral water business, promoted Parle Agro Ltd is chalking out a new branding strategy to push its mineral water brand Bailley Aqua. Parle Agro has recently relaunched its packaged water brand Bailley Aqua with a new packaging to give the brand a contemporary look. The brand revamp of Parle Bailley is part of our aggressive marketing

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala strategy, which we intend to employ for Bailley Aqua in the coming days. The main objective was to relaunch the brand to suit the changing lifestyles of consumers in the new millennium. But whats going to be the USP of Bailley Aqua in the highly competitive packaged drinking water segment? We have in-house facility for the manufacture of PET preforms to ensure high quality and hygiene standards. This gives us a distinct hygienic edge. Since Bailley has a 30 mm cap neck now, it can not be refilled or recapped after use. Every Bailley bottle complies with stringent BIS norms and undergoes 51 quality control tests and 10 physical packaging tests. In addition, we use modern UV treatment instead of chemical process to purify our brand Bailley. Through the process of backward integration, we have set up a PET plant in Silvassa at an investment of Rs 12 crore. Currently, Parle products are available across 10 lakh outlets through direct and indirect coverage. As part of its marketing strategy, the company has tied up with airlines Sahara and Jet Airways. We are in dialogues with other domestic as well as international airlines, The company is planning to extend the product portfolio of Bailley Aqua brand very soon. Currently, we are conducting extensive consumer research prior to the launch of our new products, she adds. The company will soon roll out a new variant of Bailley Aqua with health boosting additives like vitamins and minerals. To announce the relaunch of Bailley, the company is all set to launch an integrated marketing plan which includes advertising, retail promotions and distribution incentives. Everest Integrated Communications is

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala designing our print and television advertising campaigns and the campaign will break out...

DGM - Bailley (Mineral Water) Operations

1) Ensure regular supply of Bailley PDW from the existing Franchisee units by:Supporting Franchisee units in managing plant operations efficiently Resolving issues related to material supplies by interacting with 9

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala vendors. Co-ordinate internally with PAPL department & provide the required support Supporting plants in implementing plant maintenance system. 2) Upgrade the plant capacities & improve the processes to meet business volume growth for existing products as well as for new products and new packaging. 3) Impart technical training to plant personnel in WTP, Blow Moulding, Filling & Labelling machines. & in quality management. 4) Ensure product quality meeting Bailley standards in all

manufacturing plants and resolve recurring major Quality issues related to final product / input materials. 5) Ensure adherence of quality assurance system & GMP in Franchisee units. 6) Implementation of initiatives related to product development, process improvement etc. in the plants. 7) Follow up on implementation of points highlighted in Quality audit, GMP implementation, process improvement etc. 8) Facilitate Technical training to Plant personnel & water treatment process.


Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala

Role of DGM/GM in Logistics Department

Position responsible for: Optimum availability of Stocks at Plant & Depot Level Most economical transportation amongst plant and depots Having efficient Service Partners (C&Fs) Effective implementation of SAP at C&F & billing locations Recruit, Develop & retain quality manpower in logistic department ROLE:- Strategic, Directional and Developmental To strategies Dynamic same. To motivate and direct plants for optimum availability of stocks in line with the Annual Business Plan (ABP) Guide the logistic team in HO and at plant level for establishing best of the supply chain practices. Direct the logistic team for availability of stocks brand wise pack wise as per ABP at all times to avoid Stock outs or over stocking. Co-ordinate with Marketing Manager/GPM for execution of POP material, (marketing initiatives) as per the agreed calendar in ABP. Regularly have financial review of transportation cost with (Head - Accts) for healthy bottom line. Supply Chain dynamically for the optimum production forecasting for stock

utilization of resources on sustainable basis. requirement/availability and coordinate with the plants for the


Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala Have a clear focus on new channels like Institutions and Modern Trade for direct supplies with agreed time frame and at economical cost. Ensuring Zero run down of SAP at C&F and billing locations in coordination with IT department at all times. The position has administrative responsibility for ensuring implementation of over stocks or zero stocks at plant and depot level and maintenance of discipline across region on the same. Ensure that you have the budgeted manpower. Attract and retain quality manpower. Work out a training calendar for all players in the logistic team and implement the same.

Principal Accountabilities
Development of new products and reformulations as per market needs. Proper start up of new products and new manufacturing units. Ensuring that quality of products is maintained at all the manufacturing units. Constant upgradation of the manufacturing units on the quality quotient. Planning procurement and dispatch of the pulp/ concentrate. Constant check on the quality of the pulp/ concentrate. Quality checks on the packaging material being utilized. Evaluation and analysis of manufacturing unit performance in terms of Quality, yield, productivity etc. Devising systems for the quality control of the products. Identification and verification of vendors for raw material as well as packaging material. 12

Industries Visited in Pune & Lonavala Constant Updation regarding food laws and governing bodies.