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Warriors on American New family

horseback put on entertainers sing housing tower to
Independence and dance with open at Camp
Day show fans at Yongsan Humphreys
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Eighth U.S. Army Soldiers pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag after officially becoming American citizens during a naturalization ceremony at Yongsan July 6. A total
of 40 Soldiers took part in the ceremony. This ceremony was the last of six held in overseas locations including one in Kuwait, Germany, Guam, and two in Iraq.

40 Soldiers become U.S. citizens at Yongsan ceremony

By Spc. Brandon Moreno Club located on Yongsan July 6. of time growing up in many different countries along the
EUSA Public Affairs A keynote speech was given by Lt. Gen. David western coast of Africa. I came to the states in 2000, I had
YONGSAN GARRISON —There are certain freedoms Valcourt, commander of the 8th U.S. Army. He also just turned 18,” he said.
Americans are born into such as freedom of speech or presented the Soldiers with their certificates of Although Gibson spent his life in Africa, he was like
the right to vote. One freedom U.S. citizens share with naturalization. many young Americans who decide to become Soldiers.
the rest of the world is the right to serve in the American Many of the Soldiers who were naturalized had very “I came to the states because I wanted to see all the
military. The thing that makes serving in the U.S. military different paths they followed toward becoming an fun things and experience all the great advantages my
unique is it gives non-U.S. citizens the opportunity to American citizen. family told me of,” Gibson said. “I had been to private
become American. “I spent a good chunk of my life in Liberia,” said Sgt. school all my life. When I came to the states I finished
Forty U.S. Soldiers were officially made American when Jerome Gibson, an eye technician with 18th Medical high school, then I told my mother I wanted to work and
they were naturalized in a ceremony at the U.S. Embassy Command. “My parents were evangelists so I spent a lot See Citizens
Citizens, Page 2
2 July 13, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly
Citizens from Page 1
The Morning Calm take a break from the hassle of private schooling. So a few
Published by Installation Management
Command - Korea months after graduating from high school, I joined the
military. So far it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever
Director/Publisher: Brig. Gen. Al Aycock made,” he explained.
Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson
Volunteer Writer/Editor:Susan Silpasornprasit Perhaps Gibson’s intentions were solely on taking a break
and serving the U.S., but he eventually took advantage of
Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson his Army benefits by becoming a legal citizen.
Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson “I gave naturalization a thought, but I wasn’t pushing for
CI Officer: James F. Cunningham
it,” Gibson said. “My parents nagged me for some time, but
USAG-YONGSAN I wasn’t in a rush. When I joined the military I simply wanted
Commander: Col. Ron Stephens to serve this nation. About a year ago I heard on the radio
Public Affairs Officer: David McNally
Staff Writer: Cpl. Jung Jae-hoon about how if you are serving in the U.S. military you can be
naturalized. So I asked my command and sure enough it was
Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. true. So here I am today, an American citizen,” he said.
Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy In the future he plans on advancing his career within the
Writer/Editor: Andre D. Butler Eighth U.S. Army Commanding General, Lt. Gen. David
P. Valcourt poses with 40 Eighth U.S. Army Soldiers.
USAG-DAEGU “In the future I plan on switching from green to gold,”
Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier They officially became American citizens during a
Gibson said.
Staff Writer: Pfc. Kyung Chul NA
Another Soldier who was naturalized joined because he naturalization ceremony at Yongsan July 6.
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for felt he had some unique qualities that would be very and go to Iraq. I figured I could be very helpful to the U.S.
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views advantageous to the Army. Army because I know how to speak Turkish, Persian and
of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department “I originally left Iran because my dad worked for the Arabic, plus I am familiar with the culture,” he said.
of Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial
content of this weekly publication is the responsibility of
government and found better work elsewhere, which Whether it was to experience the American life or a family
the IMCOM-Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. eventually led us to the states,” said Pvt. Ali Asad, an infantry situation, each of the individuals naturalized are unique in
Circulation: 9,500 man with the 2nd Infantry Division. “From the beginning he the sense they all have their own stories as to why they
Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way wanted me to join the Army. My reasons for joining were came to the states. One thing they all hold in common for
connected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive definitely not citizenship. It’s just a perk that goes along future stories is they are now Americans serving in the
written contract with the Contracting Command-Korea.
The civilian printer is responsible for commercial with the job. I joined because I wanted to be an infantry man United States Army together.
advertising. The appearance of advertising in this
publication, including inserts or supplements, does not
constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army or Oriental
Press of the products or services advertised. Everything
advertised in this publication shall be made available for
Military Police Blotter
purchase, use or patronage without regard to race,
religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status,
physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other non- The following entries were excerpted from the military police blotters. These entries may be incomplete and do not
merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation imply the guilt or innocence of any person.
or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an
advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print
advertising from that source until the violation is corrected. AREA I: Drunk and Disorderly, Resisting Apprehension, Subject #3, Subject #2 and Subject #1 were detained and
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong Assault, Larceny of Private Property, Subject #1 and Subject escorted to the USAG-Humphreys PMO where they were
Commercial Advertising #2 were involved in a verbal altercation which turned advised of their legal rights, which they waived, rendering
Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253
Fax: (02) 793-5701
physical when Subject #1 pushed Subject #2 in the chest written statements denying the offense. Subject #3, Subject
E-mail: with an open hand. Subject #2 sustained no visible injury. #2 and Subject #1 reported no injuries and denied medical
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 Further investigation revealed that Subject #1 had stolen attention. Witness #1, Witness #2 and Victim #1 rendered
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post
Person(s) Related beer. Upon Subject #1’s apprehension, written statements attesting to the incident. KNP was
SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: Subject #1 failed to show his ID card and became belligerent notified and turned jurisdiction over to MP. Subject #1 and
Phone: DSN 724-TMCW (8629)
Fax: DSN 724-3356 and resisted apprehension. Subject #1 was transported to Subject #2 were released to their units. Subject #3 was
E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly the USAG-Casey PMO and released to his unit. ECOL is released on her own recognizance. Investigation continues
$4.00. Interview with Subject #1 is pending. Investigation by MPI.
continues by MPI.
Sustain, Support, Defend AREA III: Larceny of Government Property, Larceny of
AREA I: Excessive Purchasing, Subject #1 and Subject #2 Private Property, Person(s) unknown, by means unknown,
purchased 12 cartons of cigarettes. At 12:53 p.m., July 3, removed Victim #1’s TA-50 and BDU’s which were left
Subject #1 and Subject #2 reported to the USAG-Casey PMO secured and unattended in a storage locker on the third
Visit us online where Subject #1 was advised of his legal rights, which he floor of BLDG #766. Person(s) unknown then fled the scene
The Morning Calm is online at waived, rendering a written sworn statement denying the in an unknown direction. Victim #1 rendered a written sworn offense. Subject #1 was processed and released to his unit. statement attesting to the incident. There were no signs of
Subject #2 was released on her own recognizance. This is a forced entry. ECOL is unknown. At 10:20 a.m., July 3, Victim
final report. #1 returned to the PMO to give a second statement listing
all missing TA-50, consisting of 30 items. Victim #1 also
AREA II: Failure to Obey General Order, MP observed that supplied a copy of a TA-50 inventory that was conducted
Subject #1 was in possession of two prohibited fireworks. on June 19. There is insufficient evidence to substantiate
MP transported Subject #1 to the USAG-Yongsan PMO that the offense occurred as reported. Due to the lack of
where MP detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting investigative leads, this case is closed within the files of
from Subject #1’s person. Subject #1 was administered a this office pending any further information.
series of FSTs, which he performed poorly. Subject #1 was
administered a PBT with a result of 0.095% BAC. Subject #1 AREA VI: Larceny of AAFES Property, Larceny of
was not advised of his legal rights due to his suspected Government Property, Conspiracy, Black-Market of AAFES
level of intoxication. Subject #1 was processed and released Merchandise – Unlawful Transfer of AAFES Merchandise,
to his unit. On July 4, Subject #1 reported to the USAG- Preliminary investigation revealed an inventory was
Submitting to Yongsan PMO where he was advised of his legal rights,
which he waived, rendering a written sworn statement
conducted in January with no major shortages identified.
The audit conducted on April 20 identified that numerous
Morning Calm Weekly admitting to the offense. This is a final report. bottles of beer were missing from the USAG-Walker
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, story
shoppette. When interviewed, Subject #1 admitted he was
submissions and other items: AREA III: Assault Consummated by a Battery, Subject #1, aware that the property in which he was responsible for
Subject #2, Subject #3 and Victim #1, were involved in a was missing from the shoppette, but denied any wrong
For all submitted items include a point of contact name verbal altercation which turned physical, when Subject #1 doing. Subject #2 was interviewed and stated that he was
and telephone number. All items are subject to editing for pushed Subject #3 in the chest at the Rainbow Club, Anjung- directly responsible for sales and accountability of AAFES
content and to insure they conform with DoD guidelines.
Ri. Subject #3 then slapped Subject #1 with an open hand property at the shoppette as Subject #2 is the shoppette
IMCOM-K Public Affairs on Subject #1’s left cheek. Victim #1 attempted to stand manager, but stated that he failed to notice the loss of the
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located in
Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post. between Subject #2 and Subject #3 when Subject #2 then property. The unannounced cash count did not reveal any
For information, call 724-3365. pushed Subject #3 causing Subject #3 to fall. Victim #1 was cash shortages nor did it account for the missing property.
struck by Subject #2 with an open hand on her left cheek. ECOL is $3,875. Investigation continues by CID.
The Morning Calm Weekly
July 13, 2007 3
AFN Korea Update

Sexual Assault Hotline

AFN-K remains vital force in news, entertainment
The 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline
By Cpt. Paradon Silpasornprasit
phone number is DSN 158. From off- news and entertainment.”
post or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700. AFN-K Public Affairs Officer
Here’s what’s in store for the AFN-K audience: Later this summer,
Individuals may also call USAG- YONGSAN — For more than half a century, American AFN-K will launch its “Design Your AFN Commercial” contest, in
Yongsan Sexual Assault Response which DoD cardholders can submit ideas for commercials. At the
Forces Network-Korea has been broadcasting radio and
Coordinator Leah Holland at 738-3034
television service to the thousands who serve in the Republic end of this year the network’s Web site will undergo a major redesign
or 010-8697-4869.
of Korea. It is dedicated to bringing the latest in quality to give visitors a more user friendly site and faster access to
“Frontline in Review” programming, news, entertainment and command information information. A new system of inserting command information on
Returns to AFN-Korea to audiences throughout the peninsula. different AFN channels is scheduled to go online allowing
Starting July 19, viewers of AFN Prime Known as the “Frontline Network,” AFN-K is located in commanders more flexibility to get messages out to the troops.
Pacific can see the “Frontline In five locations throughout the Republic of Korea and is made The entire backdrop of the television newscast is scheduled to
Review” magazine program starting at up of more than 120 Servicemembers and Civilians, poised to change, giving AFN-K a new look. Radio programming will be
7:50 p.m. The ten-minute show will look take military radio and television to new heights. standardized so listeners will hear the same music selections
at USFK mission-related activities Today, AFN-K continues its excellent record of service by throughout the peninsula. All this is an effort to ensure that the
around the Korean peninsula. From undergoing a series of sweeping changes to its programming. quality and level of service AFN-K brings to its audience is
Warrior Country to the Wolf Pack, AFN It has accomplished many AFN-K “firsts” in the past year, unmatched anywhere in the world.
Korea tells the stories of our troops on from live 12-hour radio shows to live broadcasts of its nightly As AFN-K moves through the 21st century, it remains committed
freedom’s frontier. news and format changes. It has also expanded its reach to a to the mission of serving those who serve in the Republic of Korea.
worldwide audience via the popular Internet site YouTube. While serving overseas, its audience can count on the best in
OPSEC Courses “AFN-Korea has come a long way from its early days of programming to make them feel a little closer to home.
Two formal courses designed for OPSEC broadcasting,” said Wally Cornelison, AFN-K operations
officers and coordinators will be held at manager, “Through satellite technology, we are able to do things
Osan July 17-20. OPSEC must be at the that were unheard of just a few years ago. Viewers can now
forefront of all military operations enjoy live major breaking news, sporting events and
planning and execution. This course will entertainment.”
guide appointed OPSEC officers through In addition to providing entertainment, AFN-K serves as
all aspects of the OPSEC process and will an avenue for its audience to advertise their organizations,
provide useful tips and procedures for people, events or important messages. It is the job of the
establishing, maintaining, and assessing network to tell the stories of servicemembers and their families.
unit-level programs. The course will also
Through AFN-K, messages are broadcast not only within the
provide tools and methods to administer
Republic of Korea but to the entire world. AFN-Korea Lineup
effective training and awareness campaigns.
American Forces Network-Korea can be found on the radio Nightly Newscast weekdays 6:45 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Per regulation, appointed OPSEC officers
at the battalion/squadron-levels and higher and television as well as the World Wide Web. Radio listeners Twelve hours of live daily radio shows from 5:45 a.m. to 6
are required to attend formal training. The can tune in to Eagle FM and Thunder AM in different areas for p.m. Peninsula-wide radio show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
DoD OPSEC Program Manager Course, chart-topping hits, news and command information. Television
presented by the Joint OPSEC Support viewers will find a variety of shows and programming on AFN- Television “firsts”
Center mobile training team, is fully Prime Pacific, which airs AFN-K’s nightly newscast and offers Weekly live newscasts
accredited and satisfies training a variety of shows for the entire family. There’s something for “Supercast” – all detachments live on a single newscast
requirements for all services. For everyone on AFN. AFN-K is also on the Internet. Log on to
information, call 723-2149 or e-mail to see the latest stories, make song requests, 2006 Awards look at weather and access the host of important information Keith L. Ware Outstanding Regional Television Newscast
on what’s going on in the local area. “I think AFN offers a Keith L. Ware Outstanding Radio Spot/Promo Production
Yongsan DoDDS wide range of great programs to watch,” said Jessica Zeller, Keith L. Ware Outstanding Radio Information Program
School and Bus
AFN-K viewer. “My family and I depend on it for much of our
Registration is ongoing throughout the
summer for DoDDS school and bus SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off-post Events and Activities
service at Yongsan. Returning students
require yearly re-registration both for Seoul Fishmarket (Open Daily) the lowest prices on all sorts of goods. The streets are teeming
school and bus service. Bus pictures The Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries with shopkeepers selling their wares in English, Japanese and
will be taken. Office hours are 7 a.m. - operates the Noryangjin Fish Market which is Seoul’s largest Korean. So tourists concerned about a language barrier shouldn’t
4:30 p.m. Bldg. S-4106 (Community market for marine products. This 66,000 square meter facility hesitate to visit this world-famous shopping paradise.
Service Building, Room 121) For
houses 700 shops selling fresh and dried fish and squid
information, call 738-5032.
from 15 fishing ports around Korea and is very easy to find Directions: Take subway line number 4 and get off at Hoehyeon
Yongsan GPC Training from Yongsan. It also includes numerous restaurants, an Station to see Namdaemun. Although the market is a short drive
Date Change auction floor, and an adjacent agricultural section. A vist to from Yongsan, taking the subway is recommended since parking
The date for the monthly Government the market can be a very intersting experience for both youth can be expensive and hard to find.
Purchase Card training, normally held and adults as it offers a first-hand look at many of the local
at the Balboni Auditorium, Yongsan has fish products and plenty of opportunities to purchase or Chungmuro Pet Street
change from July 10 to July 17, 8 a.m. simply look at an amazing variety of living fish and other sea As the name would indicate, Chungmuro Pet Street is full of pet
to 12:30 p.m. Anyone desiring to take creatures. Located on the south western end of the market, stores, animal hospitals and pet grooming shops. These shops
the GPC training is invited to attend. visitors will also find a fresh produce, spice and vegetable line the street on either side, shoulder to shoulder. Known by
The next GPC training date scheduled market. Open from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m., retailers work every day Koreans simply as "Aewangyeon Market," meaning "Puppy
for Yongsan will be conducted at the while wholesalers take off Sundays and holidays. Market," this pet market was established in the late 70s. The best
Balboni Auditorium, Aug. 14, 8 a.m. -
time to visit Chungmuro Pet Street is on Sundays, walk down the
12:30 p.m. Directions: Take subway line 1 to the Noryangjin Station. street and look at all the cute puppies, cats and other pets through
There are also plenty of paid parking options directly at the the shop windows. Pet lovers will find them irresistibly adorable.
USO United Through
Reading Program market building. The shops mostly sell puppies. But the variety of dogs won`t
United Through Reading is available disappoint you, with dalmatians, poodles, pit-bulls terriers, Korean
to all active-duty servicemembers. The Seoul Namdaemun Market (Open Daily) Jindo dogs, which are named after the island they originated from,
USO will provide the book, and tape Namdaemun, which literally means “South Gate,” was as one and so on.
you while you're reading the book. The might imagine the location of the southern entrance through
USO will send the book and video to the wall that used to surround Seoul. The wall is long gone, Directions: Take subway line number 3 or 4 to Chungmuro Station.
your child back home. The tradition of but the gate still remains standing proudly in the rotary It’s a short walk from there.
reading bedtime stories at night can adjacent to one of the busiest markets in Korea, Namdaemun.
continue. For information, call 724- Source:,,,
Namdaemun is a barometer of Seoul`s economic situation,
7781. and where Seoulites and tourists can comparison shop for No endorsement implied.
4 July 13, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly


USFK Servicemembers participate in outdoor activities as part of a three-day
cultural orientation tour sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Patriots and
Veteran’s Affairs, June 29 in Seoul.

USFK Servicemembers participate

in 3-day cultural orientation tour
By Capt. Stacy Ouellette United Nations Command/ Combined
8th U.S. Army Public Affairs Forces Command/USFK/8th U.S. Army
SEOUL, South Korea — One Hundred Command Sgt. Maj. Barry C. Wheeler.
and Seventeen outstanding United States Servicemembers were treated to a multi-
Forces Korea Servicemembers were course dinner and given the opportunity
honored at a dinner hosted by the Korean to share their experiences with
Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs representatives of their commands who
at Building 63 June 29. were also invited guests at the dinner. Many
The dinner ended a three-day cultural of the Servicemembers who participated on
orientation tour for USFK Service the tour were eager to share their experience
members, sponsored by the MPVA to with others.
educate attendees on the history, culture “I read a lot about the areas we visited
and people of the Republic of Korea. ahead of time so it was great to see them in
“For the past three days, you traveled person. This tour was a new way to
across Korea before coming to this understand the Korean culture I’m living
welcome dinner tonight. I hope the tour in and the importance of why we’re serving
provided you a good opportunity to see, here,” said Navy Lt. Robert Atkinson,
learn, and understand Korea better and the Command Naval Forces Korea staff
memories you gained stay with you,” said oceanographer. “I’m glad I was able to
Minister Kim, Jung Bok, Ministry of become more aware of the historical impact
Patriots and Veteran's Affairs Minister. our country has had on this nation and it
Kim took a moment to recognize 12 makes me proud to serve in Korea.”
attendees with Family Members who As part of the entertainment, artists
served in the Republic of Korea during the performed and a special presentation about
Korean War. the MPVA emblem, “Great Tree for Love of
“Tonight, we have with us twelve Korea” pin was shown. This special pin
Service members whose Family Members was one of the gifts presented to USFK
are Korean War Veterans. Serving in Korea Servicemembers, symbolizing the
generation after generation is a symbol of blossoming ROK nurtured by the love of
the great friendship between the U.S. and its people.
Korea,” Kim said. USFK Servicemembers were also
Distinguished guests included USFK presented a custom Korean jewelry box as
Commander Gen. B.B. Bell, 8th U.S. Army a token of appreciation from Kim and the
Commander Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, and MPVA for participating in the tour.

Eighth U.S. Army HQ

continues to transform
YONGSAN — In response to headquarters will transform into the Army
potentially misleading media reports on UEy modular design, a design intended
July 9, 8th Army officials clarified the for all five regional U.S. Army
future of 8th US Army. headquarters worldwide. The future
“8th Army will undergo changes to transformation and positioning of 8th
make it a more capable and relevant force Army Main and Operational Command
here on the peninsula, while adhering to Posts in the Pacific and Korea Areas of
U.S. Army transformation criteria” said Operation will be a function of United
Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt, 8th Army States and Republic of Korea Alliance
commander. consultative discussions and agreements.
U.S. Army doctrinal changes are the 8th U.S. Army remains committed to
driving force for Army transformation deterring aggression on the Korean
efforts here in Korea. Under current U.S. peninsula.
Army reorganization efforts, 8th Army
July 13, 2007 Page 5


Dynasty warrior players demonstrate the technique and methods of ancient warfare used by warriors on horseback of the early 13th century when the Mongol Kublai Khan ruled Korea.

Area I celebrates Independence Day

By Jim Cunningham inspiring. What a great way to celebrate; the young
USAG-RC Public Affairs children here are the future leaders of Korea, and
USAG-CASEY—Daylong plans to celebrate the young Soldiers here are the future leaders of
America’s Independence Day became soggy early America. There could be no better collaboration.”
July 4, so senior leadership decided to move the Events were originally scheduled for indoors
festivities indoors to Carey Fitness Center. Not all remained on schedule. Boxing matches remained at
venues could remain and set up in Carey, so only the Camp Hovey Fitness Center and musical
the local Korean entertainment, Korean Pop music entertainment remained in the evening at the
stars, and the famed Nanta group from Seoul, Warrior’s Club.
performed during the afternoon. All was not lost; “We are not going to let the weather deter us.
however, because all other festivities were We moved most of the family entertainment to July
rescheduled July 8. 8,” Hodges said. “Instead of having one day we have
“It is the Fourth of July and these Soldiers deserve made it into a long term celebration. The rain gave
the very best,” said Maj. Gen. James Coggin, 2nd us some interesting challenges but we will pull it off
Infantry Division commander. “That is what Morale, in the end. We held off as long as we could for the
Welfare, and Recreation has delivered to us today.” weather call, but things turned out for the best
“We have a world class line up and we are going anyway.”
to work through the rain, which means we are going As many as 21 separate events were put in motion
to have a great day, so thanks to everybody who put for the extended Independence Day celebration.
this together because the Soldiers appreciate it.” “We have three main acts on stage today, and we
The block party was postponed. All the vendors have the Korean Dynasty Horseback riders. Plus,
and outdoor activities resumed July 8. we have 13 carnival games and live horseback riding,
“What a great way to celebrate our independence a Freedom Train ride and the Casey fire truck ride,”
we won so many years ago,” said Lt. Col. Terry said Frank De Silva, MWR marketing director.
Hodges, USAG-Casey garrison commander. “And “Children can get on the fire truck and take a ride
now when we consider the alliance we have with and they can ride on the Freedom Train from the Korean cheerleaders perform among troops during the
Korea, which is more than 50 years old, we can see main gate to the commissary parking lot.” Independence Day celebration July 4 in Carey Fitness
independence in that with democracy, it is so See Independence
Independence, Page 7 Center on Camp Casey.
July 13, 2007
6 USAG-RC The Morning Calm Weekly

USAG-Casey Change of
USAG-Casey Change of Command will
be held on Helipad 221 at 10 a.m. July
18. For more information call: 730-4817.

USAG-Red Cloud
2nd ID Volunteer Recognition
The USAG-Red Cloud and 2nd ID
Volunteer Recognition Luncheon
will be held Aug. 1 from 11:30 a.m.
to 1 p.m. at USAG Casey’s
Warrior ’s Club. For more
information call: 730-3183.

Mitchell’s Club Closing

Mitchell’s Club on Camp Red Cloud
will be closed Monday July 23.

Warrior Country Texas

Hold’em League
The Warrior Country Texas
Hold’em League will hold poker
tournaments in Camp Casey’s
Warrior’s Club on Tuesday nights.
For more information call: 732-

ACS Celebration Soldiers leap into the water to begin the 100-meter freestyle during the 2007 8th Army July 7 Swimming Championship.

8th Army holds swimming

The ACS birthday celebration will
be held July 24 at the CRC
Commissary, 25 at Camp Casey
building 2403, 26 at Camp Stanley
PX Mini Mall. All celebrations will
begin at 11 a.m. and continue until
2 p.m. For more information call:
championship at Casey
730-3062. By Jim Cunningham an opportunity and a goal to focus on feed into each other to make an
USAG-RC Public Affairs while they are in Korea.” interesting level of competition.”
ADSO/NCO Training USAG-CASEY—The 8th Army Many Soldiers find an opportunity The different level of events gives
Schedule held its 2007 Swimming Championship to try sports they have never played the Soldiers many different levels of
The next Additional/Collateral Duty July 7 at Camp Casey’s Hanson before; some of these sports may be opportunities.
Safety Officer/NCO Certification Swimming Pool. More than 20 Soldiers alien to their background, according to “This all works out to keep
Course will be held Sept. 18-20 at and athletes from military installations Higgins. opportunities open for the Soldiers and
Camp Casey. For more information throughout Korea participated. “We have seen a lot of Soldiers it gives him or her a chance to
call: 732-7298. “For 8th Army sports we like to have come to Korea and say they want to improve,” Higgins said. “For some
at least one championship in every try a certain sport and by the end of sports we are open. One does not have
2007 USFK Civilian sport,” said Tom Higgins, 8th Army their tour they will be top contenders to qualify for the event, but others such
Employees Appreciation sports director. “This gives the Soldiers in that sport,” Higgins said. “The as golf and racquetball we have limited
Week something to look forward toward to garrisons hold preliminary events resources such as courts or courses,
The 2007 USFK Civilian keep training. Soldiers are passionate before an event comes to their area, but for swimming we have left it
Employees Appreciation Week will so all of these different championships open.”
about their sports. It also gives them
be conducted Sept. 17-21. The
awards ceremony will be held at
Knight Field in Yongsan Sept. 20.
The purpose is to recognize the MWR gives
away Jeep
contributions to the mission of
USFK by its Civilian employees,
identify, the “best of the best” by
competition between winners at By Jim Cunningham
local levels. All commands and USAG-RC Public Affairs
assigned, attached, or tenant units USAG-Casey—Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
of USFK, and other DoD activities came together for a two month long promotion to give
in Korea will be considered for the away a new Jeep Cherokee. MWR patrons were
award. For more information call: asked to fill out an entry form and deposit it at any
MWR facilities on the peninsula of Korea. For eight
weeks names were drawn from all Areas and sent to
USAG-RC and Area I
IMCOM-Korea Marketing Office. At the end of the
program in June the winning entry was drawn. Sgt.
Log onto the USAG-RC - Area I
1st Class Jason Brandt of Area I is the winner.
website for information regarding all
events and all subjects regarding
Marketing Director of MWR, USAG-Red Cloud,
Sgt. 1st Class Jason Brandt accepts the key to the new Jeep Frank De Silva gave the prize to Brandt during the
Warrior life in Korea: http://
Cherokee during the festivities July 8 in Warrior Park on Camp Casey. festivities July 8 at Camp Casey.
The Morning Calm Weekly 7 July 13, 2007

Safety duty officers train at Red Cloud

By Jim Cunningham conduct safety surveys, report and training. The course will be offered enhanced understanding of Army
USAG-RC Public Affairs investigate accidents, ensure safety in quarterly at building S-546 on Camp Safety Program regulations and
USAG-RED CLOUD—Safety tactical operations, and promote safety Casey. Each Company and above- standards, according to Kang.
measures are now adapted to meet the in garrison and off-duty activities, level command and equivalent Civilian Subjects covered in the classes are
demands of changes in Area I and the including privately owned vehicle Organizations will appoint an ADSO/ Accident Prevention and Reporting,
2nd Infantry Division. accident prevention. NCO to be the sole point of contact Privately Owned Vehicle and
Since the ultimate safety “I am conducting three day courses for the commander on written orders. Motorcycle Safety, Explosives Safety,
responsibility for preserving human and in conjunction with experts from the Radiation Safety, Fire Prevention and
“Before the appointed student can
material resources in all brigade, 2nd Infantry Division and Area I,” said Protection, Respiratory Protection,
take the class they must complete an
battalion and company level units rests Kiman “James” Kang, 2ID safety Composite Risk Assessment,
ADSO course online and bring a copy
solely with the commander, the U.S. Environmental Protection, Hearing
officer. “Federal regulations OSHA 29 of his/her appointment orders and the
Army sees the need to require Conservation, Hazardous
CFR and the Army Standards AR 385- certification of completion from the
additional duty safety officers or Communication, Tactical Safety,
10 require all organizations, military CRC online training to class,” Kang
noncommissioned officers be trained Seasonal Safety and Job Hazard
and civilian, to have a written safety said. “These newly trained safety
in all safety aspects. These additional Analysis.
program for their activity. Individuals officers will assist commanders in
collateral duty safety officers will assist “I believe that when all concerned
need to be appointed to oversee the preventing accidents in all areas of
the commanders with all elements of have appointed and trained ADCOs it
program to ensure safety of operations during peacetime and
the U.S. Army safety programs when will greatly enhance not only personal
operational and personal procedures combat, which enhances their unit’s
there is no assigned safety officer. For safety, but relieve the Army, Area I
and processes.” ability to maximize and sustain unit’s
that reason, all units, brigades, command and 2ID, from any potential
Those individuals that are appointed
battalions and company level units will operational readiness and mission liability,” Kang said. “These newly
the ADSO/NCO will need to be
appoint individuals to serve as ADSOs. capabilities.” trained safety officers will be the key
trained before they can function as
Individuals must be trained to know When the appointed students in preventing personal injury or
safety officers.
how to initiate and sustain unit safety complete the training, they will have occupational illness due to hazardous
Selected Soldiers and Civilians will
programs, understand and use increased knowledge on mission work conditions or working
attend three day, 24 hour, ADSO/NCO
composite risk management processes, safety, tactical and nontactical, and environments.”

Independence from Page 5

The planning and coordination took similar to this for Labor Day,” De Silva
a large effort from MWR, Army and said. “After all, the weather is better
Air Force Exchange Service, and in September.”
others involved. More than 4,000 carnival prizes
“I was asked to be the main were given away, and to some, they
coordinator for this event back in early had to compete and win.
May,” De Silva said. “The rain caused Even though Pvt. Michael Harris of
a huge disappointment because we the 702nd cannot keep the tomahawk
had lots of people here, but we saved he pitched to win the tomahawk-
the day by putting the Korean acts that throwing contest, he took a trophy
could not come back on July 8 in home with him.
Carey Fitness Center, so everyone “I wish I could put the tomahawk
could enjoy the entertainment. next to the trophy in the display, but
“We really ended up doing two they will not let me do that,” Harris
Fourth of July events in one week. We said. “I didn’t do any kind of training
had more than 18 boxing matches in for this competition. I just wanted to
the fitness center and the house was have a good time and I guess luck was
packed.” on my side.
With all the last minute changes “I used to pitch baseball when I was
made in schedules and arrangements younger. I will display the trophy on
for all the acts and events, there were my dresser next to my remote
no complaints from the performers or controlled racing car.”
the Soldiers who benefited from the Most large events such as the Area
celebration. I Independence Day celebration, have
“The logistics were difficult, but no to have organizers on the ground
one complained about the changes. making sure certain events happen on
They all understood the reasons for the time.
postponement and understood the “I am in charge of the tomahawk
changes were necessary,” said John throwing competition and the face
Antes, MWR entertainment painting for the children,” said Charles
coordinator. “We heard no complaints, Lyons, Army Family Action Plan/Army
only compliments.” Family Team Building coordinator.
Because of the success, even with “Even in this heat and humidity I would
rain delays and postponements, the guess there are about 1,000 people
celebration was a huge success and here now.”
inspired the coordinators to plan “MWR marketing group did an
another similar celebration in the outstanding job for this event today,”
future. Lyons said. “They continually worked
“We are planning to do something with the community resources to create A Soldier tries to stay on the mechanical bull during July 4 festivities
this great celebration today.” in Warrior Park on Camp Casey July 8.
July 13, 2007 Page 9

Tests continue to show safe water

By David McNally
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs

Garrison Public Works officials have
resumed monthly water testing at
Hannam Village and the Far East
District Compound. Elevated
mercury levels in drinking water
discovered May 4 sparked a flurry
of tests. However, each subsequent
test showed garrison drinking water
to be safe at all locations.
“We followed a protocol of taking
weekly samples for the first month
after the initial case and now we’re
taking monthly samples,” said
Garrison Public Works Director
Michael Chung. “With each sample,
test results showed the initial case
to be an anomaly.”
Chung said his office continues to
monitor water quality throughout the
“Water quality is still our top DAVID MCNALLY
priority,” he said. Drinking water at all garrison locations continues to pass testing with no issues. USAG-Yongsan has moved to a monthly test for water at
In May, Garrison Commander Hannam Village and the Far East District Compound.
Col. Ron Stephens immediately results showed safe water, Stephens The garrison continues to send that the Yongsan Garrison will take
recommended that Hannam Village gave residents the “green light.” monthly water samples to the U.S. care of them,” Installation
residents and FED Compound “All of our tests show that the tap Army Center for Health Promotion Management Command-Korea
workers stop using tap water for water in the garrison is safe for and Preventive Medicine in Japan. Director Brig. Gen. Al Aycock said at
drinking or cooking. He held an drinking,” Stephens said. The latest water testing results the May 7 press conference. “We will
emergency town hall meeting with USAG-Yongsan held a May 7 are posted at the Garrison Web site do all the extra measures that the
Hannam Village residents to let them press conference to inform at Hannam Village residents feel that we
know what the garrison was doing community members about the latest “It’s very important to us that the need to do in order to re-instill
to resolve the issue. When test tap water news. residents of Hannam Village know confidence in their drinking water.”

Garrison set to change gate hours

By David McNally Yongsan Main Post Soebingo Compound
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Gate 1 5 a.m.- Midnight Gate 60 24/7
YONGSAN GARRISON — New hours for Gate 2 6–9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. Monday-Friday
Gate 3 5 a.m.- Midnight Hannam Village
many of the U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan gates Gate 1 (Front) 24/7
Gate 5 5 a.m.- Midnight
are set to go into effect Aug. 1. Gate 7 5 a.m.- Midnight Gate 2 (Back) 6 a.m.-9 p.m.
“The changes will have a big impact on some Gate 5 (Pedestrian) Closed
residents,” said USAG-Yongsan Emergency Yongsan South Post Religious Retreat Center
Services Director Ricky Oxendine. “However, Gate 8 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday-Friday Gate 1 24/7
hours at some gates will remain unchanged.” Gate 10 24/7
Gate 12 6 a.m.-Midnight Camp Market
Oxendine said he wants to ensure all
Gate 17 24/7 Gate 1 (Side) 6-8 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Monday-Friday
community members understand how the new Gate 19 (Vehicle) 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. Gate 2 (Main) 24/7
gate hours will affect them. Gate 19A 6 a.m.-Midnight Sunday-Thursday Gate 3 (DRMO) 24/7
Changes are not limited to the Seoul area. 6 – 1 a.m. Friday-Saturday Gate 12 5 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
“The Department of the Army is looking at Gate 37 5 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday-Friday
Gate 52 24/7 FED Compound
force protection and access control point hours Gate 1 (Main) 24/7
everywhere,” said Deputy Garrison Commander Camp Coiner Gate 2 (Back) 6 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Don Moses. “The Army is looking for efficiencies Gate 8B 6 –8 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Monday-
wherever they can find them.” K-16 Air Base
Gate 1 24/7
Oxendine said for USAG-Yongsan, the changes 11 a.m. -1 p.m. Monday-Friday
reflect the actual usage of the gates. Gate 20 24/7 Yongin
“We constantly monitor traffic flow through our Gate 1 (Main) 24/7
Camp Kim Gate 2 (Back) 6 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
access control points,” he said. “The bottom line Gate 23 24/7
is that we are keeping the gates open during the Incheon International Airport JMMT
hours that the majority of residents and workers Transportation Motor Pool Gate 1 24/7
use them.” Gate 29 24/7 Gate 3 24/7
10 July 13, 2007 USAG-Y The Morning Calm Weekly

USAG-Yongsan Change
of Command
U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan will
conduct a change of command
ceremony 10 a.m. today at Collier Field
House. The community will say farewell
to Col. Ronald Stephens and welcome
Col David Hall. The reception will
immediately follow at Commiskey’s.

ASAP Clinic Move

The USAG-Yongsan ASAP clinical
program has moved. The new location
is Building T-7163 at the 121st Combat
Support Hospital loading dock area.
For information, call 737-3161. The
number for Education, Prevention and
Urinalysis Drug Testing Program is 736-

Sexual Assault Hotline

The 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline
phone number is DSN 158. From off-
post or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700.
Individuals may also call USAG-
Yongsan Sexual Assault Response
Coordinator Leah Holland at 738-3034
or 010-8697-4869.

Quartermaster Laundry
Country singer Chris Cagle gets in touch with the Yongsan community July 4 at Collier Field House.
Yongsan Quartermaster Laundry will
close Tuesday, July 17 for a Korean
Chris Cagle hits Yongsan with ‘wild country’
holiday. For information, call 736-4397. By Pfc. Im Jin-min Demilitarized Zone. an American eagle statue. Many fans
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Cagle captured country music fans lined up hoping to get an autograph.
Summer Reading YONGSAN GARRISON — with an energetic and passionate “It’s a privilege to be here,” said
The Yongsan Library Summer Reading More than 700 Yongsan Community performance. Community members base guitarist Eddie Dunbar. “Our
Program will be 11 a.m. every Tuesday members flocked to listen to country cheered in the sweaty heat as they left hearts are full when we come up on
through July 31. For information, call music singer and songwriter Chris their seats to crowd around the stage. stage and the fans are with us 100
723-7300. Cagle at Collier Field House July 4, Music lovers danced along near the percent.”
despite a heavy monsoon rain earlier stage, some swung hands side-by-side, Dunbar added that the members of
American Red Cross
in the day. while others simply lifted their arms to the band were honored to perform for
The American Red Cross is seeking
motivated individuals to provide Chris Cagle is one of the leading wave with the rhythm. the troops and their families.
emergency communications and country musicians famous for his Amanda Laird was one of the first “We are genuine in our heartfelt
casework services to members of the debut single, “My Love Goes On and fans to dash up to the stage. belief that what the troops are doing is
Armed Forces and their families. The On” which reached the charts in “I love country, and I love Cagle,” providing freedom for the Americans,”
applicant must be an American citizen; 2000, and his other hits such as Laird said. “He put on a great show Dunbar said. “I think this show was a
at least 18 years of age; a high school
graduate; have base access; and “Laredo”, and “What a Beautiful with his hit songs, and it was a lot of success, thanks to the incredible
possess basic computer skills. For Day”, - all peaking on the music fun. Cagle knows how to capture his cooperation between the Korean and
information, call 738-3670. charts. fans on stage.” American Yongsan Community
Cagle performed in a string of The concert ended when U.S. members.”
Gate 17 is Closed Morale, Welfare and Recreation Army Garrison-Yongsan Commander Chris Cagle also performed at
Gate 17 is closed through September
shows at military bases in Korea since Col. Ronald Stevens thanked Cagle Daegu, Dongducheon and Pyeongtaek
for renovations. Only authorized
access-card holders will be processed June 29. He also visited the Korean and his band by presenting them with throughout the first week of July.

Army team to present ‘Civilian

at the Gate 17 pedestrian gate.

Gate 3 is Open to
Yongsan Garrison Gate 3 is open to
limited vehicle traffic. Vehicles may use
Gate 3 Monday-Friday:
„6-9 a.m. Inbound Only
Leaders for 21st Century’ briefing
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs of change and uncertainty,” he said.
„4-7 p.m. Outbound only
The additional vehicle gate will give More than ever before, the Army of the 21st Century
community members more options YONGSAN GARRISON — The Department of the will rely on top quality civilians in professional, technical
during the Gate 17 closure, officials Army G-3 will present a briefing July 20 for civilian and leadership positions to provide a continuity of operations
said. employees and their military supervisors on “Civilian and expertise essential to national defense, according to
Leaders for the 21st Century.” the Army Civilian Personnel Online Web site.
EFMP Meetings and “The briefing is really focused on educating Department “Developing future leaders in the face of decreasing
„An ADHD Parenting Class is offered, of the Army civilians and their military supervisors on the resources and a smaller force means taking advantage of
if qualified future,” said U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan Human every developmental opportunity,” Carpenter said.
„American Sign Language Class has Resources Director Steven Carpenter. “I encourage civilian The CPOL Web site states that, “A trained and ready
moved to a new location employees who are interested in professional development Army will always require leaders who are professionals in
For information, call 738-5311 to attend.” every way -- leaders who exemplify traditional Army values
As part of the Army’s Civilian Leader Development and professional ethics.”
Garrison Web Site
For more news and information, visit Program, the briefing will cover civilian employee training, “These are just some of the topics this briefing will cover,”
the U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan at education and career experiences that promise to develop Carpenter said. “adaptive” leaders, Carpenter said. The briefing is available at 9-11 a.m. or 1-3 p.m. July 20
“This briefing is going to touch on leadership during times at Balboni Theater.
The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-Y July 13, 2007 11
American singers
entertain YYongsan
By Cpl. Jung Jae-hoon
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs


idols flew all the way from the United States to
make about 800 Yongsan fans go wild July 7 at
the Main Post Club parking lot.
“Twin pop artists” Nina Sky and “Queen of
Reggaeton” Adassa performed at Yongsan
Garrison, one of the stops of a week-long Korea
tour. The opening band, “Second Nature” also
warmed up the crowds to move to the music.
Adassa began her rhythmical Latin-dance
songs promptly at 8 p.m., and made the crowd go
wild with her performance.
“The Soldiers are serving our country for a big
purpose, something that takes a lot of guts and
dedication,” said Adassa. “So, being able to say
thank you even in the least possible way and if
my talent can help say that, then I definitely want
to come and show my appreciation.”
Dancing with the fans, Adassa connected with
the crowd and made them feel as if they were
right at home.
“We’re happy to be here in Korea and honored
to perform for you,” said Nina Sky member
Natalie Albino before singing the first song. “We
love you guys and we hope you enjoy this.”
Natalie and Nicole Albino, identical twins, took
the stage and shook the packed parking lot with CPL. KIM SANG-WOOK
fans chanting the name “Nina Sky.” Warm-up band “Second Nature” singers connect with Yongsan community members July 7 at the Main Post Club parking lot
See Singers
Singers, Page 12 concert.
12 July 13, 2007 USAG-Y The Morning Calm Weekly
Singers from Page 11


“Queen of Reggaeton” Adassa lets an audience member sing July 7 at a Morale, Welfare and
Recreation concert at the Main Post Club parking lot.


Above: Adassa takes
audience interaction to a new
level and dances with a
Yongsan community mem-
ber during the concert.
Right: “Twin pop artists”
Nina Sky sing late into the
night July 7.


After the concert was finished, Noble. “I thought that was pretty
USAG-YongsanCommunity Activity cool. I never thought they would
Centers Director Mario Farrulla come up and dance with me. It was
presented the singers with an Eagle a lot of fun.”
trophy and the gratitude of the entire “This concert was about
crowd. celebrating Fourth of July,” Farrulla
“The concert was great and the said. “I thank everyone for
singers actually came down from the responding with such a large number,
stage to dance with the audience,” it makes us proud and continue to
said concert-goer Sgt. Nickcola work harder.”

Yongsan Garrison on the Web

The Morning Calm Weekly
July 13, 2007 13
Soldiers required to provide care for Family Members
By 1st Holly B. Nostrant A: AR 608-99 provides no exceptions. You are Q: What if I have more than one set of family
USAG Humphreys Legal Center required to support your family members even if you members? For example, I am married and I have
Did you know that Soldiers are required to do not receive BAH or your spouse has committed children from a previous relationship that live with
support separated family members? If a court order adultery. the other parent.
or written agreement does not exist, Army Q: If I pay more than required, do I get credit? A: Any family members covered by a court
Regulation (AR) 608-99 calculates a Soldier’s A: No. AR 608-99 only discusses the minimum order or written agreement must be paid the amount
obligation based on BAH RC/T married full rates. amount that you are required to pay. specified. All others must be paid a pro-rata share
AR 608-99 not only applies to those who are Q: How do I have to send payments to my of your BAH RC/T Married Full rate. Each share
separated and in the process of getting a divorce, family? is based upon the total number of family members.
but also to soldiers who are geographically separated A: If you have a court order or written agreement, Information for Commanders
from their families. Since most soldiers are stationed you must follow what it requires. Otherwise, the Q: When do I have to get involved?
in Korea without their family members, both soldiers following methods are all acceptable: cash, check, A: You must get involved whenever a family
and commanders must be aware of AR 608-99. money order, electronic funds transfer, voluntary member makes a complaint. A family member may
Information for Soldiers allotment, involuntary allotment and garnishment. contact you by any means, including by phone, letter,
Q: Why should I care about AR 608-99? Keep a record of all payments. fax and email.
A: Soldiers who violate AR 608-99 may be Q: Is providing money my only option? Q: What should I do if a family member contacts
punished under the UCMJ or subject to other A: No. You can also meet AR 608-99 me?
adverse action. Punishment can occur even if your requirements by paying non-government housing A: You must start a commander’s inquiry. Not
family members have not complained or your expenses that you are legally responsible for (i.e. only are you expected to personally review the
commander has not counseled you. your name is on the bill). This includes rent, case, but you are required to send a written reply
Q: What if a court orders me to pay financial mortgage, and essential utilities such as gas, water, to the family member.
support? and electricity. Q: What should I do in a commander’s inquiry?
A: AR 608-99 requires Soldiers to follow all Q: What if my family lives in government A: You should look at the facts to determine
court orders. If you fail to obey a court order, your housing? whether a violation exists. Let the soldier know
commander may issue a lawful order to comply. A: If your family lives in government housing, what is happening.
Q: What if I have a written support agreement? AR 608-99 does not require you to send financial Q: What if my soldier has fallen behind on his
A: AR 608-99 requires you to pay the amount support to them. However, if other family members or her payments?
stated in the agreement. If the agreement does not do not live there, you must support them. A: You can encourage, but not order, the soldier
state an amount, you must pay an amount based Q: What if my spouse and I are both on active to pay arrearages under AR 608-99.
on the appropriate BAH RC/T rate. duty?
Q: What happens if I do not pay on time? A: If you have no children, there is no obligation
A: If you fall behind on payments, you are in to support your active duty spouse under AR 608- Editors Note: See next week’s edition of The
violation of AR 608-99. 99. If you have children, the non-custodial parent Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper for more
Q: Do I have to pay if I do not receive BAH? must pay the custodial parent an amount equal to questions and answers regarding Army
What if my spouse committed adultery? BAH RC/T Differential. Regulation 608-99.
14 July 13, 2007 The Morning Calm Weekly

July 13-19

Blades Of Glory The Condemned 28 Weeks Later Georgia Rule 28 Weeks Later The Condemned Shooter
(PG13) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m. (R) 7:30 p.m.
28 Weeks Later Fantastic Four II Fantastic Four II The Condemned No Show No Show No Show
(R) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (PG) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Georgia Rule Georgia Rule The Condemned The Condemned 28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later Bug
(R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m.
The Condemned The Invisible Spider-Man 3 28 Weeks Later The Condemned The Invisible 28 Weeks Later
(R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Next The Condemned 28 Weeks Later No Show No Show No Show The Condemned
(PG13) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (R) 8:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m.

Ratatouille — A rat named Remy The Condemned — A select Transformers — The earth is 28 Weeks Later — Six months Georgia Rule — Rebellious
dreams of becoming a great French group of death row inmates are caught in the middle of an intergalactic have passed since the rage virus teenager Rachel screams, swears,
chef despite his family's wishes and offered the opportunity to compete war between two races of robots, has annihilated the British Isles. The drinks and is, in a word, uncontrollable.
the obvious problem of being a rat in in a deadly game on an abandoned the heroic Autobots and the evil U.S. Army declares that the war With her latest car crash, Rachel has
a decidedly rodent-phobic prof- island for one week. The winner of Deceptions, which are able to change against infection has been won, and broken the final rule in mom Lilly's San
ession. When fate places Remy in the game will have his or her sentence into a variety of objects, including cars, that the reconstruction of the country Francisco home. With nowhere else
the sewers of Paris, he finds himself dropped down to life imprisonment planes and other technological can begin. As the first wave of to take the impulsive and rambunctious
ideally situated beneath a restaurant and avoid execution. Rated R creations. The interstellar battle refugees return, a family is reunited- girl, Lilly hauls her daughter to the one
.made famous by his culinary hero, (violence, language) 113 minutes between the Autobots and Deceptions -but one of them unwittingly carries place she swore she'd never return-
Auguste Gusteau. Despite the rains destruction down on planet Earth a terrible secret. The virus is not yet her own mother's Idaho farm.
apparent dangers of being an unlikely - enormous aliens have chosen the dead, and this time-showing no Rachel's journey will lead all three
- and certainly unwanted - visitor in third rock from the sun as their ultimate outward symptoms-it is more women to revelations of buried family
the kitchen of a fine French battleground, and as the villainous dangerous than ever. Rated R secrets and an understanding that-
restaurant, Remy's passion for Deceptions struggle to obtain the key (violence, gore, language, sexuality, regardless what happens-the ties that
cooking soon sets into motion a to unlimited power, a young Earthling nudity) 91 minutes bind can never be broken. Rated R
hilarious and exciting rat race that named Sam Witwicky may stand as (sexual content, language) 113 minutes
turns the culinary world of Paris mankind’s last hope for survival. Rated
upside down. Rated G, 92 minutes PG-13 (sci-fi action violence, sexual
humor, language) 135 minutes

Ocean's Thirteen No Show Fracture In The Land Of Women No Show No Show No Show
(PG13) 6:45 p.m. (R) 6:45 p.m. (PG13) 6:45 p.m.
Transformers Transformers Transformers Transformers The Invisible 28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later
(PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Blades Of Glory Next 28 Weeks Later Lucky you The Invisible No Show Transformers
(PG13) 9 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (R) 8 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
Spider-Man 3 Lucky You 28 Weeks Later Lucky You No Show Transformers Georgia Rule
(PG13) 8 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 9 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Transformers Transformers 28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later The Condemned The Condemned The Condemned
(PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8 p.m. (R) 8 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Happily N'ever After Happily N'ever After Ratatouille Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Stomp The Yard Stomp The Yard
(PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m. (PG13) 6 p.m.
Lucky You Lucky You Ratatouille Are We Done Yet? Are We Done Yet? Everybody's Hero Everybody's Hero
(PG13) 6:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 p.m. (G) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (PG) 6 p.m. (G) 6 p.m. (G) 6 p.m.
The Morning Calm Weekly
July 13, 2007 15
—Worship Services—
Getting by with a little
Catholic Mass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel
11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel
help from my friends
5 p.m. Memorial Chapel By Chaplain (MAJ) Allen Staley
Tues./Wed. 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapel 121st Combat Support Hospital
Mon./Thur./Fri1 12:05p.m. Memorial Chapel
If you have ever listened to oldies on the radio, come this far together, we can’t give up now.”
1st Sat. 9a.m. Memorial Chapel
you probably remember the old song of by the Besides the knowledge gained and the satisfaction
Jewish Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel
Beatles that talks about getting by with help from a of completion, perhaps the most satisfying and
Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel
United Pent. Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel friend. enduring benefit from this course was the bonds of
Collective Prot. Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel I recently finished one of the more mentally, friendship and camaraderie formed that I believe
(Weekly Communion) 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapel emotionally and spiritually demanding times of my we will keep all through our careers.
(Korean) 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Army career. The same can be said of the benefits of fellowship
10 a.m. South Post Chapel With a small group of fellow officers, I was blessed and participation in a community of faith. Sure, each
10 a.m. MTF (R.O.C.K.) to take part in a course called Intermediate Level of us can and must choose the life of faith for
10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Education (ILE), meeting for the last 10 months, in ourselves. But one thing we sometimes forget is
11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel addition to our regular duties. I will be the first to that we were never meant to live the life of faith
(Gospel) Noon South Post Chapel admit that I don’t think I could have made it through alone.
KATUSA Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel without the grace of God, and the support of family, Sooner or later, we all are faced with our own
KCFA 2nd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel chain of command, congregation, instructors…and, limitations and discouragements. We need a little
3rd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel not just a little, but a lot of help from my friends. help from our friends in the faith in order to complete
What a difference the group process makes! the course. That is why God encourages us to “…not
Area II Chaplains
Many of the subjects we covered required skills and give up on gathering ourselves together…, but to
Chaplain (LTC) James P. King (Area II Staff Chaplain) experiences not exactly in my lane as a chaplain. encourage each other…and even more as we see or DSN 738-3009 The various abilities and backgrounds of our group the Day getting nearer.” (Hebrews 10:25).
Chaplain (MAJ) Adolph G. DuBose (Deputy Area II CH) members combined to make up for my shortcomings. In other words, we need each other all through or DSN 738-4043 I doubt I ever would have had the motivation to do the life of faith because “when the going gets tough”,
Chaplain (MAJ) Leo Mora Jr. (Family Life Chaplain) the course alone by correspondence. as the saying goes, “the spiritually tough get going or DSN 736-3018 As a group, we kept each other accountable and together.”
engaged. I admit I had my moments of feeling weary I hope you will discover or grow in your
or overwhelmed that tempted me to give up and try appreciation of the benefits of spiritual fellowship,
again later. More than once someone said, “We’ve which are for now and for eternity.
July 13, 2007
16 The Morning Calm Weekly


Discover a summer of fun

Commentary by David McNally you judge from the thousands of Many of the per-formers
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs smiling families. are from Russia and add
YONGIN — One way to beat the One of the star attractions is a to the international flavor
summer heat is by visiting one of Safari trip. Would-be explorers board of the park. If you stick
Korea’s premiere amusement parks. large “tiger” tourist buses and enter a around until dark, you
Everland Amusement Park offers fenced in area reminiscent of Jurassic find that each night at
the daily “Summer Splash Parade” Park. Inside, visitors come face-to- Everland ends with an
ending with a spectacular water show. face with a pride of lions, roaming entertaining light show
But just a warning, if you’re sitting tigers and enormous bears. The large and fireworks.
in the bleachers, make sure you have bus windows provide a first-class seat For information online,
an umbrella or raincoat. You will get to the exotic wild life. visit http://
drenched. The characters in the Other shows to catch are the bird
parade carry squirt guns, but many show, the seal and dolphin show and
spectators join the fun with their own the animal show. The animal show
water weapons. It all makes for a wet features dogs and monkeys doing tricks
and fun-filled experience. and birds flying into the audience to snap
The parade is just one attraction at up money held by audience members.
the park. Visitors will find roller “Monkey Valley” is home to all kinds
coasters, plume rides, a giant Ferris of primates, from lemurs to
wheel and rides for all levels of the orangutans. Crowds can even purchase
fearless and not so fearless. snacks to feed to the monkeys. The
Everland is only 27 miles south of polar bears are popular too, but the best
Seoul, but the trip down Highway 1 spot is to watch the sea lions swim next
often takes an hour or more. The to the penguin pool. You have got to
weekend traffic is the most wonder if they are slightly frustrated.
challenging. Sometimes you might Besides the parades throughout the
think everyone on the road is headed day and night, there is a
to Everland. But battling the traffic circus with stupendous
and crowds is apparently worth it if acro-bats and dancers.
18 July 13, 2007 MWR The Morning Calm Weekly

Wonju Enclave
Intramural Softball League, July 9
First Round W L
HHC 1-2 AVN 7 0
E 1-2 AVN 5 2
602ND ASB 4 3*
D 1-2 AVN 2 5
CSCT # 1 2 5
Second Round W L
HHC 1-2 AVN 3 0
E 1-2 AVN 1 2
602ND ASB 1 6*
D 1-2 AVN 2 0
CSCT # 1 2 0
Overall W L
HHC 1-2 AVN 10 0
E 1-2 AVN 6 4
602ND ASB 5 9*
D 1-2 AVN 4 5
CSCT # 1 4 5
* Dropped out

MWR Event and Sports Calendar
8th Army 2007 Swimming
Championship (Partial Results) July 20 Youth Leadership Forum Applications Due
Men’s Open 50-meter freestyle: (1) 2nd Lt. Robert The Korea Youth Leadership Forum is held annually to bring together the best and brightest
Crotty 27:29, (2) Pvt. Cameron Reynolds 31:22,
(3) Pvt. Dwayne McAtee 36:93. Women’s 50-
military youth leaders in grades 8-11. They will learn and practice leadership skills
meter Freestyle: (1) Michelle Higgins 36:40, (2) including team-building, goal-setting, problem-solving, social relationships, and
Amy Kimmel 37:00, (3) Pvt. Rachel Wardell communication, and with these skills, become youth-leader assets within their installation.
39:04. Men’s Senior 50-meter Freestyle: (1) Chief
Warrant Officer Harvey Gould 31:43, (2) Maj. The event includes physical challenge, service-learning, Army Family Action Plan training,
Seong Yeol Lee 36:35, (3) Capt. Dale Woodhouse character education, technology integration--and fun. Twenty youths from Korea will be
42:05. 100-meter Freestyle, Men’s Open: (1) 2nd
Lt. Robert Crotty 1:03:85, (2) Spc. Sean Dixon
selected to participate. For more information, contact the local Middle School/Teen Center
1:06:97, (3) Capt. Paul Lashley 1:35:19. office or call DSN 725-3207.
Women’s 100-meter Freestyle: (1) Michelle
Higgins 1:22:34, (2) Amy Kimmel 1:31:47, (3)
Pvt. Rachel Wardell 1:37:37. Men’s Senior 100- July 21 Triathlon Camp Casey
meter Freestyle: (1) Chief Warrant Officer Harvey The Eighth Army Triathlon will take place on July 21st at the Camp Casey Hanson Field
Gould 1:22:34, (2) Maj. Seong Yeol Lee
1:31:63, (3) Capt. Dale Woodhouse 1:54:33. 200-
House. It includes a 400m swim, 20k bike, and 5k run. Course maps are available through the
meter Freestyle Men’s Open: (1) 2nd Lt. Robert USAG-Uijeongbu Sports Office, DSN 732-6276.
Crotty 2:25:63, (2) Spc. Erik England 2:47:91,
(3) Capt. Todd Dahmann 2:49:78. Women’s 200-
meter Freestyle: (1) Amy Kimmel 3:18:53, (2) July 25 42nd ACS Anniversary
Staff Sgt. Mary Rice 5:39:96. Men’s Senior 200- Contact the local ACS for events and activities scheduled for each area.
meter Freestyle: (1) Chief Warrant Officer Harvey
Gould 2:44:50. Men’s Open 100-meter
Backstroke: (1) Spc. Sean Dixon 1:20:78, (2) July 25-28 Softball (Yongsan)
Spc. Erik England 1:24:60, (3) Pvt. Gregory The Company, Senior’s, and Women’s Softball Championships will take place at Yongsan’s
Harris 1:34:28. Women’s 100-meter Backstroke:
(1) Michelle Higgins 1:37:66, (2) Spc. Jennifer Lombardo Softball Complex. For more information, contact the local sports office or
Gold 2:21:02, (3) Pfc. Theresa Escarciga 2:55:34. DNS 725-5064.
September US Army Soldier Show
Intramural Softball League, July3-9 The Soldier Show will be touring Korea in 2007. A full schedule will be released shortly.
Suslak (7), 18th Med (9)
Suslak (5), 18th Med (16)
Signal (6), 18th Med (12) Sept. 6-8 Rugby - USAG-Humphreys
8th Army (11), CRUS (15)
Signal (9), 8th Army (10)
CRUS (3), Suslak (13)
Sept. 8 Aerobathon - USAG-Humphreys
CRUS(4), 18th Med (7)
Kanakas (10), 595th MT (13) Sept. 8 Team Triathlon - Camp Casey
8th Army (10), 595th MT (12)
8th Army (16), 501st MI (15)
595th MT (16), 501st MI (8) Sept. 8-9 BOSS LUAU Pool-Party
Signal (12), CRUS (3)
Suslak (15), Embassy (0)
Will be held at the USAG-Humphreys "Splish N Splash" water park.
18th Med (12), Embassy (4)
18th Med (10), Sockor (0) Sept. 12-15 Tennis Camp - Walker
Embassy (4), 8th Army (13)
Suslak (9), Signal (6)
Suslak (14), Sockor (3) Sept. 15 Track & Field - Camp Casey
Sockor (17), Kanakas (2)

League Standings Oct. 6 RC Street & Dirt Track Rally - K-16

Suskal 18-1; CRUS 15-4; 595th MT 12-6; 18th The regional RC “Car Wars” will take place at the K-16 RC Race Track at 10 a.m. Event
Med 12-7; 8th Army 11-8; Signal 10-8; Kanakas
9-10; 94th MP 6-11; 501st MI 5-13; Sockor 4- includes a Car Show & Shine Competition, Buggy Class Competition, Monster Truck Class
16; Embassy 7-16 Competition, Drag Race, and Best of Show. Awards will be presented following the
Post Softball
completion of races. Registration deadline is Oct. 1 at 1 p.m. and requires a $10 entry fee
Yongsan (18), Wonju (2) payable at the time of registration. Open to all authorized MWR patrons.
Yongsan (20), Wonju (0) Contact the local CAC for more information.
July 13, 2007 Page 21

35th ADA gets new commander

By Pfc. Gretchen Goodrich
35th Air Defense Artillery Public Affairs

OSAN AIR BASE -The 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade held a change
of command ceremony in the Black Cat hangar at Osan Air Base July 3.
Col. James H. Dickinson succeeds Col. John G. Rossi, who leaves after two
years as the 35th ADA Brigade commander for a position as the chief of staff
at Fort Bliss, Texas.
“There is no better job in the world then to lead, train and care for our
Soldiers,” said Dickinson. “I recognize this and fully accept the responsibility
and challenges.”
Challenges for Dickinson may surface, as with Rossi during his reign as
commander. From rotating battalions to various exercises, the brigade has
undergone major changes over the past months.
“We’ve pushed ourselves pretty hard,” said Rossi.
“A tough mission requires tougher training and the toughest soldiers.”
From fixing trucks in the rain, to completing training in extreme heat, even to
visiting orphanages, the soldiers of the brigade have been trained to be tough
and well-rounded.
Soldiers under the 35th ADA Brigade provide air defense protection for
South Korea by destroying ballistic missiles through the use of the Patriot Missile
The Soldiers are responsible for performing one of the most important,
complicated and strategic missions in theater, said Dickinson.
“The soldiers today are able to perform their mission because of the efforts
and leadership of Col. Rossi,” said Dickinson. “My strategy is simply to build
upon John’s great work.”
Having worked as a platoon leader in the 35th ADA BDE years ago, Dickinson
already has his foot in the door.
“I stood at the port of Pusan, preparing my soldiers and equipment for Team
Spirit,” said Dickinson.
Dickinson served as the battalion commander of the 1st Battalion, 7th ADA
that recently moved here from Fort Bliss, Texas. Not only is Dickinson back in PFC. GRETCHEN GOODRICH

35th ADA BDE, but the battalion that he once commanded is under his charge The new commander, Col. James H. Dickinson, passes the colors to
again. 35th ADA BDE Command Sgt. Maj. Sidney D. Weatherspoon to
“I look forward to sharing the many challenges ahead,” said Dickinson. symbolize his taking command of the brigade.

Korean students
enjoy a day of fun at
USAG Humphreys
as part of its ‘Good
Neighbor Program’
USAG Humphreys Good Neighbor
Program is essential to the
effectiveness, strength and
success of the ROK-US Alliance.
Soldiers, Family Members, Civilian
employees and Contractors are all
ambassadors for the United States
and the GNP serves as a vital
outreach program between U.S.
personnel and Korean citizens.

(left) Children from Paengseong

Elementary School look on as,
Capt. Stephen M. Duryea,
Company C, 3-2 GSAB, and a
KATUSA Soldier, helps a fellow
student put on a helmet in the
“Dust Off” aircraft.
22 July 13, 2007 USAG-H The Morning Calm Weekly

Safety classes held for warfighters

School Registration Air Defense Artillery SMEs brief a battalion of 500
School registration is underway and By Pfc. Gretchen Goodrich
parents need to bring the following
35th Air Defense Artillery Public Affairs
documents with them when registering
their children. The 35th Air Defense Artillery
- child’s birth certificate Brigade’s safety office held summer
- shot record safety classes June 27-28 for its newly
- passport arrived battalion, the 1st Battalion 7th
- social security card Air Defense Artillery.
- previous school records Although summer training is normal
for units to give arriving soldiers, most
CYS Adult Jobs
don’t give the class to more than 500
Youth Sports has positions for sports
soldiers at once. With 1-7 ADA
officials and scorers to help with all
Youth Sports games. You must be able arriving a few weeks ago from Fort
to work some Friday evenings and Bliss, Texas, summer training provided
Saturday mornings/afternoons. Contact the new Soldiers with valuable
Lisa Hogue, Youth Sports Director information about their new home. 753-5051.. “I knew our Soldiers would benefit
from this training by preparing them CHARLES R. RYAN
Audie Murphy Club for hazards they will face living on the Panther Battalion troops filled the Suwon Air Base Community Activities
The Camp Humphreys Sergeant Audie Korean peninsula,” said 2nd Lt. for Summer Safety ‘Stand Up’ training from 35th ADA BDE.
Murphy Club is looking for SAMC
Amanda Parker, 1-7 ADA training water or sports drink per hour to stay in country. Also during training Pfc.
members who want to become active
officer. hydrated to avoid heat injuries. Erik Larson, Charlie Battery, 1-7
while assigned to Korea. Meetings are
held the third Wednesday of each Their training included 12 accident Because the Soldiers arrived during ADA, received the 35th ADA Bde,
month. Contact Sgt. 1st Class FC modules covering common summer monsoon season, Ryan urged the safety champion t-shirt for answering
Lawson-Hurt at 010-2259-3026 or Sgt. safety hazards such as barbeque grills, participants to be wary of flash floods the most questions correctly throughout
1st Class Miles at 010-3148-3450. bicycles, authorized swimming areas and to be aware of the road conditions the class.
and sunburn prevention. before traveling. “I realized I needed this training,”
Yoga Classes “The battalion is here on temporary “Driving on a Korean city streets said Larson.
Tues. and Thurs. 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. duty orders for one year…it is my job during heavy summer rain is much “I’m from Alaska, and now I
aerobics and cardio classes are also to empower them with safety more hazardous than driving on sunny realize more ways to protect myself
available Mon. - Thurs. from 4:30 to 5:30
knowledge,” said 35th ADA Bde Texas roads,” said Ryan. The safety here.”
p.m. Classes meet in the aerobics room
Safety Manager Charles R. Ryan. manager showed photos of city Although new to the country, 1-7
at the CAC.
Ryan focused most of the training congestion, rural farm vehicles, roads ADA Soldiers are ready to complete
Troops for Trash on Korea’s highest summer risks: heat without guardrails, rock-drops and their mission of providing air defense
Six mile, four hour hike on the Buraksan injuries, destructive weather and explained how to be careful when artillery for South Korea with
Trail every Saturday at Osan Air Base, traffic. driving near children and crosswalks knowledge of new ways to protect
Main Gate, by the Burger Burn, roll out With rising temperatures, Soldiers to warn the new Soldiers of the themselves throughout the summer
9:30 a.m. were taught to consume a quart of possible dangers they may face while season.
Computer Classes for Spouses
ACS has an ongoing eight-week
computer basics class for spouses.
USAG Humphreys history , facts --
Classes are Monday and Wednesday
in the the ACS resource room. First one Building the future while remembering
is geared to Philippine spouses; the
next will be for Russian and English
spouses and another for Korean
the past
spouses taught by CPAC. Graduates will
receive a certification of completion. Why are there bunkers in the Sentry Village area?
Pre-registration required. Call 753-8401, By Bob Frace
limit to five. In February 1951 during the Korean War the United
Special to The Morning Calm Weekly
States Air Force was sent here to build an airfield that
Teen Jobs at CYS USAG HUMPHREYS—More than 75 years ago would be used by United Nations forces during the war.
Job openings for teens, 16 years or older during the Japanese occupation of Korea the The old bunkers the Japanese Army built were used
for youth sports baseball officials and community that we know today as U.S. Army Garrison once again, mainly for storage of equipment and
scorers. No prior knowledge or training Humphreys had a different look. ammunition.
needed. CYS will train. You become a It particularly looked different in one key location, Although the new airfield was not built in the same
member of the Sports Club and receive along Freedom Road next to the chapel and the Army location as the Japanese landing strip, the bunkers were
paid training as well as have your
Community Service T-311 area. As you travel down still used by the U.S. forces. According to engineering
association dues paid.
Freedom Road past the CPX gate and the chapel documents at the Directorate of Public Works, in the 1970’s
heading toward Tommy D’s Club, you will see a series a few of the bunkers were redesigned inside to house a
of bunkers next to the main road. You may ask yourself few offices.
why we would build bunkers so close to the roads and Many of them now are just storage facilities.
Please send us your in the downtown area. Well, surprisingly the United One of the bunkers in particular had a unique name: the
Stories and Photos States Army did not build them. “Sweet and Treat.” Soldiers in the 70 and 80’s dubbed it
To submit information for During the Japanese occupation of Korea, they built “Sweet and Treat” because the bunker was next to a
publishing in The Morning Calm the original airfield to support the training of Japanese Quonset Hut which housed the PX Donut Shop and food
Weekly USAG-Humphrey’s pilots. The runway ran adjacent to the bunkers along court. The Quonset Hut was later converted to several
common pages or for submissions what is now the main road on the installation. The company headquarters and used until 2005.
for the New & Notes section, call bunkers were used for housing aircraft and performing The bunkers stand for an historical time here on USAG
754-6132, 8847 or 8598. You can also maintenance. After World War II in 1945 and the Humphreys. It is a little of the past as we build the premier
email all of your information to Liberation of Korea the bunkers were abandoned. installation now and in the future. Stay tuned.
The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-H July 13, 2007 23

403rd AMC receives two new Soldiers

Unit accepts its first KATUSA warfigthers
By Andre D. Butler and Cpl. Im, Suk-chun
UASG Humphreys Public Affairs
USAG HUMPHREYS - The 403rd Army Field
Support Brigade-Korea based here has recently
accepted two new KATUSA Soldiers in its office
and is trying to integrate its new resources into
daily missions.
Pvts. Park, Young-soon, a supply specialist, and
Yoon, Doo-hyun, an administrative clerk, are the
first KATUSAs assigned to 403rd AMC.
“This is a historical moment for us,” said Chief
Warrant Officer Clinton E. Parker, Sr., 403rd AMC
“These two new Soldiers are going to help
enhance and sustain our unit’s system readiness.”
The 403rd, a subordinate of the United States Army
Material Command, is responsible for providing
logistical service elements for warfighters stationed
at USAG Humphreys and Area III.
Parker said the KATUSA Soldiers are in his
command to support logistics assistance CPL. IM, SUK CHUN
representatives and their transition into the unit has (left to right) Pvt. Park, Young Scon, a supply specialist, Chief Warrant Officer Clinton E. Parker,
been seamless. “Getting them in-processed and Sr., 403rd AMC commander and Pvt.Yoon, Doo Hyun, an administrative clerk, pose for a photo.
integrated has gone well,” Parker said.
“If there were any problems, the issues were “KATUSA Soldiers are required to take an language barrier, Parker remains positive and is
addressed immediately.” English test (TOEIC) and score 700 or higher to pleased with their efforts.
“That’s all a part of taking care of them,” he be accepted,” Park said. “Both are very smart,” Parker said.
said. “Nevertheless, the grade doesn’t reflect our “They are eager to learn, and are willing to help
Learning the brigade’s way of doing day-to-day conversation and listening skills.” support our mission as well as other Soldiers in the
business wasn’t easy for the new KATUSAs. “We both realized our English wasn’t at the units,” he said.
“I came here as an [administrative] assistant perfect level when we had a [difficult] time “Work has been pleasant so far,” Yoon said.
and Park is responsible for supply,” said Yoon. understanding the instructions and delivering our “Other members in the office are kind enough
“From what I heard, most KATUSA Soldiers messages to others,” said Park. to support us and understand our limitations.”
get [on the job training] from their senior KATUSA. “We have been encouraged to study English by “However, that doesn’t excuse us from the
However, [there were no KATUSA Soldiers] in Chief Parker,” said Yoon. “I really would like to unit’s missions and responsibilities,” he said.
our positions before us, so we had to learn use [the English language] better so I can “We, as Soldiers of 403rd AMC, bear the same
everything on our own.” understand our office’s comprehensive functions responsibility as others.”
Best explained by Park, they did not have and provide more service to my unit,” said Yoon. “I believe it is our part to improve our English
sufficient experience or knowledge of the Army Although the KATUSA Soldiers may feel a little and prove ourselves to be useful to the unit,” Yoon
or with the English language. uneasy with how things are because of the said.

USAG Humphreys transformation

New housing Tower to open


The transformation of U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys continues with the completion of the third high-rise family housing unit (right). Officially
dubbed “Phase Three Family Housing,” the seven-story building cost nearly $15 million to build and will house approximately 40 families.
The building also provides underground parking for residents. The new unit will officially open on July 18 at 11 a.m., when USAG
Humphreys Garrison Commander John E. Dumoulin, Jr. hosts a ribbon cutting ceremony at the housing tower.
July 13, 2007 Page 25

Soldiers remember warriors before us

By Spc. Natalie E. Kapteyn
501st SBDE Public Affairs

CAMP CARROLL - Hiking up the surrounding

hills outside post gates may give a Soldier an idea of
the terrain and weather a Korean War Veteran
Thirty Soldiers from the 6th Ordnance Battalion
experienced this while climbing up Hill 303 behind
Camp Carroll for their 5th Annual Hill 303 Memorial
Ceremony, June 29.
“It is really hard to get up the hill but it’s worth it
as a reminder of the 41 Soldiers who died here.”
said Spc. Darnell W. Gibson, unit supply specialist,
6th OD BN.
“Forty-one Soldiers were taken captive and then
killed here by the North Korean Army, and we
organize this event annually to honor those Soldiers,”
said Capt. Benjamin J. Steichen, commander, 84th
Ordnance Company, and organizer of this year’s
“It’s important to remember those who fought for
our freedom and to honor them,” said Sgt. Sangerine
S. Jarrett, personal administration sergeant, 6th OD
BN. “Even though it took me four hours to climb up
to be here,” she added with a laugh.
The Soldiers were joined by members of the
Korean Veterans Association who interact with the SPC. NATALIE E. KAPTEYN

Soldiers and participate in the memorial ceremony. Capt. Benjamin J. Steichen, commander, 84th Ordnance Company lays red flowers on the memorial honoring the 41 Soldiers who
The ceremony began with a welcome and were captured and killed on Hill 303, August 1950. Red flowers represent the bloodshed and the ultimate sacrifice of Soldiers.
introduction by Lt. Col. Eric D. Maratta, commander, their experiences during Korean War, he added. After the ceremony, the Soldiers shared a lunch
6th OD BN. Soldiers took turns laying flowers on the memorial with the veterans and prepared to descend the hill.
We have a moment of silence and one of the stone, which was carried up during the first memorial “It’s a pleasure coming up here and seeing the Korean
veterans share a description of the chain of events, ceremony on the hill on Aug. 17, 2003, said Lt. Peter Veterans climbing this height every year, and it is a good
which led to the massacre on Hill 303, August 1950, S. Chi, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, opportunity to have fellowship with them. They are very
said Steichen. Other veterans share memories of 6th OD BN. appreciative of us being here,” said Chi.

SAMC recognizes support of Korean partners strong supporters of our activities and shown concern
about Korean and U.S. communities. It has also
strengthened our Good Neighbor Program,” said 1st
Sgt. James Allen, Area IV SAMC president.
The inductees included Kim, Yong-so, mayor, Uljin
County; No, Won-hyon, community relations officer,
19th ESC; Chang Dae-soo, president, Fine Altech
Co., Ltd.; and Nho, Sung-youl, president, Sinsung
Engineering Co., Ltd.
The process took about a year with a unanimous
decision by the Area IV SAMC members and the
19th ESC Commanding General’s approval.
Duncan remarked, “This is a culmination of a
year’s worth of work for these men who unselfishly
donate their time and resources, without expectation
Command Sgt. Maj. George Duncan, Area IV SAMC advisor looks on as Kim Yong-so, mayor, Uljin County, receives his SAMC of rewards or returns.”
medallion from Brig. Gen. Raymond Mason, 19th ESC commanding general. “I feel like a hero among real heroes,” said No.
By Sgt. 1st Class Pam Voss and leadership. The inductees also promised to support the SAMC,
19th ESC Public Affairs “Sergeant Audie Murphy was the prototype for the since they were now members. Then they
CAMP WALKER – During combat action in warrior ethos,” said Command Sgt. Maj. George immediately came through on that promise at the end
World War II, Sergeant Audie Murphy became one Duncan, Area IV SAMC advisor and 19th Sustainment of the evening with a combined contribution of $2000
of the most decorated United States Soldiers. In Command (Expeditionary) command sergeant major. to the Area IV Chapter of SAMC.
early 1985, the U.S. Army established a club honoring “He embodied the spirit of what it means to give.” “These men mean more membership … stronger
his namesake at Fort Hood, Texas. Along this line of selflessness, the SAMC inducted membership. The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club
Since then thousands of noncommissioned officers four Korean community leaders into the Area IV focuses on the community, said Allen. “By inducting
joined the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club recognizing chapter July 5 at the Evergreen Community Club. strong supporters it helps us reach further into the
their display of integrity, professionalism, commitment “These men were chosen because they have been community.”
July 13, 2007
26 USAG-D The Morning Calm Weekly

Camp Walker Library

Soldiers build morale at Everland
Summer Reading By Pfc. Na Kyung-chul
Program USAG Daegu Public Affairs
Camp Walker Library holds Summer CAMP HENRY - 33 Soldiers
Reading Program for children in grades from United States Army Garrison
K-12 June 29 – July 29. Registration is Daegu had a field trip to the
until July 8. Please, stop by to get your Everland in Yongin July 5. It was a
children a reading booklet, button, book-
part of chaplain’s programs named
bag, T-shirt and bookmark. There will
‘Duty day with God’ to promote
be an End-Of-Program party on July 29
with refreshments, face painting, and a Soldiers’ morale and team building
clown. The children will receive their for the company. The admission
reading certificates and the program tickets and transportation are
winners will be announced. For provided by chaplain’s fund from
information, call Camp Walker Library Camp Carroll protestant
at 764-4318. congregation.

Army Civilian (from left) Sgt. Park Eun-sik, Sgt. Shin

Education System Seung-hwan, Sgt. 1st Class Michael
Briefing Henderson, Staff Sgt. John Henry and Pfc.
Representatives from the Department of Lee Byung-joo, USAG Daegu, enjoy an
the Army, G-3 will be visiting USAG amusement park ride.
Daegu 1:30 – 4 p.m. July 17. They will be PHOTO BY SGT. JUN CHUN-HOO
conducting briefings to educate
Department of Army Civilians and their
Military supervisors on the AL21 and
to encourage DACs to embark on
training, education, and career
KAFC recognizes closing of 7th circle
experiences that develop adaptive By Pfc. Jung Seo-jin Health College. “My sponsors, Maj. Steven Redmon
leaders who are comfortable leading 19th ESC Public Affairs “It has been a wonderful experience and Mr. Yu Sang-sok, were really nice to
during times of change and uncertainty. DAEGU - Soldiers and students for me,” said Lee Song-min, participant me during the circle. They took care of
The briefings will be conducted at the
gathered around for the closing dinner of the KAFC, also intern of 19th ESC. me during the circle. We also sent e-mails
Camp Henry Theater.
of the 7th Korean American “It’s really hard to get invited to a to each other and it’s a new experience
Friendship Circle at the GS Plaza foreigner’s house in Korea. Rather for me to have,” added Choi, Ah-yong,
Free Fitness Programs
Hotel July 2. than eat in a restaurant, we preferred participants from Daegu University
At Camp Walker Fitness Center, Yoga
Class: Monday and Wednesday, 6 – 7
KAFC is an organization whose to cook, and have meal by ourselves at English Education department.
p.m., Circuit Training: Monday and purpose is to bring Koreans and home. Although we did not meet many Some KAFC participants decided to
Friday, 9 – 10 a.m., Hi/Low or Step Americans to share and experience times, but still we had much of fun when stay in contact with each other despite
Interval/Cardio Boxing/Aerobics: each others culture and lifestyle. were meeting.” conclusion.
Tuesday and Thursday 6 – 7 p.m., On “I feel great about giving all Participants including the students “The last few months of circle were
the Spot Training: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. participants an opportunity for a brand and American sponsors seemed to have fun,” said Bantad. “It was good to go
Tuesday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday. For new experience, and expect students good experience during the event, to the cinema and Buddhist with the
information call the Camp Walker Kelly to have a new way of thinking after which is not easy to have without the students. Spending social time with
Fitness Center at 764-4225/4800. At the circle,” said Kim In-nam, president friendship circle. each other was a new experience.
Camp Carroll Fitness Center, Yoga Class:
of KAFC. “I hope the students During the semester groups Although the circle has ended tonight,
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.,
Performance Training: Monday through
understand the importance of the exchange cultural experiences with I still want to keep in contact with my
Friday 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Circuit alliance between Korea and United each other, by interacting socially. students.”
Training: Monday through Friday 9 – States, and look forward to the
11:30 a.m., Boxing Club: Monday experienced students helping national
through Friday 5 – 8 p.m., Taekwon-do interest by cultural exchange.”
Class: Monday through Friday 7:30 p.m. Participants include Soldiers, their
$40, Spining Cycling: Monday and Family Members and university
Wednesday 6 – 7 p.m., Cardio Dance: students from the Daegu area seemed
Wednesday 5:15 p.m. For information, to have a good experience during the
call Camp Carroll Fitness Center at 765-
circle--which is not easy to have
without the friendship.
“KAFC kicks off twice a year, it
SAS Summer Camp
School Age Services (SAS) holds
starts every semester based on s
summer camps. The Uncle Sam’s Stately theKorean school schedule.The 7th
Salute is from July 2 to 6 and the field KAFC started in March. A long journey
trip is 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. July 5 at the has ended July 2,” said Maj. Gary
Butterfly museum in Daegu. The Super Bantad, 19th Sustainment Command
Cool Penguins and Polar Bears is from (Expeditionary) participant of the 7th
July 9 to 13 and the field trip is 8 a.m. – 5 KAFC, also the emcee of the KAFC
p.m. July 12 at Unyang Amethyst cave. closing dinner.
The Malt Shop Madness is from July 16 Participants enjoyed a buffet meal
to 20 and the field trip is 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
and were then entertained by
July 19 at east coast beach. The Castles,
Spells & Wishing is from July 23 to 27
performances of Korean traditional
and field trip is 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. July 26 at percussion quartet, called samulnori.
Kyongju World. Lunch and t-shirts are The ROTC Rotary Club PHOTO BY PFC. JUNG SEO-JIN

provided and please sign up in advance performances included guitar players Students from 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and Korean American Friendship
at 764-5298. For information, call SAS at and performances of Korean martial Circle perform Korean martial art, taekgyun, during the Korean American Friendship Circle
764-4321. art, taekgyun, by the students of Daegu closing dinner, at GS Plaza July 2.
The Morning Calm Weekly USAG-D July 13, 2007 27
NEWS & NOTES Emergency numbers
ACS Birthday Block Party Limited Service of Area IV Taxis
Area IV taxi service in Daegu will be temporarily
to know in Korea
Army Community Service holds its 42nd Birthday
Block Party 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. July 18 at the road suspended 8 a.m. to midnight July 23. Regular taxi
in front of ACS on Camp Henry. Free barbecue service will be available by 6 a.m. July 23 to
including chicken and ribs and drinks will be accommodate the pre-reserved folks. It will then
provided and there will be some games and prizes be suspended until 6 a.m. July 24 when normal
including bouncies, rubber ducky prize tank, service will resume. The taxi drivers’ association
karaoke contest “Happy Birthday” and cake requested one day off to hold its annual
cutting. Everyone is welcome. For information, membership training in recognition of its 12th
call ACS at 768-7112. anniversary. The time permits the association to
tend to the morale and welfare of its drivers, and
Vacation Bible School improve customer service. The USAG Daegu
Camp Walker Chapel holds vacation bible school commander approved July 23 for the training
from July 30 to August 3, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the because taxi patronage is lightest on Mondays.
Camp Walker Chapel. Please pick up the For information, call Chong Young-kon at 768-
registration form at the Chapel. Register deadline 6907.
is July 22. For information, call at 764-5455.
Camp Henry Gates Reopen
CYS Summer Sports Camps The construction is complete at Camp Henry gate All 9-1-1 calls in the USAG-Daegu area now
Child and Youth Services holds summer sports 2 July 10. Camp Henry gates will reopen, using come to Camp Walker! To call 9-1-1 from your
camps June 25 through August 24. The sports the normal inbound and outbound traffic flow cell phone, call 053-470-5911.
camps include baseball, soccer, basketball, pattern. The upgrades provide a better degree of When reporting any emergency please give
volleyball and golf. Participants should pay $25 security on the camps and bring the compliance the following information:
per youth. T-shirt or hats will be provided. For with the access control security standards. For 1.What is the Nature of your Emergency?
information, call CYS at 764-5298 or 764-4859. information, call Victor Lowe at 764-4167. 2.What Base are you on?
3.What is the building number or location
Summary Court Officer Please send us your Stories and name where the emergency is located?
For information or questions concerning the estate Photos for Publishing 4.What is the telephone # you are calling
of the late Command Sgt. Maj. Wendell R. Velez, To submit information for publishing in The from?
the 6th Ordnance Battalion command sergeant Morning Calm Weekly USAG-Daegu’s common Fire, Police and Medics are ready to respond
major, please contact Capt. Christopher B. Amara pages or for submission for the News & Notes – Call 9-1-1 and we will be there to help 24/7 no
Jr., Summary Court Officer at 010-9371-1278, 765- section, call 768-8513. You can email all of your matter where you are in the USAG-Daegu.
4491 or at information to
July 13, 2007
28 The Morning Calm Weekly

25th Trans Bn celebrates Organizational Day

By Pfc. Na Kyung-chul
USAG Daegu Public Affairs Headquarters Company, the 25th Transportation
CAMP WALKER – “Consider it done.” This is The 25th Transportation Battalion includes the
a motto of the 25th Transportation Battalion that Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, the
celebrated its Organization Day July 6 at Camp 662nd Movement Control Team, the 138th Port
Walker. Movement Control Team, the 665th Movement
For commemorating the Organization Day, the Control Team and the 517th Port Movement Control
Soldiers from the 25th Trans. Bn. got together at Team.
Camp Walker to play basketball and have barbeque Area IV includes the Headquarters and
party. Soldiers enjoyed their special day with feeling Headquarters Detachment, the 665th Movement
free from their duties. Control Team and the 517th Port Movement Control
“It was a great opportunity for Soldiers to be Team.
one team and to get together at the same place,” The missions for the Headquarters and
said Cpl. Jo Han-kil, the 665th Movement Control Headquarters Detachment in Area IV are
Team. “For me, the barbeque party was especially support to personnel management,
great.” administration and training of the battalion and
The 25th Transportation Battalion was conducting education and training for the
constituted Jan. 31 in 1944 in the Army of the Soldiers of the detachment.
United States as Headquarters and Headquarters The 665th MCT in Area IV is in charge of express
Company, the 25th Regulation Station. It was highway control in Area IV, support to movement
activated February in 1944 at Camp Plauche, control of 3rd SFFG in Pohang harbor, support to
Louisiana and reorganized and re-designated land-route transportation which needs civil
December in 1946 as the Headquarters and cooperation, procedure of escort approval, escort for
Headquarters Detachment, the 25th noncombatants in wartime and establishment of
Transportation Corps Traffic Regulation Group. Combination Movement Control Center (CMCC)
In June, 1960, it was activated at Seoul Train in wartime.
Station, Korea and reorganized and re-designated The missions for the 517th PMCT are movement
January in 1966 as the Headquarters and control of coast area in Area IV, loading and
Headquarters Detachment, the 25th PHOTO BY PFC. NA KYUNG-CHUL unloading military freights at harbors including
Transportation Center. Spc. Jaison L. Thomas, 665th Movement Control Team, and Mokpo, Gwangyang, Jinhae and Masan, support to
After that, it was relocated to Yongsan Garrison Pfc. Kim Young-kon, 517th Port Movement Control Team, jump aviation loading and unloading at Gimhae airport and
December in 1987 and reorganized and re-designated to get the ball during the basketball game July 6 at the Kelly support service vehicles for moving personnel and
Oct. 16 in 1998 as the Headquarters and gym on Camp Walker. freights.
July 13, 2007
Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly

Learn Korean Easily

The Phrase of the Week :


“The radiator is leaking.”

Naenggakkiga saemnida.
the radiator is leaking

tools ‘dogu’

a flat tire ‘bbangkku’

car ‘cha’

Situation of the Week : Driving


My car has broken down.

Chaga gojangnassumnida.

I don’t have any tools.

Suri doguga opssumnida.

Is there a repair shop nere

Ee guenchoe jungbisoga issumnikka? here?

This story is I need an auto mechanic.

about: Jongbigongyi isoyaggaessumnida.

Can you help me?

American Jom dowa jusigessumnikka?

I have a flat tire.

singers Bbangkkuga nassumnida.

Korean Expression of the W eek

The ground hardens
Yongsan Be on dwie ddangyi after rain.
After the storm comes the calm.