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Hilary M Jones

25 Kingsbridge Road, Alton, Seringham, Worcestershire, WR1 2NX Tel: 01905 729 875 Mob: 07775 168 541 Email:
EDUCATION 2009 - 2012, University of York, Department of the Environment PhD thesis: The fate and uptake of 4-tertiary phenylphenol in soil and plant systems. Supervisor: Professor Matthew Aitken Project synposis: 4-tertiary phenylphenol is a soil contaminant that has been linked to the increase in breast and testicular cancers. Fate and metabolism studies were conducted in soils and three different plant systems using radiolabelled 4-tertiary phenylphenol. Solvent extraction and analysis by radio-HPLC and mass spectrometry were used to identify metabolites. 2005 - 2009, University of Rochester (with a year in Europe) BSc Honours, Environmental Science (first class) Dissertation project: Extraction of glycorhizic acid from licorice root. Modules studied include: organic chemistry, metal ions in biochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, energy from biomass, contaminated land remediation. Second year spent studying in Dijon, France. 2003 - 2005, Seringham Sixth Form College, Oxford A2-levels in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and General Studies AS levels in Physics (A) and Geography (B) RESEARCH EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL SKILLS Experienced in the planning and design of long and complex experiments. Adept at the preparation of delicate plant samples for chemical analysis. Familiar with a range of solvent extraction techniques and associated safety procedures. Experienced in UV and radio-HPLC analysis. Experienced in the use of MALDI Mass spectrometry. 14 3 Fully trained and experienced in the handling of C and H -labelled compounds.
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Undergraduate demonstrator, University of York, 2010 - 2012 Responsible for communicating and demonstrating technical practical work to final year BSc undergraduates. Responsible for the safety and learning of groups of up to 30 students working in the chemistry laboratories. A-level private tutor in chemistry and biology, 2010 - 2011 Worked with three A2-level students in their homes, helping them to prepare for their A2-levels. Duties involved lesson planning, marking, feedback and developing creative learning materials.

Research student, Summer 2009 Worked independently on an assigned project in the lab of Dr Elizabeth Riccard, studying the breakdown of DDT in soils. Developed skills in wet chemistry and HPLC anlaysis.
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AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Voted best student demonstrator, University of York, Department of the Environment (2011) Runner up in New Scientist essay competition (2011) Received Student Researcher of the Year prize (2010)

MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES Member of the Society for Environmental Chemistry (SEC)

OTHER SKILLS Clean driving licence held for five years. French language (fluent) and Spanish language (conversational). Excellent IT skills developed through 15 years of computer usage. Additional expertise in the statistical analysis of datasets, the use of wikis to share research findings between international collaborators, and the use of spreadsheets and databases to maintain research records. Excellent communication skills developed through the delivery of presentations at weekly lab meetings, and during the preparation of manuscripts and the PhD thesis. Also developed skills in communicating science to younger audiences.
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Passionate about science and the environment, and enjoys reading around this subject, subscribing to New Scientist and The Ecologist. A keen walker who has completed several challenging routes including the GR10 across the French Pyrenees and the GR20 in Corsica.
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Jones, H.M. and Ferreira, A., 2011. The metabolism of 4-tertiary phenylphenol in a sandy soil (In prep) Jones, H.M. and Ferreira, A., 2011. The metabolism of 4-tertiary phenylphenol in an organic-rich soil. Biochemistry News 86(4), 610-614 Jones, H.M. et al., 2010. The uptake and transformation of 4-tertiary phenylphenol by perennial ryegrass. International Journal of Chemistry and Environment 5(2), 132-136 CONFERENCES ATTENDED Gordon Research Conference, Agricultural Science, Philadelphia, PA, March 11-16, 2010 Gordon Research Conference, Environmental Endocrine Disruptors, Waterville Valley, NH, June 8-13, 2011, Poster presentation 2 International Conference of Environmental and Agricultural Science, University of Cophenhagen, February 11-14, 2011, Oral presentation REFEREES References available upon request.
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