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com In no specific order Manipulation & Deceit in the New-Age community

By Edward Alexander on Skype / There is a large amount of misinformation and mind control, direct brainwashing so to speak, along with general operations to create more confusion and tension between the alternative circles and users themselves. All of the New Age community, and Alternative scene, in special, are heavily infiltrated by these Deceitful Groups. You will find more lies, deceit, hoaxes and garbage there than anywhere else. I will stretch a leg as far as saying 90% or more of ALL material , meaning Books, Videos, Audio and other forms of Information, that you find under the "New Age" or "Alternative" topic is utter bullshit put into the system by these Deceitful Groups. Unfortunately, people are still very naive and gullible - they are easy to manipulate and control, and a vast amount take anything they are told as "the truth". This is very damaging, and in turn creates NEW groups, that are honest per say, but living a doctrine of lies based on false information they originally learned about from these Deceitful Groups. As an insider myself, having been involved in different areas of society, I have a background that has given me a unique overview of the whole situation. I know people from "both sides", and I have had their plans and agendas exposed to me. Some of these forums and discussion groups are CREATED by these very people, for the full intent of misleading you away from the real Truth and get you lost in a maze of deceit. They are experts, and honestly very good at what they are doing, and the amounts of people they lure is horrifying. They do infiltrate ALL social media and discussion groups, including places such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, comment sections of News sites, forums, bulletin boards etc. Of course, that is in ADDITION to all the nononline places they are, such as in publishers of books, tv shows, movies, etc. So be aware of that when you find your "news" in alternative places such as where we are right now. Be skeptical, do not take things for granted. When someone are heavily attacked, naysayers jump out, and threads even deleted or locked, this is very often because the truth put forth is strongly censored and something "they" want to keep away from you.

Since I already know how this works, I will not spend my time on addressing those people myself, they will speak to the wall and I could care less how they try to derail things.

Third Eye revealed

By Edward Alexander on Skype / The Third eye, in your pineal gland, often called a Key to the Soul - It is not truly a key, it is more like a back-door, in similar ways as back-doors on computer systems, or security holes rather. This security hole, is your so called Third Eye. In contrast to what your mainstream New Age movement teaches, the Third Eye is part of the Control mechanism to keep you here. It is through the Third Eye mind control is performed, delivering outside programming to your inner worlds, your psyche. It was inbuilt on purpose in the Human-Energetic body, which contains what you call Chakras, along with its connection to the Pineal Gland in the physical body, to serve as a remotely controlled entrance point for feeding you thoughtpatterns and induce altered states in your psychology. However, this can be used against its purpose, since you can actually go towards the flow, and let yourself pass out through the crack that must always be there for a physical human being to function. It is a security hole that can never be completely closed. Connection with the Soul can never be truly cut. That would render the Human body useless and lifeless. It is the Soul that animates the Body, but the Body is not expressing its Soul, but a mashed up cooking pot of ideas, thoughts and mental programming that the Mind of the Human host is filled with. Mastery of proper Soul-connection takes a long time, often not only one lifetime, but several. One of the other secrets of the Secret Orders is how to maintain ones individual awareness and consciousness from life-time to lifetime, meaning that nothing is lost in between incarnations and thus a person gains incredible knowledge and understanding as he technically can be hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of years old, still the same person mentally with only the body changing as time goes. This is one of the reasons why the ones called the Elite have as much power and control as they have, since their occult understanding and self-realization is immense. Here is a practical way to take control over your Third Eye, and make it more difficult for others to control you. You will also take advantage of the Moon here, which also is an artificial construct created for mind control purposes. You will thus take fuller control of the ones trying to control you, by using THEIR systems, call it hacking into the control center.

There are many ways. You can go with some of the easier and quicker, which is inner alchemy of the serpent fire along with using external symbolic energies (examples as the astrological bodies, magical symbols like sigils etc) Technically, this means to harness your sexual energy, and instead of spilling it externally use it internally for transformation of your energy body, chakras and control and activation of your "Third Eye". This is done in accordance with the moon cycles as well as magical symbols representing what you want to achieve. A basic and general exercise is as follows: Go without having sex some time, this includes self-sex / masturbation etc. It is best to start this process while it is New Moon. When you feel your sexual energies increasing, simply be aware of them and let them be. Later in the same day, and following days, find a quiet time of the evening and go out for a walk where you can have a view of the moon. See the moon as it starts filling day by day. As you watch the moon, imagine the moon representing symbolically the energies rising in yourself towards your goal - in this case your goal is activation of your Third Eye and full control of it. "Absorb" the moon light, as you think of this, closing your eyes and imagining the energy of the moon penetrating you and filling you from your genitals and flowing up through your body all the way to the top of your head towards the moon. Imagine a stronger growing energy center in the third eye area. Then after this brief "moon exercise", go back inside and find a quiet place to meditate, this can be your bed. Try to do it early enough to not fall asleep before you are too tired. Sit down, or lie down, whatever you prefer, and relax. As you do so, again focus your attention on your genital area - your "base chakra", as it often is called. Feel your sexual energy there, but do not let it stay concentrated in the same local area. Instead, imagine it flowing up from the lower genital area and into your stomach. Really try to feel the warmth spreading upwards into your belly. Imagine it filling up your belly with a warm, pleasant yet firey moving ball of energy. Let it settle for a few minutes in the belly, and keep your awareness on it as it grows there. Then let it flow further up, this time to your solar plexus area, filling up there in the same manner. Again let it settle for a while, be aware of it, and keep doing the same and make it flow further up through all your body - up from the solar plexus area (right above your belly button) to your heart area - let it settle, be aware then further up your chest into your throat, again settle and be aware, then up through your head and face into the third eye chakra / area between your eye brows - where you also let it settle and grow, be aware of it, and this time

imagine it connecting with the top of the head and shooting out towards the moon and into the universe. Really try to "feel" and sense the energy out in space, as it encompasses the moon as another "external chakra", before it further expands through all of the universe and existence - imagine it coming back down but this time ENTERING the third eye chakra, and not the top of the head - going back down into your body and streaming down through all the mentioned chakras and points of the body once again until it is back in your genital area / base chakra. As you let it flow back into your third eye and down through your body, imagine the energy having been charged with the conscious all-knowing energy of all the universe and all of existence all the way to the depths of your Soul, God, the origin of all and everything, back into your conscious mind and energy body system, storing itself in the base chakra. Turn this into a cyclic event, making the energies keep flowing out of your base chakra / genital area through the mentioned chakras of your body, out the top of your head into the universe and back into the third eye and all the way back into the genital / base chakra and let it grow and strengthen there before repeating the whole cycle. You can do this several times and keep doing it until you feel you have received enough charging of yourself, and / or have received any information or visions necessary for the moment. This is a powerful and very useful exercise, as you take advantage of not only your own inner energy, but the energy of the Moon as well, letting the Moon help to "drag" you along in the right direction, and then you add the energy of all there is of the Universe too, which can be very powerful and induce a strong spiritual experience - many of you will come to see if you try. The Moon is constantly affecting us, thus taking the energy of the Moon in your own advantage by directing its energy for what you want, is obviously the best instead of just letting the moon work its way randomly on you without being aware of its effects. Remember that the Moon is always changing, imagine this as the Moon affecting you by the energy it sends out always strengthening you in a positive way towards your goals, as the Moon "grows" when it goes towards Full Moon, so does your energy for success, and remember the Moon does not actually "shrink" when it goes towards New Moon, it continues it cycle circularly in the same direction / spin, thus just keep imagining it still pulling you around in the right direction as it goes towards New Moon ("dark moon"). Visually speaking most people gains more success during the rise towards Full Moon, simply because of the highly symbolic and powerful visual aspects of a "growing" moon. Symbols are very powerful in Man. Something that further can be strengthened using self-designed magical symbols, called Sigils. This is something a bit complex to explain using only text, as I need to show some illustrations on how to do it. So I will get back to the sigil-symbol part a bit later if I can get the time to illustrate it properly, if not there is a lot of material easily found on the subject in magical books, specially the form usually termed "High Magic".

You should also work with Lucid Dreaming exercises and Astral Projection alongside the above mentioned exercise - on a daily basis. In addition, the above exercises can be adapted to virtually reach any goal you desire. As an example, you can use it to gain better income, simply add the aspect of money by imagining yourself charging yourself with a magnetic force that pulls money into your life and makes your income grow in accordance with the "growing" of the moon phase, with a peak at each full moon. The above is a condensed version of one of the most guarded secret practices on how to really manifest anything in your life, and is often abused to gain power and control but also to increase knowledge and understanding - only your own imagination is the limit of what you can achieve once you truly understand how and why this works, and practice it regularly. For now, start out as I have described focusing on the activation of Third Eye, and also feel free to add the monetary aspect, to see yourself increase your income. I also recommend you to study some sigil magic and add that. When using sigils, simply create several sigils for different goals you want, and as you do the exercise, lay the sigils out in front of you when doing the meditation and in the end of the meditation open your eyes and take a deep breath while you stare at the sigils and let their symbols sink into your subconscious to charge you. Then, put the sigils away in a secret place, and if needed "recharge" them into your subconscious once in a while (such as once in a month).

The Origins of Mankind

By Edward Alexander on Skype / Long time ago, hundreds of thousands of years ago or longer, mankind did not exist in physical form. In fact we can go as far back in time that it goes beyond all of the physical creation. God did NOT create the physical universe. People already existed BEFORE the physical universe. It would however be more correct to call the people of those times for "angels", in the sense that they were not physical, but spiritual beings. There were even different "races" and "beings" in those times, it was "Good" and "Evil" as now, but not in the extreme form we can see today. The Human race, were innocent back then, still good and pure at heart, mind and soul. They were playful, adventurous and exploring their existence.

People had an incredibly strong connection with each other, since they were pure spirit in form, and all was telepathic and empathic. They had never heard of "evil", never experienced it in any way, it was not part of their existence at all. But, Evil DID exist, just in outer reaches of the Universe of that time - and in contrast with the Human race, that Evil race was completely opposite, much more so than the worst form of Evil we can see or experience here in this form today. Back then, both those Good, the Human Race, and those Evil, for lack of good terms you can call them Reptilian since in effect, the ones called Reptilians on Earth now relate to these - they were both immortal in form, with eternal progress and development in state of individual awareness. No death, no birth, and no reincarnation. The Human Race were a race of givers, of lovers. While the Reptilian race, were a race of takers, of destroyers. Whereas the Human race would give each other what they needed and desired, the Reptilian would take it from each other - and anyone in their path. At some point, as both the Human race and the Reptilian race were expanding their territories , they came across each other. This was the turning point starting the downfall of Mankind - as the Human race now encountered a terror that was so great, that they had no preparations at all for what came. Evil of such proportions we can't even imagine it now - and the Human race of that time had never seen any form of Evil at all, they were pure good, and experienced Fear for the first time. The Reptilians , coming over the Human race, were addicted. This may sound incredibly strange, but they did in fact get addicted on Human Souls - this because they consume the energy of the Souls. Souls are basically the Food of the Reptilians, and they favor Souls of specific energy patterns or "tastes" so to speak. One such "taste" is that of Fear. The consumption of Fear-filled Human Soul-energy gives a form of intoxicating rush and satisfaction to the ruthless Reptilians. This is why you often hear about Human sacrifices in the conspiracy-scene, and this is WHY such occurs in physical form in our days , it dates all the way back to those original events. This is also the reason for the extremely negative state of the world, with so much famine, wars, violence, terror, etc - the world is kept alive, in physical form, to feed the hunger of the Reptilian controllers. They lust for the Human Soul-energy, and they lust for Power. And what happened back in the time they first encountered each other, the Reptilians and Humans, was that the Reptilians gained utter control and

enslavement over the Human race, which had no way at all to defend itself, they had never had any reason to defend themselves. The time before this, can be connected to "the Garden of Ede" of the Bible. It was all pure bliss and love and harmony back then. So let me fast forward a bit since it is too time demanding to go into all the details Eventually the contact between the Reptilian race and the Human race resulted in something more, a completely new experience for both races. This was an unexpected "side-effect" of these two different forms coming together, metaphysically speaking. What happened was the materialization and spawning of the physical. This was caused by the mixed spiritual energies of the two opposites, the Reptilian race and Human race. The Reptilian race, who were and still are very intelligent, took advantage of this discovery to create new denser levels of existence within the Sphere of Existence they were already living in at the time, along with the Humans. With this they found a new way to further enslave the Humans, who had started to rebel at this time and fighting against the Reptilians. The Humans did not longer let themselves be oppressed as they had been for so long. The Reptilian race created, by manifestation, a whole new Universe of physical matter, one that they could rule and be in charge of completely. They created worlds, planets, rules, laws, their full own system. And having figured out the nature of the Human race, they knew how to persuade the Human race so they could gain more control over them. They understood that Humans wanted to be free, individual and their own Masters. Thus they created a World for in which to live the Human race, at least the ones they could lure into their own creation. They created a World that was beautiful enough, one that was attractive, peaceful and tempting. They created all the physical, and the systems on how the physical life played out, and laid it out in such a way that the Human Bodies they created could support the consciousness of the Human Souls and thus function as a vehicle for the Human consciousness to exist within. Doing that, they had set up a perfect place for their prisoners, their slaves. And now they put into action a new plan, which was to stage an escape of the Human race from the Reptilian capturers. Of course, the Humans did not "escape" - they simply moves down into an even tighter controlled "concentration camp", called Earth. Since the Reptilians were in control of their own design, the Human Bodies,

they now had a very effective way of controlling the Human race that shifted their consciousness into the Human Bodies. As I mentioned earlier, this includes the spiritual aspects of the Human body such as the Third Eye, the "remote controlled Mind Control system" so to speak. It also includes the laws of Reincarnation and Karma, which also were created by the Reptilian race to control the captured Humans. The Physical brain of the Human Body was also designed in a way to make it easy to control. As an example, it was made so that it is easy to put into a trance, Hypnosis exists because of this Reptilian implement in the physical brain. Hypnosis is simply a way to quickly and easily control a Human (or many at the same time) without even the need of a direct spiritual-mental influence through the Third Eye. As mentioned earlier, further Mind Control and Brainwashing techniques were implemented in the Reincarnation process, as they made sure to create humans to only live a few years at a time so they never could properly progress or come to know themselves before they would die and be "reset". And we can see the result of how effective their methods are, considering people are still here on Earth, life-time after life-time, since the dawn of those times There is much more to tell, about all the time that passed between "now", and "then" - the very beginnings of physical incarnation on Earth, and I will try detail that a bit more later, but I will also get more into real practical things on how to better get back into OWN control of Life, Destiny, Death & After.

Soul Vampires
By Edward Alexander on Skype / There exists spirit beings and other entities that feed on Human souls. The best way to explain such a non-physical event would be to say they "absorb" it. While you are physically alive, such will cause illness in a person, eventually Death. This happens on many levels though - even humans inbetween do it to each other, though mostly unaware and not on purpose. You may have experienced that when in the company with certain people, you can feel instantly drained of energy, and then it is a case of your energy being absorbed in a similar way. Other times, if you yourself suddenly feel an instant SURGE of energy, you may be the one doing the absorption of someone else. They do it in a much larger and more negative way though, since they prefer to do it while the energy is charged with fear and other negative emotions. Hell is an example of a construct put in place to create as much fear as possible near death, so they can really have a feast.

On Earth, there is a very large amount of astral vampires , a type of spirit entities that live in the astral planes, or spiritual realm, right outside our perception. These entities constantly feed on living physical humans, and tap them for energy, and sometimes these entities may follow an individual through all of life until death, even beyond.

GOD & Gods

By Edward Alexander on Skype / Some people ask why GOD does not interfer in the world, to remove the Evil. GOD doesnt do anything because "he" cant. God is not a person, or an entity in any way we are familiar with. Everything is God, and all you see around you anywhere exists within the Consciousness of God. Never outside, nothing is outside of God and thus God can not be "inside" something, such as his own creation, since God is the ultimate of all which everything else must be within to exist. God absorbs experiences from that which takes place within, but does not actively participate in them. Other Gods ARE doing something though, lesser Gods that is, other entities of much greater powers than anyone here can imagine - mainly those left behind in the Beginning, when the Physical Universe was created, those original Humans that were NOT captured and are NOT currently stuck in the illusions of Earth, and all the deception of lower astral planes of existence. The Humans can be said to be the Positive Polarity of Gods, and the Reptilians the Negative Polarity - both can be called Gods in our understanding of the word, when in their free true form outside all Spheres of illusion and manipulation.

Consciousness and our inner entities

By Edward Alexander on Skype / Consciousness is an ocean of life. Within our minds lives a myraid of entities the ones often called demons, angels, aliens, archetypes, and so on. They will surface to express themselves at their earliest convenience. This happens in alterations of ones general ruling mood and when the ruling self-conscious is put into the background, making it idle and unaware. Alteration of mood and dcreased self-conscious may happen naturally or be artificially induced. Change in one of these states often leads to an expression of the other as well. As an example: When becoming angry, many people are expressing themselves by suppressing a certain emotion within, thus pushing their ruling self-conscious into the background with lesser awareness of themselves and their actions as a result. By doing so, the person lets his mind open for other

conscious entities so they more freely can express themselves though that Persons mind - which thus may manifest itself in this case as raging anger. The same type of other-entity manifestation often occurs through more artificially induced mood change such as intoxication from alcohol or other drugs. In both instances, whether naturally happening or artificially induced, the person who experience such though him will usually feel as if he was not in control during the incident and often not remember much of it at all since his own ruling consciousness was pushed into an fairly unaware state during the whole incident. Often people experience complete blackouts during such episodes, since in fact the person himself, or his conscious awareness, has been pushed back into his subconscious, and instead an inner archetype has spawned out into control of that persons body through his consciousness. This is often a problem - the cure to this is to learn to understand inner beings, those entities that are part of the human psyche and live in the ocean of consciousness we all share, to get to know them and work together with them. Create harmony between them and yourself consciously, do not try to suppress them or work against them, rather work WITH them, and make some compromises where you both make a deal on giving each other something both of you want. Doing so and getting in conscious contact with inner aspect of self will greatly improve your life and situation, your well being, your health, success, and so on. Doing the opposite, will create inner conflicts, which in turn will manifest in the outer world as well. Poverty, drunkardness, depression, loneliness, agony, anxiety, bad luck - all such are symptoms of neglecting your inner beings, instead of accepting them and understanding them, live in harmony with them and become friends with them, and they will bring all good things in life back to you - Balance, Harmony, all that is of the great work! There are some secrets that takes some explaining, and this is one of them. The inner entities mentioned are of a dual nature, meaning they are both "positive" and "negative", an internal part of you - they are the "angels" and "demons" portrayed in cartoons, sitting on the shoulder making you do "good" or "bad" things. The way you are manipulated by external entities, is through your own Mind, and the Power your Mind has on your Reality. By understanding HOW you are controlled and HOW reality around you manifests, you can learn to be the one IN control of it. We are the creators of our own World, what we see around us and experience in our lives are the results of what we ourselves project out into the world and everyone and everything there. In a sense, every person is his own walking

Universe, where everything is structured according to His or Hers "Inner Self". Thus, as have been mentioned before, making changes Within Oneself will make changes in what you perceive as the "Outer World". The more balanced and in harmony you are with your True Self within, the more harmony and balance you will experience in the "outside world" and your Life. This can easily be seen in the World itself by looking at other people and their Lifes. For example, you may find something extremely negative and completely dislike it, while another person really enjoys the same thing and loves it with all his heart. So the question then is not if the "object/thing/event" in question itself is "good" or "bad", "negative" or "positive" - it is why you perceive it as you do, and why someone else can perceive it differently. The answer goes back to "We create our own World" - what we encounter that we dislike or find bad, negative and so on, are our own responsibility, same for anything we find likeable, good and positive. We have within ourselves, deep in our unconscious level, energies working that are projecting these "experiences" into our world. One example is the person who always fails at everything he tries, never manages to get a job, is constantly poor and may even live on the street. Most others will look at him as a "failure" and categorize him as that, thinking negative things about him, even if they are thinking compassionate feelings they are often more destructive than helpful, as those who care may think "Oh poor old man who has to live on the street. Hopefully he will get himself together some day" etc - such a thought will only continue to manifest that current reality both for you and the man in question -of him being a poor beggar on the street-, as your image of this person is of one that is poor and living on the street, thus this is the energy you are sending out to the Universe you live within and maintain this creation through your own unlimited powers of your Mind. Of course many people will just pass the person and barely even notice him or give him a thought, while once in a while there is a person that is somewhat different, and gets the person back "Up and going" so to speak. You could be that person - You could be a person getting YOURSELF "up and going" properly, and thus in turn get others "up and going" in a positive way by influencing everything and everyone around you in a proper and positive way. When YOU are properly in balance, harmony, at peace and One with yourself, so will the World around you be, and the experiences in your life will flow freely and smoothly in your favor, making things better not only for yourself but for everyone around you and anyone you meet as well. There is a depth to ourselves that few are aware of, a self deception so grand it is hard to believe and comprehend, but it is possible for us all to understand our true being, and eachother, by gradually working with ourselves and our

INNER selves. Hardly one living person on this planet is their "True Self", they are just a mixed up mash of various other people, the opinions and beliefs of these other people, other energies existing within that in turn CREATES those other people whom affect us and make us do certain things in life and have certain experiences. Existence is thus in a way "inside out" from the point of view most of us have, thinkink that what we see "out there" is Reality, and that we are Individual Selves making our own decisicions, and to some degree many believe themselves to have a soul deeper within that basically is "Themselves" just as they are now but in spirit form. Experimentation, testing and experience have shown things to be differently though - it seems that creation is in fact going "backwards" - We are not simply a soul that gets put into a body and then pops out in an already predetermined world. Instead it seems from my experience that we are the Creators of the World we find ourselves in, thus we are responsible for everything happening there to some degree, BUT we ourselves are the creation of Inner Energies, our Ego, which is being maintained and manipulated by other forces and energies, so we do not experience our True Self. And that is where the Inner Guide can be of great assistance, your Inner Guide is the deepest truest part of yourself, so different from yourself that you will experience Him/Her as some external (or in this case, "internal" being). Your Inner Guide is what has been termed the Holy Guardian Angel and many other things throughout the ages, and its work is to keep your inner Center balanced and in Harmony - as long as you approve it and ask for it. Once in contact with your Inner Guide, you can change yourself and your experience of the world dramatically - people have been healed from diseases, gone from poor to rich, been getting the gifts to heal others, having all negative influences in their life disappear and much more. Even within yourself there are many forms of Life and Conscious Beings - for lack of better terms. I will call them energies, and these are the ones popularily called Archetypes, which channel different feelings and emotions, resulting in Causes and Effects both in your Inner World and your Outer World. These Archetyptical energies we all share, they are part of the Human Collective Unconsciousness, which in turn explain how these energies can affect the world as you perceive it, through the Collective Unconcsciousness. They are a natural part of us, just like our Soul is, our Mind, our Physical body, they are there within us all perminating all of our existence at all times, just like other things within and without us that we usually do not perceive yet still is there, such as the living cells in our body , the air we breath etc.

Now the good thing is that once you get Consciously Aware of this, you can start working with and exploring these energies to create Inner Changes which in turn will manifest changes in the "Outer World", or your Perceived Reality. Regarding your Inner Guide, this one is unique to every living person and not "shared" in the way the Archetypes are. Your inner Guide will help you get to know these archetypes, and protect you on your inner journeys, and will be able to assist you in figuring out what archetypes or other energies are affecting a situation in your life, and how you can work with that Inner Energy form to project your situation in a new and better way. We also have a Shadow Self, deep in our unconcious mind, which consists of your ego with your supressed and repressed feelings, ideas, emotions, beliefs etc - and your Shadow continuously project itself upon everyone in your life, and in turn what you experience back from these other people in your life is an effect of the Shadow you have projected upon them in the first place. So getting to know your Shadow self, and bring it towards harmony with yourself, along with harmonizing with the Archetypes and other energies within, will result in profound changes both in yourself, as the person you are going beyond your Ego, discovering your True Self, and help you manifest a new outer projection of Reality. Within yourself you also have your Center, your inner "Sun", that force which is always there giving life and love, and finding your Center , the Inner Sun, and working with it with your Inner Guide is of great value. No further introduction is needed for the moment, so I will now descrive the method itself, how you can get in touch with your OWN inner Guide and work with these different energies. First of all find yourself in a comfortable position either in a nice chair with both feet on the ground, separated not crossed, and your arms by your sides - or simply lie down in bed or on your coach to relax there. During this meditation it is important that you do not "drift away" or get into a "trance state", you have to be conscious throughout the whole procedure and be aware of everything you do and experience. Thus you should try to do this when you are fresh and awake and not when tired or sleepy. Once in your position, mentally imagine yourself somewhere else, such as in a cave. Feel and sense yourself there, and experience yourself as being INSIDE your body looking out from your own eyes - this is also crucial for this meditation, you need to experience yourself as "being there" and NOT as if you are watching yourself on a film screen. To "anchor" yourself more within yourself it can be good to touch your surroundings, feel your feet on the ground, notice the details - is the ground flat or bumpy, rocky and solid or

sandy, how does it smell in there, do you hear any sounds, how does the walls feel when you touch them with your hands, look at your hands and see what they look like, look down at your body and see what your body and legs look like - how are you dressed? Make this as vivid and clear as you can in your mind, really sensing yourself as being there and able to have a solid image of the place you are experiencing yourself to be - always go back into "your body" in any place you go during the meditation, should you suddenly see yourself from the outside in the cave, simply slip back inside yourself and make sure you look out through your eyes and see the surroundings as you would in real life, as clear as you can. Work on this first part for a while so you really get it as strong as you can visually and in your imagination, sensing it as clear and powerful as possible. If you for some reason do not like caves, you can imagine yourself somewhere else, such as in a room, or in a garden etc, just make sure to keep to the same procedure described above. Now once in your cave, look around and see a door in front of you. This can also simply be a passage, a open portal, or any other sort of opening leading forwards from where you are at, and with an exit behind you from where you came into this cave - similarly imagine such things if you imagine yourself anywhere else than in a cave. Walk forward, while walking notice the feet stomping on the ground, let your hands touch the surroundings, the rocks, when by the portal touch it, look at it, study it for a while. Then continue forward and through it. Once you have either gone through it, or if you are walking in a passage, immediately turn to your left and now find yourself in a new landscape, as if you have found your way out of the cave and now are outside the mountain the cave is in. Or out of the house, garden, or whatever else place you may have preferred to imagine yourself. In either case, after moving forward, and then turning left, notice the landscape your are now in. In the whole process let the images come to you, dont try to force it or create it with your mind, just be open like a blank piece of film where the image is slowly becoming clearer and manifesting itself. Study these new surroundings, where are you? Inside or outside? Is it hot or cold? Dry or wet? Is the ground hard or soft, is it any smells there, touch your nearby surroundings with your hands and look around. Then ask for an animal to appear - your power animal - this one can come in any form but it should not be a fantasy animal or any animal you know personally such as your pet. It could be anything from a great eagle, to a frog, to a kangaroo, to a snake, and so on. As soon as your animal arrives look at it, and ask it to lead you towards the RIGHT and to your true Inner Guide.

Follow the animal where its going, if you have problems keeping up with it just let yourself have the ability to move faster, or simply fly above the ground after it. Soon you should be by your Inner Guide that your animal have lead you too. Start by looking at the feet of your inner Guide, what is he wearing? What kind of footwear, what does he have on his legs, if anything, and continue up through his body noticing every detail of how he looks and what he wears. When you come to the face it may for many be hard to see the face clearly, this is something that is usual for the true Inner Guide, while false guides usually are crystal clear and have faces that are easy to see. In either case, whether you see his face or not, greet him, and grab both his hands in yours and check how his hands feel, are they soft or rought, cold or warm? Give him permission to let YOU feel how HE feels about YOU. The feelings from a true Guide should be that of deepest love, acceptance, goodness and kidness in any way. Do you not feel this, call on your True Inner Guide and ask him to appear before you and test again. Once you have found your Inner Guide, ask him so if he truly is your Inner Guide, and if he can protect you in your Inner World. If he doesnt answer anything but yes to this do the process over again, calling upon your True Inner Guide to be there with you. The next thing and last test is to ask your guide to point in the direction of your Inner Sun. A false guide will not be able to do this, or stagger or try come up with something else. Once he has pointed at your Inner Sun, look at it, and ask it to come down in a human-like form for you to interact with. Once the Sun is down, notice the appearance, is he male or female, what does he/she wear, old or young, etc. Take both of the hands of the Sun and ask to be sent as much Light and Love as you can physically handle. At this point most people will feel themselves overwhelmed with amazing love and sensations that can even result in tears of joy, and blockages and energies are cleansed. Should you not feel much, ask the sun to clear any blockages you have so that the energy can flow freely. After you have done this, ask the Sun what you need to do for him or in your life to be more in harmony and friends with him. He will usually tell you something which will be beneficial in your general life or the inner work. Then ask him what he has to give to you. He might tell you something, or give you an object with a specific purpose, ask him if unsure what the purpose of the object is and where in your body it will be placed. If the function of the gift is uncertain to you, ask your Inner Guide for clarification. Then you may ask your inner Guide about the two same things. Then ask him

for his name. At this point I recommend that you return to where you came from, enter the cave, and get out of the meditation bringing with you everything you have learned and write down the whole experience in some sort of log book, which you always should have by your side when doing your meditations. If you have problems in your life, go and meet your Inner Guide and ask him to explain to you what is causing the problem, or if he can symbolically bring up an image with the solution to the problem. If you are working on issues with other people, then ask the Inner Guide to bring the person you have a problem with to you in your meditation, and then ask him to transform the person to the true form the energy represents in you, this could turn out in many ways such as your angry husband turning into a barking dog etc. Then ask the energy form which you now see in its true form what you can do with it and in your life to be friends with it and harmonize things - ask your Guide if he agrees. You may also ask this energy form if it has a gift for you that you can use similarily to how you asked the Sun and your Guide the same. Always ask your Guide if the information you receive from other energies/entities are truthful and if advice should be followed or not. Your Guide knows everything about you and what is best for you, always consult him lastly before making any choices. The energy form mentioned above is one of the inner energies you project outwards to the person that makes him behave the way he does with you. Or if in the case of a specific situation, it is the energy projected out on to the situation itself that make the situation be the way it is for you etc. These energies do NOT represent the persons or situations themselves, they represents INNER energies that YOU project outwards that causes these behavior and effects in people and events towards you. Thus always work with the Energy Form and never with a Person themself, and NEVER perform healing or anything else on other people unless you have asked them for their permission to do so first. There are so many more things you can learn, experience and do with this type of meditation that it really has no limits, this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. If you get to know, meet and befriend the various archetypes (usually represented by the 22 cards of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, also called the "22 Faces of God" and 22 paths of the Kabbalah etc) you will experience your outer world and your inner self changing and transforming greatly towards the better and deeper understandings of Existence and Creation and Life. You can always ask your true Inner Guide to get you in contact with any other inner entity, so that you can get to know different entities individually and learn how to live in harmony with them instead of in conflict. They want harmony as much as you do, as they are in the end a life-long companion of

you and they depend on you for their own existence. Through your inner guide, you can also identify and find the solution to problems with other forms of influence such as negative entities externally, and you can discover the most incredible vast journeys of your own existence, who you are, where you are from, and how to go where you want to go.

Reptilians, Hybrids & Shapeshifting

By Edward Alexander on Skype / Since the world was created to entrap Humans, they also needed someone to guard it and be directly involved here to keep it functional. Thus, other "Reptilians" were also incarnated in "Human" bodies on Earth. The Human body would thus in turn take on characteristics from the Reptilian host, programmed into the cellular memory & DNA, and when Reptilians started to breed with Humans, new hybrids were born, that are a mix of Reptilians and Humans. The Reptilians, in general, were put into places of Power in Mankinds society, while the Humans were put into places of Serving, or Slavery. However, that DID change to some degree, because of Humans managing to take over certain areas, or infiltrate back in the Reptilians domains, and also thanks to the hybrid race, which offspring often assists the Human race towards rebellion against the pure Reptilian race. Physically speaking, there is no difference between either of the 3 races - and in fact there are several other races involved on Earth as of this moment too, and other entities and beings have also influenced and controlled the Human race through all the time that has passed since the very first physical incarnations. But, the physical Human body is always "Human" regardless of the "Controller" of the Body. The stories about Reptilian shapeshifters are based on misconceptions and people who do not understand what is really going on. There are no such things as "shapeshifters" in the physical sense of the word. ALL non-human entities that impose as "Humans" do so spiritually, meaning that they have a Human Body just like you and anyone else. The only difference is the inner self, the spirit inhabitating the body. The reason there exist stories about "Shapeshifters" is simply because certain people have a more active spirit-vision or "astral sight", meaning they are "psychic" and can see the true form of such beings - and not knowing that what they really see is spiritual in nature, they misinterpret their experience as seeing a Human transform into a Reptilian, when in reality they saw the Human body, and the Reptilian inside it.

Calendars, 911, 2012 & Black magic

By Edward Alexander on Skype / One secret of the whole 2012 issue and mayan calendar that virtually no one outside the secret orders know of is the fact that the "end date" of 21st December 2012 is fabricated. I am not saying that the mayan calendar is fabricated, but OUR calendar is. The Gregorian calendar we currently use, has been adjusted in ACCORDANCE with the Mayan Calendar, to make the "end date" more magically significant. It is a numerologically important date, 21/12/2012 - or simply 12/21/12. It is NOT by chance that the date is what it is. A few hundred years back, the Julian calendar was the one in use. Without getting into too much technicalities on calendars and the systems they are based on, let me just say that Colombus had a finger in the game when it comes to how our modern Calendar is laid out. Colombus himself was a member of secret orders, and he was sent out on a mission to Americas, he and his men were going here to retrieve information, and get a copy of the Mayan calendar, as well as destroy the cultures already existing here in Americas. He worked for the Vatican, the most evil institution on Earth, the most Occult group on Earth. He himself was a magician and occultist, and he rode his ship with the banner of Skull & Bones. The banner / flag, with the skull & bones, probably rings some bells for some of you. This is also why "pirates" are falsely represented with Skull & Bones flags in movies and media. That flag and symbol have nothing to do with "pirates" as portraied, but it has to do with the Secret Order that Colombus and his men were working for. So, he went over with his men to Americas, and they pretty much succeeded in their mission. They also made sure to time their mission into ancient beliefs and prophecies they already knew about, of the local natives of the Americas. Mainly the Mayans, Incas & Aztecs of those regions more south. This way, they got a stronger hand and more easily could gain the control and power and start the extermination of the more spiritually advanced and free society that lived there, and replace it with their own, part of a greater agenda that has continued on into today. Americas turned into the power seat of occult rituals and population control. Overseen and steered by the Vatican in Rome, secretly. THus these men gathered the information and artifacts they were seeking, brought a mayan calendar back with them, already had it decihpered by the living captured mayans of the time, and created the new Gregorian calendar based upon the Mayan calendar so that they could create a more numerologically important date representing the Chance of Cycles date of the

Mayan calendar. This thus turned into 21st december 2012. 12/21/12 in the english/US language style. Being astrologers and occultists , they knew about the coming cosmic cycles, just as the mayans did, the different galactical activities, and comsic events. These were and still are very important for such occultists. They created many significantly numerological dates coinciding with different astrological events. One important one, that is worth mentioning, is one taking direct connection with 911 and the World Trade Center attack. 911 was really an incredibly large occult sacrificial ritual. The 2 towers were set up as a representation of the tarot card called, simply, "The Tower". Two towers were used, which are of kabbalistic-masonic importance (2 pillars of masonry) - it represents the number 11 itself as well with its obvious 2 straight lines next to each other. The event that took place was a strikingly perfect living representation of the "Tower" tarot card, which exist in different variations but with the same theme of a tower destroyed by impact at tow, fire shooting out, people falling down. Have a look at the traditional Tower tarot card here:

Click for link to photos of tarot card The number 11 is important in many ways, and connects to a lot. In itself it is also reduced to 2 (1+1) numerological, again another representation within its own design of the 2 pillars mentioned, but 11 also represents the Tree of Life on the Kabbala, and the 11 "spheres" or Sephiras. Normally there are 10 such spheres illustrated in kabbalistic texts, but there is a 11th hidden/secret sphere worth knowing about. Shortly said, in kabbalistic terms, the number 11 is a reference to God, that which is above all of Creation, and thus they are directly working against that aspect of Existence. They are putting themselves in the

power of God, as above All and Everyone. Here is an illustration of the kabbalistic Tree of Life with its 11 mentioned "spheres" called Sephiras

Click link for photos of Kabbalistic sehpiras on the Tree of Life 911 was an event planned many decades before, and had already been put into plans back in the days close to Colombus. A previous high initiate and grand-master of a black-magic secret order, Aleister Crowley, who also was involved with the governments and the Illuminati system, had been directly involved in the 911 staged attack and planning of it, as well as getting into circulation a talisman to be charged with as much energy as possible. You know this talisman as the dollar bill. The main purpose of the dollar bill is to put their black magic out into the masses, you all give your energy to the black magic satanic rituals when handling the dollar bill talisman. Just have a quick look at it to see all the occult symbolism. Further on, the 911 event as it was planned was also secretly put into the dollar bill to strengthen the talisman effect, it was put there in a coded magical system that one would have to know how to decode to be able to see. The way to decode this is actually explained by Aleister Crowley himself, in one of his earlier books called "Liber Al" where the type of attack to be staged also is given, and who to blame for it. Here is the quote refering to both the attack and how to see the attack in the dollar bill talisman: "III:52. I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him. III:71. Hail! ye twin warriors about the pillars of the world! for your time is nigh at hand. III:72. I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Niabut my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains. III:73. Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!"

In that quote above he explained both what was going to happen, and how it could be seen in the dollar bill by folding them (the "sheets" being the dollar bills) in a simple and identical way. Twin warriors and pillars , a very clear and straight forward reference to the WTC towers. And the flapping of wings in the face of mohammed is another clear reference to something flying would be included (airplanes) and that the followers of Mohammed would be blamed for it (meaning people of Islam religion and that's exactly what happened). The book itself was released in 1904, and 911 had been planned since before then, it was a very long and slow-acting plan due to the great importance of various other events, such as astrological matters, and how they had to "connect" the ritualistic parts to such. Have a look at the hidden 911 attack illustrated in the dollar bills here in this video: One of the close friends of Aleister Crowley, who were also a Grand Master for some time of the same order, was a man called Jack Parsons - he is one of the main founders of NASA - and NASA itself is a very occult organization and has nothing to do with what people think. Aleister Crowley and Jack Parson worked on creating a "moon child" together, a demonic entity to incarnate in a human body. It is too much to go into extreme details about in this specific subject on the 911 and Mayan calendar, read about both Aleister Crowley here and Jack Parsons here and both those men were involved with Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology Going back to the Calendar and occult plans and the astrological importance, another key element connecting to both the Mayan calendar and the 911 event is another astrological incident that took place exactly 10 years after - on September 11, 2011 (9/11/11 - again a highly significant number numerologically). This was the comet Elenin - a comet that had great deals of conspiracy theories about it when it was on its way, yet none had it right. Elenin is a fake name, magically designed to reflect the occult number of the date it is connected to. Once you know, it is obvious. Elenin = ElevenNine. It consist of the 3 first letters of the 2 words Eleven and Nine. It also goes backwards, making it Nine Eleven. In europe, one would write September 11th as 11/9 , and in the US it is of course 9/11 - so the way this magical anagram has been designed covers both systems used to show a date, forwards and backwards. The comet was named by the date it had its most significant day of its journey. On exactly 9/11 , 2011, it reached its most distant point in its orbit path, and started returning back to where it came from. The purpose of the 911 ritual in 2001 was to charge the comet with negatively filled black magic energy and bring it back with it on its return. Exactly what this energy would do, and where it goes, I am not privileged to know at this moment. But it certainly is nothing good.

This comet also was known about way back at the time of Colombus, and they altered the Calendar to work directly in accordance with dates reflecting that comet, and thus create the 911 ritual to be executed 10 years before the arrival and return of the comet. Probably the path of the comet has a orbit path that covers a part of the mayan calendar, if not the mayan calendar in its whole is based upon the path of the orbit, as far as time goes, but that is not something I personally am deeply familar with. So the above gives you an idea of how long we, as secret orders, have been working on long termed plans - I personally do NOT support the mentioned, nor are they part of MY group, the ones in charge of such terrible actions are true black magicians and outcasts that my orders do not support. And many plans are in place for 2012 - but there are not only negative ones, in fact, the positive ones are starting to tip the balance over in their favor, and to truly answer the question given me above when starting to write this reply, I can say that I see POSITIVE times ahead, although we will have negative events first coming down upon us, yet that which will seem evil and bad for some time, will prove to be for the greater good in the end as we move into 2013 and beyond. It will be a time for changes in the system, fall of old powers, and the introduction of new, benevolent energies and positive changes. To expand a bit on Astrolgoy, since that also was a question above, Astrology is the understanding of how the different planets and cosmic bodies affect us and dictate our lives. Further on, it is about understanding how you can adjust yourself inwardly in accordance with those, to bring yourself in balance with the energies , and take CHARGE of your own life, and escape the "prewritten" path that most people live by. The planets, moons, etc are all forms of entities, they contain Consciousnesses that affects us, in fact, infiltrates us, they are aspects of the Archetypes, and the inner beings I mentioned earlier on some other page. It is crucial to understand those energies and how they affect us, and what parts within us represents those external objects so we can adjust and change towards what we really want to be. You can live in ignorance towards such energies, and have your life decided by those energies and dictated by those around you who understand those energies, or you can live in understanding and become the master of those energies, and in charge of your own life and destiny.

From Atlantis to Mars and Earth

By Edward Alexander / skype / Mars is very important in our history, since people of Earth have a direct lineage to people of Mars, its where Humans came from when populating Earth

and mixing with other planetary races both from here and elsewhere. The currently ongoing Mars Rovers mission is just a sham to keep you blinded from the real truth, presenting you with "interesting" bits here and there to keep you busy. People are already traveling back and forth between Earth and Mars, and there is an ongoing collaboration between the Elite of the Earth, and Elite of Mars. Among other things, exchange of technology and resources. Earth is helping rebuilding and terraforming Mars. The technology used is advanced and they travel directly without space crafts using teleportation or quantum portals. This is an interesting topic on its own, since teleportation is a naturally occurring phenomena. Ancients were even "using" teleportation to travel around, at least their highest leaders and elite of those days. Teleportation today is done through a combination of the natural sources for such along with technology to fine-tune it and control it properly. Many important monuments and structures are built upon places on Earth where the natural sources, a form of energetic vortex, are found. Some call these spots for "grid points" and "ley lines" in alternative resources. These spots were favored in ancient days for their mystical properties, allowing strong and transforming spiritual experiences, which is why they usually built temples and holy places on such spots. Today, the elite are still constructing on such spots both for occult purposes and other practical uses, such as mentioned teleportation as well as time travel purposes. Mars is also a representation of Atlantis, and the first real physical version of the whole Atlantis tale. As I mentioned earlier, mankind lives in a "loop" and are still reliving their ancient mistakes, and you also have an Earthly representation of Atlantis, its rise and fall, mimicing that of more ancient Mars. Ancient structures on Earth are also architecturally designed in similar ways as those on Mars and elsewhere, and often also with patterns "pointing" at the real origins of Mankind, including other planets

Atlantis & Now

By Edward Alexander / skype / Atlantis was / is not only one place, but it existed (and one could reason, still exists) both here on Earth physically, but also elsewhere in non-physical existence outside the sphere where the physical existence is located. All things comes from the Astral realms first, or the spiritual world. Everything MUST be represented in astral / thought form before it can turn physical. This can be likened to how we must first think a thought before we can put it into action in the world around us, such as for example taking up a pen to write a poem, or design an invention. It always starts out in the realms of the Mind

first. The Mind is directly connected with the Astral, since it is a realm based on Consciousness and Thought. Even though thought still comes before the Astral, it will manifest instantly in the Astral, before it then is given the opportunity to manifest more slowly "step by step" here in the more dense physical world. Thus, the Atlantis known on Earth, is a microscopic representation of the Atlantis that exist spiritually, in those levels of existence outside of the physical universe. Many of the Humans that were of the "spiritual counterpart" of Atlantis incarnated into physical representations in the "physical counterpart" on Earth. The human race itself however, being influenced by the negativemindset of the reptilians, were starting to become more "self-interested" or "greedy" at the time, wanting "more". In other words, during Atlantis, corruption started to spread between Humans themselves, and in the end their own lust for power and control led to their own destruction. People living NOW, are representations of the people back then, in other words, many of you living now have lived previously in a past life in Atlantis and thus you are reliving the same mistakes as you did then, moving towards destruction and fall once over as you have already done. This is "hardcoded" into your subconscious mind and although you are not aware of it, you are in many ways directly copying what you have done in the past. This is something important to realize, and be completely aware of, since it will allow you to NOT do the same mistakes but rather gain control over your own destiny instead of following the "program". The "program" is part of you due to the reptilian interference and manipulation of your beings as mentioned earlier. -