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Draft your code

Assignment submitted by : Group P1

Aishwarya Shetty Rahul Dara Pritish Prabhu Sudip Ray Vaibhav Giri Goswami
Ethics is said to be a cornerstone of human culture. Each and every day we tend to use our ethical compass in virtually everything we do. It can be in making decisions at the workplace, or to the decisions that concern our loved ones. Ethics is not something that is learned in a day. It is something that is learned over the course of ones life. In most cases, it is the events that impact us which shape our beliefs. In other cases they are moulded by our parents or through religion. Although we tend to think that ethics is a simple choice that we make between good and bad, it is far from the truth. In reality, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. There is no plain white or black, but just a lot of grey. For example, consider a situation where one is forced to make a choice between killing an innocent baby or letting a million people die. There is no right decision in this case. One just has to accept the fact and make his choice based on his ethical code which he swears by. If he chooses to kill the baby to save a million people, then he must also have a code which defines the extent to which he will go is it then also alright to kill two babies, or what if he has to kill a hundred? In drafting our code of ethics, we thought it would be effective if we split this code into three parts. Firstly, as a human being what should our code be. Secondly, as students we can have a code of conduct that should be followed in the institution we study in. Thirdly, as professionals, we should have a set of standards which in many cases are based on the profession itself or the organisation that we work for. Our code, therefore, is as follows: I. As a human being, I shall : i. Treat everyone with respect and dignity and treat them in the same way as how I want to be treated by others. ii. Seek to improve and better my community and the people who are a part of it. iii. Be compassionate and show empathy to those who need it iv. Be responsible for my actions and its consequences v. Work hard and be diligent in trying to achieve my goals

vi. Learn something from every experience and also learn from past mistakes vii. Accept contrary opinions and try not to have a set mind about anyone. viii. Have a positive outlook on life and learn to see the best in people. II. As a student, I shall: i. Work hard and do my best in every class, whether I enjoy it or not. ii. Make an honest attempt to attend every lecture on time iii. Complete every assignment on time and to the best of my abilities iv. Never cheat, plagiarise or indulge in malpractice v. Take pride in my institute and do justice as its representative vi. Seek help from others when I need it and likewise help others when they need it vii. Treat lecturers and staff with the respect that they deserve As a professional, I shall: i. Follow company guidelines and its code of conduct with all sincerity. ii. Do only what Ive been trained to do and not overstep the boundaries, especially if doing so can cause harm to others iii. Keep the publics safety and health in mind when completing any project. iv. Be willing to be the whistleblower, when its necessary to be one, irrespective of the consequences that might follow v. Try to keep learning and up-to-date with the latest methods and processes and apply the same in the field.