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Outstanding Solutions for Green and Truly Renewable Biomethane to Supplement Gas Grids, or for Direct Use as Vehicle Fuel.

Driving Energy Technology

Greenlane Biogas is part of the Flotech Group, the leading worldwide developer and supplier of technology for upgrading biogas to renewable biomethane for use in natural gas pipelines and/or vehicle fuel. The upgraded biogas (methane) is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels such as gasoline and oil. Flotech has more than 20 years of global experience in biogas upgrading, with installations so far in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and North America. Flotech also offers compression solutions for the oil & gas and power generation sectors, together with a wide range of heat transfer and other industrial equipment.
Manure Residues Energy crops


Organic industrial waste

Greenlane - Proven, Standardised and Environmentally Friendly Technology

Our Biogas Upgrading Systems are available in six standardised modular designs, named after New Zealand native trees. Standardisation reduces capital investment and management / consultancy time demands, as the patented technology is thoroughly proven, modularised and largely factory assembled meaning quick and efficient installation on site. Key strengths of the Greenlane system are its simplicity, highest efficiency, gas quality & availability at an affordable price. We have developed technology that uses ordinary water to purify raw biogas. The resulting biomethane thus has less impact on the environment than any other available technologies. We have streamlined the system, delivering high quality, fit for purpose equipment that is best in class. The product range spans a wide field; our smallest model Manuka with its competitive pricing is especially developed for sewage treatment plants and smaller farms that have lower capacity requirements. The larger models more than twenty times bigger, are designed for higher capacity industrial biomethane facilities. The process is environmentally friendly, energy consumption is low and the product is easy to install, manage and maintain. Our three smaller units (known as MK class) are supplied fully containerised, complete with control room containing motor switchgear and variable speed drives. Larger plants (known as RMT Class) are available in both containerised and skid-mounted versions. The modules are delivered to the project site whereupon Greenlanes Aftercare Team assists with installation, commissioning and training followed by cradle to grave lifecycle support.

Household waste



Forest industry waste


Nominal Capacity Nm3/h Raw Gas

*Estimated fuel needs number of cars per year

Manuka Manuka+ Kanuka Rimu Matai Totara

0 - 80 0 - 130 0 - 300 250 - 800 400 - 1200 650 - 2700

330 540 1250 3330 4990 11235

From Organic Waste to Cleaner Air

When food waste from households, sludge in sewage treatment plants, manure and crops from agriculture is broken down by micro-organisms, biogas is produced. For efficient and environmentally friendly use of biogas it needs to be upgraded and purified. This is where Greenlane Biogas comes into the picture with our environmentally friendly and cost efficient water scrubbing system.

*Corresponding fuel need per year based on an average mileage for newer cars of 15 000 km per year and an average fuel consumption of 0.8 liter/10 km. Source: Biogas Portal, Sweden.

Why Greenlane
Proven patented technology, Quality Controlled before shipment Reduced investment lower cost than site-built construction Simplified procurement the technology is proven and standardised Environmentally friendly; main process uses water Energy efficient low running costs Modular packages allow spacious yet compact design. Most units are packaged in ISO shipping containers. Upgraded Biomethane Quality typically 98% +/- 1% Easy to install, manage and maintain Most reliable compression technology and highest availability Worldwide 24/7 AfterCare Service Security for your business


Green Technology - Green Energy

Our process is based on the most environmentally friendly solution with a high degree of purification where the biogas is upgraded without chemicals and with plain water in a water scrubbing system. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide is separated from the gases under pressure by absorption into the water, after the upgrade the methane content is >98%. The heart of the facility consists of a simple, robust and reliable compressor that allows for high availability and low operating costs. The final product, biomethane, replaces the fossil natural gas and can be injected into the natural gas network or utilised as a renewable vehicle fuel.