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Company Nurse


Provides emergency and palliative care and treatment to employees within the legal scope of nursing responsibility such as first-aid treatment, checking of vital signs, health interview, dispensing of medicine; Assess and determine the health status of the employee which includes recommendations like sent home or back to work; Refers/transports ill employees to the hospital as necessary; Conducts regular inventory of medicines and medical supplies. Prepares purchase requisition of such as necessary to ensure availability at all times; Conducts home visit or follow through of employees with chronic illnesses or on prolong sick leave; Implements immunization programs to employees as well as to the dependents; Conducts periodic plant tour to determine any possible health and safety hazards. Create health and safety awareness among employees; Performs health counseling; Conducts health education programs; Maintains employee's individual medical records with strict confidentiality; Generates reports and submits to management or government agencies as scheduled; Act as In-plant HMO Administrator. Coordinates with provider to resolve any issues/concerns, review and process payment; Assess pre-employment medical examination results and coordinates status/evaluation with Recruitment; Coordinates any work-related injuries/illnesses to Safety Officer for immediate investigation and corrective actions; Encodes Sick Leave on time to avoid delayed payment; Schedules and implement annual/periodic/special examination of employees. Assess results, refer to Company Physician for management, monitor recommendations and follow through until illness is cleared.


Ensure optimal quality patient care; Ensure effective delivery of nursing and patient services; Ensure cost-effective management of the financial and material resources;

Ensure effective coordination and delivery of health developmental activities; Maintains and updates patients record; Ensure Professional Healthcare standards are followed; Cautious on attendance and tardiness; Displays high confidentiality.


Administer first aid treatments and provide medications for employees as needed Monitor and record the patient's condition Assist all injured employees to the nearest hospital Maintain all employees medical and other similar records Secure and ensure that the sick employees submit "fit to work" certificate Interpret and evaluate diagnostic test based on the verification of medical certificates Schedule (every first quarter of the year) and assist annual medical examination of all employees Process enrolment for Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Group life insurance as needed Monitor absenteeism especially AWOL and conduct visitation at home as needed Generate medical reimbursement report as needed Conduct inventory of medicines and other supplies twice a month Perform other duties and responsibilities that maybe assign from time to time

Can work with minimum supervision, determine and can adapt to any kind of people Company nurses have to provide nursing care to employees in their workplace in case they take ill They give medicines and first aid care to the employees and if their condition worsens, they call for an ambulance so they can be admitted to a hospital Their opinion is taken in case a patient requires medical leave They asses the condition of the patient and determine the amount of leave the patient should be given In case of compensation and disability claims by an employee, the nurses are asked to assess the employee and provide information to the company

Company nurses all assess the safety standard in the company and see if any work conditions for the employees are hazardous They make the company implement better safety standards for the employees They provide safety lessons in the workplace for all employees They can even counsel the employees if they are not in good mental condition to work They also have to maintain the inventory of the medicines and other medical equipment required in their infirmary Company nurses have to make reports for the management on the all the employees that were given treatment