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Volume 5, Issue 17 Feb. 16, 2007

The Morning Calm

Lunar New Year KATUSA Soldiers Weekly is
Holiday weekend make impact
preparations at CIF

Page 9 Page 21 nline


‘Army Strong’ hits home KAIAC cheerleading

By Virginia Reza competition held at Henry
Fort Bliss Public Affairs
Loyalty and allegiance by
definition means faithfulness to
whatever one is tied to, by duty,
pledge or promise. It’s a
person’s willingness to devote
their moral and intellectual
resources bigheartedly and
enthusiastically, which V R

describes Sgt. Maj. Brent Sgt. Maj. Brent Jurgersen motivates his son,
Chase, to get fit for his upcoming enlistment.
Jurgersen, the first full limb
amputee student to attend the Army He’s glad to be alive, loves being
Sergeants Major Academy. part of the Army family and especially
Not even two near-death likes interacting and getting together
encounters deterred his passion and with his family, friends, peers and the
eagerness to serve his country and wealth of people from diverse
lead his troops back home. backgrounds whom he has met at the
Jurgersen celebrated his second academy.
“alive day” anniversary Jan. 26. During Operation Iraqi Freedom II,
It was a day of mixed emotions for Jurgersen was the first sergeant for
him because on that same day two Headquarters and Headquarters
years ago he was given a second Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th U.S. Cavalry,
chance to live. It was a day that 1st Infantry Division, based at Samarra
changed his life forever. While on East Airfield, Iraq. He also served as
patrol in Ad Dyuliah, Iraq, two rocket- the noncommissioned officer in charge
propelled grenades struck his of Forward Operating Base
Humvee. MacKenzie, Iraq supporting more than
The explosion killed his gunner and 1,600 Soldiers, Airmen and civilians.
left Jurgersen fighting for his life, flat-
lining twice on the operating table in
See Army , Page 4 See page 16 for story and additional photos

Contract Verification System approaches deadline

By Area II Public Affairs Department of Defense Common and contractors. Contractor Trusted Agents Security Managers,
Special to The Morning Calm Access Card DEERS Enrollment.” information in the DEERS database is or TASMs, who are the contractor’s
YONGSAN GARRISON, As a Web-based system, CVS available to the services as a resource contracting officer representative will
Republic of Korea — A new system allows Department of Defense to establish corporate level databases be required to establish contact with
to verify contractors applying for contractors to apply for a Common facilitating top level management the installation point of contact for
Common Access Cards started here Access Card electronically via the actions such as analytical and CVS to establish an account.
October 2006. Soon, paper Internet. statistical analysis as well as providing After activation, the contracting
applications will no longer be Government sponsors are the basis for worldwide contractor officer representative can further
accepted. “The DD 1172-2 application responsible for approving the accountability,” Carpenter said. delegate and establish trusted agents
form will no longer be used for contractor applications to receive “Government sponsors are within their organization who can
contractors after Feb. 28,” said Area CACs. responsible for approving contractor authorize access to CVS, which
II Human Resources Director Steven Homeland Security Presidential applications,” Carpenter said. enables contractors to input their
Carpenter. Directive No. 12, dated Jan. 14, 2006, “Contractors who are required to required information and therefore be
The Contractor Verification mandated the establishment of secure obtain a CAC are required to register eligible for a CAC.
System, or CVS, replaces the DD and reliable forms of personal in CVS before reporting to the For information online visit, https://
Form 1172-2 “Application for identification for all federal civilians installation CAC issuing point.”
2 Feb. 16, 2007 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly

MP Blotter History of Korean holiday to Soldiers

This year, Lunar New Year— pray to be one day reunited with their
The following entries were excerpted from the
also known as “Sol-Lal”—will families. Within our own USFK
military police blotters. These entries may be
incomplete and do not imply the guilt or innocence B occur on Feb. 18. During that family, this festive weekend
weekend, millions of Koreans translates into an opportunity to
of any person.
Area 2
E from across the peninsula will enhance our knowledge and
travel to their ancestral appreciate Korea’s rich 5,000-year
Wrongful Possession of Drugs (Steroids),
Wrongful Use of Drugs, Preliminary Investigation
L hometowns to be with their culture. I encourage everyone to visit
established probable cause to believe Subject 1
committed the offenses of Wrongful Possession
L families, prepare traditional
Korean meals, visit family burial
one of Korea’s many parks and
palaces during this weekend as well
and Use of Controlled Substances when CID sites and celebrate the New Year. as the National Museum of Korea
discovered and seized various types of suspected Sol-Lal is considered the Gen. B.B. Bell that will host traditional Korean
steroids from his off post residence.
On Jan. 31, Subject 1 was interviewed and admitted
S equivalent of our Christmas and
New Year’s celebration rolled into one,
events in celebration of the holiday.
As you spend the weekend with your family,
he wrongfully possessed and used steroids.
The investigation continues by CID.
E making it a day rich in tradition and a very please take a moment to reflect on our host
important holiday for our Korean neighbors. country’s traditions and the enormous respect
Area 4
Assault Consummated by a Battery, Failure to
N Koreans put forth a tremendous effort this for family, remembrance and relationships that
holiday weekend to honor their families and the holiday represents. We can all learn and share
Identify, Curfew Violator, Subject 1 and Victim 1
were involved in a verbal altercation which turned
D pay respect to their ancestors, enduring in the spirit of hope and giving, and together,
bumper-to-bumper traffic and driving for support an important pillar in our mission as a
physical when Subject 1 struck Victim 1 multiple
times with a closed hand and his knees. S hours to be with their relatives. friend, ally and good neighbor to the Republic of
Subject 1 voluntarily surrendered himself to the For the Koreans that migrated south during Korea. Happy Lunar New Year! Sae-hae bok
Daegu Jung-Bu KNP Station but failed to identify
himself as a military member. Subject 1 was charged
# the war and still have relatives in North ma-ni ba-du-se-yo!
Korea, Sol-Lal is a day of reflection and
by KNP under Special Korean Law ART 2, PARA 2 15-07 anticipation as they gather near the DMZ to GEN B.B. Bell
(Violation of Law on Punishment of Violent Acts).
pay homage to their deceased ancestors and Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK
Subject 1 was released into MP custody on a CJ
Form 2 and transported to the Camp Walker PMO
where he was advised of his legal rights, which he
waived, rendering a written sworn statement
W ightman’s commandant retires during
admitting to the offenses. Subject 1 was processed
and released to his unit. Victim 1 was transported
by unknown means to Seong Seo Severance
ceremony at Collier Field House
Dermatology where he was treated and released By Pfc. Kim, Jae Hwan
for abrasions to the right side of his face. The 8th U.S. Army Public Affairs
investigation continues by KNP and MPI, with KNP Wightman Noncommissioned Officer
as the lead investigative agency. Academy commandant completed his
Area 5 career alongside five other Soldiers in a
Traffic Accident With Injuries, Subject 1, operating retirement ceremony Feb. 8, at Yongsan’s
a POV, while traveling northbound adjacent to
Collier Field House.
Hyundai APTs crossed from the center lane into
the left lane in front of Victim 1, operating a MOPED
Command Sergeant Major Preston
with Victim 2 as a passenger, in an effort to perform Mingo was one of two command sergeant
an illegal U-turn and was struck by Victim 1’s majors in the event which also recognized
MOPED, while he was traveling straight in the left the contributions of military service for
lane. Damages to Subject 1’s vehicle consisted of two sergeants major, one major and a
dents and scratches to the front left fender and master sergeant. P .M ,S W VT IN UNG OOK

headlight assembly. Damages to Victim 1’s vehicle Retirees were as follows; Sgt. Maj. 8th Army Commander, Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, shakes hands
rendered it inoperable. Victim 1 has been treated with the Wightman Noncommissioned Officer Academy
Preston Mingo of the Wightman NCOA
and is currently under observation at Jung Ang Commandant Preston Mingo who has just retired.
commandant; Command Sgt. Maj.
Sung Sim Hospital for injuries consisting of a Valcourt, and Command Sergeant Major of the United
Michael P. Denton of 501st Military Intelligence; Sgt.
fractured thigh bone and shin bone and will be
Maj. Wanda Burdine of Headquarters and States Forces Korea, United Nations Command,
hospitalized for 8 weeks. Victim 2 sustained a bruise
on his left hip but will not require hospitalization. Headquarters Company, Eighth United States Army; Combined Forces Command and the 8th U. S. Army
KNP informed Subject 1 to report the accident to Sgt. Maj. Gregory D. Mister of HHC EUSA; Maj. Command Sgt. Maj. Barry C. Wheeler, oversaw the
the Osan AB SFCC. Subject 1 also received Larry A. Doxtater of HHC EUSA; and Master Sgt. ceremony.
instructions to report to the Pyeongtaek KNP Arthur D. Brake of HHC EUSA; Command. The United Nations Command honor guard was also
Station. Eighth U. S. Army Commander Lt. Gen. David P. featured.

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The Morning Calm Weekly News 3 Feb. 16, 2007

Future combat system

restructuring a ‘Balancing Act’
USFK commander puts university
area off-limits
The commander of United States
Forces Korea has designated the
By Fred W. Baker “It was a balancing act with
Hongdae/Hongik University area in
Seoul off-limits to all USFK service American Forces Press Service respect to funding priorities in
members, civilian employees, WASHINGTON - The Army’s modernization as well as
contractor employees and their family Future Combat System program has making sure the current force
members between the hours of 9 p.m. been restructured as part of a “balancing is taken care of,” he said.
and 5 a.m. daily for reasons of force act” between equipping the current Most significantly, the
protection. force and modernizing the future force, changes call for stretching the
The Hongdae/Hongik University area fielding of the 15 FCS brigade
a top Army acquisition official said.
is located about two miles west of combat teams from over a 10-
Yongsan main Post, immediately Under the restructuring, four of the 18
systems in the program were deferred, year period to 15 years.
southwest of the Sinchon subway
and the fielding rate for the system’s Soldiers employ an unmanned vehicle M .D B AJ EANNA AGUE The fielding for the first is
station and rotary and includes the to
Hongdae bar district. brigade combat teams was stretched out clear a road during an exercise in Texas. slated for fiscal 2015. This will
This order does not apply to KATUSA over five more years. reduce costs by roughly $700
Soldiers or Korean employees. The changes to the FCS program will eliminate $3.4 million.
For more details and maps go to the billion from its budget over the next five fiscal years, Two of the four classes of unmanned aerial vehicles in
force protection page on Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sorenson, deputy for the program were deferred after a study concluded that there
acquisition and systems management, told Pentagon wasn’t an immediate need.
Command Sergeant Major -- But, additional funds were redirected in the program to
USFK, CFC and 8th Army Radio reporters.
The FCS was designed as a “family” of 18 individual buy more of the two remaining classes of UAVs whose
systems, plus the network and the soldier - referred to prototypes have been successful in Iraq, officials said.
Command Sgt. Maj. Barry Wheeler will
be live on the radio Feb. 21 from 8 a.m. as 18+1+1. The heavy armed robotic vehicle system was deferred to
to 9 a.m. His radio show, “From the The systems are a variety of manned and unmanned later in the program, but the numbers of some lighter robotic
Top” airs the same time every third vehicles, sensors, launch systems and unmanned aerial versions were increased.
Wednesday of each month. vehicles. All are connected by a common network with Also, the intelligent munitions system, an armed sensor
the Soldier. With four of the systems deferred, the that allows troops to control an area without a physical troop
Culinary Arts Award Ceremony presence, was separated from the program.
system is now 14+1+1.
The Team Korea Culinary Arts Award The Army will not buy any more than what is currently
Ceremony will be held Feb. 26 at the None of the program adjustments compromise the
Dragon Hill Lodge. It will take place systems’ capabilities, he said. “Clearly we’ve had to go under contract to produce.
on the Mezzanine Balcony from 1 p.m. through a very difficult period here in terms of making
to 2 p.m. The team will represent Korea sure we can modernize as well as support the current
at Fort Lee, Va., later this year. Brig. operations and the current force,” Sorenson said. See Combat
Combat, Page 4
Gen. Al Aycock will host the event.

2007 West Point Dinner

Members of the Long Gray line and
Eighth Army to transform to PSDR
guests are invited to the 2007 West By Capt. Stacy Ouellette in the operational force, but all for personnel services battalions.
Point Founder’s Day Dinner at the 8th U.S. Army Public Affairs personnel associated with the Their tasks, along with the
Dragon Hill Lodge, Sat., March 10. The YONGSAN GARRISON, South Army,” said 8th Army G1 Plans associated personnel, will move to
dinner will cost $25 per person. The Korea – As 8th U.S. Army transforms, Chief Maj. Larry Downer. brigade and battalion S1 sections
uniform is Mess Dress and Army Blues. change is inevitable. PSDR is the result of years of throughout the Army.
For more information, contact Lt. Col. analysis and lessons learned from To ensure progress, the Army has
One major adjustment is within the
Douglas Boltuc at 723-5938. provided additional training and
Army Human Resources community Operations Enduring and Iraqi
transitioning under a process called Freedom. equipment to all brigade and
Korean National Employee’s
Leave and Earnings statement to be Personnel Services Delivery Redesign. Findings from these operations battalion S1 sections.
discontinued “PSDR is the human resources indicate that change is necessary in Once complete, “PSDR will
Starting the pay period, March 2007, community’s response to the Army’s the areas of connectivity, resourcing, empower commanders to care for
printing and mailing hard copies of transformation and it directly impacts manning and command and control.
Korean National employee Leave and how we support not only our Soldiers The process eliminates the need See PSDR
PSDR, Page 4
Earnings Statements will be
discontinued. LESs have been
available to all since March 2003. Peninsula-wide T
Peninsula-wide ax Centers open for 2007 season
Korean National employees can view Area I Activities Center (bus terminal), room 113 with CPAC and the Legal Assistance Office)
and print LESs by accessing the KN OIC: Capt. Stacy Cohen Phone: 725-1040 Phone: 768-6680
Camp Casey at Maude Hall, Bldg 2440, Suite Open: Jan. 31 – May 10 (opens at 4 p.m. Open: Jan. 31 - June 15
Pay LES System (KNLESS) at the 175th 241 after ceremony) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 a.m.
Financial Management Center website Phone: 730-3598 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6:30 p.m.; Thursday 1 - 5:30 p.m.;
-- Open: Feb. 1 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Thursday from 1- 6 Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Closed Sundays,
KNLESS maintains all KN employees’ Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. - p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; Closed holidays and training holidays
5p.m.; Thursday 1 - 8 p.m.; Sundays and holidays and training holidays
LESs from March 2003 to present. This Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Closed Sundays, Camp Carroll at Bldg T-125
change will enhance employee’s Mondays and holidays and training holidays Area III Phone: 765-7136
customer service efficiency. OIC: Capt. Brian Tomasovic Open: Jan. 31 – June 15
For additional information, contact Camp Red Cloud mobile tax center Camp Humphreys at Bldg S-262 (across Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30 a.m.
Location: Freeman Hall from CAC, next to Red Cross) – 4:30 p.m.; Thursday 1 - 4:30 p.m.; Closed
Kim, Pyong-Chin at 725-3623. Opens: March 1 Phone: 753-3905/3904 Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and training holidays
Email Kim at Tuesdays only 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Open: Jan. 25 – May 20
Korea Homeschool Conference to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 Osan Air Base
Camp Stanley mobile tax center a.m. – 6 p.m.; Thursday by appointment POC:Tech Sgt. Boyce
be held in Seoul Location: Bldg 2305 only; Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bldg 788, Rm 26
There will be a Korea Homeschool Opens: March 1 Closed Sundays, holidays and training Call 784-8935 for more information
Conference held March 3, from 8:30 Wednesdays only 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. holidays
a.m., to 5 p.m., in Seoul. Area II
Kunsan Air Base
Area IV Bldg 755, 3rd Floor
For more information, contact Dawn OIC: Capt. Denise O’Connell OIC: Capt. Eric Christeson Appointment only
Snyder at 02-6355-5225. Yongsan Main Post at Moyer Community Camp Henry at Bldg 1805 (building shared Call 782-1250
Feb. 16, 2007
4 The Morning Calm Weekly

Army from Page 1

While conducting combat operations spared and another’s taken,” he said.
June 18, 2004, Jurgersen encountered “When I woke up two years ago from
his first life threatening injury. He was a coma, I remember the look in my
shot in the face, which resulted in a wife’s eyes, and I remember looking
severely ripped lip, shredded tongue, down at my body in disbelief. I shook
missing teeth and an arterial wound to my head and had to look away. I
his throat. honestly thought my life was over, as I
Jurgersen suffered the second near knew it. I also thought my military
death encounter Jan. 26, 2005, the day career was over.”
he recognizes as his “alive day” But, the Army took care of Jurgersen
anniversary. It was while conducting and his family. He was approved to
a reconnaissance patrol that his remain on active duty.
Humvee was hit by the RPGs. “I now have to find the best way to
Jurgersen was critically injured, serve our great country, the Army and
stabilized, and flown to Walter Reed Soldiers,” he said.
Army Medical Center, in Washington, During a promotion ceremony last
D.C. August, Jurgersen was selected for a
“When I regained consciousness command sergeant major appointment
five days later, my wife, Karin - his dream had arrived.
explained my injuries,” said Jurgersen. The Army asked Jurgersen to
“I had an open compressed skull become the Sergeant Major of the
fracture with a brain hematoma, Army Wounded Warrior Program.
traumatic brain injury, injury to the left Jurgersen said it was one of the
leg resulting in amputation through the hardest career decisions he ever
knee, deep joint and soft tissue injury made.
to the right knee, open fracture of the He accepted the appointment.
right hand and ring finger and Jurgersen said he’d like to see some
numerous other shrapnel wounds and modifications and implementations of
burns to my body.” “Like many, I am policies for the many wounded
still searching for why my life was Soldiers.

Combat from Page 3

But, again, the numbers of other which will enhance battle command
sensors in the program were capabilities, will be available as much
increased. as two years earlier under the
In 2005, program officials restructuring. Sorenson said that
developed a “spin out” strategy, which despite the cuts, FCS remains the
would field elements of the FCS family largest modernization program for the
of systems as they were developed, Army. The program is on time, on cost
instead of waiting until the complete and still the No. 1 priority of Army
system is fielded. leadership, he said.
Starting in fiscal 2008, program “It is absolutely the No. 1 priority.
officials hope to deliver some of the And, though we’ve had to make some
unattended ground sensors to Soldiers. adjustments in the program, we have
There are two categories of the not walked away from the fact that the
sensors: tactical and urban. Army will have to have to modernize
The sensors can be used to gather in the future,” Sorenson said.
intelligence and conduct surveillance Total cost of the program is
and reconnaissance, as well as provide expected to be $162 billion with
troops additional security as they clear another $2 billion slated for additional
and secure buildings. The network, construction required.

PSDR from Page 3

Soldiers by ensuring each brigade has “Under the control of the
an enhanced S1 section staffed with Installation Management Command-
professional Army human resources Korea Region, the MPD provides
specialists capable of providing services to Soldiers in units that do
necessary personnel services for not have a brigade or battalion
Soldiers and other supported structure on Peninsula,” said 8th U.S.
personnel,” Downer said. “ As we Army G1 Plans and Operations
move to this structure, the brigade Director Maj. Doug Campbell.
S1 will become the focal point for “The MPD will also provide
HR support and other administrative services to all family members,
services.” Tasks and functions retirees, civilian employees and
previously performed by the PSB contractors.”
that would not be provided by To date, 8th U.S. Army has
brigade and battalion S1 sections in inactivated 509th and 516th
a deployed environment will transfer Personnel Service Battalions. The
to a new organization called the tasks these units performed were
Military Personnel Division. There officially transferred to ensure
are currently four MPDs operating quality human resources support
in Korea, Downer said. continues for all customers
Feb. 16, 2007 Page 5

Steering Committee addresses issues

By Margaret Banish-Donaldson uniform. Issue: Commissary-to- Limtiaco said. “Managers check the
Area I Public Affairs Answer: “Issue was previously Commissary special order service is magazine display racks regularly to
CAMP RED CLOUD— Every addressed by 18th MEDCOM and useless. make sure adult magazines are not
year the Army Family Action Plan forwarded to Department of Army for Answer: “DOL will work with the left where underage customers can
conference gives delegates the action,” Newton said. commissary to put together a stockage reach them.”
opportunity to improve the quality of Issue: Post tracking system from list from Yongsan and compare it to Issue: Not enough baby items and
life for fellow Soldiers and their point of origin to point of destination here,” Newton said. “We will pay clothing available in PX.
families in Warrior Country. The is incomplete. attention to people who don’t get their Answer: “We have a limited
conference delegates provide the Answer: “Unable to resolve at our orders.” selection of these baby items because
issues for implementation to the Army level,” Newton said. “Issue Issue: Customer service in Army of the limited space,” Limtiaco said.
Family Action Plan Steering forwarded to 8th Army for their and Air Force Exchange Services “A contractor is being sought by our
committee. action.” establishments needed. AAFES contracting and services
“There’s a limit to what we can Issue: Pet Policy: Answer: “Customer service and office to meet these needs; however,
do and should do,” said Col. Forrest Answer: “Many Soldiers have pets sensitivity training was conducted Jan. our catalog has a wide avenue of
Newton, Area I garrison commander. in their barracks and abandon them 3 for Camp Casey’s main store, and items that the customers can order
“It is about priorities. We cannot do when they PCS because they can’t nine classes are currently scheduled from as well as our shuttle program
everything. Many recommendations afford to ship the animals back to the in February for all AAFES customer in which the PX will coordinate with
present significant challenges as they states,” said Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, contract associates within Area 1,” another AAFES facility within Korea
are implemented.” Casey garrison commander. “We are said Ken Limtiaco, Area I AAFES to have the merchandise they are
The steering committee met Feb. working with the 2nd Infantry Division general manager. “We plan to have all looking for shuttled to the PX where
6 and provided the following to get the units and Soldiers to 300 associates trained by the end of the person is stationed.”
recommendations: cooperate with us and come up with March, and will continue this training (10) Issue: Car seats unavailable
Issue: Not all Soldiers are allowed a mechanism to pick up the dogs when on a quarterly basis.” for taxi service in Yongsan.
separate rations. Soldiers have to PCS.” Issue: Many items related to Answer: “This is not an industry
Answer: “Unable to resolve at our Issue: Commissaries lack meat alcohol, tobacco and pornographic standard, and not a contractor
level,” Newton said. “Issue supplies especially on paydays and magazines and videos in the PX not requirement for the AAFES
forwarded to the 8th Army/IMCOM weekends. covered. contracted taxis,” Limtiaco said.
Korea AFAP conference, April 23- Answer: “The Directorate of Answer: “We have taken the “This is parental responsibility.
25, 2007 at the Dragon Hill Lodge.” Logistics will work wth the appropriate steps to limit exposure to Convertible and/or multiuse strollers
Issue: Annual clothing allowance commissary to have additional supplies liquor, tobacco and pornographic and car seats are available at the
not sufficient to cover increase price of meat during paydays and magazines to children based upon See AFSC
AFSC, Page 7
of purchase and maintenance of new weekends,” Newton said. where the items are being stocked,”

Warriors awarded at CRC

By Jim Cunningham able to process Soldiers through those stations,
Area I Public Affairs so they received the awards for all their hard
CAMP RED CLOUD—Area I celebrated work.”
achievements made by Soldiers Feb. 9 by giving The highest award given on this occasion is
awards to deserving Warriors. to Staff Sgt. Jon Higgins for planning and
“We gave a total of 18 awards today,” said 1st. executing the Noncombatant Evacuation
Sgt. Denise Grant-Butler, Area I support activity. Exercise last October.
“The awards span from the “I took care of the NEO
Army Commendation Medal to process of “Courageous
the certificate of achievement. “The awards span from Channel” in 2006,” Higgins
It is always important to the Army Commendation said. “I had to run the ECC.
award Soldiers for exceptional I was the noncommissioned
Medal to the certificate of officer in charge. I had to
achievement. It shows their
work is not going achievement. It is always make sure all the reports
unappreciated.” important to award were taken care of and
accurate. When we are
Area I leaders notice all the Soldiers for exceptional tracking all the
achievements Warriors make noncombatants during their
and their impact on the achievement. It shows
evacuation, we have to keep
community, explained Grant- their work is not going an exact record of the
Butler. unappreciated.” process. The reason I
“These awards were given
Grant-Butler,, received the medal was
1st. Sgt. Denise Grant-Butler
to Soldiers at Camp Red Cloud because I stayed past the
and Camp Casey as well,”
Area I Support Activity
time of my shift to make sure
Grant-Butler said. the tracking process was
Some Warriors hit the accurate and there were no
ground running when arriving in Korea and earned failures in the process.”
awards in only a few months. Higgins provided the key that championed the
“We have a Soldier Readiness Processing success of NEO operations last October,
program where we call on subject matter experts explained Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, garrison
commander, Camp Casey, while pinning the
from each of the areas,” Grant-Butler said. “They Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, Camp Casey garrison commander,
ARCOM on Higgins. “Today is a red letter day
came from different duty stations. They knew the for Area I and all the Warriors that make us awards Staff Sgt. Jon Higgins the ARCOM medal during
method of service and got in there so they were second to none.” an awards ceremony Feb. 9 in Camp Red Cloud’s theater.
6 Feb. 16, 2007 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly

Substance Abuse Intervention

2ID recognizes Best KATUSAs 2006
By Cpl. Kim, Sang Pil Division over the past half century. honor to Lt. Col. Brown and Command
2ID Public Affairs KATUSA Soldiers fill their mandatory Sergeant Major Campbell of 164 ATS
There will be a substance abuse
intervention class held at the Camp Red CAMP RED CLOUD –The two-year military service requirement Group and ROK Sergeant Major Kong,
Cloud Education Center room 209, Second Infantry Division named 29 while working with U.S. Soldiers, which Hyung Kwon, and to my parents and
bldg. number S-58 Feb. 28 from 9 to 11 Korean Augmentation to the United affords them a unique opportunity. girlfriend who couldn’t come today.”
a.m. For more information call: 732- States Army Soldiers Best KATUSAs Among those selected for the program, Of all the guests, parents and friends
9060. of the Year at a ceremony Feb. 8 at always an outstanding few set the of the KATUSA Soldiers seemed to be
Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Club. example for others to follow. the ones who were most proud.
Civilian Education System Hosted by the 2nd Infantry Division’s ROKA Command Sgt. Maj. Suh, “I didn’t know it was a division-level
The new Civilian Education System top enlisted man, Command Sgt. Maj. Sung Ki, began his comments by asking award,” said Ko, Hye Sook, mother of
plays a critical role in developing the guests to pay special tribute to the Cpl. Kim, Suk, 702nd Brigade Support
Brian M. Stall, the event was jammed
leaders. CES is a new progressive and night’s award recipients and their hard- Battalion. “I am proud that my son is the
with the division and Republic of Korea
sequential Civilian Leader
army’s top leaders, all of whom working parents by standing and joining chosen one for this year. He has had fun
Development program that provides
welcomed the KATUSAs, their family him in a huge round of applause. during his service, and I hope he will make
enhanced leader development and
education opportunities for Army and their friends to the second annual “I congratulate all of you on earning the best of the eight months he has left.”
civilians throughout their careers. For event. this honorable commendation,” Suh said. “I am proud of my boyfriend who
more information and to register for “The KATUSA program has created “You are the true representatives of received an award recognized not only
courses go to http:// immense opportunities for Soldiers of the Korean men, and I commend all the work by our country but also by another,” said and click 2nd Infantry Division,” Stall said. “It is you have done as combatants, interpreters Kim, Min Jung, girlfriend of Cpl. Kim,
on the CES tab at the top. encouraging to see how much progress and administrators in the 2nd Infantry Ki Dong, Headquarters and
has been accomplished by KATUSA Division.” Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrison-
New NSPS 101 Course Soldiers who work with us. KATUSA As the presentations began, the 29 Camp Casey Area I. “Though his family
To learn about the NSPS system and Soldiers work hand-in-hand with Soldiers proudly stood in line stepping up couldn’t make it here, I want to
take the NSPS 101 course, go to http:/ one after the other to receive their congratulate him on their behalf, and
American Soldiers each and every day,
/ certificate and medal. hope he finishes the service as a healthy
playing a vital role in narrowing the
Send certificates to CPAC in care of
cultural and language gap between those “I feel very lucky to receive this man.”
Lawrence Keys Jr.
who serve both countries.” award,” said Cpl. Nam, Kyung Tae, “I am very thankful and proud that my
Black History Month Celebration The KATUSA program began in July, HHC, 164th Air Traffic Services, 2nd son has done his best in the army,” said
The Black History Month 1950 to augment Republic of Korea Combat Aviation Brigade. “Of all the Woo, Kyung Jong, father of Cpl. Woo, Sang
Extravaganza will begin at 10 a.m. in soldiers to the U.S. Army and strengthen memories I have from the army, my Chul, HHC, Area I. “I believe he received
Camp Red Cloud theater Feb. 23. combined forces to defend the Korean experience at FTX training in February this award because his commander and
peninsula. More than 250,000 KATUSA and WLC in September last year were buddies helped him out. I hope he gives his
Commissary Closings Soldiers have served in the 2nd Infantry most memorable. I want to present this best for the rest of his service too.”
The Commissary at Camp Red Cloud

Buc’s Cheerleaders
and Camp Stanley will be closed Feb.
18 to 19 for Lunar New Year. They will
reopen Feb. 20.

Customer Service Excellence

The customer service excellence
entertain W arriors
By Jim Cunningham “Every day when I wake up I think of
course will be offered March 8 through
Area I Public Affairs what our Soldiers are doing for us at home,”
9 at CRC Education Center room 207.
Each applicant needs to get in to the CAMP CASEY—America’s greatest Gainey said. “Those are the people we do
CHRTAS to register for the course. For team was entertained by the world class these programs for; we are not doing it for
more information call: 732-9060. Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders Feb. ourselves.”
11 in Hanson Field House on Camp Casey. Warriors were not only entertained, they
2007 Federal Asian/Pacific Armed Forces Entertainment invited the were also involved in the performance.
American Council Meritorious cheerleaders to perform for troops in South “We will not only entertain the Soldiers
Service Award Korea, Hawaii and Japan. on stage, but we will go out into the audience
FPAC is soliciting nominations for the The 28 member cheerleading squad and get them involved with us,” Gainey said.
2007 Meritorious Service Award for danced in unison and solo during the event. “After our performance tonight, we will
Military Personnel. For more “A lot of people take for granted what perform on other bases in Korea and then
information call: 703-696-5444. our troops do,” said Aubrey Gainey, we will go to Hawaii.”
Buccaneer cheerleader. “We are here to Entertaining Warriors in Area I and all
Voting Slogan Contest show our appreciation for all they do in the service members in the Pacific region
The 2008 primary and general elections defending our country.” is additional to the Buccaneer cheerleader’s
need a slogan to inspire interest and Preparing to entertain Warriors was not regular schedule. “The Buccaneer
participation. Submit your entries taken for granted. “Prior to coming to Korea cheerleader’s give more than 300
today. For more information call: 723- we had four rehearsals per week. Those appearances during the year when not
7514. rehearsals are four hours, so there is a lot entertaining troops,” said Sandy
of practicing and a lot of dedication that Charboneau, cheerleading coordinator for
Texas Hold’em Tournament
went in to our tour, and of course, it is worth the Buccaneer cheerleaders.
A Texas Hold’em tournament will be
it to entertain our troops,” Gainey said. “All our cheerleader’s are dedicated to
held Feb. 24 to 25 at Casey Warrior’s
“Every single time we do a show, we do an the professionalism and purpose of this tour.”
Club. For more Information call: 732-
autograph session. When we talk to the It is not easy to become one of the 28.
troops they tell us how much it boosts their Hundreds of girls audition for the Buccaneer
Comedy ROKs with MWR morale and how thankful they are for our cheerleaders every year.
Comedy ROKs will be in Mitchell’s being here.” Showing gratitude to Soldiers “Hundreds of women audition in March
Club Feb. 21. Showtime is 7 p.m. For is a major mind set for the Buccaneer every year,” Charboneau said. “Current
more information call: 730-6882. cheerleaders, according to Gainey. cheerleaders must re-audition also.” JIM CUNNINGHAM
The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Feb. 16, 2007 7
from Page 5
AAFES PX. If mandated and made action,” said T.J. Welin, DOL director. lead on this issue,” Newton said. “He Col. Tracy Winborne, G1. The 2nd Inf.
part of the taxi contract, the (17) Issue: Need additional will get engaged with the leadership Div. and Area I Public Affairs Offices
contractor would have to incur KATUSA chaplain assistants and and DPW on a fumigation schedule have added a good neighbor and
additional expense for the multitude distinguish them by a cross above the for the barracks.” community events area on their
of infant seats required. The size of Republic of Korea Army’s tag on the (24) Issue: Dual military housing homepages. Information is also
the seat is determined by the baby’s left chest pocket of the uniform for in 2 nd Infantry Division is not passed through the G1/S1 channels
weight. Furthermore, this additional easy identification. authorized. directing brigade and battalion S1s
expense would affect pricing. Korean Answer: “The ROKA command Answer: “If a Soldier is married pass the information to their
taxis off post do not have this sergeant major discussed this issue to another Soldier cohabitation can be subordinate commanders.”
requirement for an infant traveler’s with the commander. He reported a authorized through the commander,” (31) Issue: Better Opportunities
safety. AAFES is working with the flop could be authorized upon design Newton said. “The 2nd Infantry for Single and Unaccompanied
Area I public affairs office on approval,” said Area I Command Sgt. Division commander can authorize
Soldiers need to utilize different
informational articles on this and other Maj. Gregg Bunce. “The ROKA these same Soldiers to live off post,
methods to find out what activities
recurring taxi issues to educate staff has the mission and will but they have to maintain their
Soldiers are interested in and want to
consumers.” incorporate the uniform change.” barracks on post. And, the 2ID G1
(18) Issue: Noncommand participate.
(11) Issue: Civilians are being will ask the unit to come up with a
allowed to enter the PX, shoppette sponsored families are ineligible for policy, which will be advertised Answer: “There are four BOSS
and commissary without showing their Tri-Care prime enrollment in Area 1. through command information.” councils in Warrior Country: Camps
identification and ration cards and in Answer: “A clearer definition of (25) Issue: CRC front gate is too Stanley, CRC, Casey and Hovey,”
some cases on purchasing items. what noncommand sponsored families open. Bunce said. “Soldiers can access the
Answer: “Training was conducted is needed by 8th Army,” Newton said. Answer: “The CRC front gate has BOSS calendar from the website:
at all AAFES facilities Jan. 9,” “Maj. Myron McDaniels, 2nd Inf. Div. been remodeled and this action is,
Limtiaco said. “Plus, additional signing surgeon will discuss completed,” said Doug Atwater, or ask their BOSS representative
is in place to inform customers to recommendations with the 18th director of plans, training, mobilization who can provide them with an
show their ID and ration cards. Also, MEDCOM commander. However, a and security. updated six-month calendar. Also,
the military police makes random spot final decision must come from (26) Issue: Bus schedule for AFN advertises MWR events daily
checks at these locations, and anyone Department of Defense/Tri-Care. Soldiers taking college classes in on 88.3 and 88.5 FM.”
can contact the AAFES 24-hotline at (19) Issue: More dental staff Yongsan. (32) Issue: Improve relationship
732-6285 if they see someone not needed and a more user-friendly way Answer: “Morale, Welfare and between Soldiers and contractors at
checking ID cards.” to apply for dental care. Recreation and DOL will look into a the Simulation Center – Camp Hovey.
(12) Issue: Soldiers in some units Answer: “I am aware of the shuttle bus schedule and report back Answer: Newton asked the G1
are not being allowed to request an unfavorable staffing ratios at Camp at the next meeting,” Welin said. “In to look into this problem and report at
overnight pass during weekends. Casey,” said Col. Schmidt, 618th the interim, the last bus will depart the next meeting.
Answer: “The 2nd Infantry Dental Company. “However, I plan from Yongsan at 9:20 p.m. instead of (33) Issue: Quality of Armerican
Division is currently reviewing the to ship resources during the normal at 9 p.m. starting Feb. 20.
Forces Network radio programs.
policy and will release a revised leave PCS cycles.” (27) Issue: Inadequate barracks
Answer: “AFN will start again to
and pass policy after the (20) Issue: If Soldiers fail to conditions and broken laundry
promote 88.3 and 88.5 FM AFN radio
recommended actions have been notify Tri-Care in specific cases, they machines.
may have to pay the cost out of their station in lieu of 1197 AM,” said Maj.
approved,” said Maj. Harris, 2nd Inf. Answer: “DOL has already
Div. G1. pockets. repaired 71 unserviceable laundry Kone Faulkner, AFNK Deputy CDR/
(13) Issue: Revised policy needed Answer: “The S1 at Camp Red machines, and DPW has their strike ops officer. “AM comes out of Seoul
to allow Russian family members to Cloud has Tri-Care pamphlets team making repairs in the barracks and is basically alternative
be signed in by the Soldiers or spouse ‘Healthcare When Traveling in the at Camps Casey and Hovey,” Welin programming for the older generation.
without long preparation period. Remote Pacific’ available for active said. “It is an ongoing DPW and DOL FM is for the younger Soldiers.
Answer: “United States Forces duty service members,” McDaniels effort to improve the quality of life Banners have been made and will be
Korea does allow exceptions to said. “Also, counseling occurs before for Soldiers in Area I.” displayed across the bus stations and
policy; however, a written request a Soldier goes on leave so they can (28) Issue: Need for a certified wherever else throughout the
must be made at least 20 working be advised to take sufficient funds English as a second language Uijeongbu and Dongducheon enclaves
days prior to the visit,” said Lt. Col. with them if a need arises for instructor. promoting AFN FM stations. In
David Kelly, provost marshal. “This emergency care. Afterwards, they Answer: “Central Texas College addition, more publicity will be done
cannot be done at the gate.” can file a claim with the Tri-Care offers certified instructors at hours by AFN in the Morning CalmWeekly
(14) Issue: If a Soldier signs in region. and locations requested,” said James and Indianhead newspapers.
someone on one camp and decides to (21) Issue: Inadequate dental care Campbell, education director. “In Questionnaires are given out every
go to another camp, he or she has to for noncommand sponsored civilians addition, Army Community Services Thursday at the Camp Stanley
be signed in again and are not allowed Answer: “The Camp Casey can provide instructors if requested.” Warrior Readiness Center to
to ride the inter-post buses. dental clinic does provide emergency (29) Issue: Living quarters incoming Soldiers to ask them what
Answer: Issue sent to the 2nd dental services for family members,” allowance inequalities concerning the kind of music they want to hear.
Infantry Division and Area I well being Schmidt said. “However, the funding eligibility requirements. Furthermore, AFN reps said they
committee for action. for and assignment of more dental Answer: “Unable to resolve at would work on more TV public
(15) Issue: Change entitlement for staff to provide comprehensive dental our level,” said Geraldine Jones, service announcements. We plan to
basic allowance for subsistence so care to all family members in Korea Civilian Personnel Advisory Center insert local public service
every Solider is authorized BAS. requires negotiations between the director. “Issue forwarded to 8 th announcements in Area 1 once we get
Answer: “Unable to resolve at our Army senior leadership and U.S. Army for their action because it is a the automatic system in place by the
level,” Newton said. “Issue government agencies.” DOD and state department policy.” end of the month so not everyone will
forwarded to 8th Army for their (22) Issue: Turnstile gate prohibits (30) Issue: Chain of command not have to listen to the PSAs for other
action.” people with strollers and large verbally re-enforcing information areas. As far as AFN sports are
(16) Issue: Annual clothing packages to access the CRC front about extra-curricular activities. concerned, back in September the
allowance for high OPTEMPO units gate. Answer: “The 2nd Inf. Div. is broadcast center in California said
and heavy labor needed. Answer: “Action completed,” said working to better advertise events only those living on post will be able
Answer: “The directorate of Ken Lee, DPW. bypassing information through the to get AFN sports. If someone lives
logistics is working with the 2 nd (23) Issue: Rodents, insects and command information channels, off the camp, they must lease an AFN
Infantry Division to see if coveralls pests in the barracks. weekly bulletin, AFN, and the Family decoder from the local PX to watch
can be issued as a possible course of Answer: “Lt. Col. Hodges has the Readiness Group newsletter,” said Lt. AFN sports.”
Feb. 16, 2007
8 The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 Page 9

Area II prepares for safe Lunar New YYear

ear holiday
By David McNally
Area II Public Affairs
Year is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. Koreans
travel to their hometowns to celebrate the new year
with family, traditional foods and rituals.
Area II officials expect traffic challenges during
the holiday period, Feb. 16-20.
“There will be a high concentration of vehicular
and pedestrian traffic throughout Korea during the
holiday,” said Area II Safety Officer Jeff Hyska.
“We expect major traffic delays and congested
The holiday is actually Feb. 17-19; however, many
Koreans use the day before and day after for travel.
“The Area II commander’s intent is to have zero
motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents in Area II,
both on and off all Area II installations during the
holiday,” Hyska said.
As a precaution, Area II will join with other area
commands to increase road conditions and
dramatically minimize government vehicle usage.
“Road conditions will be RED for the three-days DAVID MCNALLY
of the holiday, Feb. 17-19,” said Area II Plans, Koreans honor their ancestors with ceremonies and rituals during the Lunar New Year holiday. Most Koreans travel to their
Training, Mobilization and Security Director Gerald hometowns, making traffic a challenge..
Casey. “Road conditions will be AMBER the day an exception. During RED road conditions, only staff duty vehicles and both on- and off-post shuttle
before and after the holiday.” government vehicles required for emergency military buses are exempt from this and do not require
During AMBER road conditions, only government business will be used. An O-5 or GS-13 or above anything special to dispatch vehicles during RED or
vehicles required for essential military business will may approve exceptions. AMBER road conditions,” Casey said.
be used. An O-3 or GS-10 or above may authorize “Area II Military Police, emergency response, See New YYear
ear, Page 12

Dining facility closes for ‘face lift’ USO reopens office

Renovation to enhance on Main Post
facility operations By Sgt. Lee Yang-won
Area II Public Affairs
Area II Public Affairs
Signal Brigade Dining Facility at A renovated USO office
Camp Coiner closed in December for reopened and started business
an extended renovation. Feb. 1 at the Moyer Community
The project will result in “ a world- Activity Center.
class facility from the ground up,” The office has always provided
officials said. reunion programs for the
“This temporary closure is servicemembers, civilians and
necessary in order for us to provide family members. However, the
the long-term quality of service our reopened USO center now offers
Soldiers deserve,” said Area II Food more extensive service to
Service Manager Larry Graham. community members.
The Three Kingdoms Inn Dining The organization provides
Facility is offering all Class I support enhanced morale, welfare and
for Camp Coiner Dining Facility recreation-type activities.
customers during the renovation. “This center will serve as an
To ease the hardship on outlet on post and offer pretty
customers, Area II Logistics started much the same services we do in
a special shuttle bus service on Camp Kim,” said Marketing and
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Programs Director Charlotte
Huntsman. “We have a lounge,
The Camp Coiner dining facility remains closed until August for extensive renovations.
TV, free coffee and cookies
„7:30-8:30 a.m. for breakfast training holidays. workload at the Three Kingdoms Inn people could help themselves and
„11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for lunch The bus runs continuously from Dining Facility the waiting times during relax. We are also working to get
„6 p.m. for dinner Camp Coiner Bldg. 1067 to the Three peak hours may increase,” Graham computers that have free Internet
Thursdays the shuttle bus will run Kingdoms Inn Dining Facility and back said. “But, service, quality, menu access.”
from 5:30-6:30 a.m.; 12:30-1:30 p.m. during the scheduled times. availability and overall support shall Huntsman said the renovation
and 4-5 p.m. There is no bus service “Dining Facility patrons need to be remain at the same professional level See USO
USO, Page 12
scheduled for weekends, holidays or aware that because of the additional that you are used to.”
10 Feb. 16, 2007 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly

Army Emergency Relief

The 2007 Army Emergency Relief
campaign begins March 1. AER is a
private nonprofit organization with
zero funding from the government.
The key to a successful fund-raising
campaign is the unit keyperson. The
Area II goal for this year’s campaign
is 100 percent contact of eligible
contributors. There will be
keyperson training 1-5 p.m., Feb. 22
at the Army Community Service
classroom, Bldg. 4106 on Yongsan
South Post. For information, call 723-

Coaches Needed
Area II is looking for coaches to coach
the Yongsan Men and Women Post PHOTOS BY SGT. LEE YANG-WON
Level Softball Teams for the 2007 Transportation Operations Specialist Ken Bakameyer reviews safety rules with kindergarten children Feb. 6 at the Seoul American Elementary School.
season. Interested personnel should
submit their resume to the Area II
Sports Office no later than March 15.
Talking bus reinforces
safety rules to students
This programs runs from April 1
through Aug. 31, 2007. For
information, call 738-8608.
By Sgt. Lee Yang-won cautious about their surroundings.”
Theater Auditions
The Missoula Children’s Theatre is
Area II Public Affairs Bakameyer said as the children go
coming to town. There will be open YONGSAN GARRISON — home and tell their parents about the
auditions for students Kindergarten Fascinated elementary school training, the class also reminds
through 12th grade 3 p.m., March 5 at children gathered and listened community members to be cautious
the Seoul American Elementary carefully as “Barney the Robotic while driving.
School Gymnasium. The play will be Bus” aided student transportation “The parents are happy we’re
Rumpelstiltskin with two performances officials conduct a semiannual school constantly reminding children to Kindergarten students heed the training.
2 p.m., and 7 p.m., March 10 at the bus safety training Feb. 6 at Seoul teachers are not always with them
watch out for their surroundings,”
Seoul American High School
American Elementary School. Bakameyer said. “Community on the bus,” said Seoul American
Auditorium. The play will be free to
the public. For information, call 738- Remotely controlled and voice members also remember that school Elementary School Kindergarten
5556. activated from backstage by is still in session and to be more Teacher Danielle Rodriguez. “This
transportation officials, Barney careful.” training definitely has a positive
Library Events covered safety issues with a 20- He said Barney has a positive effect on the children.”
The Yongsan Library presents the minute video clip during the session. effect by immersing children in the Rodriguez said two training
“Presidents’ Day Quiz” Contest Two separate training sessions take training. sessions each year help children to
through Tuesday. The drawing for place each semester throughout the “It gives the children a good refresh their memory about safety
winners will be held on Wednesday.
school year. memory to remember,” he said. issues when riding a bus.
Prizes are Army and Air Force
Exchange Service gift cards. February
“We do this training to reinforce Officials said they have also “The training materials were child-
is Black History Heritage Month see the bus-safety rules to the children,” received good responses from the friendly and entertaining for the
Yongsan Library’s book display and said Transportation Operations school teachers and the parents. children,” Rodriguez said. “It not only
bibliography. The library will present Specialist Ken Bakameyer. “We just “It’s best for them to know how provided useful information for the
a “Meet the Artist” session with Gia want the children to be safe and be to behave correctly because kids but also for myself too.”
Son 11 a.m., Feb. 24 at the meeting
room. There will be refreshments.
Area II competition tests history knowledge
AFCEA Luncheon
Seoul Chapter of the Armed Forces Library to offer various prizes
Communications and Electronics By Tamara Sternberg
Association invites you to attend their Area II Public Affairs
next luncheon to honor past board
YONGSAN GARRISON — Did you know that
members and induct newly elected
board members 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. on
February 19 is President’s Day this year, and that
Friday, at the Hartell House. Open to George Washington would have been just about 275
current, potential, and non-members. years old if he were still alive to celebrate? Most people
Buffet is $15 (includes drink, buffet and know the former, but few people do the latter.
gratuity) For information, call 723- Do you know whose birthday is celebrated on
6191. President’s Day? Do you know when President’s Day ILLUSTRATION BY ROGER NURICK
traditionally falls? How many Presidents the United For a chance to win an Army and Air Force Exchange
Faithlift 2007 States has had? When is President’s Day? These are Service gift card, competitors must fill out a quiz form
An Interdenominational Christian
the questions on the Yongsan Library President’s Day before February 20. There is a box in each library to
Women’s Weekend will be held March
2-3 at South Post Chapel and Dragon Quiz. “This quiz is an annual thing,” said Librarian collect the forms. Only one quiz per person is allowed.
Hill Lodge. Register by Feb. 16 at Gordon Imrie. “From a librarian’s point of view, The drawing for the prizes, a $20 AAFES gift certificate
chapel services. For information, call being the Army base library, we are guided by the for first place and two $10 AAFES gift certificates for
010-7114-0593. President. President’s Day gives us a focus to go second place, will be held 12 p.m. Feb. 21 at the
through our inventory to see what we have on the Yongsan Library.
Area II Web Site subject, and to round out our own collection while Quizzes will be scanned. Those with completely correct
For more community notes, news and drawing it up.” answers will then be placed in a hat and a winner will be
information, visit the Area II Web site
All three Area II libraries at Yongsan, Hannam
Village and K-16 Air Base are conducting a contest. See Competition
Competition, Page 12
The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Feb. 16, 2007 11
Ration Control officials: Know your purchasing limits
Area II sees ration the birth of a child. The service-member or
employee must register the new family member
“It was Christmastime, and I purchased more than
$450. I received a memorandum and counseling.”
violations increase in DBIDS, North said.
“Simply bring the child with his or her passport,
North said many community members do not
know about the limits.
By David McNally and the sponsor’s identification card to the ration “Believe it or not, when contacted about violations,
Area II Public Affairs control card issuing office to register,” he said. many servicemembers and their supervisors are
YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II Ration Dual military members also run a risk of uninformed of their authorized limits,” he said. “Once
Control Issuing Agency officials are seeing a rise exceeding limits. informed, they rarely make the same mistake.”
in violations. “Inevitability, one of the two does the majority There is a Web site available to help U.S. Forces
“On average, we see about 150 violation notices of the shopping and exceeds their authorized Korea community members find out their recent
each month,” said Area II Emergency Services family limit of one,” North said. “It is best for commissary purchase history. To view your personal
Operation Officer Jim North. “In many of these dual military members to be registered as a family record, visit
cases, the problem could have been avoided with with one as a family member and the other as a default.aspx.
a little homework.” sponsor.” “It’s a great tool to manage your current monthly
The Defense Biometric Identification System, Some servicemembers find out about purchase purchasing at the commissary,” North said.
or DBIDS, tracks family members numbers. limits only after a violation. North said USFK Customs knows what items
Officials can identify who is purchasing over the “I found out when I went over my limits,” said are in high demand on the black market.
established limits by using DBIDS information and Area II Support Activity Staff Sgt. Stancey Mitchell. “These items have been placed on a watch list
ration control purchase and the purchasing of large

records. quantities of these items by
“People need to make individuals is monitored by
sure the correct number of USFK,” North said.
family members are North said he believes
entered in DBIDS,” he most violations could be
said. “Many people avoided with more
believe that if a family awareness to the issue.
member is too young for “Purchasing duty free
an identification card, they goods is a privilege, not a
are too young to register right,” he said. “Those that
in DBIDS.” knowingly exceed their
The monthly dollar limit purchasing limits and/or
on purchases does not purchase in excess of
increase automatically personal needs may have
with the addition of a new their privileges suspended
family member, such as or revoked.
12 Feb. 16, 2007 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly

Many Korean families perform traditional rituals to honor their ancestors during the Lunar New
Year Holiday.
New Year
Year from Page 9
Leaders and supervisors are holiday period,” Casey said.
cautioned to limit the use of such “All leaders must conduct “under
vehicles, he said. the oak tree counseling” for all
“Area II tenant units and activities servicemembers and civilian
must ensure that all servicemembers, employees before Lunar New Year,”
civilians, contractors and family said Area II Commander Col. Ron
members are aware of the increased Stephens. “Counseling should
driving risk during the Lunar New Year emphasize safe driving techniques.”

USO from Page 9

will enhance the impression The reopened office complements

servicemembers have of the USO. the Seoul USO at Camp Kim by
“The USO supports unit activities giving easier access to the
with entertainment and puts together community.
parties for servicemembers,” The office is open 9 a.m. to 5:30
Huntsman said. p.m.Tuesdays-Saturdays.

Competition from Page 10

drawn. the library,” Imrie said.
Winners will be notified if they “When you come in to research
are not present. and fill out a quiz sheet, you might
The names of the winners will also leave with an armful of books or
be posted in Area II libraries. The DVDs.”
prizes must be picked up within 15 The quiz is part of a series that
days of the drawing or else they will the libraries put on year-round. The
be forfeited. next one, to take place from March
“The quiz is incentive to come into 1-15, is an essay contest.

Area II on the Web

Check out Lunar New Y ear bus
schedules and facility hours!
The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 13
Maximize Your Tax Refund
with TSP Contributions
Capt. Brian Tomasovic this, you leverage one benefit (reduction in taxable (and your refund) by contributing even more
Area III Legal Center income) into another benefit (a credit against tax) and money to TSP.
As we file our returns for Tax Year 2006, it’s not yet another benefit (a credit that can be refunded). The earned income credit is a complicated credit,
too early to plan a tax strategy for the current tax Let’s discuss two credits, the Retirement Savings but it is designed as a form of readymade government
year. Most Soldiers already know that military service Contribution Credit (also known as the “Saver’s support to lower income families. With a Soldier’s
comes with certain tax benefits. For example, most Credit”) and the Earned Income Credit (EIC). There salary, it is almost impossible to qualify unless you are
allowances do not fall under the IRS definition of are income limits and credit tables for both of these also a parent of at least one child who meets a technical
“income,” so they do not appear on the W-2 form, the credits that could change for 2007, but for illustration definition of a “qualifying child.” If you have even
Wage and Tax Statement that is the centerpiece of purposes I will use tax year 2006 numbers. one “qualifying child,” the EIC can potentially give
most tax returns (years ago, allowances such as BAS FACT: If your adjusted gross income is low you a large tax refund. As a tax strategy, you can
and BAH appeared in W-2, Box 12). Soldiers also enough, the government will reward your TSP make this refund even larger with TSP contributions.
know that combat zone exclusion privileges can Contributions with a Retirement Savings Example: 1st Lt. Juliet Filer is married with one
potentially make all your military earnings during a Contribution Credit. qualifying child. Filer and her stay at home spouse
deployment nontaxable. For the most part, all these If you fall within the income limits, you can only have taxable military pay and wages of $30,000.
tax benefits are automatic. Where’s the strategy? maximize this credit by contributing at least $2,000 At this point, Filer can estimate she will receive a
Today, we will talk about a real tax strategy that to TSP. However, if your adjusted gross income is refundable earned income credit of about $630. Now
Soldiers can employ with the Thrift Savings Plan the more than $25,000 ($50,000 for married filing let’s say Filer reduced her taxable military pay and
federal government sponsored retirement savings and jointly), you will not qualify for this credit at all. wages by giving $5,000 to TSP during the course of
investment plan. Example: Joe Taxpayer is an unmarried E-5 with the year. With this maneuver, Filer’s estimated EIC
FACT: TSP contributions are “before tax” six years TIS. Looking at a pay chart, we could actually increases to $1,430. Adding to this, her saver’s
contributions. Contributions made with basic pay guess he has adjusted gross income of around credit would be $1,000. (more than Joe Taxpayer,
will reduce your reported wages (Box 1 of the W- $28,000 that should disqualify him for the Saver’s because of the married filing joint status). Filer’s
2) and your overall tax bill. Credit (more than $25,000). However, Joe planned strategic contribution to TSP reduced her tax bill by
A “before tax” dollar contributed to TSP cannot be ahead and has given over $3,000 to TSP, and his $1,700 ($1,000 Saver’s Credit plus $700 increase in
taxed now. The contribution and investment earnings gross income was thereby reduced and is now less EIC) and will likely increase her refund.
on that contribution will not be taxed until this money than $25,000. This bit of planning would reward Taking the examples of Joe Taxpayer and Juliet Filer,
is withdrawn at retirement. In this way, TSP is a Joe with a credit against his tax bill of $200. we can see that with a little planning an ordinary Soldier
military version of a “401(k)” plan. This is an obvious FACT: TSP contributions will lower your can leverage a simple retirement savings plan into a
investment strategy, but the tax planning strategy is earned income, which could help you qualify for big bottom line benefit on next year’s tax bill. Happy
here: You can plan your contributions so that you the earned income credit. If you will qualify for tax year. Please take early advantage of your local
qualify for and maximize your tax credits. By doing the EIC, you can increase the size of the credit Tax Assistance Centers.
Feb. 16, 2007
14 The Morning Calm Weekly

Feb. 16-22

The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd Apocalypto The Messangers The Good Shepherd Apocalypto Let’s Go To Prison
(R) 8:20 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m.
The Good Shepherd Catch and Release Catch and Release Apocalypto No Show No Show No Show
(R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. .
The Messangers The Messangers The Messangers A Good Year A Good Year The Pursiut of Happiness The Pursiut of Happiness
(PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9:00 p.m. (PG13) 9:00 p.m. (PG13) 9:00 p.m. (PG13) 9:00 p.m.
Borat The Messangers The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd The Messangers The Good Shepherd Apocalypto
(R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Norbit Norbit Rocky Balboa No Show No Show No Show The Pursiut of Happiness
(R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m.

Apocalypto — From Academy The Good Shepherd — The Norbit — A meek and lovable Rocky Balboa — Former Casino Royale — After a great
Award winning filmmaker Mel tumultuous early history of the milquetoast married to an heavyweight champion Rocky deal of discussion on the part of
Gibson comes ‘Apocalypto’: a Central Intelligence Agency is overbearing, overweight tyrant finds Balboa steps out of retirement and fans and producers alike over
heart stopping mythic action- viewed through the prism of one his life turned upside down when he back into the ring, pitting himself Daniel Craig’s (The mother, Munich)
adventure set against the turbulent man’s life in The Good Shepherd, meets the woman of his dreams in against a new rival decades after suitability for the role of James
end times of the once great Mayan an espionage drama starring this romantic comedy starring Eddie his initial glory. Bond, he more than proves himself
civilization. When his idyllic Academy Award® winners Matt Murphy, Thandie Newton, Cuba When a computer simulated boxing in this explosive revamping of the
existence is brutally disrupted by Damon, Angelina Jolie and Robert Gooding Jr., and Eddie Griffin. His match declares Rocky Balboa the franchise. Under the direction of
.a violent invading force, a man is De Niro and directed by Robert De entire life, Norbit (Murphy) has been victor over current champion Mason Martin Campbell (The mask of
taken on a perilous journey to a Niro. Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) picked on and put down, and after “The Line” Dixon, the legendary zorro) and with Paul Haggis
world ruled by fear and understands the value of secrecy— being bullied into marrying the most fighter’s passion and spirit are (Crash) helping with the re-writes,
oppression where a harrowing discretion and commitment to honor obnoxious woman in town (also reignited. this addition to the Bond canon
end awaits him. Through a twist have been embedded in him since Murphy) it appears as if that’s the But when his desire to fight in small, manages to hold true to the
of fate and spurred by the power childhood. As an eager, optimistic way things will remain until the day regional competitions is trumped by essence of the stories the
of his love for his woman and his student at Yale, he is recruited to he dies. Upon meeting the one promoters calling for a rematch of villainous villains, the fabulous sets,
family he will make a desperate join the secret society Skull and woman who seems to accept him for the cyber-fight, Balboa must weigh the beautiful women, the fast-
break to return home and to Bones, a brotherhood and breeding who he is, Norbit is instilled with a the mental and physical risks of a paced action while updating the
ultimately save his way of life. ground for future world leaders. newfound sense of hope for the high profile exhibition match against formula with subtlety and humanity.
Wilson’s acute mind, spotless future. In order to find true happiness, his need to be in the ring. Trading in the Cold War era for a
reputation and sincere belief in however, Norbit will first have to new, post-9-11 landscape, the tale
American values render him a prime gather the courage to stand up to his unfolds in locations including the
candidate for a career in monstrous spouse once and for all. Bahamas, Venice, and the Czech
intelligence, and he is soon recruited Republic. It opens in Madagascar,
to work for the OSS (the precursor where Bond pursues a guerilla
to the CIA) during WWII. bomb-maker in one of the most
breathtaking chase scenes ever.

The Cleanser No Show Casino Royale Blood Diamond No Show No Show No Show
(PG13) 6:45 p.m. (PG13) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m.
Night at the Museum Night at the Museum Norbit Norbit Norbit The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd
(PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (R) 9:30 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Apocalypto The Good Shepherd Saw III Rocky Balboa Apocalypto No Show Norbit
(PG) 9 p.m. (R) 8:20 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Apocalypto The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd Apocalypto No Show Norbit The Good Shepherd
(R) 7 p.m. (R) 8:20 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Norbit Norbit Norbit The Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd Apocalypto Apocalypto
(R) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (R) 8 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Eragon Eragon Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa Convenant Convenant
(PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
Eragon Eragon Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa A Good year A Good Year The Grudge 2
(PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 9:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
Feb. 16, 2007
The Morning Calm Weekly 15
Making the Grade
By Chaplain (Ltc.) Jim King cooperation and contribution to group effort become benefit of the individuals who possess them. They
IMCOM-Korea and Area II Installation Staff Chaplain more important. There is one “C” that is most likely are to be used to help the entire family. Each person

eport card time is always interesting in our to earn the entire team an “A.” is able to contribute to ministry that enables the entire
households. Some kids proudly present Collaboration is the one “C” that is most likely to group to accomplish its purpose. Using our gifts
their report card to their parents, while earn the entire team an “A.” Collaboration is individually will result in a limited measure of ministry
others hope Mom and Dad do not ask about it. The working together jointly to solve a problem or to success. Using our gifts to help others minister
results of our efforts may be surprising, confusing, or accomplish a goal. By definition, collaboration multiplies our effectiveness. (If I were a math major,
even astounding. Parents, children, and teachers transcends the limits of any one individual. Any of us I could show you that it multiplies exponentially!) It is
huddle in conferences to discuss how to improve may be clever and inventive, but collaboration lets us not enough just to do well at what I do; it is essential
grades. How can we improve our performance in tap into each other’s creativity. As thoughts and to work together as part of a team that helps all of its
life? The secret is in turning a “C” into an “A.” suggestions bounce off one another, unimagined members excel.
Turning a “C” into an “A” may involve hard work, possibilities begin to form in front of us. Creativity Would you like to raise your grades? Would you
but it is even more important to “work smart.” In stimulates increasing creativity. Previously unheard- like to turn a “C” into an “A”? You may not be in
school, we are each expected to prove ourselves by of ideas emerge, and each idea grows stronger. school anymore, but your learning, performance, and
doing our own work. We compete against a Collaborating in God’s work increases the grades never mattered more. Multiply your
standard, against ourselves, and even against others. effectiveness of God’s people. Scriptures speak of effectiveness with the giftedness of others in God’s
Students may be compared against one another, and “spiritual gifts” which are abilities for ministry that family. Look for ways to help others serve God, and
try to excel by out-doing each other. In real life, God places within us. These gifts are not for the you will begin to discover the power of collaboration.

Area II Worship Services

CatholicMass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 9:30a.m. HannamVillageChapel 3rd Tues. 11:45a.m. MemorialChapel
11:30a.m. MemorialChapel (Korean) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - For information , call 738-3011
Tues./Wed. 12:05p.m. 121HospitalChapel 10 a.m. South Post Chapel
Mon./Thur. 12:05p.m. MemorialChapel 10 a.m. Multipurpose
Saturday 5 p.m. MemorialChapel Training Facility (R.O.C.K.)
Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel 10:30a.m. K-16 Community
Protestant Services Chapel
Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. MemorialChapel 11 a.m. HannamVillageChapel
United Pentecostal Sunday 1:30 p.m. MemorialChapel Noon South Post Chapel
Collective Protestant (Gospel)
Sunday 8 a.m. MemorialChapel KATUSA Thursday 6:30 p.m. MemorialChapel
9:30a.m. 121HospitalChapel KCFA 2ndTues. 11:45a.m. MemorialChapel
Feb. 16, 2007
16 The Morning Calm Weekly

TAS dominates
KAIAC cheer
By Galen Putnam
Area IV Public Affairs
CAMP GEORGE – The home team put on a
powerhouse performance as first time host Taegu
American School took first place in both the Varsity
and Junior Varsity Divisions at the Korean American
Interscholastic Activities Conference Cheerleading
Competition Saturday at TAS on Camp George.
The win marks TAS’s fifth straight KAIAC
Cheerleading Competition title. In addition, all five TAS
seniors who entered the All-Star Competition received
individual honors. PHOTOS BY GALEN PUTNAM

Cheerleader of the Year honors went to Jon Marc Yongsan International School of Seoul varsity cheerleaders junior Hong Yoo-jung, (foreground right) and sophomore Diana Goh, perform during
Ha of Taejon Christian International School. the Korean American Interscholastic Activities Conference Cheerleading Competition Saturday at Taegu American School on Camp George.
Results of the day-long competition are:
Team Varsity
1st place – TAS
2nd place – Seoul American High School
3rd place – International Christian School –
4th place – International Christian School –
5th place – Seoul International School
Team Junior Varsity
1st place – TAS
2nd place – Osan American High School
3rd place – ICS – U
4th place – SIS
5th place – Yongsan International School of Seoul
6th place – Taejon Christian International School
7th place – Korean International School
Individual “All-Stars”
Kara Kitchens, OAHS
Maria Rossi, OAHS
Abby Lee, SIS
Hannah No, TCIS
Brittany Ferguson, TAS
Jesse Covan, TAS
Chris Ungauay, TAS
Kerry Beaulieu, TAS
Aimee Hildenbrand, TAS

The International Christian School - Uijongbu Eagles Varsity Taegu American School senior Jesse Covan balances atop the
Cheerleading Team performs a Full and-a-half Pyramid. outstretched hands of her teammates.

The Seoul International School Tigers Varsity Cheerleading

Members of the Taegu American School Warriors Varsity Cheerleading Squad show their enthusiasm during their routine. Team forms the letter “S” with pom-poms.
The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 17
Feb. 16, 2007
18 MWR The Morning Calm Weekly

HALO Tournament
Korea Region MWR will host the 2007
“Halo 3” Team Tournament Feb.24, at
the K-16 Community Activities Center.
Registration will begin at noon
followed by a tournament briefing at
12:30 p.m.
The competition will commence at 1
p.m. and continue until completed. An
awards ceremony will conclude the
Tour tournament will be based on team
All players will play the same game,
“Halo 3.”
The team with the highest combined
score, during the competitive phases
of the tournament, will be determined
the winner.
Spike Davis Steve Brown Sherman Golden
Please contact your local MWR CAC
or DSN 723-8510 for more information. Special to The Morning Calm Comic View, A&E’s Evening at the
IMCOM-Korea MWR Improv and Showtimes Laffapalooza
BOSS Winter Games
YONGSAN, South Korea – The are a few of his credits.
Single and unaccompanied Soldiers
Morale Welfare and Recreation Steve is distinctly recognized by
ready to hit the slopes for the BOSS
began the first showcase of his high-pitched voice and high-
Winter Games weekend getaway must
sign up now at your local CAC. “Comedy ROK’s” Feb. 10 at the energy physical antics. He has
The trip costs $99 for accommodation, Yongsan Main Post Club. Shaun appeared on Russell Simon’s Def
equipment rentals and the lift ticket. Jones, Sherman Golden, Spike Davis Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View,
An awards banquet will follow the and Steve Brown brought fun, Puff Daddy’s and HBO’s Bad Boys
event. laughter and top notch comedy to of Comedy and Tom Joyner Morning
Full payment must be received at the Army MWR clubs. Show.
time of registration. Please visit your Shaun’s act mixes some realistic Raised in the South by his
local MWR to register because there truths with a little originality to set religious grandparents, Steve enjoys
are limited seating. the crowd into fits. His jokes range giving back to the community. He
Bataan Memorial Qualifier from good relationships gone bad, to hosts a weekly comedy show which
The 13.1 mile road march will take place living with bad credit, to the night showcases local talent and raises
Feb. 24 at Camp Casey’s Carey Fitness club scene – but he adds his own funds for charities. He is also an
Center. Registration begins at 7 a.m., twist of humor to make his show Shaun Jones active member of Omega Psi Phi
followed by the course briefing. truly enjoyable. Shaun has Spike spends most of his weekend fraternity.
The race begins at 8:15 a.m. performed at numerous comedy performing at comedy clubs and Comedy ROKs is brought to you
requirements include battle dress clubs, been seen on BET’s Comic college campuses. He has toured by MWR. The series will run
uniform, minimum 35 lbs. in rucksack View, and appeared in the Jim quarterly and feature top notch
with Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx,
and a full canteen or Camelback. Hi-tech
Carey’s “Ace Ventura” movie. Chris Rock and Cedric the comedians.
boots are authorized, and no LBEs or
helmets are required.
Sherman is a fine young Entertainer. As the first African- All performances are open to ID
The winning team will advance and performer of urban comedy. He has American game show host on BET’s card holders, free of charge.
represent 8th U.S. Army at the Bataan appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy “On The Beat,” Spike has won over Material is not suitable for those 17
Memorial Road March, March 25. Jam alongside Joe Torry, Guy Torry crowds with his easy smile and or under. For more information,
For more information contact your local and host Martin Lawrence. His warm personality landing him the please contact your local MWR
MWR sports office or Henri Leborgne comedy is fresh and raw – a sure star of “What’s Up Spike” – a Entertainment Office or DSN 723-
at 732-6276. crowd pleaser. children’s comedy show. BET’s 3749.

Catch the Last Few Shows

Date Time Installation Location
Feb.17 7 p.m. K-16 Landing Zone
Feb.18 8 p.m. Camp Walker Hilltop Club
Feb. 20 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Hideaway Club
Feb. 21 7 p.m. Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s
The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 19
Feb. 16, 2007
The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 Page 21

KATUSA Soldiers’ dedication, hard work keep

the Central Issue Facility operating smoothly
Pfc. Im, Suk Chun can hold on to our daily missions,” Park said. the dust and no air conditioning at all,” Pfc. Kim, H.W.
USAG Humphreys PAO Senior KATUSA Shin offers a leader’s perspective. said. “Nevertheless, I see my senior KATUSA and other
CAMP HUMPHREYS—Six Korean Augmentation “It is the job of senior KATUSA to supervise and Soldiers doing their jobs and I guess that doesn’t really
to The United States Army Soldiers assigned to Central monitor soldiers on top of regular CIF work. Though leave me any room for complaints. It’s always the
Issue Facility here rarely have a moment to spare from some of them don’t seem very content with dusty people who you work with who determine the quality
day to day because they are always busy taking care and crowded CIF, it is my job to motivate them if they of working condition.”
of incoming and outgoing Soldiers. are not working as hard as they are supposed to,” he Whatever the working conditions at CIF one thing
The six have a tough, unglamorous job but they said. is certain; the six KATUSA Soldiers who work there
know it is an essential mission they must complete Despite the sometimes tough working environment will continue to serve with pride and dedication for
each day and they do it without complaint. at CIF the KATUSAs soldier on. they understand just how important the job of taking
Senior KATUSA Sgt. Shin, S. H. leads the CIF “We sometimes can’t really help complaining about care of their fellow Soldiers is.
KATUSAs and enjoys working with them.
“I really do enjoy working with my junior Soldiers
at CIF,” Shin said. “The job here is tough, but their
support and contribution make the job rather
Just like the other KATUSA Soldiers all CIF
KATUSAs were college students before being called
up by the Korean government for their mandatory-
military service. As liberal college students, the Soldiers
found it quite difficult to get used to the tough labor
they encountered in CIF and the tight schedule they
had to follow as members of Headquarters,
Headquarters Company, US Army Garrison Humphreys
and Area III.
“There has been some dramatic change in my life
since I came here,” said Pfc. Son, W. I. “I was a
college student at Miami University in Ohio before I
came to military. Well, I was pretty much always free
to do whatever I wanted, being just a sophomore
college student. But now I’m literary carrying and
piling boxes of equipment seven hours a day.”
Although not all CIF KATUSAs have unique
backgrounds like Son, they share the same sense of
responsibility, best summed up by Pfc. Park, B. H.
“It is important to understand where we belong
and what we are working for. Our jobs are very routine PFC. IM, SUK CHUN
and require rigorous labor all day long. But we all KATUSA Soldiers at the Humphreys Central Issue Facility assist a Solder with his equipment issue. KATUSA’s play an
understand our responsibility and it is exactly why we important role at the CIF.

Virtual Family Readiness Group: 1-43 ADA bridges gap from the Han to the Rio Grande
By Staff Sgt. Tony T. Williams Battalion conducted its monthly Video goal of the two hour conference was not only at Fort Bliss, but those in
1-43 ADA BN Command Group Tele Conference (VTC) Feb.1 with the to discuss integration procedures for Korea and throughout the continental
SUWON AIR BASE – The 1st Family Readiness Group (FRG) Soldiers and family members coming United States.
Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery located at Fort Bliss, Texas. The main to and from the Fort Bliss and Korea “I have been involved with unit
communities. rotations to Korea since they first
“The successful organization of started, and this is the best I have seen
VTC FRG meetings is the result of so far,” said Mrs. Jennifer Evanko,
substantial efforts by FRG FRG Coordinator
Coordinators at Fort Bliss and Korea, “I am very happy with the FRG
and the full support of the Chain of VTCs,” said Mrs. Rusty Milam, the
Command” said Mrs. Holly Chavez, Charlie Battery, 1-43 ADA FRG
1-43 ADA FRG Advisor Leader. “We’re glad to have the
Heading the VTC were Lt. Col. opportunity to ask questions and get
John R. Chavez, Commander of 1-43 answers on issues. We are looking
ADA and unit commanders from Osan, forward to the full establishment of
Suwon, and Camp Casey and FRG the battalion FRG WebPages”
leaders from Fort Bliss. Major points of concern included
“With units rotating from Fort Bliss, Command information regarding unit
we have capitalized on the family deployments, The Virtual Family
enclave that exists there and leveraged Readiness Group website (vFRG),
their ideas and good practices to form Unit FRG Newsletters, Health of
PHOTO BY MAJ. ROLAND QUIDACHAY sound VRGs here in Korea.” said FRGs, and telephone and email
1-43 ADA leaders Tele Conference with Fort Bliss FRG members as they answer their Chavez. “These Ideas and practices notification processes for all families
questions and address their concerns about FRG issues. reach out to family members located within the battalion.
Feb. 16, 2007
Area III The Morning Calm Weekly

File Your Taxes for Free
with tax preparation by going over
NOW the forms and documentation that
M A N D E N D T O RY Soldiers need for filing taxes,” said
The SOS is scheduled for Feb.26 & Capt. Brian Tomasovic, Officer-in-
27 at the Community Activity Center, Charge of the Area III Tax Center.
8 a.m. It is mandatory for spouses to Each unit tax advisor is trained
attend prior to receiving a permanent in the Internal Revene Servoce
ration control card. Register thru Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
sponsors’ unit, FRG assistance or program. They posses the most up-
directly to ACS. Info. 753-8401. to-date tax information from the
AAFES LUNAR Unit tax advisors will guide
NEW YEAR HOURS personnel through the tax
All AAFES facilities will operate preparation process to make it as
normal hours on Sat. & Mon, Feb 17 easy and painless as
& 19. Hours for Lunar New Year’s possible.Tomasovic encourages
Day, Sun, Feb. 18. Camp Humphreys individuals to meet with their unit
Main Exchange, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Burger Staff Sgt. Marlowe Howard, (L) NCOIC of the Area III Tax Center assists Sgt. 1st Class tax advisors because they can
King & Pizza Hut, 0630-10 p.m. Food
Edward Woolfolk, 348th Quartermaster Company, with filing his taxes. determine each individuals filing
Court: Taco Bell, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.,
Anthony’s Pizza & Popeye’s, 10 a.m.
By F. Neil Neeley necessary. Thursday. only by The unit tax advisors are
- 9 p.m. Both Subways: 11:30 – 6 p.m.
USAG Humphreys PAO appointment, Call 753-3905 trained to provide informed tax
Military Clothing Sales, Closed.
Sorak Shoppette and Zoeckler CAMP HUMPHREYS – As April Personnel stationed at outlying posts assistance. In fact, each unit
Shoppette, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. Jangmi 15 approaches ever nearer, we will have access to tax assistants on a tax advisor must receive
Shoppette, Closed; All Concessions, realize that yet another tax season is weekly basis. Staff members from the Vo l u n t e e r Income Ta x
Closed. Theater and post Taxi, normal upon us. It’s time to focus on filing Area III Tax Center will be available at A s s i s t a n c e ( V I TA ) t r a i n i n g
hours. On Long/Eagle, Suwon and your taxes. Camps Long and Eagle the first three given by the Internal Revenue
Yong In All AAFES exchanges, If the thought of filling out all Wednesdays of every month. The hours Service.
snack bars and concessionaires will those tax forms gives you a at Camp Long are from 9 - 11.30 a.m. Tax filers can obtain tax forms
be closed. headache, the Area III Tax Center and Eagle from 1 – 4 p.m. and track their electronic returns at
has a solution that will put your Service will be provided at Suwon the Internal Revenues Service Web
COMMUNITY mind at ease. Air Force Base later in the tax season site ( Soldiers and
BANK LUNAR NEW The Tax Center is ready to assist at a date and time to be determined. civilians with MyPay accounts can
YEAR HOLIDAY you in preparing and filing your Check the news and notes section of obtain their W-2s electronically at
HOURS federal and state income taxes and Area III’s pages in the Morning Calm the MyPay Web site
The Community Bank will be closed it won’t cost you anything. It is Weekly for updated information. (
Feb. 17-19 (Sat. - Mon.) for Lunar located in the rear of the Red Cross, Although no appointment is The Area III Tax Center will
New Year. ATMs, telephone and Building 262 on Camp Humphreys. necessary, before meeting with any of remain open until May 15, 2007.
online banking will be available. All authorized identification card the Area III Tax Center staff, most From May 15 through June 15, tax
holders may obtain tax assistance at personnel are encouraged to make an assistance will be provided by
the Tax Center. The hours are appointment with their unit tax advisor. appointment at the Camp
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Soldiers can find out who their unit Humphreys Legal Center.
The United States Forces Korea Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday, tax advisor is through the chain of For more information, call the
and Eighth Army Inspector 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. No appointment command. “The unit tax advisor helps Area III Tax Center at 753-3905.
General’s Office is looking for
Officers and NCOs who desire to
become Inspector Generals in Areas
II and III. You should be in the rank
of Maj. (Branch immaterial) and Sgt.
1st class (MOS 42A/42L and 92Y)
to serve as Inspectors General.
New Korean Culture Teacher at HAES
There is also an opening for an By Nancy Turner
Inspector General position in the HAES Information Specialist
rank of Capt. (Career Course CAMP HUMPHREYS –
graduate and successful Company- Humphreys American Elementary
level command) at Camp School has a new Korean Culture
Humphreys. teacher, Pak Nam-chi. Before
Info call Ltc. Eady at 725-6739. coming to HAES Pak worked in
Korean middle and high schools
TOBACCO teaching English.
CESSATION At HAES Pak teaches students
CLASSES SET about the culture of the Korean
If you’re ready to quit using any
people. She is currently teaching the
form of tobacco, you are invited to
students a traditional Korean New
attend the next monthly Tobacco
Year song.
Cessation class held at your
installation. Classes are held weekly, Pak also brought Korean
traditional clothing to show the (L to R) 1st graders Robert Donnelly, Lexi Saldana, and Trisha Galon from Gail Hibbard’s
one hour each for four weeks. Cold
Turkey, nicotine replacement and/or students. She talked to them about class, listen attentively as Pak Nam-chi shows traditional Korean costumes.
Zyban are offered. You’ll get how Koreans typically spent the family gatherings, holidays, Korean leave Korea with a deep
support, education and behavior Korean New Year day. Children’s Day, the Korean Hangul understanding of the differences in
modification techniques, nutrition Students also learn many things alphabet, Korean language greeting and people’s customs and culture around
information and Stress about Korean culture including bowing, and Korean folktales. the world and the Korean culture in
Management. Korean foods, games songs, dress, Because of Pak, HAES students will particular.
The Morning Calm Weekly Area III Feb. 16, 2007 23

Antiterrorism is everyone’s business

Antiterrorism Executive Committee, composed of the
installation’s senior leaders.
“The stuff we execute in the working groups we
brief to the commanders,” Teague said.
“We provide a snapshot of the previous several
months and the next several months.”
In the end, however, the program’s success
depends on everyone’s participation and support,
Teague emphasized.
Even something as simple as showing patience
while waiting in a line of cars to enter post is essential.
Fortunately for US Army Garrison Humphreys and
Area III, everyone plays their part.
“People here actively participate and it’s great,”
Teague concluded.
BOB MCELROY And, the bottom line is: when the antiterrorism
US Army Garrison Humphreys Antiterrorism Officer Ed Teague (C) points out some of the features on the new Mass program is a success the installation is safe and secure.
Notification System to Lt. Col. John N. McCarthy, commander of 527th Military Intelligence Battalion (L) and USAG
Humphreys Fire Chief Dominic Parra (R). The MNS can broadcast aural warnings and live or recorded voice messages
covering a number of different incidents. There are some simple measures
By Bob McElroy confused with counterterror measures. Anti-terror people can take when the potential
USAG Humphreys PAO measures are those precautions and protections a terrorist threat to American citizens
CAMP HUMPHREYS—If you were to tell person, organization or installation takes to deter, is high:
someone that waiting in traffic at the main gate while
the security guards checked identification cards is part
detect, defend or mitigate a terrorist attack.
Counter terror measures are more direct, he
· Do not travel alone when possible—
of the post’s antiterrorism program they might be said. When you take the attack to the terrorist in use the buddy system.
surprised or skeptical but it would be the truth.
According to Ed Teague, U.S. Army Garrison
order to eliminate the threat, that is
· Do not stay in clubs that do not check
ID cards or allow backpacks
Humphreys Antiterrorism Officer, antiterrorism Teague said that some of the keys to a successful
measures can range from the simplest measures like
checking IDs, reporting suspicious people or anything
antiterrorism program are: antiterrorism awareness,
training, resources—money, equipment and facilities—
· Protect your post, your unit and
that seems unusual to more elaborate measures. periodic exercises to evaluate a program’s effectiveness your family members by being aware of
The most important thing to remember, he stressed, and doctrinal development. your surroundings and actively engaging in
is that antiterrorism is everyone’s business—Soldiers, At the installation level, Antiterrorism Working security and protective measures.
Civilians and Family Members.
“It’s a team effort,” Teague stressed. “It is everyone
Groups provide a forum for unit and organization
Antiterrorism Officers (ATO) to discuss “the nuts and
· Report any suspicious persons or
someone who acts and looks out of place
from the Directorate of Public Works, to the bolts” antiterrorism work, Teague noted.
Directorate of Logistics, the fire department to the The ATWGs meet several times per quarter Teague to the Camp Humphreys Military
Red Cross. We are all participants and people said. Intelligence Detachment. The 24-hour
understand that. During the meetings the ATOs discuss current issues phone number is 010-3100-0171.
Teague said that anti-terror measures should not be and problems and prepare a briefing for the

35th ADA Hosts ROK Cadets Aviation Commander visits 2nd CAB
By 1st. Lt. David C. Marlow Patriot missile system by the Capt. By USAG PAO During his visit, Packett visited
35th ADA Public Affairs Kendahl Ferguson, 35th ADA Air CAMP HUMPHREYS – Maj. 2nd CAB Soldiers at Camp
OSAN AIR BASE - Cadets from the Defense Artillery Fire Coordination Gen Virgil L. Packett II, Humphreys, Camp Eagle, and K16.
Korean Military Academy visited Osan Officer. Commanding General, U.S. Army At each location he received mission
Air Base Feb. 8 for a military to military It was truly an eye-opening Aviation Warfighting Center and Fort briefs and took time to speak with
exchange with the 35th Air Defense experience for the ROK Cadets. “This Rucker, Ala., visited the 2nd Combat Soldiers.
Artillery Brigade. was my first time on a U.S. Military Aviation Brigade Jan.31. Packett commented on the
The cadets were taken on a tour of a Base and my first time meeting U.S. Packett was invited to Korea to importance of 2d CAB, its Soldiers,
Patriot tactical site and briefed on the Officers,” said third year Cadet Jae Uk be the featured speaker at the and the mission in Korea. He
Hong. “This trip gave me a better annual Army Aviation Winter acknowledged the tough mission on
understanding of Americans and I Formal held Feb. 2 at the Grand the peninsula and thanked Soldiers
gained perspective on the types of Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. for their service to the nation.
capabilities we have within the
combined alliance.”
Fellow third year Cadet, Kwon Joong
Lee, came away from the visit with even
stronger feeling about the importance of
the ROK-US Alliance. “When I see these
types of advanced capabilities, it re-
emphasizes to me the strength and
importance of the alliance.”
It was a positive experience for
Americans as well. “This is definitely
1ST. LT. DAVID C. MARLOW one of the great aspects of doing a tour
Capt. Kendahl Ferguson, Air Defense here in Korea,” said Capt. Ferguson. F. NEIL NEELEY

Artillery Fire Coordination Officer for 35th “The cadets were all very bright and (L to R) Maj. Gen. Packett chats with CPT Adam Shields, D Company 2nd CAB
ADA Brigade, briefs cadets on the Patriot kept me on my toes with excellent during his visit to a maintenance hanger Jan. 31.
missile system. questions about the weapon system.
Feb. 16, 2007
24 The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 Page 25

Tough Soldier boxing draws big card, crowd

16 bouts provide
Female boxer’s
plenty of action
By Senior Airman Stephen Collier
fighting spirit
8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

CAMP CARROLL – It was an

an inspiration
evening of nonstop hits, jabs and upper By Senior Airman Stephen Collier
cuts, not to mention bloody noses, 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
during Camp Carroll’s Tough Soldier
The lights are dim but the crowd
II Boxing Invitational Saturday at the
is at a roar. Two fights have
Crown Jewel Fitness Center.
already transpired, with two Army
The multi-service competition,
boxers already winning big in their
sponsored by Army Morale, Welfare
separate weight divisions. A
and Recreation and the Better
thousand thoughts are probably
Opportunities for Single (and
running through her head, because
Unaccompanied) Soldiers Program,
this particular five foot, four inch
pitted male and female pugilists,
Soldier representing not only the
including a large contingent from Osan
PHOTOS SENIOR AIRMAN STEPHEN COLLIER Army or her unit, but her family
and Kunsan air bases, against Soldiers BY

David Medlin, 188th Military Police Company, Camp Walker, (right) takes a swing at Kumar Members who has struggled to get her here,
from throughout the peninsula. The
from Kunsan Air Base during their middleweight bout. Members took a unanimous 3-0 decision. is praying for a miracle.
raucous event featured 16 bouts and
A stern look on the face of Pvt.
lasted a total of three hours. the first round. David Medlin from respective trophies.
Berenice Macias, a chemical,
The evening began with Carroll took on bluesuiter Kumar The women entered the ring once
biological, radiological and nuclear
middleweight fighters Derek “Dmon” Members shortly after, but lost out more, but this time it was David versus
readiness specialist, with the 169th
Linville of Camp Carroll and Kunsan’s more to exhaustion then Member’s Goliath with the larger Nekya Allmond
Signal Company at Camp Walker,
Ernest Lee sparring and dancing right arm, eventually capitulating on the taking on smaller, first-time Air Force
greets the Army fans as she
through the three rounds. Pressing ropes. fighter Nakisha Simon. Simon’s
slowly, but steadily makes her way
right jabs delivered by Lee helped With a cocky smile, Kaky Emiliano inexperience was her undoing with
to the boxing ring Saturday at the
secure his win. Soon after, Exavier jumped into the ring next, taking on the Allmond putting her down on the mat
Camp Carroll Tough Soldier II
Rutlen took down Kunsan’s Jesus Army’s Andre Ely. Ely held his own twice in rounds two and three. The
Boxing Invitational.
Salas after making the Air Force boxer early on, but the pounding hits of crowd knew the outcome and Allmond
She has only one objective this
bleed. Emiliano forced the fighter on the came out on top.
Soon after, the first female fighters defense through round three, losing out In the first of two super
“I wanna win,” exclaims the
of the evening took to the ring to the Airman. Powerful for his heavyweight fights for the night, Camp
sharp voice of Macias, Mexican
representing the women’s middleweight class, Christopher Carroll’s Larry Howard faced off
by birth. One need only look deeper
bantamweight class. Camp Carroll’s Howard of Carroll lined up his right and against Osan’s Tyrone Gamble.
into this young woman’s eyes to
own Antoinette Dawson took on Camp left jabs for the last male Air Force Howard blasted out of his corner,
reveal more than just a determined
Walker’s Bernice Macias, but lost out fighter of the night, Richard Cordova. meeting head-on the undefended face
fighter. One could guess that more
to the smaller, more agile Macias after Cordova, who could barely defend of Gamble. Howard’s gatling-gun arms
than just a win and more than just
seeing stars; the effect of Macias’s himself against a superior Howard, lost fired away at the face and mid section
a trophy are on the line.
brutal, swift multiple punches. out to the Soldier. of Gamble early on, and Gamble would
And there is. The 19-year old
Once again, Air Force fighters, who Camp Carroll’s Jeffrey Caceres never recover. After two more big hits
from Dallas has been fighting all
won five out of eight fights, took to the lined up to take on Camp Eagle’s to the chin, Howard secured his
her life, sometimes for trophies, but
ring with Jesse McLeod knocking out Michael Neely next. Both fighters victory.
mostly for survival. Getting into
the Army’s Christopher Carter 1:30 into would fall to the ground from each Robert Drury from Carroll entered
boxing at the tender age of 11,
other’s hits in the second round, but the ring next with Camp Eagle’s
however, started out simply as fun.
Neely eventually prevailed with Michael Gant close behind. Drury,
“My dad brought me into
Caceres finding his way out of the taking advantage of Gant’s long reach,
boxing,” Macias explained. “He
ropes. stayed inside the Eagle fighter’s optimal
said it was never a female sport
Long-reaching Simon Hernandez range, taking away his only hope of
because in Mexico females don’t
was next, taking on Matthew Altonj victory. With his strong forearm, Drury
box. But, he said to me ‘you are
from Camp Walker. Hernandez started took the match from Gant early on.
going to take up boxing.’All I could
early, pounding on Altonj’s head, leaving A stern Tyrone Sumrall from Camp
do was agree, even though I didn’t
him looking tired at the end of the Carroll sized up powerhouse Julio
want to. The first time I was in
second round. Hernandez took the win Ramos during the last fight of the night
the ring, I was up against a little
when referee Kim Yong-hon ended the in the super heavyweight division. Both
boy who ended up beating me up.”
fight 28 seconds into round three. fighters pounded away at each other,
The trial-by-fire boxing match,
Middleweight boxer Nakisha Simon throws a Larry Jordan and Annela Taylor but Ramos packed a heavy punch and
which deflated an already-
right jab to the undefended face of Nekya faced off next with David Ford and put Sumrall on the ground. With a fierce
distraught Macias, led to a two-
Allmond, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery, Davis Striedlinger following. Both fan base behind him, Ramos countered
month hiatus from the sport. But
Camp Carroll. Simon, assigned to the 8th fights started slow, and both ended with a second-round attack from Sumrall by
her father had other plans.
Fighter Wing at Kunsan Air Base, lost out to a Jordan taking down Taylor and Ford throwing him to the ground. Ramos
stronger Allmond after three rounds. keeping Striedlinger at bay to take their later took the win. See Boxer on Page 28
Feb. 16, 2007
26 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

Personality Spotlight:
Holiday Weekend
Road Restrictions
Due to the extremely high traffic
Runners make All-Army Cross Country Team
volume expected during the Korean Area IV Public Affairs the All-Army Cross Country team press time). Meet two Soldiers who,
Lunar New Year and American CAMP HENRY – Two Soldiers slated to compete in the Armed although very different from one
President’s Day holidays, off post from Daegu have been selected to Forces Championship Feb 8 – 11 in another, share a common bond and
road restrictions will be in effect. The represent the Army as members of Boulder Colo. (results unavailable at common goals.
road condition will be RED Feb. 17 –
19 and AMBER today and Feb. 20. Sgt. 1st Class Lt. Col.
Dispatches for Transportation Motor
Pool vehicles will not be issued
Angella R. Jackson Marty Muchow
without the required authorization per
United States Forces Korea Duty Position: Duty Position: Plans
Regulation 190-1. For information, call Emergency Operation Officer, Defense Logistics
Wilfred Plumley at 768-8969. Center non-commissioned Agency – Pacific Korea,
officer in charge, 19th Camp Walker
Black History Month Sustainment Command Hometown: Hartford,
Fun Run/Walk (Expeditionary), Camp S.D.
A Black History Month 5-kilometer Henry Age: 41
Fun Run/2-Mile Walk will be held 9
Hometown: Fort When did you start
a.m. Saturday, at Kelly Fitness Center
Lauderdale, Florida running? I ran some track
on Camp Walker. Registration is 8 –
8:45 a.m. First and second place Age: 33 and cross country in high school but decided I did not
finishers will receive awards. For When did you start running: I started running in enjoy it enough to continue after high school. Being in the
information, call Kelly Fitness Center 1999 at Fort Bragg, but not seriously at first military I had to complete the 2 mile run for my PT tests
at 764-4225/4800. Why did you start running: I have to give great and run in formation occasionally as a necessity but not
credit to my husband, who is athletic and always by choice. 16 years after any serious running, I arrived in
Community encouraged me to find a sport of my choice, although Korea in June 2000. My 20th ASG S-3 Sergeant Major
Information Exchange running was not one of his suggested choices. I have to (now Mr. Pat Noble in 19th ESC Support Operations)
The monthly Community Information also give credit for my starting to run to SFC (Ret) had a running club and kept asking me to join them. I
Exchange Forum will be 9 – 10 a.m.
Murphy. He was my coach on Fort Bragg, and he finally accepted his offer to run in the 2001 New Year’s
Wednesday at the Soldier Memorial
pushed me constantly. Resolution Run 5K race on Camp Walker. In my mind I
Chapel Fellowship Hall on Camp
Walker. Learn about everything that’s Why have you continued to run: I have to give this was still 18 and in great shape. Needless to say SGM
happening in the community. credit to Lt. Col. Sylvia Bennett. She was the one who Noble beat me (so did most people) and I even had to
Refreshments will be served and there initially got me running here in Korea. I ran with her for walk a portion of the course. I was over weight by 30 lbs
will be time at the end of the forum for a short while at Fort Bragg, and then met up with her and out of shape. I made my New Years resolution to
attendees to share information of again in Korea and we ran together for almost two start running, get in shape and someday beat the SGM. I
general interest. The forum is open to years. I have to also give credit to my coach, Patrick took me about 6 months of training but I was able to beat
the community. For information, call Noble, who I train with everyday faithfully. him in the 4th of July MWR 5km Race at Camp Walker.
J.J. Stewart at 768-8120. What is the best part of running: I just love what I was hooked!
it does to my entire being. It gives me peace of mind and Why have you continued to run? I wasted 16
Black History Month
helps to keep my body in shape! years of my running career. The potential was there, I
The Area IV Black History Month Tell us about your running career: Well, I would just never utilized it. I have lost those 30 lbs and feel
Commemoration Program, “From not say that I have a career in running; I just do it for great. I now run to see what my limits are. I don’t think I
Slavery to Freedom: The Story of personal pleasure and to keep in have reached them yet.
African’s in The Americas,” will be shape. Tell us about your running
presented Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. – What is the highlight of your The Army Women’s career: I ran my first Korean race in
1 p.m. at the Community Activity running career: Being able to go to Team took first place 2001, I placed third overall which gave
Center on Camp Carroll and 6:30 – 8:30 Washington D.C. and represent Korea me a big confidence boost and the
p.m. at the Evergreen Community Club and the Men’s Team
in the Army 10-Miler. The Korea motivation to train harder. In 2002, I
on Camp Walker. The guest speaker
AUSA Chapter, I believe, is the best second in the 2006 won my first half marathon race in
will be Col. Gracus K. Dunn,
commander, Combat Support
of all the chapters in every respect, Armed Forces Cross Seoul. When I PCSed back to the
Coordination Team #2. The program and I am sincerely not being biased. I Country Championships States in 2002, I continued to train but
will feature performances, displays, also believe that we, here in Korea, races were few and far between. I did
memoirs, prizes and soul food have the best sponsorship ever. We make the Fort Leavenworth 10-Miler
sampling. The commemorations are are supported by our entire chain of command all the Team in 2003, our team placed third and I was 78th overall
open to the community. There is no way to the top, and we are also supported by our AUSA with a time of 56:28. In 2004, I PCSed back to Korea and
charge. For information, call Master Chapter all the way to the top. It goes without saying was reunited with Pat Noble and the Daegu Area Running
Sgt. John Gough at 010-4694-9995 or that I am indeed proud to be an ambassador to the Team (DART). With the support and motivation of the
Sgt. 1st Class Adam Morrison at 010- United States Army and Korea! team, I competed in 14 Korean races in 2005, usually
What significant running events have you placing in the top five but with few wins. I completed my
participated in: I have participated in the Army Ten- only marathon in Jeju in 2005 with a time of 2 hours 45
Camp Carroll
Dodgeball Tournament Miler three times already, and I have been running minutes, finishing third. 2006 was my breakout year. I
A Dodgeball Tournament will be numerous Half Marathons all over Korea. I have taken competed in 23 Korean races (half marathons and 10-Ks),
conducted 11 a.m. Feb. 24 at Crown 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. from Seoul to Busan, I won 16 races, finished second four
Jewel Fitness Center on Camp Carroll. What running events have you won: I have won a times, and third three times. At age 40-41, I set my
Registration deadline is Feb. 22 and a few Half Marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks. personal best records in the 5-K at 14:56, the 10-K at
briefing for participants will be held How does it feel to make the All-Army Cross 31:01, half marathon 1.11:12 and 10 miles 53:21. I’m
10 a.m. Teams will consist of eight Country team: I feel great, honored and privileged to be hoping 2007 is better yet.
participants per team. Awards will be able to participate for the first time. What is the highlight of your running career?
given to the members of the first and
What are your running goals: I want to break 60 Winning the Master’s Division of the 2006 Army 10
second place teams. For information,
minutes on the next Army 10-Miler and continue to get Miler in 53 minutes, 21 seconds and being captain of the
call Kim Su-yop or Carlos Algarin at
765-8287/8118. faster and continue to win. Men’s Eighth Army 10-Miler Team that won the
What other sports do you participate in: Bowling Commander’s Cup for top Active Duty Team.
The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV 27 Feb. 16, 2007

Protective Mask P.T. Marchers show mettle at

Camp Carroll competition
By Pvt. Na Kyung-chul
Area IV Public Affairs
CAMP HENRY – A relaxing stroll
early on a Saturday morning is one
thing, but a 10-mile trek while lugging
a 35-pound rucksack is another issue
Cold weather and mere 35-pound MODESTO C. ALGARIN

rucks didn’t deter 63 hearty hikers, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery,
however, as they strapped on their team members (from left) Mark Hamstra, Charles
packs for the 10-Mile Rucksack Nelson, Corey Bradley, David Striedinger and Bryce
Challenge Feb. 3 at Camp Carroll. Keenan cross the finish line together.
“The activity was organized to
Maintenance Company, K-16 Air
promote esprit de corps,” said Modesto
Base, Seoul
C. Algarin, Crown Jewel Fitness
Individual Category – Men
Center sports and fitness director. “The
participants were really motivated. 1st Place: Edward Broadnax Jr. Co.
Soldiers, both male and female, were D, 2-1 ADA Bn.
still having fun and smiling all the way 2nd Place: David Samaniego, Co. D,
to the finish line. ” 2-1 ADA Bn.
The winners are: 3rd Place: Joshua Wilkie, Co. A, 2-
Team Category 1 ADA Bn.
1st Place: Company D, 2nd 4th Place: Roberto Enriquez, Co. D,
Sgt. 1st Class Denise Bays-Napier, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery, 2-1 ADA Bn.
Area IV Support Activity – Camp Carroll, stretches prior to unit physical training Camp Carroll, Waegwan 5th Place: Glenn R. Wilson, 595th
with protective masks Feb. 9 at Camp Carroll. The company’s Soldiers conducted 2nd Place: Company A, 2nd Maint. Co., K-16 Air Base, Seoul
physical training that culminated with a one-mile run with their M-40 Protective Civilian Category
Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery,
Masks on. The company, with Soldiers residing at Camps Henry in Daegu and
Camp Carroll, Waegwan 1st Place: Jimmie Finch, Area IV
Carroll in Waegwan, alternates training between the two installations.
Individual Category – Women American Red Cross Office, Camp
1st Place: 1st Lt. Leslie Shipp, 595th Henry, Daegu
Feb. 16, 2007
28 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

Boxer from Page 25 Her father, who moved

to America early on to find
“Between school and my mother … I had to start working
and help my sister and my brothers. She couldn’t pay for
“I stopped going for two months and everybody kept employment, made the everything by herself. So, in high school, boxing would take
asking ‘where is the little girl?’” Macias continued. decision to call for the family. up to four hours after school, which ate into homework
“Eventually, my dad told me I was going back. For the first And so they moved, placing time, but I didn’t really care because I liked boxing so
time, I saw female fighters and they were all scared to the children on an airplane much. I saw her struggling a lot, so then I gave it up. I
fight me because I had fought a boy.” bound for Dallas-Ft. Worth started working and helping her out. I gave up my life to
Soon after, Macias’s short boxing tenure had bloomed InternationalAirport. But her help hers.”
into something formidable, and by the age of 13 her boxing mother had to find an Months later, with her mother on better footing, Macias
coach wanted her to go to the next level. Macias alternate route. Like so many made the decision to join the Army. After arriving to her
“As a child, I used to play soccer and run a lot; this others in the 1990s, it was time to cross the Rio Grande. first duty assignment at Camp Walker, she started running
helped my stamina in the ring over time,” she said. “By the “My mother has worked hard all her life to raise me again. Running re-ignited her passion for boxing. On Feb.
time I turned 13, I was undefeated in my weight [class], and my family,” said a proud Macias. “My father sent for 10, she proved she still had what it takes to be a fighter
working my way up to gold gloves, then black gloves. I us to go. It was weird, but … my little sister and I, we when she defeated Antoinette Dawson, 2nd Battalion, 1st
used to eat everything bad, including [junk food]. But my came in a plane. But my mother had to cross the river. We Air DefenseArtillery, Camp Carroll, in a three-round match.
coach made me stop, [instead] making me eat vegetables didn’t know about it [at first.] We came to the U.S. and Dawson ended the bout seeing stars; an after effect of the
and a lot of crazy stuff. For weigh-ins, usually earlier before met our aunt who was already there. We waited for our pint-sized Latina’s multiple, swift and brutal punches.
the fight, we wouldn’t eat or drink [to make our weight mother who was supposed to be there two days later. She “You have to learn discipline. I’m not mean,” laughed
class].” got there four days later because the U.S. Border Patrol Macias. “I like the sport. Most of my opponents don’t like
Success had shined on a young Macias, but it hadn’t had caught some others trying to cross. My mother and me. They just wanted to beat me up. But still, I like the
always been so cut and dry. Born in the U.S., her family others waited a few days, then crossed. The way she sport.”
moved back to their native Guanajuato, Mexico to live. Still explained [how] she came, I don’t think I could of ever And Macias dreams of taking her talents in the ring
learning about the world as a toddler at two, Macias grew done it. I’m just really grateful … I would never be here if past the confines of Asia.
up fast the eight years she lived in the small village. Taking it wasn’t for her.” “I want to be a professional boxer, but it takes time and
care of family was number one priority for all, and that Approximately a year later (Macias is unsure of the dedication. I need to get school done and a lot of stuff.
meant the responsibility fell to her to heat water in cans so exact time frame), the would-be Soldier was learning English Most pro boxers don’t have school [to worry about] because
the children could bathe. She also made sure her siblings quickly while participating in the time-tested sport of boxing. [boxing] is an every day thing. You don’t have time for
were up early to go with the family to market, a mile outside For the next three to four years, boxing would dominate anything else ... just what you eat and how you train. But
the village. the high school student’s life as she practiced between 4 when I finish school, I really want to do that.”
“It’s a little town where everyone knows each other; and 8 p.m. every night, many times, blowing off homework But Macias admitted, every time she pulls on her gloves,
it’s so different,” she recalled. “We didn’t have everything and her required course work for classes. But trouble was tapes up and enters the ring, even with more experience
we have now. Over there, even showers [were different.] brewing at home. Her father suffered from alcoholism, under her belt, she still looks to the heavens for guidance,
I remember my mother telling us that is the only amount of living with the bottle while her mother desperately worked support and a little bit of luck.
water you get to use so don’t get too dirty. So I would heat menial jobs, mostly cleaning houses to keep Macias as “My first thoughts are ‘I hope she doesn’t beat me
up the water for my little brothers and sister. And you don’t well as her brothers and sister alive. up,’” Macias said. “I just pray. I am always praying. When
have air conditioning; it’s really different.” “There was too much to do,” she remembered. I don’t think about [the fight], I still think about it.”
The Morning Calm Weekly
Feb. 16, 2007 29
Feb. 16, 2007
30 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly

Learn Korean Easily

The Phrase of the Week :


“Do you understand?”

understand do you

spring ‘bom’

summer ‘yorum’

fall ‘gaul’

Situation of the Week : Fundamentals


Could you repeat it, please?

Dashi han bon malssumhae juseyo.

Please speak slowly.

Chon chonhi malssumhae juseyo.

Yes, I understand.
Ye, algessumnida.

This story is No, I don’t understand.

about: Anio, morugessumnida.


Area II Jongmarimnikka?

Of course.
prepares for Mullonijiyo.

safe Lunar Korean Expression of the W eek


Even if sky falls

New Year Haneulyi muneojyeodo
down, there is a hole
to escape.
holiday sotanal gumeongen itda.

There’s always a solution.

Feb. 16, 2007
The Morning Calm Weekly 31
Feb. 16, 2007
32 The Morning Calm Weekly