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Whats Your Fragrance Profile?

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This quiz is based on the aroma genera described in The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Aroma Genera
The Nine Fragrant Personalities
Do fragrances have personalities? Are people with certain personality profiles more likely to be drawn to a particular fragrance? What does your fragrance say about you? Although many people are familiar with the field of aromatherapy, less known is its cousin aromachology. Aromachology is a term that was first coined by the Fragrance Foundations research and education division, the Sense of Smell Institute. Although the two fields have similarities, aromachology deals specifically with the psychology of fragrance, taking a scientific approach to the relationship between fragrance and the mind. Similarly, Valerie Ann Worwood has developed a process called aroma genera, in which the various properties of essential oils are organized according to their connections to mind, body, and emotion. The oils are organized into nine typesfloral, fruit, herb, leaf, resin, root, seed, spice, and wood. She calls these the magnificent nine, because when people smell blends made solely from oils in an individual category, thats what people tend to call the resultant fragrance: magnificent. Each fragrance category reflects a particular personality type. When examining your own personality profile, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is a rare soul who fits neatly into one of the above nine boxes. In fact, such a person would probably be quite one-dimensional and seem like a caricature of a fully developed human being. You might find such archetypes in movies and cartoons, but rarely in real life. In fact, one could argue that a person who is equally balanced between all nine categories is the most fully actualized person of all!

Are you ready to get started?

Whats Your Fragrance Personality?

Think about your ideal self. What would the perfect you be like? Look at the following nine statements and rank them according to importance to you, with 1 being the most important and 9 being the least important.

_____1. _____2. _____3. _____4. _____5. _____6. _____7. _____8. _____9.

I am admired by others. I stand out from the crowd. I feel harmony within myself. I have security, respect, and approval. I am solid and dependable. I am appreciated and needed. I am knowledgeable and wise. I understand the global perspective. I live by strong principles and morals. I am ethical, honest, and fair. I am a peacemaker. I am unpretentious, gentle, and kind. I am spiritually rich, intuitive, and in touch with my feelings. I create beauty. I am joyous and exhilarating. My life is exciting and full of adventure. I am strong, independent, bold, and forthright. I know what I want and go for it.

Now answer the following questions according to the extent to which they apply to you as you are now, with 1 being not at all me and 5 being totally me. Remember, weve moved on from thinking about our ideal selves. Now its time to get real. Dont worry. You can do it!

_____10. _____11. _____12. _____13. _____14. _____15. _____16.

I enjoy flirting and often find myself in the middle of fun romantic scenarios My appearance is important to me, and I always try to look my best I keep up with the latest fashions I am popular amongst my peers, and often lead my social circle I find nothing is nothing more satisfying than a job well done Im a great organizer and hard worker I tend to be a people-pleaser, making sure those around me are happy

_____17. _____18. _____19. _____20. _____21. _____22. _____23. _____24. _____25. _____26. _____27. _____28. _____29. _____30. _____31. _____32. _____33. _____34. _____35. _____36. _____37. _____38. _____39. _____40. _____41. _____42. _____43. _____44. _____45.

Although I have a lot of acquaintances, there are few I call true, deep friends Nothing makes me happier than taking care of my family Im usually the first person people call when they need help or advice I prefer a nice evening at home over a night out on the town I tend to see the best in others, even in those most have condemned I consider myself highly intellectual and love learning new things I sometimes have a hard time making decisions because I cant stop researching it I have a great imagination and spend a lot of time inside my head The best conversations involve a good, honest debate about a challenging topic I think too many people have lost sight of what is right and wrong Living a life of spirituality and morality are important to me I donate to charities and/or volunteer a lot of my time to worthy causes I often wish I could do more to help others get on the right path I tend to be a very laid-back person, just accepting things as they are A stable life is a comfortable life; I have a hard time dealing with change I prefer harmony and will sometimes agree with people just to keep peace I like to help other people solve their disputes I am very intuitive and can pick up on other peoples thoughts and feelings I am very in touch with my own feelings, and am not afraid to express them There is wonder and beauty even in the most mundane of things I love to create and recreate myself, constantly trying on new styles and hobbies My idea of the perfect day involves lots of people, adventure, and spontaneity I tend to be very exuberant and vivacious in my interactions I love to be the life of the party I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life, and love the experience of shopping Taking care of the environment is very important to me People tend to refer to me as the strong, silent type. My ideal day would be spent outdoors, surrounded by nature I tend to be very strong-minded and self-determined.

Your Results
Each of these questions illustrates one of the nine fragrance personalities listed below. So, lets take a look at your ideal self. The personalities below are numbered to correspond to the questions in Section 1. So, if you ranked Question #4 the highest, then your highest ranking ideal personality is leafy. In Section 1, look and see which number(s) you rank the highest in. This is your ideal personality- what you strive for. In the box to the right, write down the results of your own rank order of fragrant personalities. This is the structure of your ideal self. Dont worry, well talk about what each of these personality types mean at the end!

1. Floral 2. Fruity 3. Herby 4. Leafy 5. Resiny 6. Rooty 7. Seedy 8. Spicy 9. Woody

My Fragrant Personality 1. ______________ 2. ______________ 3. ______________ 4. ______________ 5. ______________ 6. ______________ 7. ______________ 8. ______________ 9. ______________

Now lets turn our attention to the rest of the questions. These illustrate the nine personalities as you are right now. They may or may not match up to your ideal self! Lets find out, shall we? Find your score for each of the questions and add them together with the following chart:

How do you add up?

10. _______ 11. _______ 12. _______ 13. _______

14. _______ 15. _______ 16. _______ 17. _______

18. _______ 19. _______ 20. _______ 21. _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

22. _______ 23. _______ 24. _______ 25. _______

26. _______ 27. _______ 28. _______ 29. _______

30. _______ 31. _______ 32. _______ 33. _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

34. _______ 35. _______ 36. _______ 37. _______

38. _______ 39. _______ 40. _______ 41. _______

42. _______ 43. _______ 44. _______ 45. _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

: ________

TOTAL: _______

What is my Fragrant Personality?

Now its time to put together your actual self structure. Rank order the results for each personality type, and write down your list here. These may or may not match your ideal personality. Lets compare them and see!

My Fragrant Personality

My Ideal Personality

1. ______________ 2. ______________ 3. ______________ 4. ______________ 5. ______________ 6. ______________ 7. ______________ 8. ______________ 9. ______________

1. ______________ 2. ______________ 3. ______________ 4. ______________ 5. ______________ 6. ______________ 7. ______________ 8. ______________ 9. ______________

If the two lists do not match, then you have learned something about yourself. You now know what traits to target on your own quest for self-improvement. When designing your custom fragrance, we can focus on emphasizing your current personality, drawing out your ideal self, or strengthening your weaker fragrant personalities. Wearing the fragrances from a particular fragrance family will help your mind and body align with the properties of those scents, which will aid you in your quest for self actualization!

The Personalities Florals

are flirtaceous and sensual. They love a good romance, and strive to attract others who will give them this. They crave attention, power, and status, and will either achieve it for themselves or attach themselves to someone with such qualities. Florals tend to be fashionable, attractive, and fun-loving. They follow the trends, keep up with appearances, and thrive on being desirable. Although they can appear superficial, they are actually quite sensitive and soft-hearted. They are often the object of jealousy, and much misunderstood.

Fruities Herbies

are self-aware and emotionally balanced. They are hardworkers, striving to

please those around them, and taking great pleasure in a job well done. Although industrious in

work, fruities also have a very playful and benevolent side. Although fruities tend to have a small number of those they call true friends, this is because they devote so much to those in their inner circle. Fruities are the type who keep friends for life. They are often the first to offer support and encouragement when needed.

are homebodies and proud of it. They love their family, and find fulfillment

in taking care of those closest to them. Herbies are the salt of the earth. They work hard to bring

out the best in everyone and everything around them. Solid and dependable, herbies are quick to offer a helping hand to neighbers. Herbies tend to live very calm and uneventful lives, and are whats going on in other peoples lives. happy to do so. However, they love hearing about the exploits of others, and thrive on knowing

most at home in a research lab, classroom, or library. Introspective, solitary, and detached, leafies can be idealistic and politically extremist. Leafies thrive on a good debate, and are constantly back and taking in the big picture, making connections between seemingly unrelated events and facts. Leafies are innovative, whether their medium is ideas or inventions. expanding their horizon. Often quick to see the broader perspective, leafies are good at stepping


are the intellectuals of the world. They have a deep love for learning, and are

Resinies Rooties

are moral stalwarts, and proud of it. They work hard to maintain a spiritual

purity, and their highest goal is to a life according to principle. Resinies are very interested in the state of the world around them, and often feel like the world is on a moral decline. Resinies put their values to work, and either spend a lot of time volunteering, or donate a lot of money to carry them through any hardship with ease and faith. Deeply religious people are often resinies. charity or both. Their principles tend to give resinies strong wills and sturdy foundations that

are very easy-going and laidback. They exude a stability and serentity that

makes others feel at ease around them. Rooties have a deep love of tradition and convention. They prefer to live quiet and modest lives, characterized by peacefulness and tranquility. Because they sometimes avoid tension by shying away from fights or glossing over problems, rooties are sometimes mistaken for being weak-willed. However, rooties tend to be very composed and

controlled. They are firmly grounded and dedicated toward maintaining peace, and can make excellent mediators for conflicts.


are creative spirits who thrive on beauty. They are able to find wonder in the

ability comes partially from seedies keen observational powers and vivid memorytraits which

most mundane experiences, because they see beauty in the everyday world around them. This

and motives of othersand in themselves. Seedies are dreamers and creators, and tend to reinvent themselves on a regular basis, trying on new styles, new jobs, new religions, etc to see what fits them best. Seedies tend to be very individualistic and self-assured.

also give them powerful intuition. Seedies tend to be very empathetic and tuned into the needs


are the hedonists of the world. They are joyous, exhilarating, and animated.

Spicies thrive on excitement and adventure. They are dynamic go-getters, and can make excellent

entrepreneurs. They love to live the high life, spending days at the stores and nights out on the

town. However, they dont seek status out of these endeavors; rather, their love stems from the without even trying; people are naturally drawn to their vitality and debonair personalities.

sheer joy of shopping and experience new things. Spicies tend to be socialites and trendsetters

dedicated to their causesand woodies tend to always be supporting a cause of some sort, because they are determined to have an impact on the world. They crave power, but not for the status of it. Rather, woodies want what power gives themthe ability to shape the world by seeking out injustice and generally making the world a better place to live. Woodies love being boating, or golfing.


are strong and independent. They are ethical, compassionate, and

out in nature, and will find ways to experience the outdoors on a regular basis, be it camping,

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