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FREE SEMINAR For Prospective QPs - Qualified Person and Professional Development Training | NSF-DBA

FREE SEMINAR For Prospective QPs - Qualified Person and Professional Development Training
FREE SEMINAR For Prospective QPs and Sponsors
Dat es : Venu e: Co s t : Ty pe: Tuesday 12 November 2013 Cheshunt Marriott Hotel, Broxbourne, UK


About this course Background

Since 1990, NSF-DBA and the University of Strathclyde have collaborated to present a structured modular course designed for people wishing to become Qualified Persons. This course is now recognised as the most successful and main route to QP education in the UK and increasingly in Europe.


Attend this Free Seminar if

You are planning to train to become a QP You are interested in maximising your technical knowledge and value to your organisation You are responsible for QP training or technical development You want to know more about sponsoring a QP You are interested in gaining a vocational MSc, Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate

The Benefits
The benefits of QP Training with NSF-DBA Over 96% of our delegates are successful at QP viva Over 230 people have achieved qualification status through this programme The course takes the time necessary to give the knowledge, and practise its application in teamwork and scenarios, to help delegates become effective and influential QPs The course is flexible and modular but can also be used to lead to MSc qualification The course is recognised by the regulatory bodies in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and many other European countries The course is designed to develop Quality Leaders for the future The course provides unrivalled networking opportunities, including membership of the NSF DBA QP Alumni organisation

Course outline This is your opportunity to

Get an overview of the route to becoming a QP and the structure and content of the modules Understand the vital role of the sponsor Find out what the assessors expect from candidates and sponsors Listen to presentations from A former QP delegate about their experiences of QP training An assessor from one of the Joint Professional Bodies An active sponsor who has successfully mentored a number of trainee QPs

Postgraduate Qualifications available

Our QP course also meets the requirements for the Postgraduate Certificate and the Diploma/MSc in Pharmaceutical Quality and Good Manufacturing Practice. For more information on these vocational courses please contact Stella Pearson-Smith, our QP Administrator, or speak to us at the Seminar. 1/3


FREE SEMINAR For Prospective QPs - Qualified Person and Professional Development Training | NSF-DBA

The seminar will begin at 09.00 and finish at 17.00 As places are limited, early booking is recommended

Cheshunt Marriott Hotel, Broxbourne, UK

The Cheshunt Marriott Hotel is conveniently located in Hertfordshire, just sixteen miles north of central London, minutes from J25 on the M25 motorway, and 30 minutes away from Stansted Airport. Their Health Club features an indoor pool, whirlpool and 24 hour fitness centre.

Venue Address and Contact Details

Cheshunt Marriott Hotel Halfhide Lane Turnford Broxbourne EN10 6NG England Tel: +44 (0) 1992 451245 Fax: +44 (0) 1992 440120

Hotel Bookings
Since this is a Free Seminar, please contact the hotel direct to check availability and rate for the night prior to the seminar.

Our NSF-DBA Partner responsible for the QP training will be available during this seminar: Mr Mike Halliday Partner BSc (Pharm), MRPharmS, PGDip +44(0)1751 432999

What you've said

What Previous Attendees Said About Our QP Courses

Very good course, complex principles explained well and concisely Layout of material very good; explanations of concepts very well presented Great balance of theory and practical/teamwork sessions Lots of great information packed into a very useful programme

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Contact Us NSF NSF-DBA have offices in Kirkbymoorside and Sheffield, UK and Boston and Ann Arbor, USA

A word from NSF-DBA

If you do not find the course you are looking for please contact me at the NSF-DBA Kirkbymooorside Office

Bev Willett, Course Administrator, NSF-DBA



FREE SEMINAR For Prospective QPs - Qualified Person and Professional Development Training | NSF-DBA

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