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TEST YOURSELF 2 1-20. sorularda, verilen durumda sylenebilecek sz bulunuz.

l- You have been trying to e-mail your friend Cem, who has gone to England to study, but your messages are not getting through. After checking the address, you decide to phone the mutual friend who gave you the address to see if he is experiencing similar difficulties and say: A) Wait till I tell you the latest I heard from Cem. B) I know you and Cem do not like each other, but have you got his correct e-mail address? C) Cem doesn't seem to want to hear from me and keeps returning my e-mails. D) Have you been having any problems e-mailing Cem since he left the country? E) My computer seems to be broken. Can I use yours? 2Your sister likes romantic films. You have just watched an old romantic video with Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand in it. You did not particularly like it but you think that your sister will. When you next see her, you happen to have the video with you and you offer to lend it to her, saying: A) I thought this was horrible, but you have such bad taste that you will probably enjoy it. B) Don't you think that Roberj; Redford is a great actor? C) This film was not really my type, but I think you might like it. D) Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand have played in some great films, but this isn't one of them. E) You said this was a romantic film, but it seems more like a mystery to me. Because you are studying English at university, you get a summer job at a travel agent where you will have to speak with foreigners. On your very first day on the job, a couple come in to make enquiries, and you are unable to understand a word they say. The boss is not around, so you say to them: A) I'm only a student and my English is not very good. Can you speak slowly please? B) I'm sorry Sir, but I think I had better resign. I was hired under false pretences. C) Your pronunciation is terrible. People in films don't talk like you. D) Are you sure you are speaking English? It doesn't sound like English to me. E) You need to study harder if you want to make yourself understood in our language. You are in a foreign country and you left your passport on a train. Although you have informed the police, you suspect that it, along with the bag it was in, is lost for ever. Therefore, you telephone your country's embassy and report this and ask for their advice: A) I would like to report a stolen bag and passport, which were stolen from me on a train. B) I believe I have lost my passport. Could you tell me what the procedure is for getting a replacement? C) Whatever am I going to do now? I have no passport and most of my money was in that bag. D) I am phoning to enquire if anyone has handed in a bag containing a passport in the name of John Bull. E) I really don't remember which train I was travelling on when I lost my bag. In a meeting with your project team, one member proposes that you should use computer slides to present your proposals at a forthcoming presentation. Feeling that computer generated slides can display your information in an attractive and interesting way, you support this proposal by saying: A) Who is going to design the slides? If you want them done on a computer, then I can't. B) I don't think we can afford to buy the computer software anyway. C) That's a great idea. They'll look terrific and grab the audience's attention. D) Personally, I think traditional acetate slides can display information just as well. E) I'm not against the idea, but what would happen if it broke

down half way through our presentation? 6You play in a rock group that has been promised its first job in a small club, but your bass player, Jeff, has just broken his arm. A good friend plays bass, but he is playing in another group. Trying to persuade him to play with you temporarily, you say: A) I don't think it will bother your group if you play with us until Jeff can play again, will it? B) The group you are playing with are losers. Join us and you'll do better. C) Which one would you rather do: just practise with them, or play for real with us? D) I know you don't want to let your friends down, but we'll lose our big break without a bass player. E) Jeff is a good player, but we will no longer work with him. Can you join us? While driving with a friend at night on a lonely road, you have a flat tyre. You begin to jack up the car to change it when your friend admits that he has no spare. Exasperated, you say sharply to him: A) We should have this changed in a moment and be on our way. B) I don't know why you were driving so fast. C) What do you mean you don't have a jack? Every car should have one. D) If we have to be stuck, it is nice to be in such a beautiful place. E) I don't believe you can be so ignorant as not to have a spare! One of your friends at university does very little work and concentrates on enjoying himself. Near the end of the semestre, he offers to pay you to write a research paper for him. Horrified at his dishonesty, you rebuke him by saying: A) I wish you had told me earlier. It is too late in the semestre to do it now. B) I'm afraid I have so much work myself that there won't be time for me to do it. C) That depends on how much you are offering. My services don't come cheap. D) You should be ashamed of yourself. You are here to learn, not to get by on other people's work. E) If I were you, I would offer more money. No one would do it for what you are offering.






You see a group of confused-looking tourists in the Tnel area of Istanbul, so you ask them if they need help. They say they want to find the Galata Tower, so you direct them. Their leader, however, still looking at his map, says you can't have given them the correct directions, because his map seems to indicate a different way. Indignant, you say curtly: A) I'm sure that your map must be correct. Perhaps I am wrong after all. B) The view from the tower is really beautiful at this time of day. C) Of course it is easy to miss because of all the tall buildings around here. D) Suit yourself. If your map was so good, you wouldn't have been lost in the first place. E) I can assure you that there is no reason for me to misdirect you. Sir.

10- After you fail your university entrance exam, your father tells you that he cannot support you any longer and that you will have to find a job. You know that you did not study as hard as you should have, but you think that you are more mature now, and if you have one more chance, you will do well. Understanding that your hard-working father is disappointed with you, you plead for one more chance by saying: A) It isn't fair! All my other friends are going to take the exam for a second time!

B) I know I let you down, but if you allow me to prepare for the exam one more year, I'll make you proud of me. C) All you think about is money. Don't you realise that young people have to have fun? D) Maybe I should get a job. After all, if I had my own money, I could be more independent. E) You're just too old to understand our generation and how we think. 11- A good friend was recently interviewed for a job she wanted badly. During the interview, however, she panicked, and was unable to answer even the simplest questions. She phones you in tears, certain that she will not get the job. To encourage her, you say soothingly: A) Perhaps you are only remembering the bad parts. They haven't turned you down yet. B) There must have been better ones among the people interviewed. C) I'm sorry to hear that you have been turned down, but it's not the end of the world, you know. D) Why didn't you prepare better? I can't believe you made such basic mistakes. E) What a shame! Your parents are going to be really disappointed with you. 12- You are at a busy Greyhound Bus station in the USA. Though you have your ticket to Chicago, you cannot find the bus. With time running short, you stop someone and ask: A) Why have they made this station so complicated? I'm lost! B) Excuse me. Have you got any idea where the 2 o'clock bus for Chicago leaves from? C) Can you please tell me where the bus station in Chicago is? D) Pardon me, but do you know if the 2 o'clock bus for Chicago is on time? E) Could you tell me where to buy a ticket for Chicago? I'm in a hurry. 13- While you are on holiday, your bag with all your money, traveller's cheques, credit card and passport is stolen. Needing cash right away, you call your credit card company to report the theft and see how quickly they can issue you with a new card, explain the situation and ask: A) Why was my credit card refused? There shouldn't be any problem with it. B) I'd like to report a theft, and you'd better do something about it quickly. C) I've heard I can get new traveller's cheques issued instantly. Is that correct? D) You really should have warned me about how dangerous this place can be. E) I'm afraid my credit card has been stolen. Is it possible to get a new card issued as soon as possible? 14- You are at work when you suddenly feel ill. There is a flu epidemic about, and you feel as if this is what you are getting. Not wishing to infect your workmates, you immediately go to the boss and say: A) Everybody in the office seems to be coming down with flu, and I'd like to go home before I get it too. B) Today I'm not doing anything very important, so I wonder if I could take the rest of the day off. C) You don't look very well. Maybe you should go home before you give the rest of us the flu. D) I think we had better phone emergency services before I get really sick. E) I think I am coming down with flu, and since it is highly contagious, I should go home as soon as possible. 15- You are riding in a taxi when you think the driver has turned the wrong way in order to increase the fare. Not wanting to anger him, but wanting to make sure he takes you in the right direction, you say carefully: A) Do you know how much the normal fare is to where I want to go? B) Wouldn't it have been shorter if you had turned left at the last corner? C) I'm afraid I haven't got any change; can you change a large bill?

D) I usually take the bus. It takes longer, but it is much cheaper. E) You must earn a lot of money if you always take people the long way around. 16- You have to make a connection at an international airport, but your plane is running late. You know that there are a few more passengers on board who will catch the same plane. You are worried that you might not have time to make your connection, so, in order to make sure, you call the stewardess and ask politely: A) Is there any way you could radio' ahead and inform the airline that the flight to Nairobi has quite a few passengers on this plane? B) Excuse me, but are you sure we will be able to make our connecting flight to Moscow? C) Can you please tell the pilot to hurry up? I don't want to miss my flight to Bangkok, and neither do any of the passengers in my situation. D) What am I going to do? If I'm not in London by this evening, I could lose my job. E) Don't you realise that I am a very important person, and you will be in trouble if I miss my flight to Tel Aviv? 17- You buy an airline ticket from a travel agent, and you notice that your name has been spelled incorrectly. You point this out and are told that it will not matter. From past experience, however, you know that in some international airports officials will not allow you to check in if the names on your ticket and passport are not exactly the same. You therefore insist, saying: A) I suppose it will be all right this time. B) I'm not very satisfied with your service and am going to complain. C) I've had problems with this before, so I really must ask you to change my ticket. D) You can't have gone to a very good school if you can't even spell. E) Are you sure you got the time of the flight correct? I thought it was later. 18- Soon after getting your driver's license, you are driving your father's car and you hit a telephone pole. The damage is not serious, but you are extremely embarrassed, and when you bring the car home, you admit that it was due to the lack of experience, so, implying this, you say: A) I suppose it could have been a lot worse if I hadn't reacted so quickly. B) I think I need a little more practice with my driving. C) I'm sorry, Dad. I promise I'll have the car repaired immediately. D) It was about time we got a new car anyway. It's embarrassing driving such an old wreck. E) If you had been with me, I'll bet you would have really yelled at me. 19- You are a customer service representative working for British Airlines. Due to unusually bad weather over a mountainous area, the flight to Sofia has been cancelled. Your manager has informed you that you can offer customers either a full refund or the transfer of their ticket to another day. A customer approaches your desk after hearing the announcement of the cancellation and you explain: A) We apologise for any inconvenience, Sir. Would you like to fly on another dat e, or have your money back? B) We are sorry about the delay, Sir, and will inform you as soon as we have any further information about your flight. C) I'm sorry, Sir, yours is a non-transferable ticket, so I can't give you a refund. D) I'm afraid there won't be any more flights to Sofia today. Would you like to fly somewhere else instead? E) As the flight to Sofia is cancelled, we recommend that you fly to Belgrade and take a bus from there.

20- You are on holiday with your wife and your mother-in-law. The tour guide wants to sell you a trip to an ancient monastery, but the last part of the journey needs to be made on foot. Although your wife and her mother appear to be completely taken in by the colourful description given by the guide, you feel the walk would be far too strenuous for your mother-in-law. Therefore, you politely try to dissuade her saying: A) I think it is wonderful. Not many people your age would be prepared to go on a strenuous walk up a mountainside. B) I hope you won't hold everybody up by walking really slowly and stopping constantly. C) Shouldn't we leave your mother at the hotel as she doesn't really like walking all that much, does she? D) Even healthy, young people find a one-mile walk up a steep mountain very tough. I think we should choose a gentler alternative. E) It all sounds very nice, but my mother-in-law is seventy-nine and needs helping up steps. Can you arrange for someone to help her? 21-40. sorularda, verilen cmleye anlamca en yakn olan seenei bulunuz. 21- I am reliably informed to expect a big protest march on Sunday. A) I don't expect any aggression from the demonstrators taking part in the protest march on Sunday. B) I am a little doubtful about the information related to the size of Sunday's protest march. C) I've heard that there will be a large demonstration on Sunday, but it's just a rumour. D) According to what I've heard from reliable sources, the protest march on Sunday will not be as big as is expected. E) Someone whom I trust has told me that there will be a large demonstration on Sunday. 22- His frequent illnesses on his first journey convinced him that he wasn't cut out to be an explorer. A) After he had taken ill several times on his first journey, he decided to cut his exploration short and return home. B) The disease on his first journey was very unpleasant, but that would not stop him from further explorations. C) When he became ill very often during his first journey, he realised that he was not physically fit for being an explorer. D) The frequent illnesses during his first journey left the explorer so weak that he had to stop his explorations. E) He knew he was not very strong physically, but nothing would put him off continuing the exploration. 23Though still known the world over as 'the King', Elvis Presley's untimely death by drug overdose was hardly glamorous. A) The hardest thing about Elvis Presley's death by drug overdose was that people lost their 'King' at an unexpected time. B) Elvis Presley's unexpected death by drug overdose does not fit much with his worldwide reputation as 'the King'. C) All over the world people have glamorised Elvis Presley and called him 'the King' since his death by drug overdose. D) Elvis Presley shouldn't be called 'the King' any more because he had bad habits that eventually killed him. E) If Elvis Presley hadn't used drugs, maybe he would deserve to be called 'the King' by his admirers all over the world.


Betty is a trained medical technician, but her first love is cooking. A) Though she studied to be a medical technician, Betty likes cooking better than anything else. B) Although she would be happier as a cook, Betty decided to train as a medical technician. C) While training as a medical technician, Betty also attended cooking courses. D) Betty cooks as lovingly as she performs her duties as a medical technician. E) Betty is able to combine cooking and medical technology in a unique way. 26- It is possible that the general's incompetence lost us the battle. A) Perhaps the general was incapable of commanding such a big battle. B) The general's lack of competence may have caused us to lose the battle. C) We must have lost the battle because the general was so incompetent. D) If the general hadn't been incompetent, we would certainly have won the battle. E) The general was so incompetent that, not surprisingly, we lost the battle. 27- Have you come up with a solution to our problem? A) Has anyone told you how to solve our problem? B) Has a way occurred to you to resolve our dilemma? C) Do you think it is possible to find a solution to our dilemma? D) Has anyone come who knows how to solve the problem? E) Why can't you think of any way out of our difficulties? 28- You needn't have come all this way when you could have emailed me. A) You didn't have to send me an e-mail as you were coming this way. B) Since you have already e-mailed me all the information, there is no need for you to make the long trip. C) If you had e-mailed me, it would have been unnecessary for you to come so far. D) Having received your e-mail, I would like to meet you in person. E) It was the convenience of the e-mail service that saved you from travelling such a long way here. 29- The funny thing about cola is that, although it's pleasant to drink, it doesn't quench your thirst. A) The more cola you drink when you are thirsty, the stronger your thirst seems to get. B) Cola is a strange drink because you crave it even when you are not necessarily thirsty. C) The best thing to drink when thirsty is cola, and it tastes really good too. D) Even a strangely powerful thirst can be quenched with a pleasurable glass of cola. E) Although a tasty beverage, cola, strangely enough, does not satisfy one's thirst. 30- You wouldn't have been able to cook such a nice curry without the proper spices. A) Your curry came out so delicious since you used the correct spices. B) With the right spices, you should be able to make a great curry. C) If you had had the correct spices, you would have made a better curry. D) The most important ingredient for a good curry is the proper

24- Keeping safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, on hand is pointless unless they are properly maintained. A) The pointless neglect of safety equipment like fire extinguishers has an important part in many avoidable tragedies. B) A disfunctional fire extinguisher, or similar safety equipment, can lead to pointless destruction. C) Safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, can play a part in preventing disasters resulting from poor maintenance. D) Fire extinguishers, as well as other safety devices, must be well looked after in order to be useful. E) If fire extinguishers and other safety equipment were perfectly maintained, people would suffer no tragedies.






spices. E) Although you had the proper spices, your curry did not come out very nice. Today the Sahara Desert can be crossed more conveniently by motor vehicle than by camel. A) Nowadays the camel is used less frequently than motorised vehicles for crossing the Sahara. B) If only you had a car rather than a camel, it would be easier to travel in the Sahara Desert. C) The use of the motor vehicle rather than the camel now makes the journey across the Sahara more comfortable. D) If you are unable to cross the Sahara Desert by camel, you can always use a car. E) At present the motor vehicle is no less convenient than the camel for crossing the Sahara. The building has lost considerable value because it hasn't been maintained properly for years. A) The building is now considered to have no value as it has been neglected for so many years. B) Although the building hasn't been properly maintained, it is still considered to be quite valuable. C) The building's upkeep would have cost quite a lot; therefore, it's been left on its own for years. D) Due to years of negligence of its upkeep, the value of the building has declined significantly. E) The building has now little value since no attention has been given to its maintenance for years. Learning to play a musical instrument is something most people would like to do if they could only find the time. A) People who know how to play a musical instrument must have devoted a lot of time to it. B) What prevents most people from learning to play a musical instrument is not lack of interest but of time. C) Most people look for the best time for learning to play a musical instrument, but they never find it. D) Playing a musical instrument is not something which can be learnt overnight, although most people wish it were. E) Anyone who wants to play a musical instrument should find a way to take the time to learn how. You ought to have made more effort to pass your exams. A) It is necessary for you to try harder if you want to pass your exams. B) You were able to pass your exams thanks to the effort you made. C) You did not try as hard as you should have to pass your exams. D) You must have worked hard in order to pass all of your exams. E) You have to make the effort yourself if you wish to pass your exams. Pursuit of a goal keeps people going through hard times. A) If you don't know what you want, life can be hard. B) You should follow your dreams even if they are hard to achieve. C) Knowing what they want helps people succeed despite obstacles. D) Only those who are determined can overcome hard times. E) Determination is essential to achieve your goals. We decided not to buy the house because of its location, not because of its price. A) The price of the house we wanted to buy might have been so low due to the neighbourhood. B) Although the house was inexpensive, it was not in such a good location as we would like. C) Even if the house had been in a better place, we could still not have afforded it. D) It was not the price but the location of the house that deterred us from buying it. E) In spite of the favourable price, we thought the house couldn't have been located in a worse place. Kuwait has ruled out a resumption of ties with Iraq in the near future.

A) Kuwait says that renewing relations with Iraq is presently out of the question. B) There is no rule stating that Kuwait might not renew relations with Iraq soon. C) Iraq shows no sign of wishing to renew diplomatic relations with Kuwait. D) In all probability, Kuwait will never have friendly relations with Iraq again. E) Future ties between Kuwait and Iraq are unlikely. 38- Despite cries of protest, the man was publicly executed. A) Although a lot of people were crying, the man was murdered by the crowd. B) The man was killed in front of spectators though many people were opposed to it. C) The death of the man in front of the crowd made a lot of people cry. D) The man was due to be killed, but he was released after the crowd said it was not right. E) As the man was not popular with the public, they cheered when he was killed. 39- As a scenic wonder, the Grand Canyon has few rivals. A) The Grand Canyon is the most beautiful spot in the world. B) A few places are more scenic than the Grand Canyon. C) There aren't many places as beautiful as the Grand Canyon. D) The Grand Canyon has no rivals as the most scenic place in the world. E) The wonderful scenery of the Grand Canyon is unrivalled. 40- In my opinion, Arabic is no more difficult than French. A) It seems to me that French is even more difficult than Arabic. B) I don't think French is as difficult as Arabic. C) My belief is that French and Arabic are two of the most difficult languages. D) The difficulties of French and Arabic are not to be compared, in my opinion. E) I feel that while Arabic may be difficult, French is equally so. 41-60. sorularda yarm braklan cmleyi uygun ekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz. 41- Quite a few men have proposed to Sharon, ........... A) but she turned down both of them B) for she already has two children C) yet neither of them appealed to her D) but she is still single at age forty E) nor does she want to get married 42- Do you have any idea .......? A) that there is a petrol station nearby B) whatever is the best medicine for a headache C) is this the shortest route to London D) how much does a double room cost E) whether there is a chemist's near here or not 43Cuban music is a conglomeration of European, Latin and African styles, .......... . A) while the arrival of blacks in the Caribbean brought new musical forms B) that is located just south of the Tropic of Cancer in the Caribbean Sea C) whose western tip extends into the Gulf of Mexico between Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula D) when it was later expressed in such dances as the rumba, samba and tango E) which explains the reason why it appeals to so many people all over the world



44- The recent NASA mission which landed a robot on Mars was so trouble free ........... .

A) as some people believe there is life on the red planet B) that a manned mission to Mars now seems conceivable C) even though the planet is not so far away as once thought D) since future efforts may not be so lucky E) some of which couldn't be detected until its launch 45- Even before all the votes had been counted, ......... . A) we are confident that our party will win B) less than forty percent of voters had participated C) violence has broken out in some areas D) there has been nothing we can do but wait E) the rival party was celebrating victory 46- .......; however, they seldom attack swimmers. A) Most people are terrified of sharks B) The waves today are perfect for surfing C) There are few man-eating tigers D) Reptiles are cold-blooded, air-breathing vertebrates E) The Golden Horn is too polluted for swimming 47- ......... why the Maya civilisation disappeared. A) People will continue to believe B) Archaeologists still do not understand C) Although they built huge pyramids D) They probably over-farmed the land E) Before the Spanish conquered Central America 48- In spite of warnings of environmental disaster, ........ . A) the construction of the dam went ahead B) since no one knew what the results would be C) people protested against the use of cyanide D) which was only a distant possibility E) officials knew how dangerous the project was 49- So far, not enough tickets have been sold, ....... . A) so the concert may have to be cancelled B) even though not many people are interested C) for the group is gaining in popularity all over the country D) since it was the biggest match of the year E) but it was too expensive for many people to afford 50- By the time the UN troops arrived,......... . A) they will act as peace-keepers B) neither side wants to stop fighting C) there was already a huge refugee problem D) the rebels have been fighting for 20 years E) they came with the aim of restoring order 51- Although it rained on the day of the Wimbledon Final, ......... . A) the ground was too wet to play comfortably B) it has been years since an Englishman won C) Pete Sampras has won more times than anyone else D) the match was eagerly watched by a huge audience E) it is the world's most prestigious tennis tournament 52- Having lived in Egypt for 2O years, ........ . A) he was able to speak flawless Arabic B) temperatures of 35 degrees or more are not unusual C) he was an archaeologist whose main interest was the pyramids D) his mother missed him and wanted him to come home E) no one knows why he likes it so much 53- ........... it wouldn't be necessary to protect them now. A) Knowing that the African rhinoceros is almost extinct B) Unless people stop hunting elephants for ivory C) Not only does Greenpeace protest against hunting whales D) If whales had not been hunted almost to extinction E) Had the last passenger pigeon not been killed years ago 54- After careful consideration, the board have decided ......... . A) expanding the firm into other continents B) how they would escape their financial difficulties C) to merge with their biggest rivals D) what they were going to do at the negotiations E) unless the market research tells them otherwise

55- Even though fresh fruit juice is healthy and inexpensive, ........ . A) particularly in winter, in order to increase the body's stamina B) most people prefer fizzy soft drinks C) people concerned for their health drink nothing else D) fruit is plentiful everywhere in the summer E) especially during the summer, when it is hot 56- The popularity of mountain climbing has skyrocketed in past decades .......... . A) due to the fact that it was once practised by a few daredevils B) instead of wind, snow and freezing temperatures C) since there were quite a few accidents on the ski runs D) when there was a lack of interest among the younger generation E) thanks to the development of safer equipment and climbing techniques 57- ......... until you have lived in the country for five years. A) You've learnt English remarkably well B) You did not consider buying a house C) You might have applied for citizenship D) You cannot become a British citizen E) You were deported for working on a tourist visa 58- Since better weather is predicted for the end of the week, ......... . A) the weather is awful at the moment B) there has been too much rain lately C) everybody had got tired of the wet weather D) we may need to take an umbrella with us E) we can go camping by the lake after all 59- .......... the world population keeps growing with each year. A) The moment the world's average birth rate comes down to equal the death rate B) Owing to better medical facilities and increased lifeexpectancy C) Due to the excellent family planning programme D) If there was more effective education about family planning E) When death rates began to fall during the 19th century 60- Although coffee originated in Ethiopia, ......... . A) today most of it is grown in Brazil B) instant coffee is not as good as real coffee C) it is a mild stimulant which may develop addiction D) prices have been increasing since the 1970s E) drinking too much of it is bad for the heart

1. D 11. A 21. E 31. C 41. D 51. D



4. 14. 24. 34. 44. 54.


5. C 15. B 25. A 35. C 45. E 55. B

6. A 16. A 26. B 36. D 46. A 56. E

7. 17. 27. 37. 47. 57.


8. 18. 28. 38. 48. 58.


9. D 19. A 29. E 39. C 49. A 59. B

10. B 20. D 30. A 40. E 50. C 60. A

12. B 22. C 32. D 42. E 52. A

13. E 23. B 33. B 43. E 53. D