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MYOB AE Practice Manager

The powerful practice management solution

1 AE Practice Manager
Running a successful practice in an ever-changing
business and compliance environment is not easy.
But with the right choice of practice management
system and technology partner, you’ll be able to
better manage the challenges and opportunities
that come your way.

AE Practice Manager is the system of choice for

practices worldwide. By taking full advantage
of its leading-edge technology, user-friendly
interface and integrated features, AE Practice
Manager accounting firms have achieved
significant efficiencies and increased profitability.

AE Practice Manager includes:

• Client and contact management

• Time and disbursement management

• Billing

• Job management

• Employee budgeting

• Debtors

• Customised report writing and


• Marketing

• Personalised homepages

2 AE Practice Manager
A personalised experience “AE Practice Manager gives me access to the
firm. I can see exactly what’s happening wit
for every person work, and it’s all live reporting so I understa
— Mr Ronald Lym, Founding Principal, R

Every member of your practice has unique information needs.

What’s important to partners is not the day-to-day focus of
employees or administrators.

AE Practice Manager enables each member of your practice to

customise their own “Homepage” to provide all the information
that’s important to them. With one glance you and your staff can
get a quick overview of what needs attention, so nothing is missed.

Partners may want to customise their Homepage to include WIP,

debtors and a list of bills that are awaiting authorisation. While
employees may want to keep an eye on their own tasks, timesheets,
productivity level and budget performance.
With AE Practice Manager everyone’s needs are within easy reach –
so each individual can work at their optimum productivity level.

To ensure that follow-up phone calls, appointments and scheduled

meetings are not missed, To-Dos can be created to serve as
reminders. These will then appear on your Homepage, or on the
Homepage of the staff member to whom you allocate the task.

And personalisation in AE Practice Manager extends beyond

the Homepage. Sorting, grouping and other preferences set
throughout the system are stored on a per-user basis to provide
a personal AE Practice Manager experience.

People love using AE Practice Manager because it’s not only easy to
use, but provides a personal experience that gives each individual
what they need.

“The WIP and debtor information available via the Homepage As the Home Page is presented in real ti
is undoubtedly one of my favourite features. It provides for access to the most up-to-date information
efficient and effective practice management as it allows us to Make decisions based on reliable and curre
monitor WIP and debtors and prompts me to find out why
issues get out of hand.
they exist.”
– Mrs Roxarne Moon, Practice Manager, MoonCunningham.

The Home
in the most
you’re able
behind the

3 AE Practice Manager
he key business information that drives my
ith billings, WIP, staff productivity and
and what’s happening in real time.”
R Lym & Associates, VIC

Future-proof technology
that keeps your practice

AE Practice Manager is a low-maintenance system that provides

incredible flexibility and customisability.

ime, you’ll have quick No matter what your practice size, AE Practice Manager gives you a
choice of single, industry-standard, open relational databases that
n about your practice. ensure your data is secure, accurate and accessible:
ent information before
• For smaller firms, the Microsoft SQL Express database format
keeps costs and maintenance to a minimum.

• For larger firms, the Structured Query Language Server

(SQL Server) database format handles greater data storage
requirements and more users efficiently.

AE Practice Manager also connects your practice with external

systems and services that help you reduce non-billable time and
provide more true valued-added services to your clients.

Page is interactive, so you can present information

t relevant and meaningful way. For deeper analysis,
to drill down into the graphs and lists to see what’s

4 AE Practice Manager
With AE Practice Manager, managing your practice is as easy
as A-B-C

“I’m difficult to please, but AE Practice Manager has made a big difference in
our practice. The time saving has been dramatic; we have at least halved the
time we spend on practice management.” — Mr Arwyn Samuel, Practice
Manager, Hausler McDonald Whitelaw, QLD

Automate processes for maximum efficiency

Whether you provide compliance services or business advice,
you need to provide these services competitively and cost-
effectively — and manage how you do it. AE Practice Manager
automates your processes and systems to make them as efficient
and cost-effective as possible. It lets you manage your time,
costs, people and work so you get the best results.

Broaden your range of services

Value-added services offer great opportunities to do more
interesting work, generate more revenue, and develop
deeper relationships with your clients. AE Practice Manager
provides the tools to take your practice to this level. It
provides sophisticated client management, information and
marketing tools that help you to work in new ways.

Control the practice more effectively

A good practice management system can have a significant

impact on the bottom line for practices of all types — whatever
their size. AE Practice Manager provides the information, tools
and reports that modern practices need to be competitive. With
AE Practice Manager you have full control of your practice, so
you can make the decisions that count.

5 AE Practice Manager
Automate processes for maximum efficiency

Capture time and disbursments easily Prepare bills and invoices effortlessly
AE Practice Manager allows you to capture time easily in a AE Practice Manager lets you bill at client or assignment
format that suits you. level. Either way, it’s very simple. The Billing Wizard steps
you through the process logically to ensure that nothing is
The Calendar Timesheets option utilises a familiar interface missed, but also gives you the flexibility to bill clients the
that reflects the Microsoft Outlook calendar. This allows way you want.
you to view a day or week at a time, and you can choose to
view your times in 6 minute, 15 minute or hour blocks. To save you time, standard invoice paragraphs can be
automatically inserted on the invoice based on the type of
AE Practice Manager offers practices flexibility around work that has been performed. You can also choose to copy
timesheets posting and approval. Users have the option of wording from a previous invoice.
automatic posting which allows time to be billed as soon as
it has been entered into a timesheet. Invoices are based on Microsoft Word templates, so you can
easily create templates that look professional, and suit your
Save outlook appointments in AE Practice Manager practice and your clients. And when they need updating,
it’s an easy job that anyone with Word experience can do.
AE Practice Manager’s timesheets integrate with the
Microsoft Outlook Calendar. When an appointment is Approving bills is easy and very efficient. All the information
created in Outlook and allocated to a contact, it can also be the approver needs is available on their Homepage from the
saved directly into the AE Practice Manager timesheet. minute the bill is in draft. The approver can review and drill
down as required, so bills can be finalised and out to
Manage productivity levels clients quickly.
To heighten awareness of each employee’s productivity
levels, AE Practice Manager lets your staff add a productivity M-Powered
chart to their Homepage. Employees can see their status at AE Practice Manager can also use M-Powered invoicing to
all times, in real time, so they can take action early make it convenient for your clients to pay via the internet ,
if needed. phone or BPay.

AE Practice Manager extends this functionality for the

Management team of a practice, so that they can see
the productivity for specific team members, employee
categories or the practice as a whole. The productivity
calculations can also be customised to exclude/include
non chargeable items, such as leave, for more meaningful
productivity calculations.

This insightful information, combined with the ability to

analyse their budget versus actual performance, motivates
people to perform at their best all year around.

“We used to have one person who did all the fees and it took
around two or three days a week. Now she spends just two
hours a week on it — so it’s freed up about seven days a
month of administrative time.”
– Mr Gary Philpott, Partner, Lincolns Accountants, WA

6 AE Practice Manager
Track WIP in detail
AE Practice Manager gives you complete flexibility in how
to view your WIP. You can view by assignment, employee,
task and transaction level so you can determine the work
to bill, write on/off or carry forward. Unposted WIP is
displayed to give a more complete and accurate picture.

You can also choose how you want transactions to be

written out of WIP when billing. For example, you can
choose to write out WIP on the “First In, First Out”
(FIFO) basis or on a pro rata basis. It’s this degree of
flexibility that makes AE Practice Manager a powerful WIP
management and billing system and allows for accurate
recovery reporting.

Quickly retrieve important client documents

AE Practice Manager gives you easy access to Microsoft
Word letters, Microsoft Excel and PDF files.

When creating Microsoft Word documents, information

is entered automatically and the document filed for
you, thus promoting efficiency and keeping all your
records organised.

For practices starting their journey to a less-paper office,

AE Practice Manager allows you to easily create and file
documents. Document types such as Microsoft Word,
Microsoft Excel and PDF are filed against the client and/or
assignment for fast retrieval. Creating a document is made
easy with a mail merge feature directly into
Microsoft Word Documents.

For practices ready to move completely to a less-paper

practice, including document workflow, full text searching,
approvals and version control, MYOB offers the fully
integrated MYOB Document Manager.

“We’ve saved time in every aspect of key workflows. Bills take two minutes to
create instead of two days because AE Practice Manager eliminates the time
spent passing manual bills around staff for write-offs and you don’t have to
wait until month end — it’s so simple anyone can do it!”
— Mr David Odewahn, Partner, Holden & Bolster, Sydney NSW

7 AE Practice Manager
Broaden your range of services
“AE Practice Manager has taken the practice to the next level.
It’s really met our expectations, and we can see the profitability
immediately.” — Mr Gary Philpott, Partner, Lincolns
Accountants, WA

Store everything you need to know

about your clients Powerful searches
AE Practice Manager uses Wizards to AE Practice Manager’s powerful searching Beyond contact information, AE Practice
guide people through the client creation features make it easy to work with Manager is the gateway to the rest of your
process. You can define mandatory fields clients. When you perform a search, key practice. From this single location
and information, and the Wizards will client contact information and notes are you can:
alert your staff when they try to save displayed on screen — saving you from - Open an AE tax return
incomplete records. This ensures your having to open each client - Launch a Client General Ledger
database is complete and accurate. profile individually. - Create a timesheet
- Produce an invoice
And as well as storing contact details, - Create a letter or prepare/complete a
including multiple addresses and phone mail merge
numbers, relationships and notes, you - View client WIP or outstanding debt.
can create custom fields and categories.
Whether it’s for marketing, compliance or
reporting purposes, the information that’s
important to your practice and clients can
be stored and reported on easily.

AE Practice Manager provides a launchpad to your compliance work

8 AE Practice Manager
Synchronise Outlook with AE Practice
You can share client information between
AE Practice Manager and Microsoft
Outlook with the click of a button.

Market your services

AE Practice Manager provides a
functionally rich marketing layer. Mail
merges can be created quickly based on
a range of attributes and criteria. You can
even create mail merges using financial
data as the criteria — such as balances or
outstanding invoices.

The Accountants Enterprise suite

The framework that AE Practice Manager
resides in can be extended to incorporate
the MYOB Accountants Enterprise suite.
This means you have a central list of
clients and contacts for your practice
management, document management,
job management, tax and
compliance work.

9 AE Practice Manager
Track Jobs easily, meet client
In any accounting practice, client work
is nearly always deadline driven. Work
comes in, it‘s assigned, and then must be
completed by a specific date to ensure a
positive client experience.

AE Practice Manager incorporates MYOB

Job Manager, a simple, easy-to-use job
tracking tool that helps accounting
practices achieve client deadlines:
- Deliver great client service by hitting
due dates
- Quickly and easily allocate jobs
- Get a practice view of all jobs at any time
- Display jobs by group or ‘slice and dice’ to
sort jobs by user
- Manage major milestones
- Integrate MYOB Job Manager to the
database and timesheets
- Report on practice KPIs.

10 AE Practice Manager
Control the practice more effectively
“We have seen our time management system transformed, with significant
productivity improvements and a positive `cultural change’ in our workplace.”
— Mr Jake Selinger, Partner, Selingers, NSW

Stay informed about what’s Reports to handle your unique Export reports for further analysis
happening in your practice requirements You can export information to Microsoft
AE Practice Manager puts key practice and As well as all the standard reports, Excel for further analysis.
business information at your fingertips, AE Practice Manager allows you to create
with a range of reporting options. new reports or customise existing Data mining
report templates.
AE Practice Manager is part of the
Customisable standard reports are
Accountants Enterprise suite, so is
produced quickly within AE Practice Reports can be created using a very
integrated with MYOB AE Tax. The
Manager, so your practice information is intuitive drag and drop interface. Sorting,
reporting tool allows you to combine
available when you need it, in real time. filtering, reordering content — it’s all
both practice management and tax data in
performed with a few clicks of the mouse,
a single report*
Homepages within AE Practice Manager and saved for everyone to use.
keep you informed of what’s happening
* MYOB AE Tax SQL users only.
within your practice, including: Standard reports include; Control reports,
- Aged WIP, Debt Client Summaries, Aged WIP/Debt,
- Top ten WIP, Debt, Lock Up Clients Employee Productivity and Analysis.
- Practice KPIs such as WIP Days, Debtor
Days, Lock Up Days and Average
Hourly Rate.
- 12 month rolling graphs covering Time,
Billing and Debtors
- Insight into tax return lodgments when
integrated to MYOB AE Tax.

11 AE Practice Manager
Service and support that ensure your success
MYOB is a partner you can rely on for the Our offerings are backed up by quality
long term. You have the assurance that we service and support. We have extensive
will continue to be there to support you, experience delivering services including
to enhance the products you use now, training, data conversions, support
develop the new products you will want to and consulting.
use tomorrow, and improve the way you
and your clients connect. We are committed to providing the highest
quality support and service, to ensure that
our clients derive the maximum benefit for
their businesses.

MYOB offers:
• Over 20 years’ experience working with accounting firms
• A nationwide network of offices across Australia
• A large team of experienced and qualified people to help you
• Extensive support services provided by the web, telephone, email and fax
• Quality training facilities and courses throughout Australia and online
• Ongoing consulting services and advice to help you get the best out of your software and improve productivity
• Continuous and innovative product development
• Closer connectivity with your business clients

“ When we switched to AE Practice Manager 12 months ago there was minimal

disruption, the implementation staff were impressive and the new software was so
much easier to use.” — Mr Trevor Hamer, Manager, Simmons Johnson & Co, NSW

12 AE Practice Manager
Solutions for your practice MYOB delivers innovative and powerful
business solutions that cover practice
management, taxation, client accounting,
compliance and value-added services.
We help make accounting professionals
more productive by providing a range of
integrated software solutions backed by
comprehensive product support, training
and consulting services.

Tax Client accounting Compliance

FBT* Asset management Corporate Compliance*
Tax production, lodgment BankLink* Insolvency*
and planning General Ledger solutions Investments*
Business management software

Managing your practice Managing documents Working with your clients

Accountants Office Accountants Precedents* BusinessBasics Online
Accountants Resourcing Document Manager ProfitOptimiser
AE Practice Manager Intranet Partner Program
Job Manager PDF Manager - Public Accountants
M-Powered Services*

*Available in Australia only

Experience AE Practice Manager

Only AE Practice Manager gives you the power to automate, broaden and control
your practice as you desire. We invite you to contact us to learn more about
AE Practice Manager and how your practice will benefit.

For Practices in Australia For Practices in New Zealand

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd MYOB NZ Ltd
1800 331 395 0800 94 96 99

13 AE Practice Manager
About MYOB
MYOB is an international provider of Through its understanding and
solutions that liberate business owners partnership with both business owners
and accountants from the burden of and accountants, MYOB strives to further
day to day administration, empowering enhance the links between them for their
them to achieve business success. MYOB mutual benefit.
develops and delivers award-winning
software, services and support for more
than 700,000 businesses and accounting
practices in Asia-Pacific region.

MYOB works directly with accounting

practices to streamline their processes
and maximise their productivity. MYOB
solutions are used by leading accounting
practices from tax agents and sole
practitioners to all the Big 4 firms.

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd ABN 13 086 760 198 MYOB NZ Ltd
1800 331 395 0800 94 96 99

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