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Kings Animation Studio is a cartoon animation company established by two young entrepreneurs, Tiyani Ndobe and Phronesis Baloyi.

Through its film production, the company addresses adversities such as unemployment, social issues and current affairs. The primary objective of the company was induced by the high unemployment rate of up and coming animators and script writers in South Africa. With no marketing techniques put in place, the Kings Animation company couldnt get their product out there to the public; however the only medium used for exposure was YouTube. Enactus-VUT took advantage of this medium by inviting more people to watch one of Kings Animations produced films, The Missing Chicken, on YouTube, so as to create an interest for companys film products. The number of viewership of the Missing

Chicken has increased from 29 to 363 views in a period of one month. A major huddle the company had was that it needed investors or producers who could take interest and help in its initiative. Enactus-VUT assisted these young entrepreneurs on how to present themselves professionally and how to express their ideas better. Afterward, this skill then enabled them to secure a meeting with Mr. Harry Hofmeyer who is a Content Executive at the Urban Brew production company. After negotiations, the Kings Animation studio stands to make R66 000 for a single episode and 14 episodes are to be produced which will result with the making of R924 000, that will be used to nurture the company further and employ more staff.

Handwork, creativity, patience and time can go hand-in-hand to ensure a bigger and better and brighter future, and this is exactly how the making of the carpets and blankets can also be support a structure for students with learning disabilities. The learners create beautiful carpets and from their own creativity to produce strikingly artful pieces in the end. It takes the learners two to three days for them to complete the end product. The kids feel that if they learn these skills, it can actually be a way for them to move away from engaging in any illegal or dangerous things such as stealing goods. The learners get to do what they enjoy and still be able to sustain themselves financially. As it is, students feel confident enough to start and run their own businesses.

The teacher said that ever since the ENACTUS-VUT TEAM has been involved with the activities within the THABO VUYO RESOURCE CENTRE, they have been able to work at a much faster pace because we have set in a place for them to conduct marketing strategies. The teachers from Thabo Vuyo Resource Centre feel that without the assistance of the ENACTUS-VUT team,they would still have no idea as to how they could get their products out to the public, apart from the public having to discover them. The learners have bright ideas as to where they see themselves in the next five years. Since the learners received their materials in May, they have collectively made R930.00 in sales from their artistic creations.We as FUTURE LEADERS. They admit however ENACTUS -VUT conducted research on which that in the beginning it is difficult for them equipment needs to be purchased that will ento start with a new design, but once they able the learners to meet the market demand. get the hang of it, it becomes much easier.

One of the many admirable aspects about Thabo Vuyo Resource Centre is the fact that they incorporate a variety of skills that learners can use to further their lives, regardless of the challenge they face. The art and crafts department of the school helps the learners to be able to design mosaics.The teachers feedback was that this activity helps the learners with areas such as decision making regarding constant and continuous assembling; decorating of the mosaics and sharing of art material increases the learners social interaction. Enactus-VUT recognizes an important need to make the art and crafts a project that could potentially generate income. With the schools opening in July, Enactus-VUT have applied to the Department of Education to escort the learners outside the schools vicinity to allow the learners to sell their products, therefore enabling us to transfer financial literacy skills and the knowledge of fair trading. With our established relationship with the universitys Faculty of Management Sciences, we have been given the

permission to market and therefore sell Thabo Vuyo Creative Art products to the university staff members, which would mean going from door to door broadcasting and selling Thabo Vuyo Products. We are to establish a partnership with the Vanderbijpark Rotary Annual Festival which will enable EnactusVUT to market and sell the learners products, therefore reinforcing what theyve learned in a real life situation.

Thabo Vuyo Resource Center is a school that caters for students who have learning disabilities and one of the many activities that are being offered by the school is the skill of baking. Students later on receive certificates that broaden their chances of finding employment after studying. Learners are taught on how to make bread, home-made biscuits and pastry. These baked goods are then sold and supplied to school functions both internally and externally. However, learners are not involved in the selling of their baked goods as teachers are the ones who facilitate the trading process. Enactus-VUT identified this as a need, as students are not taught on how to manage their own money and again on how to conduct a fair trade. The consequence of the lack of this knowledge can render the students to have a limited choice and

flexibility in regards to what they can do. Sweet Confections Bakery is an Enactus-VUT initiative that aims to help students of this school to attain the skill and knowledge of financial literacy that can help them to generate more income outside the school premises during school holidays. With the partnership of our institution, we are to host and conduct financial literacy workshops that will help them manage their money wisely. We have again considered the fact that these learners have a learning disability and therefore we will be working hand-in-hand with the school teachers to make sure that they take hold of the knowledge we are to impart on them and as a result expand their choices to what career path they can follow after school. In this case, there would be a higher chance of them becoming entrepreneurs.

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.
-Thomas Fuller

With the rate of unemployment on the raise, the chances of getting a job are slim especially for individuals who have a learning disability. Thabo Vuyo Resource Center is a school that caters for children who posses these delicate conditions, and initially the school was fully funded by the Department of Education but recently the department then subsidized the schools feeding scheme and thus the school started a small garden in order to produce food for its learners. With no prior experience on how to start and maintain a garden, the plan was doomed from the start, as there was no one who would make time for the garden; again there was not enough equipment until Enactus-VUT intervened. We perceived the problem the school had at hand as an opportunity to transfer knowledge to the students on how to start and maintain a garden, thus the Garden

of Pure Happiness was instantiated. With our established relationship with the Faculty of Management Science, the school was able to attain equipment worth R14 938.30. The team then took it upon itself to go and visit the school on a weekly basis to ensure that our shared vision with schools governing body is met, that is, to transfer knowledge to the learners and provide enough equipment so that more students will be involved and the surplus of the fresh produce will be sold to generate extra income for the school.

Team Sustainability
75% Male 25% Female
10% 25% 15% 50%

Financial Statement
Opening Balance Institutional Support Travel Allowance(Enactus-VUT) Total Income Expenses Accomodation Annual Report Printing Catering for nationals Transport and Catering Catering for camp and transport Total expenses R 21 059.16 R 7 000.00 R 4 000.00 R 32 059.16 R 7 435.62 R 600.00 R1 100.00 R 3 500.00 R 3 500.00 (R 16 135.62)

B-Tech 2nd Year 3rd Year 1st Year

Overall number of people directly Impacted: 396 Overall number of people indirectly Impacted: 814 Number of hours volunteered: more than 25 00 hours

Closing balance

R15 923.54


Future Projects
Our purpose of enabling progress through entrepreneurial action still continues. As part of our future projects, we have two young and aspiring entrepreneurs that meet Enactus principles. Young People In Business Initiative (YPIBI) Established in August 2011 by Mordecai Ndlovu, the primary objective of this organization is to tackle issues of the youth in business and to ultimately stimulate youth business development. He has launched various initiatives aimed at empowering the youth of South Africa. This includes the annual Realize Your Potential Youth Seminar (RYPYS) and he is on the pursuit of having an official youth entrepreneur day on the South African calendar. Star Kid Computer Program Secondly, we have Abdurrahman Mosel, who is the founder and CEO of Star Kid Computer Programme. He conducts the program himself with the help of his team, with an annual fee of R150, 00 for learners taking part in it. His main focus is on maths and science which is a problem to a vast number of learner. Furthermore, aiming to improve the quality of basic education. This programme is designed for young learners as children grasp information much efficiently. We are going to work side by side with them, exposing and empowering them to live up to their potential, creating opportunities for the society.

Ms. Thato Molorane

Mr. Ferdinand Niyimbandira

Prof. M. Dhurup