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Offered as a preamble to this UCCOPPT Courtesy Notice

I encourage people to watch this video i made on my UCC-OPPT Courtesy Notice, on how it really is a genuine Trust Challenge to seize the MMAR - - It's a detailed explanation of this newly revised Courtesy Notice that is attached to this preamble. - I did this video 2 weeks prior as an intro: What we are undertaking is a carefully well laid out trap [and traps are perfectly legal if not revered by the BAR] in especially civil court proceedings. This Courtesy Notice tells them what we are going to do [and they never will respond to just it] BUT they will probably talk and negotiate with our trustee who is also an expert at programming our Logenics turn-key program, and that's great. - The next Notice will probably be written by me with an appendix done by our trustee We are starting by setting up our EDA [natural person] with a brain which is our Logenics program and it's the 'prescriber' of our BC-MMAR card that is fully recognized by every participating dispensary. With this data base [the dispensaries in Vancouver - to start] can collectively justify [in my estimation] 20,000 lights, in order to have continuity of supply. With this data base, our Logenics program will justify these dispensaries to start issuing certificates and agreements to our growers that reflect their need for lights and inventory. In this way, we offer protection to all those growers, who are not in Vancouver, from RCMP raids, and the dispensaries don't lose their [much needed] grow-op suppliers, by doing Courtesy Notices [like this] that starts the process to lawfully transfer any old MMAR status to now be under this new BC-MMAR Logenics state of the art award winning database /program. Frankly, the dispensaries are those who can justify who are compliant to being the legitimate MMAR growers, because they supply them AND it's impossible to protect MMAR growers who cannot show a receipt for the excess herbs that are flooding the market right now. [these traps are created by HC] - Because of this flooding, the suggested wholesale and the suggested retail prices, proposed under the MMPR program are actually a good and fair price in today's market, - This said; we will be setting the foundation to open up a much larger market throughout BC, by permitting dispensaries to open in cantons all over BC; and [this is important] we can offer really good professional CA services [who set us up] to protect /defend any grower or [dispensary for that matter] who once had loose book keeping practices, in order to start fresh by adopting our BC-MMAR program I envision that the BC-MMAR services will be administered by the EDA for that District's Grow-Op Coops, it's not a far stretch of the imagination to accept that especially in rural BC, an amicable /working basic infrastructure is already in place - equally so - any dispensary that grows most of its inventory can really benefit, and all existing clubs can protect their growers by forming an EDA and certifying their growers. Like a wheat pool, the EDA /district can benefit from renting it's packaging system for a day or two [for example] - with our Logenics system, we can actually magnetic strip every clone /plant and trace it to who bought it, and all accounting is automatically done by the magnetic strip. The BC-MMAR prescribes it, and then buys it when it's loaded into the vending unit, and all funds transfer, when the BC-MMAR member pays for the herb with their magnetic strip CARD. - It's a win win win for everyone, and i agree that it needs further explaining. The capabilities of the system are truly impressive AND all it needs is the consent of those being screwed to affect change. - The time to add your 2-cents as to what you'd like our Logenics program to do is now. - Call me [marc boyer] 778-707-7461 or e-mail me @ - Forward this to your lawyer and to anyone you want, we are still at the door step of a civil process that should take from a couple of weeks, to a couple of months to create real fundamental change. Courtesy Notice on wanting more information: We'll keep you informed of any further Notices. - My time and services are free, and i'm willing to inform you on the impressive benefits we offer - BUT in the event that you want further information from our CFO's firm, will mean that he can charge a reasonable and agreed upon per hour fee for his firm's professional consultation services.

Courtesy Notice on: HC's offer to Parliament to officially drop the MMAR Program
PREAMBLE: Canada is governed under the Supremacy of Parliament and The Marijuana Party of Canada is an Officially recognized Party in Parliament. It's fair to express that we are presently being governed under King Henry 8th archetypal form, yet still governed by the Supremacy of Parliament, and to even the plane created by this form, has resulted in where constitutional experts will agree THAT: the more repressive the majority in power get, means we [namely The Marijuana Party] are empowered to have an express guarantee to protect marijuana rights and beliefs under the original Longley Loophole Decision, in order to protect, what at face value is, the total contempt of Health Canada's trust to provide a working solution for Parliament and the SCC, for those who are suffering from its policy of upholding that any progress in providing better access to marijuana must be resisted BECAUSE the stock holders of the Corporation called Health Canada would suffer huge financial loses if they did not obstruct due process of real human rights. CLAIM TO RIGHT: Let it be clearly understood that Health Canada was given articles by Parliament in order to protect Supreme Court upheld rights of those who have a need for this herbal plant. A] In respect to the majority in power, we the members of the Marijuana Party have been obligated to place our trust in the MMAR program being able to deliver on the intent of the SC rulings. B] Health Canada is and was bonded to deliver a lawful and amicable solution to the conflict created by objections that arose from encroaching on the human rights of those with a need greater than the perceived risk. They [HC] are in law and in fact obligated to deliver on our MMAR victories. C] Health Canada officially dropped the MMAR Program with the June 19, 2013 Gazette posting and it's fair to say that they [at face value] offer no protection to anyone who participated in winning key victories under the MMAR Program; [at face value] they are trashing a working solution that the people fought for and won in spite of HC's objections, [it must be stated] at a tremendous cost /hardship to all those who challenged Health Canada's corporate profit motives of their stock holders D] Health Canada owes Parliament a working solution, [not just the majority in power] AND they formally refused to do so on June 19 th 2013 with this Gazette posting AND in so doing, are in default of a trust /mandate of Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada and its Provinces E] With this Official filing in the Gazette, Parliament is now having to face the fact that Health Canada is bailing out of the MMAR Program and wants Parliament to accept a new contract to deliver a working solution on its terms that are agreeable with Parliament and the SCC and several Provinces F] At face value, this implies that Health Canada is now telling Parliament that after 12 years (or so) of obstructing any and all improvements that the victims of prohibition won that it now wants this new understanding that HC will deliver an amicable solution that they promise to fulfil under this new archetypal plan. They are [at face value] changing the role of who is Supreme G] It's irrelevant whether the majority in power all agree to trash any if not all the rights won by those who Health Canada abused; in fact when they do, they're actually empowering our Party to act H] We, of the Marijuana Party, can and are declaring THAT: when Health Canada trashes the MMAR Program without addressing any real ways and means to accommodate for any SC provincial rulings means that: we, of the Marijuana Party, CAN, under this Democratic form, AND are obligated to provide protection for everyone who is being screwed by Health Canada's lack of a solution: OUR HONEST OPINION IS THAT: HC's solutions [past and present] are by design unworkable I] HEALTH CANADA HAS FAILED AS AN ENTITY TO COMPLY WITH THE LAW BEING SUPREME, BY CONSISTENTLY IMPLEMENTING POLICIES THAT PROFIT THEIR CORPORATION [1998 POLICE ACT] J] We, of the Marijuana Party of Canada, hold Health Canada [HC] in contempt of Parliament for failing to respect that the Provinces have a duty to enforce its citizens' rights in Supreme Court rulings to govern health issues, AND HC insists that it can [if not must] impose their Corporate interests' as being uniformly upheld as a codex that applies everywhere in Canada; it's by design a total failure BOTTOM LINE: HC has destroyed Sec 7 of the Charter in order to subvert the rule of law .

2] Let it be clearly understood, The Leader of the Marijuana Party, Blair Longley, will not entertain administering a national MMAR Program because he is correct in saying that by design it cannot work i] Also that: In regards to anyone forming an EDA that will act on this social /political experiment to high jack /take over administration of the MMAR program, his consistent position is as follows: ii] Meanwhile, regarding EDAs: "The Marijuana Party Leader will grant any reasonable benefit of doubt to persons in an EDA conducting their own political experiments in creative political activities. 3] Let it be clearly understood that by forming our Quadra Electoral District [EDA] that: we are undertaking the trust to administer our EDA by using several well established Co-op structures i] Our EDA itself will high jack /adopt and administer the MMAR Program for our EDA members. ii] This EDA will grant our Dispensary[s] a license to provide street level access to cannabis to its members [as outlined in Appendix #1] under Sec 8 and 39 CC and Sec 1 and 7 of the Charter] iii] The EDA will grant licenses to Grower Co-ops that provide for our members [as in App #2, 3] BOTTOM LINE: Our EDA believes that we can administer a better MMAR program AND be compliant with at least 90% of all it's rules AND show just cause for needing to amend some rules, on the understanding that by just re-dressing the governing policy, we will fix the mess created by HC. 4] ON OUTLINING OUR EDA's GOVERNING POLICY: We are standing under the UCC-OPPT challenge 'of serving the Creator,' as opposed to the old trust of 'serving the Sovereign's interest' i] In so doing, thru Peaceful means, we, as an EDA, are forcing Parliament thru the Elections Act and the AG of BC, and the City of Vancouver, and all those Officers under their employ, like Police and Fire Chiefs to pick which side they are on, by creating an opportunity to manifest the Millennium. ii] Let it be understood that our intent is honourable, and our transparency will be self evident; iii] As in this Notice, when the need arises, we will file /press /publish with TWIMC notices to the effect that outline that we may be encroaching on what they consider their jurisdiction, by advising them as to what we are undertaking, and offer a chance to negotiate in good faith, in order to avoid having to seek remedy thru Civil means in BC Supreme Court, for failing as an entity to comply iv] This social /political experiment will answer the following question: Can authority Peacefully live in a society that respects our EDA's trust to serve the Creator? [or] Will Authority call our activity a threat to the old trust of 'serving the Sovereign's interest?' v] BOTTOM LINE: We are open to challenge any body that objects to this issue of our EDA adopting the MMAR Platform, and we accept that eventually the matter will be resolved civilly in BC Supreme Court, if need be. How we get there is more in authorities power than ours. vi] As to I Chin: we are standing under positive law, by adopting a creative application of an old almost forgotten archetypal form, in order to return the being caretakers of the garden [Genesis 2] 5] NOTICE OF LIABILITY: Let it be understood that the arbitrary use of power, against any Official Party in Parliament is directly prohibited under line 1 of our rule of law, and under Sec 1 of the Charter, which confirms that our rights listed in the Charter are guaranteed. The section is also known to allow the government to limit an individual's Charter rights, on everyone. This limitation on rights has also been used to protect from the unreasonable interference of government in the lives of people in a free and democratic society by defining these limits. -[HC's default is contempt for Sec 1] i] We, are an Official Party in Parliament, and our EDA can hold Health Canada in contempt of protecting BC Supreme Court rights of our members, because in law, they answer to Parliament, and we are in Parliament; and as an Official Party; we can and are holding them as an ENTITY to be in contempt of the law under the Police Act and frankly, there is no prior history of such a default, so we can only undertake the burden, and act civilly, until the AG of BC or the Mayor'(s) of BC object. ii] Under the Supremacy of Parliament; It's actually a Criminal Breach of Fiduciary Trust [Sec 336 CC] for any AG or any Judge to not respect our need to protect the victims of HC's defaulting. iii] The harm created by Health Canada's default of the MMAR program is staggering and final iv] Under Sec 8 CC, under a necessity defence, we must act in order to serve the Creator.

6] With this high jacking of the MMAR program, our EDA is entering into a social experiment where we are actually inviting anyone in authority an opportunity to pick which side they are on. i] We are upholding that Sec 126CC cannot be used to trample on any EDA member, because HC simply cannot impose its will after defaulting on the people they were intrusted to protect and serve. ii] In the event that anyone in Authority cares to obstruct our EDA from upholding our RUBRIC obviously can, BUT in so doing, they are standing under this fraud called the Sovereign's interest iii] As we see it, under UCC regulations, cantons can be exempt from unilateral standards /codex, and Vancouver especially [and actually anywhere in BC] should be covered, under this umbrella, AND iv] We expect this to be unacceptable to the international stock [slave] holders of Health Canada 7] In objection to HC's default, AND in compliance with especially BC Supreme Court rulings and the rule of law, under the Supremacy of Parliament, we the people, who are so adversely affected by this HC policy, seek protecting under Sec 39 CCC [which has just been struck down with Sec 34CC] by standing under any Marijuana Party EDA to protect our rights, which at face value, are abandoned. i] We, hereby claim the right to protect MMAR rights by taking over the administration of the MMAR Program under the jurisdiction of cantons /provinces /cities in order to uphold the OPPT - UCC challenge of serving the Creator as opposed to serving the Sovereign's interest in this Province, and we leave our fate to our SC rulings IN THIS WAY, a Millennium challenge will unfold. APPENDIX: PREAMBLE: Our EDA is unique in some ways, because it's entirely on one City's jurisdiction, and 100% of it was fraudulently usurped from one or two friendly original aboriginal tribes, and frankly most of the riding is endowment land, [aka entrusted to some noble notion of the Millennium] i] These tribes were recognized by Captain Vancouver as holding 'normative order' and so were entrusted under Queen Elizabeth 1 as being England's Columbia; the land of the setting sun. ii] Vancouver's Charter [and BC] were under Queen Victoria's trust before being in Canada, and at face value, with the Pitfield decisions have declared themselves, as exempt from the universal implementation of HC's codex AND our EDA stands under his rulings, which is where all Schedule 1 experiments, like the Injection Sites, and cannabis dispensaries, and other social experiments reside. 1] In order to properly adopt the MMAR program implies that we keep most of its rules and structure in operating order. AND frankly we see no problem in doing just that, by being innovative. i] In order to properly comply with the Elections Act [EC], we will be commissioning our EC-CPA to write our software /lotus spreadsheet /program, in order to operate our books like a Co-op ii] The EDA itself will operate the MMAR Program for its members' benefit, under our RUBRIC. iii] The EDA will initially license one dispensary to provide for its members' needs a) This is in order for other clubs in other ridings to follow and at least adopt our template iv] This dispensary will be in Vancouver, and be called The Quadra Marijuana Party HEADquarters. a) It will offer a restaurant setting and serve remarcable edibles and to-go services b) It will have a Vapour Lounge, beside this restaurant that will also provide a Sec 8 CC Territorial right to enjoy our Freedom of Expression in a friendly environment. c) It will have several of our Logenics vending units that provides herbs from our farmer Co-op, members, in a room /facility close-by that has better security than our HEADquarters. 2] In order to properly adopt the MMAR program implies that we 'do not' over-grow our members needs. This is an easily calculable amount, under our Logenics program /accounting principles, AND i] In fact, our Logenics program that our EC-CPA and CFO set-up will account for all operating costs and will show why we have so many lights and track it all the way to who bought the herbs. ii] These Grow-Op Co-ops will be issued a license to grow for the needs of an EDA's members, in accordance with the projected needs of an EDA, in order to maintain a steady supply for its members. iii] These growers will participate in this social /political experiment by forming or aligning

themselves with any EDA, and operate under the structure of an agricultural co-op ii] In this way, if /when, Authority challenges this old MMAR provider with supplying questionable markets, means this grower can show a certificate and a valid reason for needing so many lights. a) Under Sec 39[2] CC, if a MMAR grower cannot provide such documentation implies that this grower cannot justify why the contraband market is flooded with quasi legal cannabis. b) In this way, our legitimate MMAR growers can protect themselves by standing under the fact that we can and are acting, under the Supremacy of Parliament, and intend to administer a better MMAR Program that has been erroneously dumped by the stock holders of Health Canada. 3] ON THE SUBJECT OF BEING INNOVATIVE: A] On addressing that we are compliant with Revenue Canada under Election Canada i] In order to protect our EDAs and our Grow-Op Co-ops, the EDA will stand under The Longley Loophole, by charging a 10% PST [Party Sales Tax] on the sale of anything sold by an EDA, AND ii] In this way, we will all be compliant with operating a lawful ENTITY that can collect taxes and at the end of the year, we will issue Revenue Canada tax deductible receipts to our members. iii] BE ON NOTICE: With this defence, we will file in BC Supreme Court for damages, if or when authority insists that they can trespass on our Sec 8 CC Territorial Rights to protect our members from the genuine harm that was created by Health Canada defaulting on its trust. iv] The Chief Justice of BC Supreme Court will actually decide which side they are on by having to rule on permitting our EDA and Grow-Op Co-ops to operate until due process has been served. BOTTOM LINE: Our EDA will civilly defend that the law is Spiritual and our EDAs trust is Sacred. i] We cannot stop the AG of BC from choosing to ignore [Sec 16 CC] that there is a genuine UCC challenge that requires this AG to re-dress the order of the BC BAR 'of serving the Sovereign's interest' ii] Authority can choose to ignore this challenge and still live in harmony with our EDA, and iii] Authority can choose to maintain the fragile status quo, by including our EDA and our Grow-Op activities, as being compliant under the Pitfield decision, and fall under the Mayor's trust, after all, as a Municipality [as opposed to a Principality] The Chief Justice is accountable to His Worship [not the AG] iv] BUT then that's exactly why we are challenging the AG of BC and the AG of Canada AND again v] WE MUST POINT OUT THAT: if/or when an employee of any AG abuses their arbitrary powers, by pressing criminal charges, on anyone under our Sec 8 CC Territorial Rights will actually force the Mayor and the Chief Justice to pick which side they are on, at the beginning of the civil legal process. BECAUSE This Judge must rule on leaving the EDA and Grow-Ops operate until they are found guilty. vi] In the event that authority sees a hornet's nest here is correct it's called politics. IN FACT: It's our denial of consent to be governed under the trust of serving the Sovereign's interest B] ON INNOVATIVE WAYS TO MARKET AND MANAGE OUR ACTIVITIES PREAMBLE: Most changes to MMAR rules are actually in compliance with MMPR regulations and we accept that they are being applied in other jurisdictions /cantons in order to be compliant, under UCC rules and standards, which can [or is it must] be recognized as valid in any Civil Court remedy. i] UCC rules and regulations actually permits the growing, and distribution of whole dried herbs, in cantons that have exemptions [just like BC has] and frankly, our position is that: the benefit of complying with UCC regulations far out ways the headache of fighting it. ii] In order to keep the Peace and be of good behaviour, we will only market whole dried untrimmed herbs that are pre-packaged at the Grow op that are tracked thru our Logenics program that offers great books, tamper proof security and exceeds all the MMPR labelling requirements. A] We will market what we call TOP BUD. Our Grow-op-Co-ops will grow /harvest dried herbs and package the first 20 to 40 cm of an 8 arm plant in sealed vacuum packages, and we will offer pre-packed pre-rolled joints as MMPR wants, with /thru our Logenics programmed vending units. C] We will market what we call SEA OF GREEN as a whole untrimmed plant, in a similar vacuum package as the TOP BUD, and we will certify that the herb is organic and uncontaminated. In the end: This should be a sufficient disclose on what we are calling a Courtesy Notice


ON: This 5-page NOTICE was served onto: Holding the Office of: With a standard date-stamp confirmation from the email of the Public Official mentioned on this cover page will suffice in acknowledging that marc boyer did electronically deliver this 4-page document with an employee, on behalf of above mentioned senior Public Official, and in so doing this means this Public Official has been duly served. AND /OR In the event that this Notice was hand delivered by marc boyer, means that anyone receiving this NOTICE do so, on behalf of the above mentioned Public Official AND if this servant refuses to stamp this document, will simply be duly noted by marc boyer as having been served with this Courtesy Notice, on his copy In the event that anyone cares to talk to me, to get more information or negotiate or even open a dialogue is welcome to do so, by calling me on my cell phone @ 778-707-7461 [or] email me @ to set a time and place to meet. NON FEASANCE TO RESPOND, MEANS A TACID COMPLIANCE THAT ALL SERVED PARTIES AGREE TO KEEP THE PEACE AND BE OF GOOD BEHAVIOR