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Motorcycles have made their debut around the 1950s; this section looks at the two wheelers which have over the years caught the imagination of country. It was in the year 1954 that the Indian government ordered for total number of 800 motorcycles to man the Pakistani borders. In came the Bullets which were initially launched in England as a 350cc bike and it was upgraded to 500cc a year or so later. These bikes have remained unaltered, barring some cosmetic changes which have undergone over the years. Thus one can say without much of a doubt that the 1955 Bullet was one of the initial hits of the Indian two-wheeler industry and till today it continues to be a darling of the motorcycle enthusiasts. Enfield Bullet had a close competition with another sturdy bike named Rajdoot; as the bike was strong enough to handle the rough Indian roads. The company had roped in Indian Heman Dharmendra for the promotion of the bike. With more than 1.6 million vehicles on the road the Rajdoot motorcycle was one of the initial hits of the earlier years of two-wheeler history in the country.

When heavy motorcycles were the order of the day, a relatively lighter bike had caught on the imagination of the Indian two wheeler user. Ind- Suzukia bike launched by the then TVS Suzukigroup was an instant hit; however the bike could not sustain it's initial success due to the high import content in the vehicle and less of localization. In scooters Bajaj Chetak has been hugely responsible for adding momentum to the transport system of the country, till today it remains one of the most successful brands to have come out of the Bajaj stable. The scooter is named after the horse of legendary Rana Pratap Singh. These sets of two wheels have become a part of the Indian milieu and are often considered a representative of the Indian middle class aspiration. Very few two-wheelers have been able to emulate the success, which Bajaj Chetak has achieved over the years.

Similarly LML Motors enjoyed a reasonable success with the launch of LML Select which came with new age technology and improved performance.

Today newer models of two-wheeler are entering the market everyday, slowly pushing these names down the memory lane.

In 1955, the Indian government needed sturdy and reliable motorcycles for its Army and police to patrol the rugged border highways. The first batch of 350cc Bullet from the Royal Enfield Company of UK were received and assembled at Chennai.

The four stroke engine of the motorcycles is fuel efficient and is the main reason for the growth of motorcycle segment In India. The motorcycle market share is about 81.5% of the total two wheeler market in India. Three-fourths of the total exports in the two wheeler automobile industry are made in the motorcycle segment. Exports are made mainly to South East Asian and SAARC nations.

Two Wheelers in India

The feeling of freedom and being one with the Nature comes only from riding a two wheeler. Indians prefer the two wheelers because of their small manageable size, low maintenance, pricing and easy loan repayments. Indian streets are full of people of all age groups riding a two wheeler. Motorized two wheelers are seen as a symbol of status by the populace. Thus, in India, we would see swanky four wheels jostling with our ever reliable and sturdy steed: the two wheeler.

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Two Wheeler Manufacturers

The two-wheeler manufacturers are especially encouraged by the enthusiasm of the young riders who look for trendy products all the time. Some of the motorbike manufacturers are also targeting young ladies and making bikes available that are comfortable.

The launch of the Mopeds has revolutionized the entire concept of transportation for the womens. Mopeds are light weight, easy to drive and cost effective. In a way- Mopeds are tailor made keeping the needs of young girls and office going womens in mind. Such is the craze for bikes, that it comprises the major percentage of the two-wheeler industry,

followed by mopeds and scooters. Now, college going crowd and youths find bikes smarter and better for transportation. The best part about a bike is that it provides quick and easy transportation, and can be parked anywhere around. Various factors such as the availability of bikes on reasonable rates, auto loans and higher disposable incomes have contributed to an evident upsurge in the demand of bikes. There's a marked change in the preferences of the buyers, as most of them prefer bikes to scooters and mopeds.

Scooters have been the darlings of Indian masses for long because of the convenience it provides to the riders. Cheap scooters have been launched by the manufacturers to reach the wider net of customers. Two-wheeler manufacturers have also introduced scooters for that are a handy mode of commuting for the physically challenged.

In India, two wheelers have captured the imagination of young generation everywhere. They are as much popular in the rural areas as they are in cities and towns. The easy maintenance, affordable price and ability to adjust in any kinds of road have made them dear to one and all.

Moreover, now-a-days getting finance or a loan has become a trouble free affair and the numbers of bike riders are only growing with each passing day. Your two-wheeler also needs your care and attention all the time. With automobile India, you need not worry about the maintenance tips, statistics, insurance, finance and latest trends in the two wheeler industry. It is all there at the click of your mouse.