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In the circuit 1 shown below, nd the total current

Figure 1 (a) zero (b) I1 +I2 + I3 +I4 +I5 = 0 (c) I1 +I3 = I2 +I4 +I5 (d) I1 +I2 + I3 = I4 +I5 2. What is the current in the circuit 2 shown below?

Figure 2 (a) 2A (b) 2mA (c) 0.2A (d) 2A 3. For the circuit 3 shown below, nd the total resistance.

Figure 3 (a) 150 (b) 200 (c) 100 (d) 250 4. A battery of emf 1.8 volts and internal resistance 1.2 is connected to a pair of resistance 4 and 6in parallel. Calculate the potential dierence of the battery (a) 1V (b) 10V (c) 1.2V (d) 100V 5. The A.C voltage across a 150 resistor is 39 sin (2times103 t)V At what value of t does the current through the resistor equal to -0.26A? (a) 1.0 m sec (b) 7.5 m sec (c) 0.75 m sec (d) 10 m sec 6. To 318 F capacitance, voltage of 230v, 50Hz is connected, what is the value capacitive reactance. (a) 10 (b) 6 (c) 8 (d) 12 7. The important factors that determine inductive reactance are (a) inductance and applied emf (b) frequency and inductance (c) inductance and capacitance (d) resistance and inductance 8. A capacitor and resistor are connected in series across a 120V, 50Hz supply. A circuit draws a current of 1.144A. If power loss in the circuit is 130.8 W, nd the value of capacitance (a) 50 F (b) 10 m F (c) 100 F (d) 200 F 9. Series resonant frequency is given by (a) XL - XC (b) XC (c) XL (d)
1 2 LC

10. In a balanced Wye connection IP h = (a) 2IL (b) IL /S2 (c) IL / 3 (d) IL 11. The polarity of a dc generator is reversed by reversing the direction by (a) zero (b) eld current as well as rotation (c) eld current (d) rotation 12. The factor that is not responsible for drop in terminal voltage of a dc shunt generator on load is (a) commutation (b) eld weakening due to armature reaction and armature resistance drop (c) armature reaction (d) armature resistance drop 13. Which rule is used to determine the direction of rotation of DC motor? (a) Flemings left-hand rule (b) Columbus law (c) Lenzs law (d) Faradays law 14. A 3 point starter is considered as suitable for (a) Shunt as well as compound motors (b) All DC motors. (c) Shunt, compound and series motors (d) Shunt motors 15. The purpose of providing an iron core in transformer is to (a) Reduce Hysterisis loss (b) Decrease the reluctance of the magnetic path (c) Reduce Eddy current losses (d) Provide Support to windings 16. A Synchronous motor can be used as a synchronous capacitor when it is (a) Under excited (b) Over loaded (c) Over excited (d) Under loaded 17. The phase dierence between main winding and starting winding of a 1- induction motor is (a) 450 (b) 900 (c) 00 (d) innity 18. Extension of moving iron ammeter range can be done by using: (a) inductor (b) capacitor (c) multiplier (d) shunt 19. Ammeter is an instrument which measures (a) distance (b) power (c) voltage (d) current 20. Dene meter constant (a) No. of revolutions made per kilo-watt hour (b) No. of revolutions made per hour. (c) No. of revolutions made per Newton (d) No. of revolutions made per watt