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S t r at e g y

While sharing some of her teaching she never earned extra money through ed the interviewer at the Bank exam
methodologies with ED Matrix, she extra tuition. not to select her, as she wanted to
noted that teaching should be full of become a teacher. In her twenty years
Sumathi had been a very dedicated
ideas and not stuffed with facts. “Pres- as teacher, she had never punished a
teacher. The school where she worked
ence of mind helps a lot for teachers. student. She says, the more rigid you
earlier, recognizing her dedication, de-
They can associate the concepts they are, worse will be the repulsion to the
clared holiday so that the students and
lecture, with related stories or everyday subject.
staff could attend her wedding. Look-
incidents”. She cites her own experience ing back she realizes that 20 years As a Chemistry teacher, she laments
of how she explained the Screening Ef- have gone by in using such innovation that only a meager number of students
fect through the method of association, in teaching and she cherishes those get into research. “Even if one or two
citing the example of Pakistan and India moments when she received letters of my students get into research every
border issue, with electrons as the Army, from her old students, in appreciation year, I will be happy. I wish my stu-
Pakistan as Nuclear force and India as and gratitude. dents carry my message”…..
outermost electrons.
To become a teacher was a
To introduce a new concept, she recom- dream. She request-
mends “Known-to Unknown” methodol-
ogy. “When you teach children from what
they know, they will not panic. For in-
stance, when you introduce the concept
of photosynthesis, ask them questions
about trees. They will mention roots,
stems, fruits and leaves and when they
say that leaves are green in colour, you
can explain why they are green and in-
troduce the concept of photosynthesis.”
A positive attitude towards the subject
will create interest in the subject, she tells
her students. “If you think that a subject
is boring, it will be boring. Open the book
with a positive attitude. Smell the new
papers of the book and smile over the
funny names of the authors. Now you will
have the interest to read”, she adds.
When asked if she handles private tuition,
“Teaching is my passion, not a business,”
the words came like a slug, from this enthu-
siastic teacher, who started the ca-
reer when she was 19 . Ever since

Silver nitrate, silver nitrate

it’s chemistry time in the lab
Ding-a-ling, with a copper ring
soon it will be chemistry day.

Take your nitrate, in solution

Add your copper with style
In the beaker there’s
a feeling of reactions
silver forming, blue solution
Bringing ooh’s ah’s and wows
now the data procesing begins!

16 ed matrix MAY 2008

S t r at e g y

grips with them, or offset their negative

How did Lincoln control the more negative
aspects of his character, such as anger
and frustration? Though once in a while
he would blow up and lose his temper, he
usually did it in private. To avoid such a
display, Lincoln would sit down and write
lengthy letters that he generally did not
send. They served as ways to release
his pent-up emotional feelings.
Lincoln usually exhibited his darker
sides only in private; problem, in a less
emotional frame of mind. But Lincoln’s
primary goal was to not lose his temper
at all, or at least to minimize the times he
would do so. His strategy was simply to
not put himself in that position, to avoid
conflict wherever possible. “Let minor
differences, and personal preferences,
if there be such; go to the winds,” he
once said.
If Lincoln was able to master himself,
so can contemporary leaders, who can
learn from his skill. He managed his
darker side by displaying his outrage
only in private, writing long letters to
vent his anger and emotion, avoiding
conflict wherever possible, and never
quarrelling over insignificant matters.
And Lincoln is charismatic even
in death. Mention of his name still
generates great emotion. Today he has
a tremendous following that spans all
walks of life, all professions, all around
the globe.
Corporate leaders of the future will
• He seemed to have a “revolving these amazing inconsistencies during have to provide employee security
door” of generals whom he often while also encouraging an environment
so trying a time in American history.
removed and replaced; yet, in reality, he for risk taking. At times it will seem like
Yet not only did he manage them, he
gave them ample time and support to walking a delicate tightrope. But, in
mastered these paradoxes in such a
produce results. reality, it is nothing more than the simple
formidable manner that, by being more
understanding that each person, and
• He claimed not to have controlled often proactive that reactive, he actually each situation, is different and should
events, that his policy was to have no controlled the outcome of events. While be handled uniquely, in some cases
policy when, in actuality, he did control Lincoln was able to capitaliSe on his with completely opposite styles. In many
events to a very large degree by being own strengths, he was also to recognise ways, mastering paradox is nothing more
aggressive, taking charge, and being his shortcomings, compensate for them, than having good common sense.
extraordinarily decisive. and play down his darker side.
One naturally wonders how Lincoln All human beings have their weaknesses, Abridged from Donald T. Phillips’
could possibly have managed all of but not all of us realise them, come to ‘Lincoln on Leadership’

16 ed matrix june 2008


“Tourism & Education Fair 2008”

dmission Season just passed
by! New academic year
brought in changing trends,
rising competition and fresh
opportunities to cope with.
During the admission seasons, the focus
of the students and parents is largely
on finding suitable school and course
for your students. Getting enrolled in a
professional course still seems to be the
top priority in the State.
However, a lot of skill factors determine
how a student can perform while in, and
once out of college and school. Whether
it is a primary or secondary education or
employment, it is this value addition that, on topics ranging from Engineering to
on most occasions, outweighs academic While marks and Job opportunities in Tourism and Hotel
credentials of a candidate. performance in school and Industries. Leading Nationalised Banks
While marks and performance in school college still count, it is the participated in the exhibition to facilitate
and college still count, it is the student’s student’s performance in educational loans. Besides health check
performance in extra – curricular activities up programmes such as eye testing,
extra – curricular activities dental check up. Blood grouping, etc were
and their soft skills and communication
skills that are likely to give them an edge
and their soft skills and also part of the show for the benefit of the
over their counterparts. communication skills students attending the fair, he said.

It was with this motive The Tamilnadu

that are likely to give The fair had 75, stalls represented by
Tourism Development Corporation them an edge over their Catering Colleges and universities
in association with Spell Bound has counterparts. and book publishers, Government
organised “Tourism and Education fair Departments and the State Parent
2008”, at Rajaji hall Chennai. Teacher Association related to Education
will be conducted by the team of clinical and UNICEF.
The fair started on 27th June 2008, and Psychologists,” he said.
continued up to 7th July 2008. Information on job opportunities, career
“Individual counselling for slow learners options, studying abroad, Institutions
Inaugurating the exhibition, V. Iraiyanbu. and low achievers will also be offered. giving career guidance will also be
IAS., Secretary, Tourism Development Children with learning disabilities, hyper provided through this exhibition,
Corporation and culture, said the fair will active tension deficit syndrome, dyslexia, Iraiyanbu said.
guide the students in shaping their career etc. will be identified by the psychologists
prospects and to provide educational and treatment will be prescribed.” he He said, “It offers you information at your
counselling for academic improvements. added while speaking about the special fingertips with experts to help you make
function of the fair. sense of all the data. It is up to you to
“For the benefit of the students, Aptitude make the best of this opportunity and arm
tests, memory improvement programmes, ‘Career Talks’ is yet another salient yourself with knowledge as admissions
Learning enhancement programmes and feature of the fair. Eminent educational 2008 gets in to full swing.”
Personality Development Programmes experts were roped in to conduct sessions Ananda K.
16 ed matrix july 2008

Road safety programme

launched in school

Safety first: Section of the students at the Toyota safety educational programme launch in Chennai.

HENNAI: A safety education initiatives were necessary in view of road safety among children and
programme in schools the worsening road safety situation. make them better motorists in future.
was launched in the city Additional Commissioner of Police The animated road safety mascot
on Wednesday by Toyota (Traffic) Sunil Kumar quizzed the “Traffy” and the child cartoon cha
Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. as students on various road safety rules. racters “Aki” and “Maya” will adorn
part of its corporate social responsibility “Children can become the ambassadors the campaign material. Details on
initiatives. of the traffic police.” the programme are available at
Speaking at the launch at Chettinad Toyota Kirloskar Managing Director
Vidyashram, company’s director Hiroshi Nakagawa said the programme
Shekar Viswanathan, said such aims to raise awareness about of Anandha Prabhu. K
16 ed matrix august 2008