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Fuel leak prompts quick action

Area III Public Affairs Office Humphreys airfield. It was detected as continuing to assess the extent of damage “The Pyeongtaek City Environmental
workers started transferring fuel. They and determine whether to repair or replace Office conducted a visual survey off
CAMP HUMPHREYS — After stopped the fuel transfer operation and the underground fuel line.” the installation, and confirmed that there
quick response by personnel here in responded to the leak. Mirabal said that fuel is confined to a were no signs of fuel,” said Mirabal.
containing a leak of about 30,000 The cause of the leak is under small area on Camp Humphreys near the “We will continue to cooperate with
gallons of JP-8 fuel from a broken investigation. airfield. There is no impact on the drinking Korean government officials and keep
underground pipe, cleanup efforts are “Our first priority was containment water supplies at Camp Humphreys. them informed of our progress. “
underway and progressing well. of the spill, which has been Republic of Korea Ministry of To contain the spill, the camp fire
The leak occurred Feb. 27 at about accomplished,” said Bart Mirabal, who Environment and local Pyeongtaek department placed absorbent mats into
9:10 a.m. from an underground line that heads the Area III Directorate of Public environmental officials were notified of a drainage ditch, along with a boom to
moves fuel from a storage area to a Works. “We are presently performing the leak the day it occurred and have
helicopter refuel point on the Camp fuel recovery and cleanup, and are visited the site. See Fuel on Page 4

Soldiers battle
mud, evaluation
Story, photos by David McNally
Area I Public Affairs Office

DAGMAR NORTH — Elements of a major U.S.

Army support unit underwent intense evaluations
Feb. 22-29 as part of an annual exercise.
“My Soldiers need to know how to defend
themselves when pumping fuel,” said Col. Bette
Washington, commander of the 501st Corps Support
Group. “They need to defend themselves while
running convoys or issuing rations. That’s what we
do for a living.”
The 501st Corps Support Group is made up of
more than 1,000 U.S. and Korean Augmentation to
the U.S. Army Soldiers.
Services like issuing rations and supplies, running
Spc. Sheka Kanu, 305th Quartermaster Company, drives a forklift through mud Feb. 25 at Dagmar North training range.
transportation missions, providing field laundries and
showers, and even processing fresh drinking water;
all fall under the unit’s mission. under extreme conditions as the banks of the Imjin River normal missions, Soldiers were given scenarios, like
The unit is spread out over many bases in South swelled with rainwater. react to enemy fire, respond to a chemical attack or
Korea. Two companies are stationed at Camp Kyle In an open field on Dagmar North, a Republic of conduct a vehicle recovery.
in Uijeongbu, there is a company at Camp Humphreys Korea Army training site, the American troops attempted “Actually, it’s been pretty good so far,” said Spc.
in Pyeongtaek, and various elements are stationed in to recover from the hand dealt by the weather. Josue Oreus, 305th Quartermaster Company. “We’re
the Seoul area. The entire group deployed to training “This area is all messed up,” said Spc. Benjamin been able to train on how quickly we react to
areas in the Western Corridor for the exercise. Amparo, 305th Quartermaster Company. “The tents attacks.”
“It was perfect, gorgeous weather. Then on keep falling down, so we’re moving it to a better area.” Oreus agreed the mud was a challenge, “But,
Saturday the sky opened up,” Washington said. “It Amparo revved the accelerator on his forklift loaded we’re working with it,” he said.
is a slush bowl.” with camouflage netting. The tires spun in the mud and “The mud came,” said Pfc. Jennifer Schmidt,
The mud, more than a foot deep in some places, barely got traction. Soon, the equipment was moved to 305th Quartermaster Company, “but, we’re not
hampered operations. Tent stakes slid out of the drier ground. letting it get us down.”
ground. Soldiers scrambled in a cold wind to function Throughout the exercise, in addition to doing their See Mud on Page 16

What ’s inside... INSIDE

Official discusses Subway, Pizza Hut Cavalry squadron Forum offers Blotter....................Page 2
African-American open at Dragon cases colors, heads residents a voice in Movies...................Page 14
Chaplain................Page 15
history Hill Lodge back to U.S. Area IV MWR Events...........Page 18
Korean Language....Page 30
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2 March 5, 2004

MP Blotter U.S. Army changes enlistment lengths

The following entries ere extracted from Army News Service stations, but the National Call to Service is not a part of the
the past several week’s military police Army’s stabilization plans, Garner said.
blotters. Entries may be incomplete and WASHINGTON — Basic and advanced individual training The mission of Force Stabilization is to provide ready,
do not determine the guilt or innocence will be in addition to the number of years a new recruit enlists deployable, combat forces, and to do that units have to first
of persons involved. for under a new Force Stabilization initiative. be manned, said Col. Michael Harris, the deputy director of
There are 19 jobs, mainly combat-arm specialties, that fall Directorate of Military Personnel Policy, G1. However, VEL
! An investigation revealed that a U.S. servicemember under the recently implemented Variable Enlistment Length isn’t just about manning units, it’s also about stabilizing
was observed in Seoul’s Hong-ik University area, an off- program. Under VEL, Soldiers can enlist for three- to five- Soldiers, he said, referring to the fact that Soldiers under
limits area, during the hours of curfew. The servicemember year VEL options. After arriving at their first units, they are VEL would stay at their first unit for at least three years.
was identified by Korean National Police, who verified the stabilized for at least three years. Since its implementation in Most units’ operational cycles are on a 36-month schedule.
individual as a U.S. Soldier. He was then detained and December 2003 more than 2,000 Soldiers have enlisted under Before VEL, many Soldiers already enlisted for only 36
transported to the local Provost Marshal Office where he VEL. months, but their initial-entry training took from three
was processed and released to his unit. A smaller number of troops have enlisted under the months to a year. So when they arrived at their unit, they
congressionally-mandated 15-month pilot program, “National were not there for a full 36 months.
! An investigation revealed that Army and Air Force Call to Service.” Since it was approved Oct. 1, about 125 The 2nd Cavalry Regiment is a combat unit, which is
Exchange Service security personnel observed via closed Soldiers have enlisted in the Army under the program. Similarly why Human Resources Command selected specialties such
circuit surveillance camera a U.S. servicemember remove to VEL, the program doesn’t include training as part of the as infantry, cannon crewmember and cavalry scout, Garner
two digital video discs by attempting to conceal them on time-in-service contract and only a limited number of specialties said. Some of the non-combat-arms jobs that fall under VEL
his person. The troop was then apprehended and transported fall under it. are human resources specialist, 42A; administration
to the local Provost Marshal Office where he was advised National Call to Service was adopted by each of the other specialist, 42L; and supply specialist, 92Y.
of his legal rights, which he waived, rendered a sworn services. The 15-month pilot program coincides with VEL The Soldiers who fall under the selected job specialties
written attesting to the above offense. The servicemember because they both kicked off about the same time, said Lt. will initially be assigned to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Fort
was further processed and released to his unit. Investigation Col. Harry Garner, chief of Enlisted Accessions Division. They Polk, La., which is scheduled to begin converting to a
continues by Military Police Investigations. both keep initial-term Soldiers stabilized at their first duty Stryker Brigade Combat Team in October.

! An investigation revealed that a servicemember, while

under unit supervision for previous offenses, was at an
installation dining facility when she excused herself to the
Tips ease in-processing in Korea
bathroom, where she then kicked out the screen in the
175th Finance Command allowance and temporary lodging cost of living allowance, hardship duty
women’s bathroom window and attempted to flee from
expenses. pay, overseas housing allowance, family
unit personnel inside. The troop was detained and
YONGSAN — Starting a tour in For Soldiers who must reside on post, separation housing and family separation
transported back to the unit area. While there, the
Korea on the right foot may help smooth in-processing through Finance is allowance type II.
servicemember became belligerent and was found to
out road bumps that could be finished upon completion of the in- The cost of living allowance is a tax-
have torn a hole two feet in diameter in one of the walls of
encountered during a one-year overseas processing briefs. Servicemembers free allowance paid to servicemembers
the room where she was being held. She also began
tour. The 175th Finance Command is authorized to reside in economy housing stationed in high-cost areas. All
yelling profanities at one of the noncommissioned officers
committed to assisting Soldiers with will have their housing costs paid by servicemembers in Korea are authorized
in the area to include throwing a bottle of fingernail polish
timely and accurate pay, but it needs help either a combination of family separation COLA, which is based on locality, rank,
at the NCO. The troop was later picked up from the unit
from the Soldiers it supports. housing and overseas housing allowance the number of command-sponsored
and transported to the local military police station where
Upon arrival to Korea, Soldiers must or basic allowance for housing and family members located in Korea, living
she was advised of her legal rights, which she waived,
immediately attend their respective area OHA, depending on their situations. quarters and the exchange rate.
rendering a written sworn statement, denying the offenses.
Finance in-processing briefings. Regardless of the method used, the Hardship duty pay is paid when
Investigation continues by MPI.
Soldiers are required to bring the intent is to cover the cost of housing servicemembers are performing duty
following as it applies to them: leave provided servicemembers stay within the designated at localities believed to carry
! An investigation revealed that a servicemember, while
form, DA Form 4187 for hometown established housing rent ceilings. added inconveniences and stress.
driving his privately-owned vehicle during the early morning
recruiting, permanent change of station Soldiers are required to seek housing Servicemembers assigned to Area I
hours off post, fell asleep while driving, resulting in a loss
orders, pinpoint orders, temporary duty through local Housing Divisions. After receive $150 per month and those
of control and impact with a highway divider. His vehicle
orders, lodging receipts for temporary an apartment is found off post, TLA assigned to Yongin and Pohang receive
sustained functional damage to the entire left side,
living expenses and TDY, and any documents, as well as all lease $100. All others receive $50 per month.
consisting of various scratches, dents and cracks. After
receipts for reimbursable items more agreements drafted by Housing and the This pay appears on the leave and earning
arrival of the police, the troop then rendered false verbal
statements, saying that he was initiating a U-turn when he than $75. realtor, will be sent to Finance to initiate statement as "Save Pay."
impacted the divider. The service member later rendered During the briefings, Soldiers must the overseas housing allowance. Another entitlement is family
a sworn written statement admitting that he fell asleep at complete a travel voucher, DD Form All servicemembers assigned to Korea separation allowance type II. FSA type
the time of the accident. No injuries were reported. 1351-2, in order to be paid PCS travel are entitled to special pay and allowances II is authorized for servicemembers
Investigation continues by Traffic Accident Investigations. entitlements. These entitlements may that may differ based on duty location serving unaccompanied tours whose
include per diem, mileage, dislocation and status. These entitlements include See Tips on Page 3

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The Morning Calm Weekly Page
March 5, 2004 3

NEWS & NOTES Area II Reggie’s opens

R etail Price Sur vey
Survey Story, photo by Christine Cho
The Department of State is conducting a retail price Area II Public Affairs Office
survey and living pattern questionnaire for Area II
civilian employees through today. The questionnaire YONGSAN — The Installation
is to identify the consumer facilities and services that Management Agency-Korea Region
U. S. civilian employees and family members use. welcomed the long awaited opening of
For more information, contact Darryll Smith at 724- Reggie’s, a theme-concept family
3651. restaurant, at the Yongsan Main Post
Club in a ribbon cutting ceremony Feb.
Healthcare Sur vey 27.
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Reggie’s restaurants are only within
Organizations will conduct an accreditation survey Department of Defense activities, and
April 19-23 of the 18th Medical Command, the121st are similar in concept to stateside casual
General Hospital and outlying clinics. The survey will dining restaurants such as Bennigan’s
evaluate compliance with JCAHO standards. Survey and TGIF, said officials. The
results will be used to determine whether, and the Department of the Army Community
conditions under which accreditation should be Family Support Center has overall Judy LaPorte (left) and Gen. Leon J. LaPorte, commander of U.S. Forces Korea, sample the
awarded. responsibility for implementation of the cuisine at Area II’s new Reggie’s restaurant Feb. 27 at Yongsan Army Garrison.
JCAHO standards deal with organizational quality of facility design and menu items.
care issues and the safety of the environment in “I hope all Soldiers and members of “We completed phase one with the qualified,” said Barry Pinsky, an
which care is provided. People believing they have the community can enjoy the fine food November 2003 opening of the Uptown executive chef from CFSC who came
information about such matters may request public and many unique entrees provided at Lounge and, the total renovation of the to Korea to train the chefs and kitchen
information interviews with JCAHO field representatives Reggie’s, and the entertainment Underground, scheduled for June workers. “More than half of the cooks
at the time of survey. Information presented will be programs throughout the club,” said through September, will finalize this have had at least two years of schooling
evaluated for relevance to the accreditation process. Richard Shuman, general manger of the important quality of life project,” added in the culinary arts and are fully capable
Requests for public information interviews may be Main Post Club. “We hope this facility McNulty. “With the reopening of the of preparing some of the complex
made by e-mail to Comments will give our customers a bit of their Underground, the Main Post Club will menu items offered by Reggie’s.”
are required at least five working days before the hometown without having to leave the be one of the best Morale, Welfare and The Reggie’s management team
survey, and should indicate the nature of the installation. Recreation club facilities in the Army.” placed high importance on quality
information. Col. Timothy K. McNulty, Area II Reggie’s offers an unusual variety of service for customers by training the
and 34th Support Group commander, lunch and dinner meals ranging from new staff with a CFSC server orientation
Off Limits Areas delivered opening remarks to the many its not so traditional “Piled High Pizza program. The program ran 40 hours a
Certain areas and off-post establishments are off limits community residents who came out for Burger” to the more commonly week for one month and placed strong
in South Korea. Establishments include drug stores, requested filet mignon. It also has a emphasis on customer service and
the ceremony.
tattoo parlors, barbershops and houses of prostitution. beverage bar with a new line of frosted learning the menu.
“The day is now here and we are
Area commanders also have placed certain drinks served with or without alcohol. “Each of our wait staff received
about to embark upon a fine dining
establishments in their areas off limits for force Along with its causal dining, Reggie’s
extensive training in sequence of service,
experience,” said McNulty. “The
protection or human trafficking and prostitution automated order procedures and the many
opening of Reggie’s is the second phase has selected a staff of 73 from more
violations. More information on off-limits areas is differences between working in an
of a three-phase, $3.7 million that 225 applicants.
available from military police officials or through the
renovation of the Main Post Club.” “The kitchen staff we hired is well- See Reggie’s on Page 18
chain of command.

Military service expedites naturalization process

Tips from Page 2
By Capt. Shay Stanford and Capt. Laura Wells or onboard a public vessel owned or operated by the United
Yongsan Legal Assistance Office States for noncommercial service.
family members are not residing in the This is important because enlisting from Korea means
same general vicinity as the One of the many benefits of serving in the U.S. armed servicemembers do not qualify under this exception.
servicemembers. It is intended to cover forces is expedited naturalization. Other requirements include good moral character, pass a
expenses incurred because of forced Generally, before applying for citizenship, one must have civics and language test, and take the oath of allegiance to the
separation. The period of separation must been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for at United States.
be at least 30 days. least five years before filing with no single absence from the Three Years Honorable Service
The first month after arrival to Korea, United States for more than a year. There are two exceptions Lawful permanent resident status is required. An applicant
it is imperative that servicemembers check under the Immigration and Naturalization Act that allow need not comply with the strict residency and physical presence
their LESes to ensure they are receiving servicemembers to expedite the process and gain citizenship: requirements for naturalization if the applicant has served
proper entitlements. Servicemembers naturalization based upon service during military hostilities, and honorably in the armed forces, including the Reserves, for three
should immediately notify their unit naturalization based upon three years honorable service. years or more and files during his service or within six months
commanders or their unit Personnel Service During Military Hostilities of discharge. If the application for naturalization is filed more
offices in the event of discrepancies on This is the only basis for naturalization that does not than six months after discharge, the applicant may count his
their LESes or if there are changes in require admission as a lawful permanent resident. The honorable service time occurring within five years of filing for
family situation that could effect Immigration and Nationality Act authorizes the president to naturalization in order to meet the residency requirement for
entitlements. Changes include marriage, designate service during periods of military hostilities as the naturalization.
divorce, leave or change in residence. basis for naturalization. On July 3, 2002, President Bush A list of the steps for becoming a naturalized citizen under
The 175th Finance Command knows signed an executive order making the “war against terrorists the expedited procedures is available at the Yongsan Legal
what right looks like and aims to help of global reach” a specified period of hostilities for the Assistance Office. Servicemembers wanting further information
Soldiers start off their tours on the right purposes of expedited naturalization. on naturalization and citizenship related issues, or who have any
foot. Sponsors need to make sure Servicemembers, active duty or Reservist, serving on personal legal issue to discuss with an attorney, may contact
incoming Soldiers come to Finance in- active duty after Nov. 11, 2001, may apply for expedited area servicing Legal Assistance Offices in Area I, 730-1889;
processing briefs prepared with necessary naturalization, provided they meet other eligibility Area II, 738-6841; Area III, 753-8053; or Area IV, 768-7693.
documentation to ensure that the rest of requirements set forth by the Immigration and Naturalization Legal assistance services are available to active duty
their tour is free of financial issues. Service. servicemembers, Department of Defense civilians, family
For more information, contact local A requirement for naturalization based upon service during members, Reservists who have been ordered onto active duty
finance offices or visit the Finance military hostilities is that if the applicant is not a lawful for more than 29 days, and some contractors. Legal Assistance
Command Web site at http:// permanent resident, the applicant must have enlisted or re- Offices can provide information and basic legal services enlisted in the United States or its territories or possessions, regarding many issues.
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
4 March 5, 2004

USFK recalls ground beef products

18th Medical Command should err on the side of caution and
destroy it or return the product to the
YONGSAN — U.S. Forces Korea place of purchase for a refund.
officials have been pursuing aggressively Anyone experiencing diarrhea
the recall of certain frozen ground beef should consult local healthcare
products for the past 10 days. The U.S. providers immediately for prompt
forces population has been notified treatment, USFK medical officials
through a variety of methods, to include advise.
the chain of command, American USFK officials will continue to
Forces Network public service monitor the frozen ground beef recall
announcements and signs in over the next few weeks in order to
commissaries. ensure the health of the command
This recall was initiated due to an members and their families. Updates
E. coli food-borne disease outbreak will be provided through command
that caused diarrhea in three Japanese channels and public service
children in one family in Okinawa. The announcements as the need arises.
potential for serious disease to anyone
who consumes contaminated beef that
Products to check
is not properly cooked prompted the
aggressive approach taken by U.S. This recall was initiated because of an E. coli
Forces Korea officials. food-borne disease outbreak that caused diarrhea
Officials are particularly concerned in three Japanese children in one family in
because the type of E. coli that caused Okinawa, Japan.
this outbreak in Okinawa isn’t the typical
E. coli associated with just diarrhea. This The product associated with this outbreak was
type of E. coli can progress from frozen ground beef produced by Richwood Meat
causing diarrhea to causing kidney Co. from California and was sold through USFK
damage and even death. Diarrhea will outlets. This product may have been labeled
typically start 48 to 96 hours after as Richwood Meat Co., California Pacific
consumption of the disease agent. Associates, SYSCO, Chef’s Pride Brand,
Even though the product from the Golbon, DANCO Quality Foods, Columbus
recall date has been eaten by other Foodservice or Ritz Food Service.
consumers in Okinawa and possibly
here in Korea, there has been no further There are two important pieces of information
on packages that consumers should check for
outbreak of the disease beyond the
to see if they have this product in their homes.
original three cases in Okinawa.
Inside the USDA label is a plant establishment
USFK health officials stress that
number. If that number is “8234” then the
hamburgers and other meat foods
frozen hamburger may be subject to recall.
should be served well done. Proper
cooking destroys E. coli, as well as other The second identification number is the
potential food-borne disease agents. packaging date. The affected product was all
“If that hamburger is still a little pink, packed on Aug. 11, 2003, or 11-08-03. Both
it should be put back on the grill to finish the plant number, 8234, and the packing date,
cooking to provide you that additional Aug. 11, 2003, must be present on the package
safety assurance,” said Lt. Col. Bob to positively identify the product as coming
Walters, 106th Medical Detachment. from the affected lot.
Consumers may contact their local
commissary meat market personnel to If in doubt or to answer questions, contact Lt.
assist in identifying whether the product Col. Bob Walters at 738-3232 or commissary
is from the suspect lot (see sidebar). If meat market personnel.
there is any doubt that the product is
from the suspect lot, consumers

Fuel from Page 1

prevent potential contamination from reopened Tuesday after being closed for
flowing out of the area. Containment the weekend and Korean Independence
basins were also built to trap fuel and Movement Day break. Its 50,000-gallon
assist in fuel recovery. The small spill fuel storage tanks will be replenished
site has been marked with yellow tape by fuel trucks. Helicopter missions at
and declared off-limits to protect the Camp Humphreys airfield were not
personnel and equipment during the affected by the leak or cleanup
cleanup operation. operation, according to officials here.
U.S. Forces Korea, Installation “This has been a good example of
Management Agency-Korea Region, Far many people from a number of diverse
East District, U.S. Army Corps of organizations quickly coming together
Engineers, Area III, and Defense Energy to get a tough job done. Despite our
Supply Center personnel are onsite to best efforts to prevent events like this
supervise and monitor fuel recovery and from happening, they do occasionally
cleanup. A Korean environmental happen. Our team has as done a great
contractor has brought two “bio- job minimizing negative impacts and
slurper” devices to the site to remove enabling the operational mission to
fuel from the area. continue,” said Paul Stuart, civilian
The helicopter refueling point that executive assistant to the Area III
was closed after the leak was detected commander.
Page 5 March 5, 2004

Official reflects on history of African-Americans

By Margaret Banish-Donaldson decision to desegregate public schools,” Prioleau said. one body with many different talents and abilities.”
Area I Public Affairs Office “All of us can learn from the special programs and More than 36 million U.S. residents are African-
activities conducted nationwide because black history American or African-American in combination with
CAMP RED CLOUD — A member of the Area I is American history.” one or more other races. This group makes up 12.9
staff preached about difficulties and inequalities, and For each human being there is a past, present and percent of the total population, and 2.6 million
about the past and about the future Feb. 25. And the future. Wrapped up in every human being is the genetic African-Americans have served their country
congregation said amen. coating that passes on yesterday into today. So, as through military service.
The site was Camp Red we celebrate Black History Month, it not only serves “We live in a world filled with a wondrous
Cloud’s commissary, not a as a reminder of the past, rather, a framework for the diversity of experiences, opinions, physical
church. The occasion was present and a road map for things to come, Prioleau appearances, cultures, religion and others,” he said.
the Black History Month said. “It is not necessary for us to agree on all things,
program and Lt. Col. Carl “Our nation has been shaped by the unique but it is necessary for us to respect one another.”
Prioleau, Area I executive contributions of black Americans, and today, we share One of the challenges of this age is not only to
officer, reflected on the the pride of these courageous men and women who find a way to live in harmony with people who differ
history of African- from us, but to celebrate the diversity and learn
challenged every American to live up to the best ideas
of our country: freedom, equality and justice,” he said. from it. We can only learn a limited amount from
Black history
“Individuals like Frederick Douglas, Dr. Charles Drew, those who are like us, but there is a fortune of
observances began 78
Lt. Henry Flipper, Colin Powell, Althea Gibson and knowledge to be gained from those who have a
years ago by Dr. Carter G.
Lt. Col. Carl Prioleau Wilma Rudolph are remembered.” different perspective from our own.
Woodson, an African-
There are others who made significant “Black History Month challenges us to unite
American historian and
contributions to black society that one doesn’t hear together as one,” he said. “And, it is because of the
scholar, who founded the Association for the Study
much about: William Purvis, of Philadelphia, who sacrifices of those who have gone before us that
of Negro Life and History. Woodson chose the second
invented and patented improvements to the fountain African-Americans can be judged by the content
week of February because it commemorates the
birthdays of two men, who to a great extent, affected pen in 1890; Frederick M. Jones, who invented air of their character, and not the color of their skin.
the African-American community: Abraham Lincoln conditioning; W.H. Richardson, for the baby buggy; Sure, we are not totally there yet, and maybe we
and Frederick Douglas. In 1976, the weeklong and Henry T. Sampson, who invented the cellular will never be a colorblind society, but we must keep
observance was expanded to a month in honor of the phone. on dreaming. Keep the dream alive. Keep hope
nation’s bicentennial. “So you see, we are all surrounded by African- alive.”
“In 2004 the theme is Brown v. Board of Education, American history every single day,” Prioleau said.
which commemorates the landmark Supreme Court “But, it all goes back to the fact we are one people, E-mail

Civic leaders praise volunteers Warriors show giving spirit

Rhee began by thanking the Soldiers
‘Adopt-a-school’ for being away from their families and
program helps country to defend the Republic of
Korean students “Today, we gather here to
consolidate the United States and Korean
By Pvt. Stephanie Pearson
alliance… and open a debate relating to
Area I Public Affairs Office
elementary school English education
support,” she continued.
CAMP CASEY— Civic leaders from
“Foreign language education’s main
Dongducheon and Camp Casey gathered
goal is fluent communication. By
for a friendship dinner Feb. 27 at the
speaking with natives face to face, (the
Warrior’s Club. The event recognized
students) will gain confidence with the
participants in the “Adopt-a-School”
language. It is a fact we cannot use
effectively what we know in front of a
The program sends U.S. and Korean
native speaker. Therefore, if we have
Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldiers
face to face education, the impact will
as volunteers to local Dongducheon
be great,” Rhee said.
elementary schools to help teach the
“At the same time, we can exchange
students English, said Pae Tong-su,
each other’s culture along with the
community relations officer for U.S.
language, and we can learn the way of
Army Garrison, Camp Casey.
life as a world citizen,” she added.
Lt. Col. Stephen Murray, commander PHOTO PVT. STEPHANIE PEARSON
A discussion of how the program BY

of USAG, Camp Casey, hosted the dinner Col. Jeff Christiansen, Area I commander (right), kicks off the Warrior Country Army
could be improved followed, after which
to recognize and thank the Soldier Emergency Relief campaign Monday with the first donation. Capt. Samuetta Butler, the
two Soldiers and three KATUSA Soldiers
volunteer teachers, and to promote and Area I campaign coordinator, said there are 23 Area I units participating, with two
were awarded certificates of
work to expand the Good Neighbor representatives from each unit. The representatives will be responsible for collecting
appreciation for their volunteer service
Program, he explained.
to Dongducheon Elementary School last donations within their units, she explained. The campaign runs through mid-May.
The main guest speaker was Rhee
fall’s session. Two representatives from
Myung-sook, chief of education for
Dongducheon City, said Pae. See A dopt-a-school on Page 8
6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004

NEWS & NOTES Warrior Radio offers morning fun, information

Uijeongbu Facilities Story, photo by David McNally nearby Seoul, 20 miles to the south, AFN “We work pretty hard,” Seaton said.
Extend Hours Area I Public Affairs Office Korea, on 102.7 FM broadcasts, a live “It’s not just being on the radio for five
The Camp Red Cloud and Camp Stanley bowling morning show, which reaches many hours and waiting around for the next
alleys and gyms are now open until midnight Fridays CAMP FALLING WATER — parts of Area I. radio shift.”
and Saturdays. Question: This Soldier rolls out of bed “We ask our audience to tune in 88.3 Seaton said once Spurlock comes off
at 4 a.m. almost every day. An hour or 88.5 FM,” said Staff Sgt. Christopher the air, she puts together all the
Eighth Army Chess later, she is ready to talk to 20,000 Seaton, the station commander. commercials listeners hear on the radio.
Tournament people. Who is she? “Because people in Warrior Country “She also produces the content for
The Camp Casey Community Activities Center will Answer: Warrior Radio’s morning want to know what’s going on in community calendars you see on
host the 8th Army chess tournament Saturday and show host, Pfc. Samantha Spurlock. Warrior Country, and they’re not getting television and writes the material used
Sunday. “It’s a good job,” Spurlock said. “I that on 102.7.” by AFN disc jockeys,” he said.
like it because I feel like I’m actually Warrior Radio, “the most dangerous Nine Soldiers and one Korean
International W omen
Women ’s
omen’s doing something for people in Warrior station in the world,” as staff members employee form the staff of AFN at Camp
Day Country.” call themselves, is not just a radio station. Falling Water.
The USO will host its annual International Women’s Spurlock arrived in Korea in August “We have our morning radio show,” Seaton explained he has maintenance
Day ceremony at the Camp Casey Warrior’s Club at 2003, fresh from advanced individual Seaton said, “and the point is to get out technicians and broadcast journalists to
11 a.m. Tuesday. Margaret Wood, the 2nd Infantry training at Fort Meade, Md. The Defense all the local command information we accomplish their large mission.
Division commanding general’s wife, and Dho, Information School trains Soldiers, can.” The affiliate station also broadcasts
Young-shim, the ambassador of cultural sailors, airmen and Marines for careers Also, Seaton said they have the live sporting events, news programs and
cooperation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in public affairs specialties like television mission to produce news country and oldies music on Thunder
Republic of Korea, will be the guest speakers. broadcasting. reports and command information AM. In Warrior Country there are many
Warrior radio broadcasts on 88.3 and messages. frequencies:
Camp Casey Clinic Closure 88.5 FM throughout Area I. A live radio “Basically, we’re here to tell the story ! Uijeongbu - 1161 AM
The Camp Casey Clinic will be closed on Thursday show airs 5-10 a.m. weekdays from a of the 2nd Infantry Division and Area ! Paju and Munsan - 1140 AM
to prepare for an upcoming accreditation survey. Quonset hut studio at Camp Falling I,” Seaton said. ! Camp Casey - 1197 AM
There will be no sick call or appointments taken Water in Uijeongbu. Seaton explained how they get the ! Camp Page - 1440 AM
for this date. The clinic’s Urgent Care Area will be When the staff is not spinning tunes information they broadcast. Seaton said his news crews are
operational for urgent or emergency cases only. live, computers insert the station’s “Most people use their public affairs always on the move. He said, on the
There will be no sick call. preproduced messages over a signal office,” Seaton said. “That way they can average his reporters travel an hour to a
from Seoul. be sure their information goes where it story location, conduct interviews and
Town Hall Meeting Spurlock said she knows people are needs to go.” shoot video, then return to the station
Camp Stanley will hold a town hall meeting at to edit and send the news piece to AFN
listening when her show starts at 5 a.m. Public affairs offices funnel
Reggie’s 6 p.m. March 17. Camp Stanley residents Korea in Seoul.
because she gets a lot of telephone calls information to AFN, the commander’s
are welcome to attend. “There’s enough going on that it
in the studio. access channel and area newspapers;
“They say we have a big variety of however, Seaton said customers can never goes away,” Seaton said. “If we
USO Bazaar contact AFN directly to get information didn’t go home, we’d be working.”
music,” Spurlock said. “They say I get
The annual USO bazaar will be held at the Camp For more information on radio and
them pumped up for the day. Some say on radio and television by calling 732-
Red Cloud Community Activities Center 9 a.m. to television schedules, Seaton said the unit
I’m the only show they listen to.” 9454.
6 p.m. March 24-25 and at the Camp Casey USO has a Web site at
The audience in Warrior Country has To the audience, they hear Spurlock
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. March 27-28.
a choice, with a couple of stations on the air for five hours and may wonder
broadcasting in English. Because of how a Soldier can have such a job. E-mail
Warrior Invitational
The Camp Stanley Physical Fitness Center will
hold a Warrior Invitational boxing competition 6
p.m. March 20 and a Warrior Invitational tae kwon
do tournament 1 p.m. March 27. Registration,
weigh-ins and medical exams for both events will
be held at the gymnasium between 10 and 11:30
a.m. the morning of each competition.

Thriftt Savings Plan Open
The Thrift Savings Plan open season will be from
April 15 – June 30. During this period,
servicemembers can enroll in the plan or make
changes to their existing accounts.

Cheerleaders to Perform
The Tennessee Titans cheerleaders will perform 7
p.m. Tuesday at Camp Howze; Wednesday at Camp
Stanley Gym; March 13 at Rodriguez Range and
March 14 at Camp Page.

Camp Bonifas Contest

The Camp Bonifas Recreation Center will hold a
"guess the weight of Blarney Stone" contest though
March 17. Stop by the Camp Bonifas Recreation
Center to enter. There will be prizes.

MWR Band Performance

Armed Forces Entertainment and MWR will present
the band 24/7, a high-energy dynamic group
performing rhythm and blues and oldies.
! Camp Casey Reggie's Club 8 p.m. today.
! Camp Red Cloud Mitchell's 8 p.m. Saturday.
Call 732-6819 for more information.
Pfc. Samantha Spurlock hosts the Warrior radio morning show from a Quonset hut studio at Camp Falling Water in Uijeongbu Feb. 12.
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
March 5, 2004 7

ACS welcomes newcomers to Area I

Story, photos by Pvt. Stephanie
Area I Public Affairs Office


Community Services holds newcomer’s
orientation the last Wednesday of each
month at the Camp Red Cloud ACS
classroom. An orientation was held Feb.
“The newcomer’s orientation is to
welcome people who are new to Area I
and the 2nd Infantry Division,” said
Christy Allen, ACS social services
representative at Camp Red Cloud.. “It’s
to let people know what services are
available to them in the area.”
The day began with a welcome from
Lt. Col. Brian Vines, commander of the
U.S. Army Garrison, CRC.
In his remarks, Vines introduced
himself and offered some advice for the
Soldiers’ stay in Korea.
“The two things I emphasize are the
things you should not do, and the things
you should do while you’re here,” he
The main things Vines advised soldiers
to avoid are supporting human
trafficking, and excessive drinking and
the trouble that can go along with it. He Servicemembers enjoy a traditional Korean meal as part of the Army Community Services’ newcomer’s orientation. People-to-People, an
encouraged Soldiers to experience the organization dedicated to preserving Korean-American friendships, provided the lunch and introduced the attendees to Korean culture.
culture, use Morale, Welfare and
Recreation facilities and enjoy Korea
while they are in the country.
After Vines’ remarks, representatives
from different post services gave the
newcomers a series of short briefings
about what each service had to offer
Soldiers. The legal office, MWR, the fire
department, Better Opportunities for
Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers, and
the USO were among those services
represented, Allen said.
Sgt. 1st Class Travis Tate, Area I
logistics noncommissioned officer in
charge, has been in Korea for about two
weeks and was one of the newcomers
at February’s orientation. He said he
found the briefings very informative.
“All the briefings were great, and you
actually wanted to listen to them,” Tate
Newcomers paint traditional Korean masks during the orientation Feb. 25. The attendees kept the Sgt. 1st Class Travis Tate learns the
See Newcomers on Page 8 masks after the class as a souvenir. Korean mask dance.

Tax Assistance Center holds grand opening

By Pfc. Ian Boudreau e-filing your tax return a lot easier,” Kelly said. “We The tax center, which can handle about 100
2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Office can do it on the spot.” returns a day, sees clients either as walk-ins or by
Filing tax returns with the tax center comes at appointment, Kelly said.
CAMP CASEY — It is tax season once again, but no cost to Soldiers, Kelly said. Soldiers who e-file their return to the IRS can
Area I Soldiers do not need to worry: the 2nd Infantry While do-it-yourself tax return services are usually expect to see their return in one to two weeks,
Division and Area I Tax Center is open and ready for available online, they usually cost about $60 in Kelly said.
business. preparation and filing fees, Kelly said. Before heading to the Tax Center, make sure you
Brig. Gen. John F. Shortal, an assistant division have your W-2 form, and any Form 1099 Interest
Multiply that number, plus additional expenses,
commander for the 2nd Infantry Division, presided Statements. If you have a child, officials advise to
by the 6,700 servicemembers, retirees, dependents
over a ribbon-cutting ceremony at building T-44 Feb. bring proof of a child’s Social Security Number,
18. and Department of the Army civilians the tax center
preferably last year’s tax return.
The tax center’s staff of 20 Soldiers from around helped last year, and official estimate how much The tax center is located adjacent to the helipad
the 2nd Infantry Division is trained in tax preparation money the program saved – more than $500,000 in and next door to the Army and Air Force Exchange
and usually can complete average federal and state Area I alone. Service snack bar. The center’s hours are 9 a.m. – 7
returns in 15 – 20 minutes, said Staff Sgt. Douglas “We really encourage Soldiers to come down p.m Tuesday to Friday and 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday.
Kelly, the noncommissioned officer in charge. here,” Kelly said, “because this is money they’re
Runners takecoming
“They’re off on their
newruck march Feb.
programs 21.make
that The competition
to, andwho
get itparticipate
to theminfree
the annual Bataan Death March competition.
of charge.” E-mail
8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004

Adopt-a-school from Page 5

Bravo Company, 2nd Forward receive Soldier volunteer teachers for

Support Battalion, Division Support the fall session.
Command, were awarded certificates Soldiers will help each school for
of appreciation from Sangyeon 12 weeks.
Elementary School. Rhee said she looks forward to
The schools to receive Soldier continuing and improving the Adopt-
volunteer teachers for the spring a-School program.
“We highly expect that English
session, to begin March 13, are
class with a native speaker will greatly
Jihaeng, Soyo, Sadong and Songnae
improve our children’s English skills,”
elementary schools in Dongducheon.
she said.
Shincheon, Dongbo, Bosan and
Topdong elementary schools will E-mail stephanie.a.

Newcomers from Page 8

The briefings finished at noon. The “The majority of Koreans use public
newcomers then headed to a Korean transportation, so it’s important for
restaurant in downtown Uijeongbu for Soldiers to learn to use it, too,” he said.
lunch. At the restaurant, the Soldiers sat After a brief tour and explanation of
on the floor in traditional Korean style how to use the trains and subways, the
around a long, low table laden with Korean newcomers continued on to an
dishes, including bulgogi and kimchi. amphitheater where a traditional Korean
The local Korean chapter of People- mask dance is performed in the spring
to-People International hosts the monthly and summer. It was too cold for the
lunch. People-to-People is a nonprofit outdoor performance this month, so
organization founded by President Dwight instead the dancers invited the Soldiers
D. Eisenhower in 1956 to enhance inside the practice studio, where they gave
international understanding and friendship lessons on performing the dance.
through educational, cultural and Seo Seung-kook, one of the
humanitarian activities involving the performers, explained the history of the
exchange of ideas and experiences directly dance and the masks they wear. Before
among peoples of different countries and each performance, the dancers make their
diverse cultures, according to its Web site, own masks out of papier-mâché. Then the masks are painted using pigments
Allen believes it is important for made from ground natural substances,
Soldiers to understand local customs. such as stone, leaves and bark, he said.
“We try to give newcomers a brief Traditionally, the masks are burned after
introduction to Korean culture,” Allen said. each performance.
“That’s why we take them to a Korean After their dance lesson, the Soldiers
restaurant – they get introduced to Korean were each allowed to paint masks of their
eating styles, Korean food and eating with own to take home.
chopsticks.” Although the orientation ended there,
“I’d like to commend the partnership the knowledge and skills the soldiers
between the garrison and People-to- learned will stay with them throughout
People,” Vines said. “Through their their tour here, said Allen. She encourages
donations, we’re able to give the soldiers all newcomers, both civilian and military,
a traditional Korean lunch.” to attend.
Tate said this was his first time eating “If you’re new in the area, you should
in a Korean restaurant. He enjoyed the food definitely come,” she said. “If you are
and learning the customs. It was his interested, just call us up or come by and
favorite part of the orientation, he said. we’ll reserve you a spot.”
After lunch, the newcomers went to “Everyone should come on this trip. It
the Uijeongbu train station. Public was a great experience,” said Tate, adding
transportation is the key to getting out and that it was “the best experience I’ve had
seeing Korea, said John Kang, the ACS in Korea thus far.”
bicultural coordinator and orientation
guide. E-mail stephanie.a.

Korean traditional cuisine rounds out a free lunch at the newcomer’s orientation Feb. 25.
March 5, 2004 Page 9

SAHS students explore engineering at career day

By Linus Lee and females to consider engineering as two incombustible, chemical-resistant, and represented the adolescents of
Area II Public Affairs Office a career,” said James Sauceda, chief fibrous mineral forms of impure SAME. Jesse Thompson and Betts
of geotechnical section. “Hopefully magnesium silicate, and is used for White are part of the Engineering Club
YONGSAN — In commemoration this presentation encouraged them to fireproofing, electrical insulation, at SAHS. They had several creations
of National Engineers Week, Feb. 22- become engineers. We need more building materials, brake linings or including a catapult and a motorized
28, the Far East District U.S. Army engineers in the world.” chemical filters. windmill.
Corps of Engineers hosted an Engineers The eight stations were three “I am proud my organization “The engineering camp I attended
Career Day Feb. 26 at the Seoul dimensional computer aides drafting, brought us here to SAHS,” said Chris was absolutely awesome. SAME paid
American High School auditorium. geographical information system and Vaia, environmental engineer technician. for all expenses and all I had to do was
Students from John Malone’s physics surveying instruments, environmental “My command felt it was important that enjoy and learn,” said senior Alex Kim.
class, Evelyn Heath’s chemistry class, engineering, engineering division, we present to the student body. We “I advise all underclassmen to hurry
and Debra Beckham’s algebra II class geology and geophysics, American want students to become educated and apply to either the camp at Port
got a chance to experience what it Korean architecture and engineering about their environment because they Hueneme, Calif., or at the Air Force
would be like becoming an engineer. Inc., Society of American Military will be living in the future. Academy.”
There were eight different stations Engineers , and SAHS Engineering Club. Environmental engineers are cool “Environmental engineering is a
with various topics, including SAHS students were particularly because they identify a problem, growth field. I encourage my students
environmental engineering, interested in the environmental investigate a problem and solve the to major in this field because the world
geotechnical engineering and engineering station. They learned about problem.” needs more environmental engineers,”
architectural engineering. Each station what uniforms are worn for certain Not all the presenters were U.S. said Kurt Camerud, science
had posters, tools and a presenter for environmental situations, such as Army Corps of Engineers. There were environmental teacher. “We need more
each table. chemical spills. They also got a chance four SAHS students who also right now. You will be guaranteed a
“Our goal today is to expose high to observe what asbestos looks like in represented an engineering station. Will job if you become an environmental
school students, especially minorities its solid form. Asbestos is either of Parker and Alex Kim gave out pamphlets engineer.”

Partner with commissaries to ‘shop

smart,’ ‘eat smart,’ ‘stay healthy’
By Kay Blakley Labels.” Finally, if you’d like to know and use USDA’s online year ’s worth of healthy nutrition
DeCA Europe Consumer Advocate how many calories a food contains, or “Nutrient Database.” It lists up to 117 choices. And it’s all totally free.
which foods are the best source for a nutrients for more than 6,000 food Use the “Food Guide Pyramid” as your
FORT LEE, Va. — March is particular nutrient, go to http:// items. Now you’re armed with all the
National Nutrition Month and this year’s w w w. n a l . u s d a . g o v / f n i c / c g i - b i n / information you’ll need to make a whole See Nutrition on Page 10
theme “Eat Smart – Stay Healthy”

‘This place is really cool!’

becomes “Shop Smart, Eat Smart –
Stay Healthy” when you use your
commissary benefit to buy the best
nutrition for your dollar.
If you are a “good food-bad food”
thinker, a fast-food or junk-food junkie,
a low-fat or no-fat subscriber or even
a strict, low-carb dieter, March is a
good time to step back and contemplate
an honest answer to that famous Dr.
Phil question, “How’s that working for
For reliable nutrition advice, based
on the latest scientific research, visit
h t t p : / / w w w. u s d a . g o v / c n p p /
publications.html and print a copy of
the “Food Guide Pyramid” booklet. It’s
several pages long, but it contains such
useful and easily understood
information, that it is well worth the
effort. There are also publications
containing tips for using the pyramid
for young children and one dedicated
to figuring out where your favorite
foods fit in. Next, go to http://
w w w. c f s a n . f d a . g o v / ~ a c r o b a t /
foodlab.pdf and print a copy of Children from the Area II community take part in the grand opening of Reggie’s family restaurant at the Main Post Club Feb. 27. The
“Guidance on How to Understand and club gave out balloons, prizes and free food to all in attendance. See related story on page 3.
Use the Nutrition Fact Panel on Food
10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004

NEWS & NOTES Unattended cooking causes Area II housing fires

National Nutrition Month By John H. Derengowski rid of the smoke stench can be time. Flames from the burning pan of
March is National Nutritional Month. The Area II Area II Fire Prevention Office expensive. Normally turning off the grease quickly extend to the
Health Promotion Program in conjunction with the heating element, and with an oven surrounding cabinets and other
Yongsan Commissary produce department will set YONGSAN — Cooking, especially mitten, moving the pan slowly to a combustibles in the area. If left
up a display at the Yongsan Commissary and provide when it involves cooking oil, is the cool element is all that is required. unchecked, this fire can extend to other
nutrition information as well as nutritious food leading cause of fires in residences. Depending on the proximity of other rooms and become a major house fire.
samples to the community. The display will run 1- While kitchen fires seldom kill people, combustibles, the heat can ignite The simplest way to extinguish a
4 p.m. Saturday, Wednesday and March 18 and 26. they injure thousands, and cause surrounding items and escalate into a grease fire is to place a lid over the
property damage in the millions of major fire with significant damage. pan and turn the heating element off.
Voter registration dollars each year. Another type of cooking fire is the The fire will quickly suffocate. If a
Voter registration has begun in Area II. For more In Area II, there have been six oven fire. Oven fires normally result lid is not available, immediately use a
information, contact a unit voting assistance officer. cooking related fires in family from baking or broiling greasy foods. portable fire extinguisher. If the
housing units and bachelor quarters Foods that make contact with the flames are too great, do not risk
Book Drive in the past 60 days. All were caused heating element can also cause this injury, evacuate to safety and call the
The Girl Scouts are conducting a book drive during by unattended cooking. type of fire. Fires in ovens usually fire department.
Girl Scouts Week’s Reading Night 5 – 9 p.m. Unattended cooking is a common remain in the cooking chamber, Never attempt to put water on a
Wednesday at the Seoul American Elementary mistake. People begin cooking a meal designed to contain the heat. With the grease fire. Water added to hot grease
School Gym. For more information, e-mail and somehow become distracted with oven door closed, and the heat turned will dramatically increase the size of other things. The kids, a telephone off, this type of fire will normally self the fire, and result in serious burns.
call, a knock at the door, running to extinguish. However, occasionally Never attempt to carry a flaming
AF TB TTraining
AFTB raining the store for a short trip, or a favorite grease accumulation in the oven pan of hot grease or oil out of the
The Army Family Team Building program offers television program can easily distract causes the fire to continue burning house. It will be too hot to carry,
free training to improve personal and family someone away from the kitchen. even after the appliance is off. The increasing the chance that it could be
preparedness; and enhance overall military Another factor that could lead to heat from the burning oven may dropped and spread the fire
readiness. For more information, call 738-3617. fires in military quarters is cooking transfer to adjacent cabinets causing throughout the residence.
while intoxicated and subsequently them to scorch, and sometimes No matter where the fire occurs,
Volunteers Needed falling asleep. Last year there were ignite. Keep the oven door closed, call it is essential to know what to do. In
Volunteers are needed for the Exceptional Family two fires in bachelor quarters the fire department immediately, and all cases, life safety should be the first
Members Program June Jamboree being held June suspected to be alcohol related. be prepared to use a fire extinguisher consideration. Make sure all persons
6 at Yongsan. For more information, call 738-5311. It only takes a few seconds for an if necessary. evacuate to a safe location. Call the
unattended pan of cooking oil to By far the most common and most fire department. If the fire is still
Looking for TTalent
alent ignite and set fire to everything dangerous type of cooking fire is the small, attempt to extinguish it with a
The Area II Equal Opportunity Office is celebrating adjacent to it. cooking oil fire. These fires occur portable fire extinguisher. It only
the Women’s History Month Observance 11 a.m. Three types of fires may occur when cooking oil or greasy foods, left takes a few seconds to turn a great
March 17. Talented individuals are also needed. while cooking. One type of kitchen unattended, heat to ignition. Clean oil meal into a disaster.
For more information, call 738-5950. fire is dry cooking. This type of fire that does not have excess food fat in More information about residential
usually happens when warming or it is very hard to ignite. Many fires fire safety is available by calling the
Foster Care cooking foods such as rice, actually start when the food fat Yongsan Fire Prevention Office at
Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program vegetables, fruits or leftovers in a pan aerates and bubbles over the side of 738-7900. To report an on base fire
is currently looking for very special people who are on the stovetop. When left the pan and touches the flames or from on base dial 117 or 911. To
willing to help children in the community by unattended, the water and moisture burner causing it to ignite. It is report a fire from Hannam Village dial
providing a temporary nurturing home in situations boils away and the food dries and recommended that cooking oil be 0505-738-0117. For an off-base
where their natural family can not care for them. scorches. Usually no great amount of changed when it becomes loaded with residence, call the local Korean
For more information, call 738-3034. fire damage will occur, but lots of food fats. emergency number, 119, or 0505-
smoke that will leave a residue and Grease fires usually cause a great 738-0117 if assistance is required in
Reunion in Korea 2004 odor throughout the house. Getting deal of damage in a short amount of translation from English to Korean.
Affordable tour package includes roundtrip air fare
from United States to Korea and return, meals,
tours, with or without hotel accommodations now
available. Tour dates this year are April 19-22, May Nutrition from Page 9

17-20, Sep. 20-23, Oct. 18-21. To reserve seats, basic roadmap, but pay close attention for nearly all foods in a well-balanced menus using your newly acquired
visit the Reunion webpage at http:// to what counts as a serving. Trying to diet. Junk-food and fast-food junkies nutrition knowledge and write out a or call 723- squeeze five or more servings of fruits will see how an entire day’s allotment detailed shopping list. Arrive at the
3474 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and vegetables into one day’s meals may for calories, fats and sweets can be commissary well rested and well fed.
seem like a huge amount, but it’s really exceeded with just one fast-food meal You’re more likely to reach for high-
AFSC Scholarship not. A 6-ounce glass of 100-percent or super-sized treat. Those high-sugar, calorie, high-fat or high-sodium
Application juice at breakfast is one serving. high-fat and high-calorie favorites can convenience foods when you’re tired
Applications for the annual American Forces Spouses Sprinkle one-fourth cup raisins on a still be on the menu, but only as rare and more tempted by empty calorie
Club scholarship awards are available at the Seoul whole grain cereal like oatmeal, that’s treats, not as daily fare. Low-fat and sweet treats when you’re hungry. Stick
American High School guidance counselor office. All two servings. A one-cup serving of no-fat subscribers will see that a certain to your list as closely as possible, but
applications must be postmarked by April 1. For more vegetable soup for lunch takes you to amount of fat in the diet is necessary. try to take advantage of sale items.
information, visit three. An afternoon snack of baby Up to 30 percent of total calorie intake Choose the most nutritious buys by
carrots is four. And, just one-half cup is the recommended amount, with taking the time to read nutrition labels
Area II Volunteer of the
Volunteer of cooked vegetables with dinner saturated fats accounting for no more carefully.
ear nomination
Quarter/Y brings you to five! Measure servings than about 10 percent of the total fat You’ll leave the checkout counter
Volunteer of the Quarter and Year Nomination Forms in the beginning, if needed, until you allowance. And strict low-carb dieters with grocery bags packed to the brim
are available. Deadline for applications is April 13. For have a firm idea of exactly what a one- will realize they are missing the with nutritious, delicious foods. And
more information, call Faitheleen Henderson at 738- half cup serving of cooked vegetables, important vitamins, minerals and fiber because you’re shopping in the
7510. or three ounces of meat or one-half- supplied by fruits and vegetables and commissary, you’ll have it all at an
cup serving of cooked cereal, rice or whole grain breads, cereals and pastas average savings of 30 percent. What a
FFPI TTraining
raining pasta looks like. because these foods also contain great sense of satisfaction! It’s a routine
Protect yourself and your family by attending Force Once you have a handle on serving carbohydrates. It’s a smart choice to to repeat not just during National
and Family Protection Initiative training at 38th Chemical size and a clear understanding of all the include as many of these foods as Nutrition Month, but every month
Detachment on Yongsan South Post. Classes will be components that make up a healthful possible, by focusing on those with the throughout the year!
held April 12, 13 and May 26 and 27. For more diet, even “good food-bad food” lowest carbohydrate content.
information, call Spc. An at 738-3658. thinkers will understand there’s a place Plan a week’s worth of healthful E-mail
March 5, 2004 M
The Morning Calm Weekly

English language traffic advisories debut on Korean radio

By Joe Campbell Beginning March 15 drivers may find foreigners in the city with the updated and tourism, and “I Love Seoul” airs at
Area II Public Affairs Office some relief by tuning into the Traffic traffic reports they need to get around,” 9:05 p.m. giving listeners brief news on
Broadcasting System, FM 95.1 to hear said Nam Seong-wook, TBS director. foreign communities and current events.
YONGSAN — Driving in Korea can the latest information about traffic “We hope the new programs will draw According to officials, 74,000
be a challenge, especially when English- conditions in the greater Seoul area. The regular listeners – foreigners and locals.” foreigners have registered as Seoul
speaking drivers do not have the added three-minute broadcasts will air six times Two additional broadcasts will also residents, with nearly half of them from
assistance of local radio stations daily beginning at 6:55 a.m. run with the traffic bulletins. “Hi Seoul, English-speaking countries.
providing updates and advisories in “The English broadcast is aimed at The City at your Feet,” will air at 9:05
English. providing non-Korean speaking a.m. providing information on culture E-mail

Girl Scouts celebrate 92 years of growing strong

By Erica Koonmen realize her potential. at or call 011- the girrl scout motto Girl Scouts...Where
Girl Scouts Overseas - Seoul Each year Girl Scout Week 9164-3862. This celebration highlights Girls Grow Strong!
commemorates the 1912 founding of
YONGSAN — Happy Birthday Girl
Scouts! This month, more than 3.8
million girls and adults across the globe
Girl Scouting in the United States by Low.
In the 92 years since, the organization has
helped shaped the lives of more than 50
Under the Overpass
celebrate the fun, friendship, and power million women.
of girls together. Girl Scouts Overseas - West Pacific
Ninety-two years ago, Juliette provides services to Girl Scout troops in
Gordon Low made a historic phone call mainland Japan, Okinawa and Korea. They
to her cousin, Nina Pape, “Come right currently serve 2,000 girls and 1,000 adult
over! I’ve got something for the girls volunteers at 14 military locations in the
of Savannah, (Ga.) and all of Pacific theater.
America…” Locally, the Girl Scouts in Seoul are
Today, Girl Scouts continue to play celebrating with a week of educational and
a significant role in the lives of girls and fun-filled events. It kicks off with Girl
in American history. Scout Sunday on Sunday, continues with
During Girl Scout Week, March 7- a Reading Night, a Glamour Night, a Movie PHOTO BY PVT PARK JIN WOO

13, the organization renews its Day and ends with Girl Scout Sabbath on Pedestrians walk under the Yongsan overpass via a newly opened walkway on Yongsan
commitment to help every girl to have March 13. Anyone interested in joining Main Post adjacent to gate 5. The walkway allows easy access to the Main Post Club,
the opportunity to grow strong and Girl Scouts may contact Candy Johnson Moyer Community Services Center and Yongsan Lanes.
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
12 March 5, 2004

Cultural Events, TTours

ours and Enter tainment
Greater Seoul
USO Tours Royal Asiatic Society Free Exhibitions the Dome Art Hall Thursday. Call 02-
Lectures 515-7941 for more information.
! Panmunjom(DMZ) and Tunnel ! Jurassic Park Tour in Korea runs ! Incubus live concert in Seoul
– 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday ! The “Walking Lecture Tour of now through April 30 at the COEX will be at the Olympic Hall
! Ski Tour – 6:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Chosun Dynasty Seoul” led by Peter Mall. Call 02-6000-0261 for more Wednesday. Call 02-410-1233 for
Saturday Batholomew – 9 a.m. Sunday at the information. more information.
! Seoul Land and Zoo – 8 a.m. - Tok-Su Palace main gate. ! Robot World Adventure ! David Benoit Quartet live in
4:30 p.m. Sunday ! The “Korean Folk Painting” lecture Exhibition is running at the special Seoul will be at the Hall of Art March
! Cultural Tour – 8:40 a.m. - 3:30 presenation by Kim Man Hee – 7:30 p.m. exhibition hall of the Seoul National 16. Call 02-3487-7800 for more
p.m. Thursday Wednesday at the Auditorium of Science Museum.Visit http:// information.
! Sheraton Walker Hill Dinner Show Daewoo Foundation Building, eighth for more ! Claude Bolling Jazz Ensemble
– 3 a.m. - 9 p.m. March 12 floor. information. live in Seoul will be at the Dome Art
! Panmunjom (DMZ) and Tunnel ! Visit the Korean Gugak Record Hall March 27. Call 02-701-2705 for
– 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.Saturday Royal Asiatic Society Tours Museum located at the Bukhangang more information.
! Seoul City Night Tour – 3:45 River Cafe town of Serjong-myeon, ! Gary Burton live in Seoul will
p.m. - 10 p.m.March 13 ! Tour to Songnisan Popchusa Yangpyeong-gun. Visit http:// be at the LG Art Center June 6. Call
! Kangwha Island – 8:30 a.m. - National Park – 8 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. for more 02-2005-0114 for more information.
4:30 p.m.March 14 March 6 information. ! Bob James and Harvey Mason
with friends live concert in Seoul will
Call 724-7003 for detailed Call 02-763-9483 for more Entertainment be at the COEX auditorium March 20.
information about USO tours from information about Royal Asiatic Society Call 02-566-1272 for more
Camp Kim. events. ! D’sound live in Seoul will be at information.

AAFES opens subway and Pizza Hut

Army and Air Force Exchange Service of their favorite stateside restaurants visiting Korea’s capital city two more offerings found stateside. The Pizza
before the formal opening scheduled tastes of home from companies famed Hut will offer personal pan pizza,
YONGSAN — Pizza Hut and March 19. throughout the world for their pizza buffalo wings, pasta bakes,
Subway opened Thursday in the The latest additions to the Army and and sandwiches. sandwiches, and their tasty pizza.
Yongsan Dragon Hill Lodge lower Air Force Exchange Service food Subway will feature four types of Operating hours are 10:30 a.m. – 9
lobby. The soft opening allows concepts in Korea, the Pizza Hut and bread – oregano and parmesan, honey p.m. Sunday – Thursday and 10:30
customers to come in and enjoy two Subway will offer those stationed or and oat, white and wheat, the same a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.
14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004

Now showing at AAFES Reel Time Theaters

For additional listings or
matinees call respective theater or
see AT THE
March 5 – March 11 M OV I E S
March 5 March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11
Phone No.
Casey House Of Sand House Of Sand Disney’s Disney’s
730-7354 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Chasing Liberty
And Fog And Fog Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet
Essayons Cheaper By Cheaper By
732-9008 No Show No Show Peter Pan Barbershop 2 No Show
The Dozen The Dozen
Garry Owen Cheaper By Cheaper By The Return Of
734-2509 No Show Barbershop 2 Peter Pan No Show
The Dozen The Dozen The King
Greaves Cheaper By The Return Of
734-8388 Barbershop 2 Barbershop 2 No Show No Show Peter Pan
The Dozen The King
Henry The Return Of House Of Sand
768-7724 Barbershop 2 Barbershop 2 No Show No Show No Show
The King And Fog
Humphreys The Return Of The Return Of House Of Sand House Of Sand
753-7716 50 First Dates 50 First Dates 50 First Dates
The King The King And Fog And Fog
Hialeah The Return Of
763-370 Barbershop 2 Mona Lisa Smile No Show No Show No Show No Show
The King
Hovey The Return Of House Of Sand Disney’s
730-5412 50 First Dates Chasing Liberty 50 First Dates Chasing Liberty
The King And Fog Teacher’s Pet
Howze Something’s Cheaper By
734-5689 Peter Pan No Show No Show No Show 50 First Dates
Gotta Give The Dozen

Big Fish Teacher’s Pet

Edward (Albert This is the story of a
Finney) has always dog, Spot (Lane),
been a teller of that is so curious
tall-tales about about the world that
his life. With his he has taught
larger-than-life himself how to read,
stories, Bloom FREE TO IDENTIFICATION and sneaks to school
charms everyone
except his son CARD HOLDERS with his master,
L e o n a r d
Will (Billy (On U.S. Army Installations Only) (Flemming), where
Crudup) when his he poses as a
mother Sandra (Jessica Lange) tries to reunite them. Schedule subject to change human, Scott, so he can expand his awareness and
Will must learn to separate fact from fiction as he education. A feature film version of the TV show.
comes to terms with his father’s great feats and For movie ratings and information visit
great failings. WWW .AAFES.COM
PG-13 PG

March 5 March 6 March 7 March 8 March 9 March 10 March 11
Phone No.
Kunsan The Return Of The Return Of House Of Sand House Of Sand
782-4987 The Big Bounce The Big Bounce No Show
The King The King And Fog And Fog
Long Something’s Gotta
721-3407 Torque No Show Torque No Show No Show No Show
784-4930 50 First Dates 50 Firrst Dates 50 First Dates Mona Lisa Smile Mona Lisa Smile Paycheck Paycheck

721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show

Red Cloud House Of Sand The Return Of The Return Of House Of Sand Welcome to
732-6620 50 First Dates No Show
And Fog The King The King And Fog Mooseport
Stanley The Return Of House Of Sand House Of Sand Disney’s Welcome to Disney’s
732-5565 No Show
The King And Fog And Fog Teacher’s Pet Mooseport Teacher’s Pet
Yongsan I Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to House Of Sand House Of Sand
738-7389 The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect
Mooseport Mooseport Mooseport And Fog And Fog
Yongsan II The Return Of The Return Of The Return Of
738-7389 Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Big Fish
The King The King The King
Yongsan III Disney’s Disney’s Disney’s Disney’s Disney’s Disney’s Disney’s
738-7389 Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet
The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004 15

Five steps outline how to be ‘WHOLE’

By Chaplain (Capt.) Darin G. Olson “God, why did you allow this?” or “God, feelings. It seems as if when we are honest forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). When those
Third Military Intelligence Battalion why did this happen?” The frustrating with God and others about how we really terrible things were happening to you, God
thing about this is that we rarely get an feel, this somehow let’s out the pain so was there. Take a few moments in prayer
CAMP HUMPHREYS — As a answer. These terrible things usually don’t God’s healing Holy Spirit can come in. and relive that painful memory asking God
chaplain I have seen many people make sense to The Bible says, “…the truth shall set you to make himself known, and then listen
emotionally limp through life. It’s as if the us, and yet if free.” and look for God.
hurts and losses from the past have kept we don’t The third letter in the acronym WHOLE Finally, the fifth letter in the acronym
them from having the abundant life that simply move on is O and that stands for offer thanks. The WHOLE is E and that stands for expect
the Bible talks about. to new Bible says, “…give thanks for everything to minister. The Bible says, “He comforts
As I’ve read from the Bible and tried questions such to God….” Offering thanks is saying to us in all our troubles so that we can
to learn from the insights of others, as as, “now God, “God, I trust what you’re doing in comfort others.” (2 Corinthians 1:4) God
well as practicing on myself, I have come what?” we will my life, even when it hurts, and by faith I does not want your pain to go wasted.
up with the acronym “WHOLE” that I find ourselves say thank you.” It’s possibly the most Instead, he wants to use the past pain in
believe will help people to “be all they can forever limping pivotal and difficult step. your life to help bring healing to others.
be” emotionally. Olson through life. The fourth letter in the acronym Ministering to others helps us get our eyes
The first letter in “WHOLE” is W, and The second WHOLE is L and that stands for listen or off of our own pain and helps us to start
this stands for why? When terrible things letter in the acronym WHOLE is H and look for God. God has told us in his word, looking forward.
happen our natural reaction is to ask why. that stands for being honest about our “Never will I leave you; never will I By God’s grace, may you be WHOLE.

Area III W orship Services

Protestant Gospel Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Sunday 1 p.m. Suwon Air Base
Lutheran Sunday 8 a.m. Freedom Chapel Later-day Saints 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 4 p.m. Camp Long
Collective 10 a.m. Suwon Air Base Contemporary 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 5:!5 p.m. Camp Eagle
10:30 a.m. Camp Eagle Korean 7 p.m. Camp Long Area III Chaplains
Collective 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Benson
Collective 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Daily 11:45a.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7274 or 011-9496-7445
Chaplain (Capt.) Darin G. Olson
12:30 p.m. Camp Long Mass Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel
16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004

Mud from Page 1

“I think the Soldier’s attitude is the

biggest factor,” said Lt. Col. Steven
Smith, commander of the 498th Combat
Support Battalion. “They recognize they
are under tough conditions and they’re
adapting to it.”
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Gwendolyn
Carr, 305th Quartermaster Company,
concurred, “What we have to do is
adapt to change.”
Carr explained how her troops had set
up a ration issue point at Dagmar North.
“Our first day we were issuing
rations to units in the 501st and we were
attacked. So, everybody headed out to
the perimeter,” Carr said.
Carr described how their issuing
mission paused while the task of
defending the site became a priority. She
said with a team effort the Soldiers
repelled the attack of the opposing
forces, and resumed issuing rations
until early in the morning.
“That was a long night,” Carr said
with a smile. “We issued rations until
about 0230 hours.”
On the banks of the Imjin River,
Soldiers from the 305th Quartermaster
Company had set up an operation to Spc. Benjamin Amparo, 305th Quartermaster Company, prepares to move equipment in heavy mud Feb. 25 at Dagmar North training area.
provide drinking water to the entire
learning about the tactical part of their protection responsibilities with our individual Soldier to perform the actual
group by pumping river water through
job.” combat service support mission.” job.”
their purification equipment. Huge tractor-trailer trucks lined up Smith said they adjusted some of their Washington said after action reviews
“We expected rain,” said Sgt. 1st for their fill of new fresh water. were ongoing during the exercise. She
routes in and out of the training areas based
Class Daryl Moment, noncommissioned Bladders holding massive amounts of said Soldiers would have a good idea of
officer in charge of the water operation. on traffic conditions.
water were filled to capacity. “We would like for it to be perfect how they perform before the units return
“What we didn’t expect was how fast “The bladders look like a big burrito to garrison.
the river would rise.” weather, not to be attacked while serving
laying on the back of the trailer,” Moment “A detailed report will follow,”
Moment said the river swelled in a customers, for everything to be perfect,”
said. “The water tastes good. We can Washington said. “But, everybody will
matter of about 45 minutes. He said Carr said. “But, this is real. We’re able to
purify fresh, salt or brackish water.” walk away with an understanding of
they had to adjust the hoses and the be flexible and accomplish our mission.”
“When you go to war, how would you what they really need to focus on.”
location of the purification units; do your mission?” asked Capt. Ivy “The whole purpose of an evaluation
Smith said while the evaluation lasted
however, they were able to continue to Stampley, the assistant operations officer is to determine where we need to focus
for a week, many of his Soldiers would
purify 3,000 gallons of water an hour. for the group. “You train like you fight.” the training program,” Washington said. remain in the field until early March to
“The Soldiers are doing great out here,” “It’s very muddy and somewhat cold,” “When you get down to the Soldier level, support the 2nd Infantry Division.
Moment said. “They’re reacting to all the Smith said. “However, I think my Soldiers it’s all those tasks, first of all to survive
scenarios. They’re having fun and they’re learned the importance of balancing force on the battlefield, and then it is up to the E-mail

Spc. Josue Oreus, 305th Quartermaster Company, walks in Sgt. 1st Class Daryl Moment, 305th Quartermaster Company, adjusts a water hose leading from the Imjin River to his unit's
thick, sticky mud caused by two days of heavy rains . water purification unit.
18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2003

High-tech system gives customers the edge

communication it offers to both a valuable tool for recognizing American Forces Network are already
ICE offers feedback customers and providers. When employees who are doing and in the system with new service providers
over the Internet customers enter the system, they can
fill out the rating card and enter written
outstanding job.” said Darryl Chandler,
Camp Walker Fitness and Aquatics
being added monthly. By signing on as
a provider, activities have a timely,
Area IV Morale, Welfare and comments. The card is then forwarded Facility and Program manager. efficient, manageable way to monitor
Recreation to a central system at the Office of the Recently, Area IV Morale, Welfare and evaluate their services over time, and
Secretary of Defense where it is stored, and Recreation has picked up on its to identify specific weaknesses through
DAEGU — A web-based customer then forwarded directly to the e-mail efforts to inform the community on how the rating system.
feedback program first implemented in account of the manager of the facility to use the system by implementing local They can also tailor their information
early 2003 has begun to show signs it being rated. The entire process takes a promotions such as “ICE Us Week” held and questionnaire to accrue specific
may become a top tool for measuring matter of minutes, so feedback is timely at Camp Hialeah’s Army Community data. For example, AFN has posted a
service success in Area IV. and direct, and there’s no chance of Services in February. Hialeah ACS staff complete survey on its section of the
The Interactive Customer Evaluation information being lost, redirected, or invited customers to stop in and log on. site that tells them who is listening,
System – ICE – provides an online outlet discarded. Customers also have the “We promote the system with all of when, where and to what type of music.
for customers who want to voice their option of leaving personal information our customers because their feedback By knowing its audience, AFN can
concerns, share ideas and suggestions and requesting a response. In the case is essential,” says Jennifer Fields, ACS adjust to reach the military community
or just say thank you to managers and of Area IV, managers are required to information and intake coordinator. “We in the most efficient and effective
staff for a job well done. Because ICE respond to ICE submissions within 48 want to know what we’re doing right, manner possible.
can be used over the Internet, hours. or wrong, and how we can make our Area IV is just one of several
customers are afforded the “Due to the prompt delivery system, programs and services better.” locations in Korea using the Interactive
convenience of logging on at their we’re able to respond to patrons ICE is not restricted to MWR Customer Evaluation system. To find out
leisure to share information with their immediately. It allows us a new facilities. Agencies such as the Army and more or to give feedback on providers
service providers. perspective on our facilities, programs, Air Force Exchange Service, the in the area, log on to
A benefit of ICE is the dual quality of customer service and acts as Department of Public Works and or call 768-7563.

Reggie’s from Page 3

American and Korean establishment,” such as pool tournaments on Tuesdays, so long and the community really needs a
said Shuman. “In order for the staff to karaoke on Thursdays and dancing on great place to unwind,” said Sgt. Major
be able to talk about the different entrees Saturdays. Michael Novogradac, Headquarters and
to customers, they had to memorize the “The Uptown is a quaint place to sit Headquarters Company, 8th U.S. Army.
ingredients, see how it was prepared and relax while enjoying live music or Hours of operation and additional
and actually taste it so that they could surfing the Internet at your table,” said information about unit functions are
explain it to the customer.” Dan Melton, Area II business manager. available at the Main Post Club or by
Tennessee Titans All customers can expect refined “It offers short order sandwiches and calling 724-5678.
Cheerleaders hospitality, not just good quality food, pizza at Reggie’s Express.”
The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders are touring Shuman added. The club also hosts unit functions, Editor’s note: Christine Cho is a
Korea. The cheerleaders also will hold a The Main Post Club offers a variety special events and catering. volunteer staff writer for the Area II
cheerleading clinic 1p.m. Saturday at Main Post of activities throughout the week at the “I had a good time at Reggie’s grand Public Affairs Office.
Club Underground. Performances by the Underground and the Uptown Lounge, opening because it has been closed for
cheerleaders are scheduled: 7 p.m. Sunday at the
Camp Greaves gym; 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Camp
Humphreys Community Activities Center; 7 p.m. Camp Page runners celebrate Korean Independance Day
Wednesday at Camp Casey’s Carey Fitness Center;
Thursday in Area IV.

Bowling Center Grand

The Walker Bowling Center will reopen its doors
3 p.m. Thursday. Customers are invited to tour the
facility, partake of free food samples and bowl for
free 4-5 p.m. The ribbon cutting and opening
ceremony begins 4 p.m. Call 764-4334 for more

Coaches Needed
Coaches are needed for youth baseball and swim
teams. Coaches for baseball are needed by the end
of March while swim coaches are needed before the
beginning of the swim season in May. For more
information, call Neil Fletcher at 764-4859.

Ski TTrips
The Walker Community Center is hosting an overnight
trip to Yongpyong Ski Resort Saturday and Sunday.
The cost is $120 per person and includes lift tickets
for two days and one night, one night’s
accommodations at a youth hostel, ski and snowboard
rental for two days and transportation.
A day trip to Muju Ski Resort is planned for Monday,
departing 5:30 a.m. and returning at 8 p.m. Optional
fees include ski and snowboard rental, lift tickets PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. MAURICE SKINNER
and admission. Transportation is $10. Call 764-4123 Kang Myong-su (left), Master Sgt. Denise Dockett, and Kim Young-hon run in a Korean Independance Day event Monday in
for more information or to sign up Chuncheon. The Camp Page Soldier and employees participated to show of support for the local community, they said.
March 5, 2004 Page 21

Lt. Col. Steven D. Mathias and

Command Sgt. Maj. Errington Neysmith P P .D
case the colors of the 1st Squadron, 6th Soldiers of 1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Brigade stand in formation before the casing of colors ceremony. The soldiers packed and shipped 21
Cavalry Brigade Feb. 24 at Camp Eagle. Apaches along with their unit’s gear in preparation for the move to Fort Hood, Texas.

Apache unit cases colors, heads to U.S.

1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry of Soldiers and the noise of routine maintenance. Gone
were duty rosters on bulletin boards, pilot helmets and
ends, begins new era everything. Gone were the gleaming eyes and laughter
of orphanage children who were brought on special
occasions to see helicopters and American cavalry
Story by Steve Davis Soldiers with their Stetsons and spurs.
Area III Public Affairs Office Those Cavalry Soldiers had been remembered in
Mathias’ speech Feb. 24 at the casing of the squadron
CAMP EAGLE – Once busy with the hustle and colors.
bustle of Soldiers working on AH-64A Apache attack “It is the Soldiers you see in front of you today that
helicopters, the maintenance hanger at Camp Eagle ensured our 21 Apaches, 138 pieces of rolling stock
was empty and silent. and 63 containers of go-to-war equipment all valued
The 1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Brigade had cased at $400 million was serviceable, properly cleaned,
its colors and, several days after the ceremony, the properly packed and ready to use at Fort Hood, Texas,”
squadron commander’s out-of-office e-mail reply Mathias said. “Without Soldiers like those you see
simply said: before you and those who have gone before them, the
“On 24 February the FIGHTING SIXTH cased the Fighting Sixth could very well still be at Fort
Squadron colors. I have departed Camp Eagle and Oglethorpe.” 1st Lt. Thomas Molton, a training officer with 1st Squadron, 6th
am enroute to Fort Hood . . . I will be at Fort Rucker It as at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., in February 1942 that Cavalry Brigade stands in front of the color guard before the
until o/a 20 April and then will be at Fort Hood in time the Soldiers of Troop A, 6th Cavalry, had packed and 1st Squadron, 6th Cavalry Brigade color casing ceremony.
to uncase the Squadron Colors on 23 April.” shipped their equipment, turned in their horses and
Lt. Col. Steven D. Mathias and 16 others will be left for Camp Blanding, Fla., where the unit was
gone from South Korea for nearly a year as the “modernized” from the horse to the M-8 armored car. Pfc. Park Yung-yoon, a Korean Augmentation to
squadron reactivates at Fort Hood, Texas, as an AH- They received the last of their armored cars in Gilford, the U.S. Army Soldier who has been at Camp Eagle
64D Apache “Longbow” squadron with enhanced Northern Ireland, in 1943 as they prepared to enter since September working in the S-4 shop, said the
battlefield capabilities. Scores of other cavalry Soldiers the fight for Europe in World War II. hours were grueling during the redeployment effort.
in the inactivated squadron are being dispersed to other Forty-three years later in 1985, the 1st Squadron, “We worked 7 to 7, and I never heard anyone
units. 6th modernized once again. It was activated as one of complain,” said Park, who translated for Cavalry
Earlier in the month, Mathias and other “Fighting the first Apache units in the U.S. Army. In 1996, the Soldiers and Korean truck drivers long-hauling
Sixth” Apache pilots had flown 21 older AH-64 “Alpha” unit – known as the “Fighting Sixth” – went to Camp equipment to port.
model Apaches to the port of Busan, where they were Eagle. Park, in the Republic of Korea Army for 10 months,
loaded aboard a ship bound for the United States to “Now, eight years later, we have done what fellow said it had been a little strange to join a unit whose
eventually be transferred to the South Carolina National cavalry troopers did in 1942,” said Mathias. “We have Soldiers wore Stetsons and spurs in the tradition of
Guard. The unit is scheduled to return early next year packed and shipped our equipment and turned in our early Cavalry Soldiers.
with Apache Longbows that will significantly increase horses.” “But I learned how special and outstanding 1-6 Cav
the ability of the Republic of Korea-U.S. alliance in Though the Apache pilots had taken the limelight really was,” said Park, who will move soon from
defending the peninsula. when the helicopters were flown to the port of Busan Camp Eagle to join the 3rd Squadron, 6th Cavalry
The aircraft redeployment ended months of hard several weeks earlier, it was the effort of every Soldier Brigade at Camp Humphreys.
work by Cavalry Soldiers at Camp Eagle, a small, tight- that Mathias recalled in his departure speech. So did Spc. Arlene Madden, a medical specialist
knit Area III post near Wonju. The Soldiers had been “These Soldiers took the task at hand,” he said. “It who worked in the squadron aid station.
asked to pack-up and move an entire squadron’s worth was not glamorous, a task accomplished in freezing She said she hadn’t realized how tight the squadron
of helicopters and equipment in a short time, and they conditions, and they did it with incredible dedication was until they all pitched in to move equipment to
had done it on schedule. and commitment. They did it even though they would port.
Now the only sound in the empty hanger was the never see the payoff. You see, most of these Soldiers “Then it was like ‘Wow,’ it was a huge team,” she
whistle of the wind across sheets of metal roofing. will not accompany the equipment to Fort Hood. They said.
Gone were the huge American flag that draped the did it because it was their mission. They did it right so Then, with the casing of the squadron colors, it
south hanger wall as Apaches were pulled in and out that the Fighting Sixth would be ready to train to win
of the hanger for maintenance. Gone were the banter . . .” See Cavalry on Page 22
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
22 MORNING CALM March 5, 2004

NEWS & NOTES Cavalry from Page 21

was over. Some Soldiers have already Soldiers who earned the right to wear ceremonies, but this has been the most
Theater Closure departed. There are lots of farewells still cavalry spurs by enduring the honorable. It was an honor to sing for
The Camp Humphreys post theater will be closed being said as others, except for a small squadron’s physically and mentally U.S. and Korean Soldiers who have
Monday - Thursday for installation of a new digital ‘caretaker’ force, leave the unit for other challenging “Spur Ride” several months worked together so well to defend my
sound system. assignments. Only 17 Soldiers will ago, said he had some sadness seeing county.”
remain with the unit during the Longbow Soldiers leaving the squadron. Mathias said leaving Camp Eagle is
Harlem Nights upgrade in Texas that will draw new “The Cav is different. We are a “a difficult thing to do.”
The Omega Psi Phi fraternity will host “Harlem members to the unit. Others from the combat unit,” he said. “There are strong “Camp Eagle, or ‘Fort Apache’ as we
Nights” March 13 at the Osan Air Base Officers “old” squadron are being reassigned to bonds between even enlisted Soldiers prefer to call it, is our home. The
Club. Attire is ‘50s gangster. Door prizes and gifts other units, or leaving the Army. and the officers.” Fighting Sixth is a family,” he said. “The
will be presented. Tickets are $12 in advance, Nobody is making an emotional big Pfc. Lee Sung-heum, another KATUSA camaraderie that we share at this small
with proceeds going to the Omega Psi Phi deal out of it, said Madden, but there is Soldier who served with the cav, sang outpost on Freedom’s Frontier is unlike
Scholarship Fund. For more informatin or “a nostalgic feeling” about everyone the Republic of Korea national anthem any place I have served in my career.
reservations, call 753-8563. leaving. before the squadron colors were cased. There will be many memories that we
Cpl. Chul Ho-do, one of nine KATUSA “I’ve sung ‘Ae Guk Gah’ at many take with us as we leave.”
Women of Distinction

Military helps voters before elections

A semi-formal “Women of Distinction” Ball
will be held 6 p.m. Saturday at Freedom’s
Inn at Camp Humphreys in honor of Women’s
History Month. The event includes dinner and
door prizes for a donation of $15 for singles Army News Service North Carolina requires the ballots to be Voting Assistance Program’s Web site at
and $25 per couple. The ball is sponsored by in by 5 p.m. the day before the election.
Betty L. Simmons Chapter No. 166, Order of WASHINGTON – Americans across To make sure the state election official Remaining State Primary Dates
the Eastern Stars. For more information, call the country are now voting in presidential received the absentee ballot, Davis ! Tuesday Florida Presidential primary
016-891-6373. state primaries, but many Soldiers can’t suggests calling the state election office. (closed), Louisiana presidential preference
make it to the polls, said Jim Davis, the Davis also said that absentee votes are election (open), Mississippi presidential
Area III TTax
ax Center Army’s voting action officer. counted just like regular votes. primary (open), Texas presidential primary
The Area III Tax Center at Camp Humphreys is Army’s Voting Assistance Program “There is no difference,” he said. (open), Washington Republican caucuses
open and ready to assist Soldiers with their tax aims to ensure that Soldiers, their families He advises people to educate ! March 13: Kansas Democratic
filing needs. Tax assistance services are also and Department of Defense civilians themselves on the issues before voting. caucuses
available at Camps Eagle and Long and Suwon overseas can exercise their right to vote, “If necessary, do research before you ! March 16: Illinois presidential primary
Air Base. Soldiers must see their unit tax Davis said. vote. Don’t go in blindly,” he said. (open)
advisors prior to coming to the Tax Center. The Absentee ballots can be applied for by Davis stressed the importance of ! March 20: Alaska Democratic
Tax Center is located in building 734 on Camp filling out the federal postcard application, understanding the laws on residency caucuses, Wyoming Democratic county
Humphreys next to the Pegasus Grill. For more standard form 76, which can be found at before registering to vote in a particular caucuses
information, call 753-3170. the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s state. ! March 23: Utah Republican caucuses
Web site, Davis said. “Your decision on which state to ! April 13: Colorado Democratic
Free Patch Sewing Service “Not only does this register them for register in can affect your pay,” he said. caucuses, Colorado Republican caucuses
Area III officer and enlisted soldiers who have an absentee ballot, but it also registers “You can only have one legal residence ! April 27: Pennsylvania presidential
just arrived or have just been promoted may them to vote in federal, state and local at a time; however, you may change primary (closed)
take their uniforms to the post exchange sewing elections,” he said. “Everything is taken residency each time you are transferred,” ! May 4: Indiana presidential primary
shop concession and get their patches sewn on care of in one step.” Davis said. For specific questions on (open), North Carolina presidential primary
for free. Permanent change of station or “I recommend that Soldiers send in the residency, he recommends visiting the (closed)
promotion orders and a valid military ID card are federal post card application every year Staff Judge Advocate office. ! May 8: Wyoming Republican state
required, along with the uniforms and patches. because they might have had an address The Army requires every unit to have convention, Arizona Republican state
Contact unit command sergeants major or supply change since the last election,” he said. a voting assistance officer, he said. convention
sergeants for details. The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens The voting assistance officers get ! May 11: Nebraska presidential primary
Absentee Voting Act requires states to allow training at Federal Voting Assistance (open), West Virginia presidential primary
Financial Management absent military voters and overseas Program workshops. “The training they (closed)
Readiness Training American citizens to use absentee ballots receive at these workshops are critical for ! May 15: Wyoming Democratic state
Mandatory Financial Readiness Training for first in elections for federal office. their ability to do their job,” he said. caucus
term Soldiers is offered every Tuesday at 1 p.m. “The states have extended this right to Voting assistance officers are there to ! May 18: Arkansas presidential primary
at the Army Community Services. Checkbook state and local elections also,” Davis said. answer questions and provide resources (open), Kentucky presidential primary
Maintenance Class is offered monthly on the Typically absentee ballots are mailed out to Soldiers, their families and DoD (closed), Oregon presidential primary
last Friday of each month at 1 p.m. at ACS. Call to citizens 30 to 45 days before an civilians on voting in federal, state and ! May 25: Idaho presidential primary
753-8401 for more information. election. local elections. (open)
If those Soldiers, family or civilians who Davis said the Army is non-partisan. ! June 1: Alabama presidential primary
Hometown News Releases are located outside the United States send “Our real goal is to inform people on how (open), New Mexico Republican primary,
Promotions, reassignments, awards and in their request for an absentee ballot in to vote, who to go see and make them South Dakota presidential primary (closed)
participation in major field training exercises or sufficient time and didn’t receive their aware,” he said. ! June 8: Montana presidential primary
sports events are important activities in a ballot, they can use the Federal Write-In It is important that every American (open), New Jersey presidential primary
Soldier’s career that can be recognized in a Application Ballot (SF 186). This form citizen of voting age votes, according to ! Jan. 1-March 20: Maine Republican
hometown newspaper. Let the folks back home allows them to write in their votes and Davis. caucuses
know. Submit a signed DD Form 2266, Hometown send it in by the deadline. Voting assistance “Voting is how you influence who is ! June 4-6: Hawaii Republican
News Release, to the Area III Pubic Affairs Office, officers at each overseas unit should have in charge of your quality of life. It is your convention
building S-728, at Camp Humphreys. For more the FWAB. entitlement as an American citizen,” he ! April 29 - May 1: Nevada Republican
information, call 753-8847. “The federal write-in application is said. state convention
primarily for federal elections; however, With the presidential primary elections ! May 14-15: Delaware Republican state
News & Notes Deadline some states accept it,” he said. in full swing, Davis said it is just as convention
The deadline for submitting items for Area III Most states require the absentee ballot important to vote in primaries. “By voting ! May 20-22: Alaska Republican state
News & Notes is Friday each week for publication by close of business on the day of the in the primary, you can help the candidate convention
the following Friday. However, it is best to submit election. However, there are some that you want to see in the general ! May 21-22: Michigan Republican state
items for publication well ahead of the deadline. exceptions to that rule. Absentee ballots election,” he said. convention
Requests should be sent to Steve Davis, USASA for Louisiana must be in by midnight before A list of the remaining state presidential ! June 4-6: Virginia Republican state
Area III command information officer, at the election. primary election dates are listed below. convention no caucus/primary; Kansas In New York, absentee ballots need to For more information on federal and Republican Party, South Carolina Republican
be postmarked the day before the election. state voting policies, go to the Federal Party
M C Page
The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004 ORNING ALM 23

Employment readiness helps successful career changes

Army Community Service especially for newly married people Family members seeking “People can either check the ACS
or those new and trying to adjust to employment in Korea or in the U.S. calendar or call for information on any
section coaches job seekers the military lifestyle.” may benefit from the Vincent’s of these classes,” said Vincent. “If
Vincent tries to put them at ease resume writing and RESUMIX they are unable to attend the classes,
Area III Public Affairs Office and deal with whatever employment preparation classes. we can schedule one-on-one
issues they are “You can attend appointments.”
CAMP HUMPHREYS – For those R e s u m e Wr i t i n g Appointments can be made for 8
who want to prepare for the job “I can help with resumes from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday or
market but don’t know where to p.m. and Friday, or between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
start, the Area III Army Community and job search strategies, R E S U M I X on Thursdays. Walk-in assistance is
Services has a plan. which helps build A s s i s t a n c e c l a s s available each Wednesday between 8
What’s even better, the service is confidence.” from 1-4 p.m. the a.m. and 5 p.m.
free to authorized identification card – LaVita Vincent same day, if you Vincent said a Korea-wide job fair
holders. want to,” said will visit Area III again April 23 8 a.m.
The Army Community Services Vincent. “You can to 11 a.m. at Camp Humphreys. The
Employment Readiness Manager facing here or in attend one or both, whatever you location has yet to be determined.
LaVita Vincent knows the secrets LaVita Vincent the future. need to help in your situation.” “MORE JOBS, a company from the
for interviewing, dressing for “Granted, the Though the resume writing class states hosts the event twice a year and
success and mastering the Army’s job market here isn’t the same as in is open to everyone, the RESUMIX visits various bases,” said Vincent.
RESUMIX resume system. She also the states,” she said. “However, Assistance class is for U.S. citizens “Prepare your resume, have those
has useful information about jobs in there are jobs.” only, she said. The classes are held interview skills down and come out
the United States and in Korea, Finding local employment isn’t at the Distance Leaning Center, and network with the companies.”
including opportunities for family Vincent’s only preoccupation. She building 302. All of the classes, which Vincent said about 22 companies
members who are not U.S. citizens. can also help service members who are limited to 16 students each, are coming to Area III during the job
Vi n c e n t , w h o i s m a r r i e d t o a are separating from the military. require preregistration. Classes are fair. Those interested can register on
retired military man, has worked as Though most attend required Army scheduled for May 5, June 2, July 7, line at
an employment readiness counselor Career and Alumni Program classes Aug. 4 and Sept. 1. For more information, contact the
for three years here in Korea and here to prepare them for separation “Make plans early; they fill up Area III and CAmp Humphreys Army
several years in states and is from the military, Vincent can offer quickly,” said Vincent. Career and Alumni Program office or
dedicated to serving Soldiers, additional information and a The interview techniques and dress the Army Community Service at 753-
Department of Defense civilians and personal touch. for success classes will be conducted 8321.
family members. “I can help with resumes and job from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. June 15 and July “The job fair will assist you in
“I remember all of our moves and search strategies, which helps build 20 at the Army Community Services preparing for employment locally and
the difficulty I had restarting my confidence,” she said. “Helping the conference room. Two other classes, stateside,” said Vincent. “But
career about every three years,” she military sponsor helps the family as Developing a Portfolio and Career whatever you do, get facts before you
said. “There can be a lot of stress, a whole. That is the bottom line.” Planning, are offered at various times. act. We can help.”
Page 25 March 5, 2004

AFAP participants tackle community issues

Story, photo by Galen Putnam order to keep track of the many ideas,
Area IV Public Affairs Office topics and suggestions being bandied
about. Transcribers then typed the
CAMP WALKER – Delegates from butcher paper notes into a laptop
a variety of backgrounds gathered for computer to preserve the group’s notes
the 19th annual Area IV Army Family and retain a written history of the
Action Plan Conference Feb. 27 at proceedings.
Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel here to To provide additional support,
prioritize the top quality of life issues several subject matter experts from a
affecting those who live and work in variety of fields were on hand
Area IV. throughout the day to answer questions
The Army Family Action Plan and offer guidance. Subject matter
provides all Army constituents the experts were also called in to offer
opportunity to present quality of life input when specific information was
concerns to the command and be a part needed.
of the problem-solving process by “Things are going smoothly,”
offering suggested solutions. Kimberly Kennedy, Area IV Army
“Today you have the opportunity to Family Action Plan coordinator, said
raise issues and recommend solutions Evelyn Quinata records notes for the Housing Working Group during the 19th annual Army Family during the conference. “The working
that can positively impact lives on a daily Action Plan Conference Feb. 27 at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel on Camp Walker. groups are discussing issues with subject
basis, while helping to build stronger matter experts and are deciding which
Army families and communities,” cross section of the community own for discussion during the working issues they will present.”
Douglas L. Burk, Area IV deputy including single and married enlisted session. The purpose of the conference was
commander, said during opening soldiers and officers as well as retirees In order to keep the discussions on to winnow through the many suggested
remarks. “This symposium at the and civilians. Family members from each track, each working group had a issues in order to come up with the top
installation level is just the first step in group also served as did several high facilitator, recorder and transcriber to three topics in each of the six working
the Army’s plan to identify and resolve school students to ensure their help guide the action. Facilitators groups that included consumer services,
areas of concern, which affects demographic groups were represented managed the work group process in an family support, medical and dental,
readiness, retention and quality of life as well. Delegates discussed issues that effort to keep participants focused and housing, youth and remote sites.
for Army families.” had been submitted before the goal oriented. Recorders jotted down
About 50 delegates represented a conference and suggested topics of their on butcher paper discussion points in See AFAP on Page 28

on reading
Vivien Jung from Rick
Cade’s fourth-grade class
at TTaegu
aegu American School
listens intently as Col.
James M. Joyner
Joyner,, Area IV
Support Activity and 20th
Support Group commander
reads from “There’s a Boy
in the Girls Bathroom” by
Louis Sachar Wednesday
Several parents and
community members have
read for the class. The next
guest reader slated is Maj.
Gen. Jeanette K . Edmunds,
commanding general of the
19th Theater Support


26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 5, 2004


Women ’s Histor y Month
TAS science night thrills families
The Daegu area is celebrating Women’s History Story, photos by Galen Putnam
Month 8 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Area IV Public Affairs Office
Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker. The
Camp Hialeah community is celebrating Women’s CAMP GEORGE – Taegu American
History Month 4-5 p.m. Thursday at the post School, in conjunction with the TAS
theater. The guest speaker for each event will be Parent-Teacher Organization, held its
will be Lt. Col. Heidi Graham, Defense Energy first Family Science Night Feb. 25
Support Center commander. The theme is where elementary school students had
“Women: Inspiring hope and possibility.” For more the opportunity to demonstrate their
information, contact Sgt. 1st Class Sharon Bryant science skills and visitors of all ages got
at 768-8972 (Daegu) or Master Sgt. Beverly to experience “hands-on, minds-on”
Bazemore at 763-7098 (Camp Hialeah). experiments.
Family Science Night, featuring
Korean Language Class nearly 30 hands-on displays, drew
Area IV Army Community Services is offering a approximately 300 students, parents and
Korean-speaking class as a part of its Army Family teachers. Although learning was the main
Team Building program. The classes will be 8 emphasis, by the sound of things,
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday-March 12 at Camp participants were having a good time as
Henry Army Community Service. To register or for well.
more information, call Army Community Services “Its fun and educational. I saw a lot
at 768-7232. of my friends and had a lot of fun,” said
Blaze Johnson, 7, daughter of Maj. Dale
Camp Carroll Spring Fest and Kristin Johnson. “I especially liked
Run and W alk
Walk the hamster.”
Camp Carroll Fitness Center is hosting a five- The hamster maze was a popular
kilometer fun run and two-mile walk 8 a.m. draw as were the variety of exhibits and
March 13. Participants can register for the free experiments demonstrating gravity,
event until 7:30 a.m. For more information, electricity, geology and other scientific
call Kim Su-yop or Carlos Algarin at 765-8287. disciplines.
“This gives kids and parents a
Area IV Retiree Council chance to enjoy science together,” said
The initial meeting to form an Area IV Retiree Kari Kugler, language arts and reading
Council will be 1 p.m. April 10 in the Area IV specialist and School Improvement
Support Activity Community Conference Room, Plan co-chair. “This has been an
building 1211, on Camp Henry. All military retirees extremely successful evening. We
who live in Area IV are invited to attend this hope this helps to improve science
organizational meeting. For more information, scores and we hope to continue this
contact Lt. Col. Will Wilfred Plumley at 768- every year.” Capt. Mike Gagnet and his son Joshua, 3, complete an electrical circuit.
8021 or The idea for Family Science Night
came from a suggestion during a parent- Mike Gagnet, incoming commander of really enjoying it. In fact I think some
F aithlif t 2004 teacher organization meeting. Company D, 168th Medical Battalion, of the parents are having as much fun
Faithlift 2004, an interdenominational Christian “Just like our ‘Breakfast with Santa’ who brought his son Joshua, 3, and as the kids. I know I am.”
women’s conference, will be held April 16-17 at event held here at the school the idea niece Kim Jae-kyung, 10. “This was a The event is part of an ongoing effort
Dragon Hill Lodge and South Post Chapel at Yongsan came from a parent,” said Michaela good chance to have some interactive to increase scientific academic
Garrison. It is open to all women Department of Cannon, parent-teacher organization fun with science.” achievement for students in grades
Defense identification card holders. Space is president. “We are extremely pleased Even those who spent their time kindergarten through six. One of the
limited. Registration closes Monday. For more with the turnout, especially the number “working” had a good time. school’s stated goals is that “all K-6
information or to sign up, call Michele Pelletier in of families.” “I’ve had a lot of customers. I’m glad students increase their knowledge and
Daegu at 764-4292 or Holly Floro in Busan at Cannon stresses the event was not a to see everybody having such a good achievement in scientific inquiry in all
051-817-4006. competition, but rather an opportunity time,” said fifth-grade science teacher curricular areas.”
for families to learn, and have fun A.J. White, who volunteered his time to
Off Limits Establishments together. help oversee exhibits. “The kids are E-mail
The following establishments are off limits by “This is different from a science fair.
order of Col. James M. Joyner, Area IV commander: This is not a competition,” she said.
Daegu – Odyssey Club, With Club, Mama Lee’s, “Our goal was to get families together,
Paradise Club and Crown Club; and Waegwan – have fun and experience science
Carnegie Club and The Live Club. For more together. It is a chance to see science at
information, call James Adamski at 768-8969. work.”
According to visitors, the goal was
Se xual Assault Sur
Sexual vivors
Survivors accomplished.
Group “This was fun for the kids,” said Capt.
A Sexual Assault Survivors Group meets 1 p.m.-2:30
p.m. every Friday at the Camp Walker Health Clinic.
The sessions are open to all women authorized military
medical care. For more information, call Social Work
Services at 764-5500 or 764-5173.

EFMP Support Groups

The Area IV Exceptional Family Member Program
is forming several support groups focusing on
asthma; attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder;
individuals involved with the EFMP; and
unaccompanied EFMP sponsors. For more
Fruit provides the electricity to power a digital
information, call Marietta Dixon at 768-8329.
clock in this display. Junior scientists mix vinegar and baking powder to create a chemical reaction.
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
March 5, 2004 27

Money matters, even in the field

Finance detachment exactly the same service as we would in the office,
even out in the field.”
“They really enjoyed it,” Hubble said, referring to

hits the road for FTX the customers’ response. “They liked the feel of coming
into the field and conducting their financial business.”
Story, photo by Pvt. Oh Dong-keun Most of the unit’s training involved “real-world
Area IV Public Affairs Office
missions,” according to Hubble.
“We are sending our Financial Support Teams out
to the units that are in the field right now, just like we
CAMP CARROLL – They might work “bankers
would in the real-world environment,” he said. “We
hours” in a cozy building, but for at least for a few
also have set up our defensive fighting positions for
chilly days, Detachment C of the 176th Finance
the Soldiers to train on their basic war-fighting skills.”
Battalion took its entire operation to the field for the
This detachment-level field training exercise also
unit’s field training exercise Feb. 24-26.
serves as a rehearsal for the unit’s upcoming battalion-
“This training is planned to help us to maintain our
level field training exercise.
war-fighting skills,” said Capt. Robert T. Hubble,
“We normally conduct detachment FTXs once a
Detachment C commander. “Because we are a tactical
quarter, and we also have semiannual, battalion FTXs.
finance unit, we need to make sure we can do what
We have the next one coming up in April.” Hubble
we do in the office (and) also out in the field.”
While unit personnel conducted field training, they
“I am a member of the Financial Support Team for
continued to offer all of their normal customer service
this FTX. The team trained on its real-world missions
thanks to their high-speed LAN equipment, that enabled
such as helping customers from the units that are in
them to access the information they need to conduct
the field,” said Spc. Deona Q. Lewis, a military pay
their everyday operations wherever they are.
clerk in Detachment C. “This is my first time doing
“It is typical for us to have the operation set up in
FTX in Korea, and I think it was a good experience
the field during the field exercise,” Hubble said. “We
have out here with us our basic LAN hub so that we Pvt. Maria Rodriguez watches out for potential threats in a for me. Having a good squad leader (Sgt. Angel C.
can have connection to our main server back in the defensive position set up in the field during the 176th Finance Gaillard) who takes care of her soldiers made it a good
office. That lets us to enter customers’ information Battalion field training exercise. training (experience).”
Detachment C, 176th Finance Battalion is now back
into the system and serve the customer accordingly.”
to its normal operating schedule in its offices located
Although they didn’t have any customers during customers,” said Staff Sgt. Maya McMahan,
at Camps Henry, Carroll and Hialeah.
the exercise, they have assisted customers in the field noncommissioned officer in charge, In- and Out-
on previous training exercises. Processing Team, Detachment C. “They were very
“We had some positive feedbacks from our shocked at the fact that we could provide them with E-mail
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
28 March 5, 2004

Taegu American School cheerleaders dominate competition

By Galen Putnam the competition by taking first place in International School took third in the grade; and Aimee Hildenbrand, ninth-
Area IV Public Affairs Office the varsity competition for the second varsity competition. There was no third grade.
year in a row. The junior varsity squad place in the junior varsity competition. Junior varsity: Jennifer Jones, 11th-
CAMP HENRY – The Taegu followed up by winning the first junior Five teams competed in the varsity grade; Grace Cho, ninth-grade; Jesse
American School varsity and junior varsity competition held. competition and six in the junior varsity Covan, ninth-grade; Brittani Ferguson,
varsity squads took first place in their Junior Andrea Paulson and competition. ninth-grade; and Briana Wolfard,
respective divisions at the Korean- sophomores Whitney Dalton and Crystal Competing for Taegu American seventh-grade.
American Interscholastic Activities Anguay also were named competition School were: Coaches for the TAS cheerleading
Conference Cheerleading Competition all stars. Varsity: Angela Cho, 11th-grade; squads are Tonya Hagander and Heather
held Feb. 14 at Seoul American High Seoul American High School took Andrea Paulson, 11th-grade; Christina Robinson.
School. second place in both the varsity and Sewell, 11th-grade; Crystal Anguay,
Taegu American School dominated junior varsity competitions, and Seoul 10th-grade; Whitney Dalton, 10th- E-mail

AFAP from Page 25

Those top concerns, along with suggested solutions, presented are resolved at the local level. If a resolution married civilian delegate. “The participants came
were briefed at the end of the day to Area IV senior cannot be reached locally, it is elevated to the major together with open minds to look at the issues
leaders including Col. James M. Joyner, Area IV command level. In rare cases, issues are further and come up with solutions. This was a very good
Support Activity commander. elevated to the Department of the Army. forum.”
Each issue briefed was given a title and the scope Last year, only three issues from the Area IV AFAP Joyner praised participants and administrators for
of the issue was presented in simple terms. In addition, Conference were pushed up the chain to the major their efforts.
recommendations on how to resolve the issue were command level. “This morning you were given the task of
also provided. “Very few things have to go up the chain of identifying and resolving areas of concern which
Issues included inadequate Shoppette hours, using command. Issues are identified and dealt with at affect readiness, retention and the overall quality of
alternate medical facilities, lack of bilingual Housing this level,” said J.J. Stewart, Army Community life in Area IV,” he said. “Our Area IV community is
and Department of Public Works staff, in- and out- Services director. “It goes to show that this, along a better place for your raising these concern to me
processing at remote sites, availability of slots at the with the Well Being Council, are the primary means and the lead agents responsible for them. … Your
Child Development Center, and the absence of a college to bring up and solve issues within the Area IV selfless service to our community today demonstrates
and scholarship counselor at Taegu American School community.” our pursuit of continuous improvement that will make
among others. Participants were glad to be a part of the process our community the very best it can be for Army
During the Army Family Action Plan process many and to be able to contribute to Area IV’s quality of life. families.”
issues bubbled to the surface. According to Army “This was a good experience. It was very well
Family Action Plan data, 95 percent of the issues run,” said Edward Compo, who served as a E-mail