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MOMENTS OF ZIONISM (II) -Essay DocumentaryTo my mother Thaci Raisa Gherschovici

AMV Dessign / May 2011

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NOTIONS:................................................................................................................................................................2 THE BEGHINING OF NEGOTIATIONS...............................................................................................................2 DEATH OF 'SEMITIC ALLIANCE' - THE START ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT - REVOLT OF 1920..........6 AUTHOR NOTES ON MOMENTS OF ZIONISM (III).........................................................................................8 VIDEO BIBLIOGRAPHY:......................................................................................................................................9 ABOUT AUTHOR ..................................................................................................................................................10

NOTIONS: Zionism - Hebrew Nationalist Movement, his status of Congress in Basel (1987). Its purpose was Return to the Old Jewish Israel, to restore their home National Home and putting an end to persecution (as minority) in foreign countries. Pan Arab Movement Nationalist Arab Movement to build Great Arab State1, initiated by the Emir Hussein, early twentieth century, with the mentor is the Lord Lawrance and English military advisers. THE BEGHINING OF NEGOTIATIONS
On entering of English troops (led by genral. Allenby) in Palestine, in 1917 - 1918 people, comprising 560,000 Aeabs, 55,000 Hebrews, lived in an arid area and an impoverished Turkish administration, the war and blockade. In January 1918, after the Balfour Declaration, are the contacts between the Zionist Movement delegation led by Chaim Weizmann2 and the delegation led by Emir Feisal3, to

Which would have included the current territory of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iemen, Palestine, Syria, Sinai. 2 The leader of the World Zionist Congress, one of the first members of the youth organization in Berlin Chovevei Zion - Those Zion's love - the years 1870 - 1880 - which militate Return of Jewish in Eretz Israel, Zionist main negotiator between 1918 -1948; first President of Israel after May 1948 3 The future king of Saudi Arabia. Arab rule in Feisal's vision encompassed Palestine, in whole. 2 / 10

establish a form of autonomy to the Jews in this state. In December 1918, both are at a luncheon given by Lord Rotchschild. Here Emir Feisal says4: 'No Arab can not be suspicious of Hebrew nationalism ... I say to Jews Welcome Home and we'll cooperate with them in the Arab State. Is signed a Joint Declaration which sets out the principle directions of the relationship between Arabs and Zionist movement. Emirati condition was that it remain secret until the Arab state independence. Ensure free Jewish emigration and settlement in the territory of Palestine. They offer mutual guarantees of safety in the Arab State and support, technological assistance, of the Hebrew, for the economic development of the Arab population in Palestine. A week later the Zionist agrees the essential requirements: Haifa Port area will be free for both parties; Akaba port becomes free. On 6 February 1919 Emir Feisal, advocated in his speech before the Peace Conference, which requires independence Arabia, states the agreement and a guarantee for Palestine: enclave of 'Zionist Hebrew. His hope was that Chaim Weitzmann give total support to Arabs in their dispute with France for the Syrian coast, forming a 'Semitic Alliance. Also, the World Zionist Organization's Declaration on Peace Conference of Paris, are the following: Not be prejudicial in any civil rights and religious of non Jews population. There will be no discrimination between people rights and civil on the grounds of religion or race. Will not return to Palestina entire Jewish population (estimated at 14,000,000 at the time). Return of Jews will make of the communities of Central and Eastern Europe, areas where they lead a life of subsistence. Financial and logistical investment will ensure a decent life and work, development of roads, railways, irrigation. Also this massive input of capital will increase the number of jobs, improving the overall standard of living of the population. Creating "Jewish Home" in Palestine will give added security of Jews everywhere and to attract financial resources and logistics, 'as long as we need it to move the Semitic Alliance interests. But England and France want both to stay in the area. The English policy was the only Middle East division between England and France, which provide the power under the oil resources. Both major powers did not want a strong Arab State, the majority owner of the oil fields. Chaim Weitzmann was dependent on British politics ... In short the Roman dicton :'Divide et impera' has not been exceeded by our Zionist movement. Weitzmann advises the Arab does not interfere with the French coast in the Syrian issue. In the summer of 1919 Emir Feisal interrupts meetings with the Zionist movement and cut off all negotiations with the Zionist Jews. Treaty remains secret, we are many years.

According to notes of his T.E.Lawrence, his advisor. 3 / 10

Since autumn 1919, coincidentally or not, start the Arab revolt in Palestine. Hebrew settlements are attacked, slaughtered hundreds of Hebrew. English troops on the ground involved in shape, having regard to the future interests of the British Mandate in Palestine. In these circumstances the Commission San Remo made The Palestinian map for British mandate in Palestine. They establish a natural border between Hebrew and Arabs: Jordan river. Between Jordan and the Mediterranean - Jews, from Jordan to the Arabian peninsula - Arabs. So the problem was solved in the territory and security of both parties, one side and other side of the river Jordan. Map of San Remo in 1920 resulting from the preliminary negotiations of the peace Treaty of Paris, conducted by the Zionist Mouvement (Chaim Weitzmann), Arab (Emir Feisal), England, France, in San Remo, in the latter part of 1920, before passed to the British Mandate in Palestine and Syria under French Mandate.

But In 1921 77% of Palestine, settled in San Remo Chart, is assigned to a new state: Arab Emirate of Jordan. Thus the UK ensure their control over a territory claimed by King Feisal of Saudi Arabia, giving territory to Hussein, the future King of Jordan. New Hashemite State is supported, financially and militarily by the British Empire. Basically it was the part of Arab Palestinians - to the right of Jordan River, as the map was assigned to San Remo Palestinian population.

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Tacitly Britain imposed a further division of the territory allocated to Hebrew community (Yishuv) between Hebrew and Arab Palestinians - with no opportunity to establish a natural territorial boundary - as in the original map (Jordan River). This will be one of the essential causes that have generated the fight between Arab and Jewish peoples1 Comunities in Palestina over time, and the present situation. In 1922 the United Nations give to the British the Mandate in Palestina government over 23% of the territory remained of Map-San Remo. The British Empire, applying the "divide et impera" to the both Arabs and Jewishs. So called "Pax Britanica" was the germ of another fights between Arabs and Jews in the future under the Mandate. Local police were recruited mainly from among the Arab community. Thus, from the beginning, Arab extremist manifestations were tolerated by default the order lapsed in local conflicts, or even by participating the Arab police in Arab riots against Jews. During the British mandate Hebrew population will increase in share from 17% to 30%. It is estimated that between 1920 and 1945 came to 367,845 legal and illegal Hebrew. During the British mandate, after the Arab revolt of 1921, limited the annual number of Jews who emigrate legally. The amount varied from one period to another, depending on the immediate interests of Great Britain in the area taking into account oil English capital penetration in the Middle East and Arab officials pressure to ban Return of Jews in EretzIsrael. However the number permitted emigration was disputed of Hebrew (too small) and Arabs (too high). Between 1920 - 1947 the growth rate was 13.2% for Hebrew (due to infusion of labor immigrants and capital) and 6.5% for Arabs. Graduation rate of normal schools and courses was 86% for Hebrew and 22% for Arabs. During this period in Palestine Arabs have evolved much, their lives are among the highest in the area, the second after the Arabs in Lebanon. From a UN statistic in 1939, Jews in Palestine were ranked 15, the Arabs of Palestine on the spot 30 (from Egypt - 33 Turkey - 35). It can be concluded that in terms of socio-economically, the two communities have evolved towards social welfare.
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Coexistence between the vast majority of Arabs and Jews "together" there, despite the Arab extremism and later Jew.


Arab extremism in the Palestine has its roots in the "directive" given by Emir Feisal after the fall of negotiations between him and Chaim Weitzmann. Immediately after this time are the first Arab revolt (4 April 1920) during the Spring Festival Nabi Musa1. In the morning of April 4, groups of Arabs attacks Hebrew, housing, shops and synagogs of "Old Jewish Town. The exciting anti zionist speeches from the balcony of Arab Club supported by several Arab leaders2. Is destroyed Religious school Torath Chaim Yeshiva (founded by Rabbi Yitzchak Winongrad in 1866) and rolls the Holy Book (Torah) broken down and disposed of. Jews are beaten and killed, reports being made even of Arabs citizens (Al-Khalil Sakakini). The reaction of Jewish self defense teams (led by Ze'ev Jabotinski) was to seek protection of the British army but british col. Storrs forfeit his gun. Then 200 volunteers from the British army restore the calm. Are arrested several dozens of Arabs, later released the two-day. Day that the violence increased in intensity. British set martial law but robberies, arson and destruction of homes continues. British soldiers withdraw, even to the Old City, Jabotinski people's can not to intervene, being trapped outside the walls. The Jews inside were not weapons. Two of Jabotinski

In Arabic: "The prophet Moses" - the celebration of Muslim prophet in Palestinian folklore, for seven days and consisted of a pilgrimage to Arab in Jerusalem, to the tomb of prophet (Arabs considered the area was in town Jeriho). Pilgrimage was established by Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyb (Saladin) in the years 1150, to counteract the Christian holidays of Easter in Jerusalem. 2 One of them was Hajj Amin al-Huseini, installed later with the British support, as a Grand Mufti of Jerusalem 1921 6 / 10

volunteers1 are infiltrating the neighborhood Hebrew to organize healthcare and a kind of self defense. Some British soldiers begin to dismantle the few Hebrew volunteers, at the suggestion of the Arab leaders of riot. Are Broken homes of Zionist leaders (Jabotinski and Weitzman). New Hebrew is arrested, released, then re-arrested few hours ... Silence of the three-day brings with it a balance: Hebrew 5 dead, 211 injured, Arabs 4 dead 21 wounded, seven British soldiers wounded. Three hundred Hebrew are cast out of the Old City. Paradoxical: were attacked people and houses of Orthodox Jews - bitter enemies of the Zionist movement ... in commemoration day of people Hebrew prophet Moses ... of the Palestinians Arabs Jabotinski is arrested for weapons possession and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Sent to jail in Egypt and then to Accra, by pressure of the Jews organizations in England and America is switching to a year sentence. Are closed 200 participants to rebellion, of which 39 Hebrew. Ambiguous behavior of the British military authorities was determined for strengthen the British position to the League of Nations for be granted the Palestine Mandate to England. Real motivation of the conflict generated by Emir Feisal and his men have the following long-term goals: To banish the Hebrew in Jerusalem. To frighten the local population Hebrew and those who would wish to come to Palestine A clear signal of Emir Feisal discontent over advice given by Chaim Weitzman to limit territorial claims. From now the position of Arab leaders is centred around the following ideas: 1. Their dissatisfaction that the promise given by officials of Antanta, during the first World War was not satisfied - in fact a declaration of Independence will follow: Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. But Syria and Lebanon are under French Mandate. 2. Balfour Declaration widowhood Arab population of Palestine to self-determination. Hebrew immigrants coming in 'National Home' (Palestine) will lead to their enslavement and economic policy of the Hebrew. These ideas, which will exacerbate conflict states to full size Palestine (or more precisely what will remain after reducing them by 77%, operated by the British foundation Kingdom of Jordan) are induced from the outside: On the other hand the supporters of the future King Feisal, which unilaterally proclaimed Syria merge (unrealized actually) and move to the development of Pan Arab and Islamic current mass hatred with the pivot against the Hbrews and Western Powers, signing the Balfour Declaration.

One being the father of future Yitzak Rabin

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World Congress Zionist Commission's work is supported by resources and influence of Jews from around the world. Subsequently comes into play after the 1933 German intelligence organizations, which, to develop 'fifth column' in the area will indoctrinate, recruit and train pro German Arabs, who will have a fundamental position anti-Zionist and anti-Hebrew.


Map of San Remo remains not only a testimony of a chance of losing peace and understanding, but as proof that people still are not as is made by God and brought to us by the prophet. Since it is difficult to actually implement a Good point because any good intent is subject to subjective pride, suspicion and intolerance towards the opponents. and taking bad decisions. That it supports millions of souls, beginning with social restrictions to violent loss of life. Those are in the hands of people who hold POWER and applies that power, in total disregard to the fate of the commands of God and His Prophets. Whether they Theban, Mosaic, Christian, Muslim ... Spirit of community organizing of Jews, their resources and logistical financial skills common to the Jews and Arabs in the trade and business, would have led to an Semitic Alliance which clearly would have changed the world. And anyway, would not have died so many innocent people. Mesaros-Anghel Vasile / May 2010

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1 Mesaro Anghel Vasile " HEBREW CHRISTIANS FIGHT BEGININGS FOR THE GOSPEL OF JESUS - Documentary Essay Link Adress: 2 Mesaro Anghel Vasile " ZIONISM APOSTLES - MOMENT OF ZIONISM (I) - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile " THE BEGINNING OF HEBREW FIGHT FOR THE RETURN IN ERETZ ISRAEL - MOMENT OF ZIONISM (II)" - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile "SAN REMO CHART 1920 HOPE MISSED AN SEMITIC ALLIANCE MOMENT OF ZIONISM (III) - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile "HEBREW ORGANIZATION FOR SELF DEFENCE IN PALESTINE (YISHUV) - MOMENTS OF ZIONISM (IV) - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile " HEBREWS, CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS IN JERUSALEM COMPENDIUM OF HISTORICAL FACTS - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile " ANCIENT MOSES SOCIAL LAWS - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile "ANGELO RONCALLI - POPE JOHN AL XXIII LIFE MOMENTS Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaro Anghel Vasile "TWO KNIGHTS OF REVELATION TWENTIETH CENTURY: NICOLAE BALAN AND ALEXANDRU SCHAFRAN - Documentary Essay Link Adress: Mesaros Anghel Vasile Volumul I LUPTA EVREILOR CRETINI PENTRU EVANGHELIA LUI IISUS' / 2011 Adresa Video Text Audio Integral: Mesaros Anghel Vasile Volumul II EVREI, CRETINI I MUSULMANI LA IERUSALIM / 2011 Adresa Video Text Audio Integral: Mesaros Anghel Vasile Volumul III EVREI I CRETINI FAPTE / 2011 Adresa Video Text Audio Integral:

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God is ONE; mankind made him many: One Mosaic, one Christian, one Muslim.

PROFILE: Name: Vasile Mesaro Anghel Age: 64 ani Proffesion: IT Trainer Studies: University of Bucharest - Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics (1971) System Analyst Postgraduate - C.E.P.E.C.A. (1975) Work Motivation: Documentation of issues that concerned me in recent years.

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