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NAME : Samuel Choo Jiunn Shyan ID : ME090225719 C2/11 Anaesthetic posting reflective report The two-week posting in anaesthesia

had opened my eyes to the role of anaesthetists and the importance of anaesthesia and critical care as a specialty. I realised the importance of anaesthetists in perioperative care through this posting. During this short posting, the sessions we had included: OT sessions - during OT sessions, we learned how the medical officers check the equipments before the start of surgery. We also got to know the common drugs used in induction of anaesthesia and maintenance of anaesthesia for adults as well as paediatric patients. Besides, we observed the different practical procedures done during surgery, such as intubation, usage of the bag valve mask for ventilation, giving spinal anaesthesia. Then, I learned about the reversal of anaesthesia and monitoring of patients after that. We also had sessions with Dr. Ann Jee where we were taught about the different equipments used in anaesthesia. Anaethesia clinic - in anaesthesia clinic, we mainly observe how the doctors do preoperative assessments, counselling and consent taking for anaesthesia. Pain rounds - one of the services offered by the department of anaesthesia is acute pain service. I learned how to assess pain during the sessions and also the general principles of pain relief. Effective pain management is given to patients through equipment like thr patient-controlled analgesia machine (PCAM). The usage of PCAM gives patients the ability to relief pain when needed. The PCAM also serves as a guide for us to assess the patients' severity in pain and their requirement for analgesia. ICU teaching - I learned about the different indications of ICU admission and the monitoring of patients in ICU. Classes - the interactive TBL sessions on oxygen therapy, fluid therapy and ABG further improved my understanding on these topics and I hope these topics are emphasised in other postings as well because these things are vital during acute management of patients and are helpful when we graduate as doctors. The CLS session during the anaesthesia posting also served as a reinforcement of knowledge gained during the 2-day CLS course during the beginning of the surgical posting. For PBL sessions, we learned about the principles of anaesthesia, preoperative assessment and the common drugs used in the OTs here. Finally, I am glad that this posting had helped me to understand perioperative care and critical care better. I hope I can apply what I learned here during my practice in the future.