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Note : Ansuer all rhe qtestions Use of col.ulotal


Att.mpt d! firee of the folosng :


(a) Calculat the de-Broglie {awlength ol an electron $al has been acceleratdfrod rsl thlough a potnlial dillren@of 1 kV _ Planck 5 'on$nr h = 6 66 ro- kg m_ s n = 91 x 1O'3r ks. mds ol eleclron, (b) Difier@tidte behv@no nol4ular olbital and n molcuhf orbital.



In a cryshllina soli'1,aniotu B are aranged in a cubic .lose pa.Ling, cations A are equally . distribuled behreen octahedlal and terBhdral voids.lf all ihe ociahedlvoldsare occupied, what is the formula ol the solid ?

(d) How can $iids be cla$ified into dillerenr \rs .n th bash ol nature ol bonding ? Define Heisenbe's!Un.daintyPrinciple.lI the lecrlon in a hydiogen atom go.t tom n = 10 slate to lhe ground slat, a photon will b enittd. Calculal rhe wavLensthDf the

2 . Altempt any r@o of the lou@ins '


Calulate rh. htelsal eftrg! ch.lge in each.{ {i) (it A srsld absoib6 5 kJ ol haat and does

5 ld ol woi{ is done on th systemand 1 kJ ol heat c giwn out b9 lh slstdh

(b) The standad enthaipi.s ol loimadon of methane, carbon dioxide and wati ara -74 45, -3935 -2a6wnol, and respe.tivly. Calculate th enthalpt o, conbustion ol mthan ET,105(B) 2

understand by the Fre ol is it .rpPssed ? How is lhe

anv ,hree ol the follNils


D, tle $hxm CakJat hoLtl, iD 250 cm3 coniaining 9 8 sns of H2SOa 2

(ii) E\plain why @po!r pressuroi soheht is lowered by the dddirion ol nonslatila elvnt. (b) Explain rhe loloqins siving reasons: (0 El4trolysis ol aqudus bluhons ol NaCl sjvs tL at iathode and Cl: gd at anode.

(ii) Ele.trolysisoJ cuBr2 gi@s Cu at cathod and Br2 al tuode. (c) G@ (d) ( short -.ou't oI .dr6io ard its

Wnte Nersr eqution for seneralelectrod r@ction Mnr + n- ; M.

(ii) Wnal is Gahanic @ll ? Gile slobolic presentationoi Odili ceil


4. Attnpt an! f@o of the iol@ing :


G) Wnte holecllar orbihl conlislration. of th lollo{ing speciesl (i) N,

(jt) Ni

(iit Nt

0,) Ni
Comnent ,hich ol rhen sh4 rhe high6t

? Civ lhen {b) What are Ttansilionalelments

(c) (i)

Name dy&id5 ol pholpho@.

{ii) Dadibe Ostualds dethod lor mnula.ture

E Tr 0 5 ( B l

Attemplanytour ol the iotoMns (a) Gw IUPAC names oi

4x5-20 5



H3C-C-CH2L] clJ3


tbJ Cohplete th foUowi.s a.ti46 l (i) C6H5CHO + H?C_CO-O_Co-CIJ3

(i0 cH3cHo+ 2H -g
(iii) C H I C O - O - C 2 H 5 + H 2 O

d.-, iffiF
(u) CH3COOH + HOC?H5 EJ 105(B)

What h mant by Biomolcuk, ? Explain in delail. Ciw xaoples ol thedopLslic, polymr, and indslrial polyftr. natural

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D*rib n rdenins ihd quacbir,s ol slds.