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Christ The Antidote Concerning Death


Part 58.
The Appearing Of Christ?

''Whenever Christ, our Life, should be manifested, then you also shall be manifested together with Him in
glory." Col 3:4. Concordant.
''When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.'' Col 3:4.
English Standard.
In the circle of todays religion the sal nderstanding of this !erse is that Christ is co"ing #ac$
throgh the literal clods e%actly the sa"e literal &ay that &e read 'e disa((eared #t nfortnately there
is a hicc( to this for in Acts ):)) &e are infor"ed that 'e is retrning in like manner *$ tropos + not in
like form. The clods really represent the host of heaven &hich is s((orted #y 'e# ),:) + -$ )4:.,.
In /e! ):0 1e notice that 'e is ''coming with the clouds'' or the host of heaven which represent people
or saints.
The (ro#le" is that the "a2ority ha!e co"(letely "issed the "ar$ #ecase of literalis" +
forgetting that 3ess &as al&ays sing (ara#les4 are &e not also infor"ed that the trth ne!er lies on the
srface #t it needs #roght ( fro" nder the srface &hich is #roght a#ot #y a s(irital desire. I
&old li$e to #ring to yor attention that if Christ is in us then 'e &old "ost certainly #e with s. 'ere
is &hat Daniel has to add to or thoght today + I &old "ore than sggest to s all that this ne%t !erse is
referring to the host of heaven + not literal clods.
''I saw in the night visions, and, behold, there came with the clouds of heaven one lie unto a son
of man, and he came even to the !ncient of days, and he was brought near before Him.'' Dan 0:)3.
3e&ish P#lication Society.
These are the e%act sa"e clods that 'e# ),:) is referring to ''"herefore then since we are
surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses who have borne testimony to the truth.'' I &old declare to
s all &ithot any e5i!ocation &hatsoe!er4 that these are referring to the !ery clods e!en the HOST OF
HEAEN that are retrning in Acts ):)). 6ee(ing the thoght that it is in like manner + not in like form
that 3ess Christ is once again retrning4 for 'e is4
''coming to be glorified IN His saints, and to be marvelled at IN all them that believed #because
our testimony unto you was believed$ in that day. %& that the name of our Lord 'esus may be glorified IN
you, and ye in him, according to the grace of our (od and the Lord 'esus Christ.'' ,Th ):)7 +),.
A"erican Standard.

''I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one lie the )on of man came with the clouds of heaven,
and came to the !ncient of days, and they brought him near before him.'' Dan 0:)3. 638.
'o& &onderfl that one li$e the Son of "an a((eared with the clods #efore the Ancient of days
+ the! "rou#ht Him near "efore Him. I as$ the 5estion4 ho& cold the clods if they &ere literal4
#ring this Son of "an #efore the Ancient of days9 Ans&er: I"(ossi#le; Actally Christ &ho &as IN
these clods &ho &ere the host of heaven are in actal fact the sa"e gro( of (eo(le that is "entioned in
'e# ),:)4 the great clod of &itnesses &ho ha!e #een &aiting: ''*ecause (od had us in mind and had
something better and greater in view for us, so that they + these heroes heroines of faith ,should not
come to perfection apart from us before we could -oin them.'' 'e# )):47. A"(. These are also the the
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
sa"e gro( as the follo&ing.
''Whenever Christ, our Life, should be manifested, then you also shall be manifested together with
Him in glory." Col 3:4. Concordant.
<ne of the "any thoghts that &e &ish to con!ey is that Christ is e!en no& a((earing in a (eo(le
e!en in 'is saints + it &ill escalate ntil it reaches it=s finality &hen Christ &ill enlarge 'i"self IN 'is
(eo(le to sch a degree + #e manifeste$ to sch a degree4 that in this "anifestation &e &ill #e changed
fro" the "ortal to i""ortality. In third real" langage the tre reality of or #eing is Christ: + the trth
is that 'e can #e #oth in us + with us at the sa"e ti"e.
The !ife That Is "irst To #e $anifested%
1hene!er the s#2ect of the life of Christ is "entioned "any of s &old i""ediately identify this &ith
'is "iracles signs + &onders4 &hilst it "ay #e a fact that this life had to &ith 'is "iracle "inistry there
is so"ething of late that has al"ost forceflly #een #roght to "y attention + that is to ha!e #een a#le to
"anifest the great genine (o&er of "iracles + healing 3ess Christ had a s(ecial %IFE &ithin 'i"self
that he is no& clti!ating &ithin s &hich is far "ore i"(ortant than &e "ay#e realise to or
de!elo("ent as the sons of *od that are to #e "anifested + re!ealed to the &orld.
''When Christ who is your !I"& appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.'' Col 3:4.
English Standard.

There is a life that "st a((ear in all of s #efore any of the genine "iracles of *od &ill a((ear.
-any "iracles that &e hear of today are no "ore than the conterfeit of a 3annes or 3a"#res ty(e4 sre
they "ay a((ear to #e i"(ressi!e #t &hat genine heart &ants so"ething &hich is fro" an insincere
heart + is not the real deal. I &ish to say that none of s &ill e!er a((ear &ith 'i" in glory &ithot 'is
tre life. 1hat &as this life9 1hene!er &e refer to Christ &e are referring to one &ho had a (articlar
natre + &hat &as that natre that e%ded fro" 'i". The a(ostle Pal "ade reference to it in the
''*ut the fruit of the )pirit is love, -oy, peace, long.suffering, indness, goodness, faithfulness.''
*al 5:,,. AS8.
The life that *od is &anting first to appear in or li!es is the tre Christ life &hich is the genine
lo!e that e%des fro" the !ery (resence of the S(irit of *od 'i"self. The flesh "an is all a#ot (o&er4
tal$ to "any &ho na"e the na"e of Christ + it is all a#ot &ho is the greatest4 &ho can case the "ost to
fall o!er4 &ho can (erfor" the greatest "iracles + has the greatest healing "inistry4 "any are ta$en in #y
this + &ill follo& the #ig na"es4 they &ill follo& one for a&hile + then they tire of that (articlar na"e
+ then "o!e on to another. *od is doing so"ething far greater to + &ith a co"(any of (eo(le + that is
changing the" within so that they are e%ding the tre frit of the S(irit of the tre Christ life.
''When Christ, 'ho is our life( appears( then you also will appear with Him in +the splendour of
His, glory.'' Col 3:4. A"(lified.
&HEN Christ &ho is or life A''EARS . is discernible in us . then yo>&e &ill also a((ear
&ITH HI( in 'is *lory.
The o(inion of "any is if 3ess Christ &old co"e #ac$ in (hysical for" + if only I cold only
toch 'i" + tal$ to 'i" I &old #e a changed (erson4 this is a fallacy4 or great A(ostle Pal left s
definite infor"ation on this !ery thing '' /or we now Him no more after the flesh, but after the )pirit.''
)Christ in !ou) is not at all referring to 'is (hysical #ody. The &ay that Christ is retrning within us is
referring to the the enlarge"ent of His Spirit that is &ithin. 'e is "anifesting 'i"self to the &orld right
no& in a (eo(le + &hen that fll "anifestation ta$es (lace + is re!ealed 'e &ill ha!e returne$ IN His
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
The onl! faith that is trul! si#nifi*ant is that whi*h works "! + throu#h love, *al 5:..
His )ivine Nature%
''through which he has given to us the greatest and precious promises, that through these ye may become
parta*ers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.'' ,Pe ):4.
I a" of the !ery strong (ersasion that the cr% or the essential (art of the di!ine natre of 3ess
Christ is the di!ine lo!e of or &onderfl ?ather + as &e esca(e the fleshly &ay4 or the corr(ti!e
&orldly &ay of religios thin$ing + #egin thin$ing sharing + de"onstrating the (recios (ro"ises4 one
of &hich is that &e A%% can #eco"e (arta$ers of this &onderfl di!ine natre it &ill ha((en. @o& the
other side of the coin is the trth in $no&ing &ho &e are + &hat has alrea$! #een (rchased for s e!en
at this !ery "o"ent. As &e ha!e already #een infor"ed4 the trth is that &e in one sense are alrea$!
(arta$ers of all that Christ is I re(eat ''all things are yours'' this goes for or health + healing4

''who forgives A!! your ini+uities0 who heals A!! your diseases0 4 who redeems your life from
ruin0 who crowns you with loving.indness and tender mercies0 5 who satisfies your mouth with good0
your youth is renewed li*e the eagle's,'' Psa )73:3A5. -638.
@ot too "any of s &old ha!e a (ro#le" &ith the first sentence4 that all of or sins are forgi!en4
#t the second "ay #e a little harder for so"e of s + that is the healing of all of or diseases right no&.
If the ini5ities or the sin 5estion a((lies right no& &ho a" I to se(arate the second &hich is all of or
diseases for the no&4 as the t&o state"ents are (art of the con2ncti!e third !erse. I feel that #ecase of
the a#se of "any in religios circles &e ha!e o!er reacted in or "inds + s(irits + ha!e #lotted ot +
(t the healing of or #odies to a ftre ti"e &hen &e are actally a (ossessor of all thin#s right no&. In
the (ast I (ersonally feel that I ha!e ro##ed "yself of so"ething that &as rightflly "ine &ith + #y the
e%cses of #la# it + gra# it4 confess it + (ossess it etc. Since I ha!e had an increased nderstanding of
this4 the &onderfl confir"ation fro" "y hea!enly ?ather has #een si"(ly a"aBing. *od is #ringing s
to the (lace &here &e are to (ossess all things #y the one + only &ay that *od has ordained + that is -.
FAITH &hich is si"(ly #y #elie!ing *ods &ORD. That &hich 'e has s(o$en into or hearts. It &ill not
co"e any other &ay. I &old also add that &hat &e confess is also !ery i"(ortant4 in Pro!er#s &e are
gi!en so"e !ery (oignant ad!ice.
'')eath and life are in the power of the tongue( and those who love it shall eat the fruit of it,''
Pro )8:,). -638.
All of this is in the di!ine natre that is actally or inheritance #oth in the holy (lace + "ost
es(ecially in the (OST HO%. '%ACE, 1e "st not forget the end of the a#o!e fifth !erse4 ''your youth
is renewed li*e the eagles,'' 1hich is a s"all delightfl "essage in itself &hich &e &ill "ay#e loo$ at in
the ftre;
As &e "o!e on in the thoght of the &onderfl $ivine nature of or Cord 3ess "e*omin# ors4
&e are encoraged #y the fact that in or tre identity in the "ost holy (lace e%(erience it is already a
done thing.
-aised To New !ife%
'')ince then you have been raised with Christ, aim at what is above, where Christ is, seated at the right
hand of (od0'' Col 3:). -offatt.
Please notice that Pal tells s that &e ha!e alrea$! "een raise$ &ith Christ4 no& if Pal &as
teaching this then he also &old #e seeing "ch of &hat &e are teaching today. If &e are already there
&hy &old &e ha!e to ai" at it 9 Decase any realisation of any trth "st co"e #y faith &hich is
si"(ly #y #elie!ing &hat the s(irit is telling s #y the &ord. So &e are to aim or thin$ing + agree &ith
&hat Christ has already done for s + that is &e are already seated at the right hand of *od. Ees it is
already done + &e are already there4 Christ acco"(lished this at the Cross. The sa"e goes for &hen 3ohn
tells s ''#ehold the !amb of .od who ta*es away the sins of the world'' 1as this acco"(lished or not9
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
1ell I #elie!e it4 + the sa"e goes for the fact that &e ha!e already "een raise$: These are the things I
a" ai"ing "y s(irital thin$ing at. 1ill yo 2oin "e &ith "any others. <r gracios ?ather has alrea$!
gi!en s so "ch throgh the death of 'is Son + no& at the #eginning of this third day it is ti"e that &e
really #elie!e + gras( that &hich is already a forgone conclsion4 for or lo!ing ?ather has already
(rocred e!erything that &e need + it is already ors4 other&ise &hat &as Pal referring to &hen 'e told
''1verything that the "ather has is $ine. "hat is what I meant when I said that He +the )pirit,
will ta*e the things that are $ine and will reveal /declare( disclose( transmit0 it to you, In a little while
you will no longer see 2e, and again after a short while you will see $e.'' 3ohn ).:)5A).. A"(lified.
E!erything that the ?ather has is "ine. If Christ is or tre eternal identity + 'e d&ells &ithin "e
then e!erything that #elongs to or ?ather is "ine>ors. So to "a$e it a little clearer + not only ha""er
the nail in so to s(ea$ 'e trns it o!er on the other side + tells s that not only &ill 'e re!eal4 declare4
disclose these things to s #t 'e &ill actally transmit in reality these things to us + they &ill #eco"e a
real (art of or #eing + after a short &hile &hich is t&o days . a day with the Lord is as a thousand years
and a thousand years as one day . &hich is not !ery long to or great lo!ing ?ather4 after this short while
yo &ill SEE (E0 <r in other &ords 'e &ill appear in us and e!ery eye shall #ehold 'i" within His
6ee( in "ind that on the third day &hen 3ess ca"e ot of the to"# there &as the greatest
o!erco"ing that "an$ind has e!er $no&n4 Christ #ro$e the chains of death + hell + "ar$ this 'e
o!erca"e in the $arkness of the to"#. The greatest &or$ that is going on in or li!es is &here no other
"an can #ehold + that is in the dar$ness of or #eing4 the dar$ness is a "st in all of or li!es4 yes the
night is "ost necessary for the night e%(erience "st #e endred for after the night &or$ is acco"(lished
then #ehold ''His going forth is prepared and certain as the dawn,'' 'os .:3#.
''3evertheless the dar*ness shall not be as when the distress was in the land(,,,,, the people that
wal*ed in dar*ness have seen a great light0 they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death( upon
them light hath shone.'' Isa F:)a A,. Dar#y.
1hen -oses confronted Pharaoh things &ere at their !ery lo&est &ith the (eo(le of Israel4
naturally thining things cold not #eco"e any &orse. It &as at this !ery ti"e that -oses ca"e on the
scene + declared %ET (. 'EO'%E GO1 if or &onderfl ?ather of 'is (eo(le has 'is eye on the
s(arro&4 I a" &ondering &here 'is eye is concerning s at the "o"ent9 -any (eo(le that are &al$ing
in see"ing $arkness are at the "o"ent #eginning to see a #reat li#ht4 those &ho are d&elling in a land
of the see"ing shado& of death4 (on the" has shone a great light. Dar$ness is the ti"e &here *od
&or$ed 'is greatest "iracle in the closed $arkene$ tom" this &as the ti"e of the greatest o!erco"ing of
any "an for death &as o!erco"e once + for all <h &hat glory <h &hat a light is ors in this see"ingly
lo& dar$ened day. It is at a ti"e li$e this that a re(etition of a -oses in type is needed + to #e ready to
enter the scene. The "inistry of -oses did not ha((en o!ernight4 'e &as eighty years in the "a$ing or
(re(aration4 forty years in "ch ignorance4 then forty "ore years in the (re(aration of his ftre
"iraclos "inistry. Consider ho& long it is since the light of sonAshi( + the "anAchild "essage #egan
to a&a$en in "en=s hearts I feel it is soon ti"e that &e hear again a cry this ti"e fro" hi" that is #orn ot
of the &o"an to #e caght ( co"(letely to the throne &ith the co"(assionate cry of %ET (. 'EO'%E
GO fro" the real"s of death + dar$ness into the real"s of the re!elation of or tre heritage of fll
To Heights 1nimaginable%
''And you said in your heart( I will ascend to heaven2 I will e3alt my throne above the stars of .od2 I
will sit upon the mount of assembly in the uttermost north, I will ascend above the heights of the
clouds2 I will ma*e myself li*e the $ost High,'' Isa )4:)3A)4. A"(lified.
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
This "ay co"e as a sr(rise to so"e #t these t&o !erses are actally referring to the cor(orate
collecti!e Ada". Another &ay of loo$ing at it is h"anis" as o((osed to godliness. ''you were a
murderer from the beginning'' I a" not a#ot to del!e into this (articlar the"e any frther at this stage
in order to (ro!e that this is the lo&ered natre of the Ada"ic "an as &e ha!e e%(lained this 5ite
e%tensi!ely in the (ast. Please refer to Part ) Destro!in# The eil Of &ret*he$ness, Dt sffice to say
that he &as a liar from the "e#innin# + s(ea$s only that &hich is NAT/RA% to hi". 3n 8:44. The
reason that Ada" cold not attain to &hat he had 2st stated in the a#o!e !erse is #ecase his attitde
originated fro" the (ride of the seed of Cain. /eligios "en for ages (ast ha!e #een trying to attain a
high stats in *od for the &rong reason. ==Cet us #ild4 let us "a$e== This is an inde(endence that
religios "an has inherited in that he &old gain a high stats &hilst still fnctioning in his &ilfl flesh.
'"ility to or ?athers &ill is a (riority. The religios flesh "an has al&ays done o#eisance to his "any
idols #t he has al&ays had #t one god AAA hi"self. @o& let s nderstand or ?ather has al&ays &anted
s in our heart to as*en$ to heaven . or high heavenly places . to sit on the throne of Go$ a"ove the
stars of Go$ . these stars are not referring to literal stars that we observe with our eyes0 3o4 2an, if we
would realise it is really the greatest of (od's creation 5 in his full status he will eventually be a
manifestation of (od Himself 5 will outshine all other entities or stars . and also to sit upon the mount
of the assem"l! + 'e or ?ather has also &anted s to rise a"ove the hei#hts of the *lou$s as 'e has
also &anted s to realise this only in the fll identity of Christ to #e the like the (ost Hi#h #t of corse
not &ith the attitde of the #o$ of this &orld. It has al&ays #een in the (lan of or ?ather to #ring A%% of
'is children in ti"e these &onderfl high (laces. Can &e together than$ or ?ather *od for 'is
&onderfl &isdo" in all things9
''He always had the nature of .od, but he did not thin that by force he should try to remain
e+ual with .od,'' Ph( ,:.. *@D. This is referring to 3ess + is also sho&ing s that the flesh "an can
tr! to conterfeit + e%alt hi"self to a (osition in *od other than in the tre h"#le &ay &hich is !ia the
The $an4child%
''!nd they shall be $ine( says the Lord of hosts, in that day when I publicly recognise and openly
declare them to be $y 5ewels /$y special possession( 2y peculiar treasure$. And I will spare them( as a
man spares his own son who serves him. "hen shall you return A revert A and discern between the
righteous and the wic*ed, between him who serves (od and him who does not serve Him.'' -al 3:)0A)8.
The &ord retrn really "eans to revert or change4 other translations se the &ord trn as in Cha(
4:.. These t&o !erses I #elie!e are once again referring to the "anAchild. 1hen I (#licly recognise +
o(enly declare the" to #e (! 2ewels4 (! spe*ial possession4 (! pe*uliar treasure4 and I &ill s(are
the"4 as a man spares his own son. Then yo shall revert + $is*ern #et&een the righteos + the
&ic$ed etc. In other &ords these that are "entioned are on the throne rling + reigning. /e! ),:5. These
frther"ore I #elie!e ha!e attained to the hei#hts unima#ina"le as "entioned in the a#o!e Isa )4:)3A)44
#t &ith one "a2or difference they ha!e not e%alted the"sel!es into this (lace #t at the right ti"e + at
or ?athers #idding He has e%alted the" or him the cor(orate "anAchild at 'is (ro(er + correct ti"e.
1n+uestionably "ree "or All Time%
'' 'esus answered them, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Whoever commits and practices sin is the
slave of sin, 3ow a slave does not remain in a household permanently #forever$0 the son +of the house,
does remain forever. 6o if the 6on liberates you +maes you free men,, then you are really and
un+uestionably free.'' 3n 8:34A3.. A"(lified.

'ere &e see 3ess once again sing a (ara#le to #ring a "ost i"(ortant nderstanding to all &ho
&old read it. 'e &as relating this to a ti"e that &old #e after the e%(erience of the cross + the
resrrection. 'e ta$es the story of a ser!ant or a sla!e in a hosehold of that day4 sho&ing that he does
not rightflly #elong there as a (er"anent resident nless the son of the hosehold &ho is the rightfl
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
(er"anent resident alters the sitation. The son4 the rightfl heir has the right + (o&er to li#erate the
sla!e of the hosehold if he so desires #y setting hi" free + "a$ing hi" a (er"anent free "e"#er of the
hosehold &ith all the rights + (ri!ileges of the son hi"self + so &e are re"inded of the !erse ''if the
6on has set you free then you are free indeed,'' In !erse 34 it s(ea$s of one &ho is a sla!e or the ser!ant
of sin. 8erse 3. adds: If the Son li"erates !ou then !ou are reall! + un3uestiona"l! free, I say this
to all that are reading these lines that no "atter &hat religiosity has taght yo to date SIN HAS -EEN
A-O%ISHED once and for all + e!ery "an has #een co"(letely set free4 3ess Christ the o&ner of the
s(irital hose or en!iron"ent can do nothing "ore than &hat 'e has done 'e has changed the sitation
co"(letely4 for all things &ere created #y 'i" + for 'i".
There is yet a dee(er "ore significant "eaning to this (ara#le &hich concerns the tre "eaning of
the hose or te"(le &hich concerns or "o$!. 1e read in , Cor 5:) ''/or we now that when this tent
we live in...our body here on torn down, (od will have a house in heaven for us to live in, a
home he himself has made, which will last forever,'' *ood @e&s Di#le. Dt $no& this that &hen this tent
is dissol!ed or torn do&n . whether it be that one dies, or is changed whilst still living . there is another
celestial #ody eternal in our heavens that is &ithin s that is #eing for"ed.

'' While we live in this earthly tent, we groan with a feeling of oppression0 it is not that we want to
get rid of our earthly body( but that we want to have the heavenly one put on over us, so that what is
mortal will be transformed by life,'' ,Co 5:4. *@D.
3ess Christ has &onderflly arranged for s that no one is re"aining in his (resent hose his
earthly tent or #ody as a sla!e of sin. 'ear the &ords of Pal in /o"ans.

''We now that our old #unrenewed$ self was nailed to the cross with Him in order that +our, body
+which is the instrument, of sin might be made ineffective and inactive for evil, that we might no longer
be the slaves of sin.'' /o" .:.. A"(lified.
1hat a "ighty enlightening state"ent4 if &e can #t gras( this in its fllness &e &ill &al$ ot of
the to"# co"(letely4 e!en that gra!e &hich the !eil of the flesh has $e(t s in #ondage + ca(ti!ity for so
long. 1e . our five sensed flesh man . &ere actally nailed to the cross &ith hi". Can &e no& see &hat
is "eant &hen 3ess told s4 ''6o if the 6on liberates you +maes you free men,, then you are really and
un+uestionably free.'' 'e has no& flfilled 'is (ro"ise to s in 3n 8:3.4 or flesh "an has #een nailed
to the cross that the #ody of sin #e "ade ineffecti!e + inacti!e. Can he do any "ore for s than the
finishe$ &or$ of Cal!ary9 This &as co"(letely #roght into effect #y the cross + the resrrection; It is
done; 6ee(ing in "ind or title + the"e is The Appearin# Of Christ0 The S(irit &ill $ee( dra&ing s
to 'i"self + enlightening s ntil all of this finally #eco"es our full *omplete realit!, -ay &e than$
'i" for 'is &onderfl grace + &isdo".
''"or as in Adam A!! die( even so in Christ A!! will be made alive,'' )Co )5:,,. -638.
''"hat in #at$ the name of 'esus every *nee should #must$ bow, in heaven and on earth and under
the earth, !nd every tongue +franly and openly, confess and ac*nowledge that 'esus Christ is Lord, to
the glory of (od the /ather.'' Ph( ,:)7A)). A"(lified.
The 1nfailing &ternal Christ 6eed%
1hen &e read in *al 3:). that the seed is a singlar &ord + not in the (lral seeds, &e are also told that
this seed singlar is none other than Christ. @o& &hat &e are a#ot to share here &ill not #e nderstood
in the holy (lace conte%t or any thing (ertaining to &hat we ha!e to do4 #t only &hat Christ the eternal
seed is doing in e!ery "an + $no& that this seed cannot fail + nothing &ill sto( it or 'is (rogress as to
the end reslt. In the 8
Cha(ter of the #oo$ of /o"ans &e read.
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
''6o then 7.od's gift8 is not a +uestion of human will and human effort( but of .od's mercy, 7It
depends not on one's own willingness nor on his strenuous e3ertion as in running a race( but on .od's
having mercy on him,8'' /o" F:).. A"(lified.
-any ti"es &e are inclined to thin$ that or e%(erience &ith the ?ather of all s(irits has so "ch
to do &ith orsel!es #t as &e gro& &e realise "ore + "ore that or great *od is in charge here4
CO('%ETE%.. ?rther"ore in !erses )8 A,7. &e read.
'')o then He has mercy on whomever He wills #chooses$ and He hardens #maes stubborn and
unyielding the heart of$ whomever He wills. 6ou will say to me, Why then does He still find fault and
blame us +for sinning,7 /or who can resist and withstand His will7 #ut who are you( a mere man, to
criticise and contradict and answer bac* to .od7 Will what is formed say to him that formed it, 'hy
have you made me thus7'' /o" F:)8A,7. A"(. Added references. Isa. ,F:).: 45:F.
@o& *od has ordained that in Christ A%% shall #e "ade ali!e4 DGT e!ery "an in 'is own order or
ti"e. )Cor )5:,,A,3. @o& &e "ay as$ orsel!es &hat sort of a ga"e is #eing (layed ot here9 A !ery
i"(ortant + serios one; <r great lo!ing ?ather is ta$ing all things into consideration + $no& this that
there is a seed (lanted &ithin E8E/E -A@ that &ill #ring e!ery "an in *od=s ti"e to a co"(lete !ictory
in his di!inity . his true identity . in the ti"e that *od has ordained for each + e!ery one of s. This
eternal seed has no chance of not flfilling that for &hich it has #een (lanted. This is a di!ine seed; 1ith
a natral seed there is al&ays so"e chance of failre of it not #earing frit. Cet it #e $no&n today that
there is no chance &hatsoe!er that the di!ine Christ seed of e!er failing. So #e it;
''!nd -ust as we have borne the image +of the man, of dust( so shall we and so let us also bear
the image +of the $an8 of heaven.'' &ho is 4esus the Christ, )Co )5:4F. A"(lified.
In closing this (oint I &old li$e to say that this in no &ay e%onerates s fro" &here &e are in or
&al$ of lo!ing trst. I a" sharing the &onderfl confidence that &e can ha!e in or e%(erience &ith or
'ea!enly ?ather in the o!erall reslt of this &onderfl e%istence that &e are no& en2oying as &e are
(rogressing in the $no&ledge of 'i". /e"e"#er trst + rela% in 'i" + He will "rin# !ou to !ou
$esire$ haven, Ps )70:37. Another &ay of descri#ing it &old #e ''entering into His rest,''
He That Is 'ithout 6in Cast The "irst 6tone%
If there is one thing that I a" learning of late it &old #e not to 2dge "y #rother. The natral "an &ants
to categorise (eo(le to fit into their o&n set of standards. @o& I realise that &e all need to i"(ro!e4 #e
that as it "ay4 I read in the @T 5ite often that &e are not to 2dge one another. The !ery (o&erfl &ords
of 3ess &ere4 -udge not lest you also be -udged with the same -udgement. An old saying that I sed to
hear &hen I &as a #oy in -el#orne Astralia &as the &ord *omeuppan*e the early d&ellers in
-el#orne &ere "ostly free English settlers + their csto"s4 !ales + sayings &ere !ery Anglicised4 #t
alas in this day + age &e hardly see or hear any of these national !ales as they &ith ti"e ha!e al"ost
disa((eared. Another &ay to descri#e the &ord co"e((ance is that ''what we sow we also reap.'' 3st
recently &e sa& on or (olitical scene a sitation &here this !ery thing trans(ired4 a co"e((ance. 1hen
it co"es to this s#2ect I a" "ost interested in the o(inion of 'e &ho &as the "anifestation of *od
'i"self. In 3n 3:)0 &e read4
''/or (od did not send the )on into the world in order to 5udge /to re5ect( to condemn( to pass
sentence on$ the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through
Him.'' 3n 3:)0.
If the "an Christ 3ess &as to sddenly a((ear + ta$e notice of 'is follo&ers 'e &old need to
s(lit 'i"self into "any different &ays of thin$ing to a((ease the". Dt I really do not thin$ that 'e
Christ The Antidote Concerning Death
&old #e too interested in doing this as I ass"e 'e &old say to s I ha!e left yo &ith "y instrctions4
I &ant yo to alter yor nderstanding + actions to "y &ay of thin$ing. I &onder ho& the #ody of Christ
&old (rogress if e!ery ti"e that one of 'is (eo(le did not co"e e%actly into line to 'is (erfect &ay of
thin$ing that Christ &old gi!e s the flic$. ''I will never leave you or forsa*e you,'' Eet "any of s the
"o"ent that or #rother disagrees &ith s &e &ant to thro& hi" to the lions A as it &ere A as an otcast.
Cet s all ai" for ha!ing the attitde of or 'attern Son or as so"e &old say or bench mar. 1hen
&e are told to lo!e one another &ith a (re heart fer!ently &ho &as 'e referring to9 3st those &ho are
in or &ay of nderstanding things9 'o& are &e e!er going to get together if &e are to stay di!isi!e9
A%% (EN0 In the "ost holy (lace &ay of thin$ing ever! man is or #rother.
'''hy do you stare from without at the very small particle that is in your brother's eye but do
not become aware of and consider the beam of timber that is in your own eye7 8r how can you say to
your brother, !et me get the tiny particle out of your eye( when there is the beam of timber in your own
eye? 6ou hypocrite, first get the beam of timber out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to
tae the tiny particle out of your brother's eye.'' -at 0:3A5. A"(lified.
I &old also add that &e are ad"onished to ''grudge not'' &hich si"(ly "eans that &e are not to
hold a grdge. Do good to the" that s(iteflly se yo. /etrn good for e!il. Co!e + acce(t the" that
ha!e done the &rong thing to yo. I a" only sharing &ith yo the attitde of or -aster &ho said in
se!eral different &ays to retrn good + acce(tance for e!il. 1hat Christ is doing to those &ho are
as(iring to go higher is to (re(are s for the appearin# of Christ + to do this &e "st #e &illing to put
on Christ &hich "eans4 I re(eat that &e are to act as "ch as (ossi#le li$e 'e &old. <ne of the things
that &old also need "entioning is for#ettin# the past4 if &e do not do this &e &ill find it !ery difficlt
to #et past or (resent sitation.
A house divided against itself will not stand,
Than$ *od for the attitde of 3ess Christ today that 'e is sho&ing in "any of 'is saints.

And so as re(resentati!es of Christ 3ess &e as "ch as (ossi#le are desiring to attain + #e (art of
The Appearing Of Christ?
Ralph 5nowles1 4ul! 6789,
If &e ha!e #een (rone to h"an error in this article it is not (r(osely4 + I trst that a little $indness &old allo& for any falt4 + that &e &ill consider +
i"#i#e the #etter or s(irital (art of that &hich is (resented + intended. /16.