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Date Time/duration Class Time Number of students Focus Theme Topic Content Standard v v Learning Standard Objectives

: 31st. October 2013 : 60 minutes : Year 1S : 7.40 a.m 8.40 a.m : 37 : Listening and Speaking : World of Knowledge : At Home : 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation. : 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance. : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : i) Talk about a picture ii) Identify objects which has the /n/ sound. .

Teaching Aids

: Composite picture Phoneme cards

Proficiency level

: Intermediate

Stage/time Set induction (8 minutes)



Resources in the

Draw upon pupils 1. teachers brings Things previous knowledge Examples : some object and classroom. gets pupils to Example Tin

named it

1) can u tell what 2. pupils gues the Pen this object is? 2) can u spell it? objects Bin

3. pupils answer Fan

3) what phoneme teachers is the object begins questions with? Presentation (10 minutes) Teacher will attract 1. pupils tell about A collection of pictures pupils attention by the picture display a pictures 2. pupils answer and gets pupils to teacherss talk about the question

things they can see Example 1) what can you see in the picture? 2) where is it Practice (17 minutes) Activity 1 1. pupils sit in their Composite pictures for each group

1. teacher group group pupils into group of 2. pupils circle the five 2. teacher selected gives which

objects Coloured pensils has the



a phoneme /n/ in the diorama pictures each group

composite picture 3. teachers

gets 3.

pupils to circle the name the circled objects that have objects that their

the phoneme /n/ Activity 2 1. teacher

found 4 practice

gets 5 each group gets

pupils to name the a diorama object circled by 6 each groups

asking each group 2. teacher

places the pictures

ask said by teacher

pupils to repeat the object with the

phoneme /n/ Activity 3 1. teacher places a diorama group 2 teachers says an object each and groups gets to to each

place the pictures of the object on the own diorama Production (15 minutes ) 1. teacher some show 1. each group see Real objects to the objects 2. each group Pen,tin,bag,cap.pencils


each group

2. teacher covers names the object the object 3. each name that seen teacher group the they that they have

ask seen and write the to words on a piece

object of paper have 3. group to that get


4. teacher discuss more of the object

the answer

correct winner



Closure (10 minutes)

Recap the lesson Pupils using a song classroom song


the Text book

what is in my (textbook 71)