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M. TANTINGCO, Represented by their attorney-in-fact Jeffrey Ryan M. Tantingco, Plaintiffs, -versusCivil Case No. 1234 For: Nullification of Documents, Cancellation of TCT No. RT-67890 (T-1234567) and Partition

FAUSTINO J. MAGHATOL, Defendant. x---------------------------------------x

COMES NOW, JULIETA BARTOLOME, by herself, unto this Honorable Court, most respectfully submits the foregoing judicial affidavit for judicial requirements, to form as part of her testimony and to further attest the allegations in the COMMENT/OPPOSITION (to the Motion to Litigate as Pauper Litigants of the Plaintiffs) of the defendant-oppositor FAUSTINO J. MAGHATOL. For judicial requirements, Your Honor, I am offering the testimony of JULIETA BARTOLOME, to prove the allegations in the COMMENT/OPPOSITION of the defendantoppositor and other circumstances relative thereto: Q1. Madam Witness, kindly state your name and other personal circumstances to this Honorable Court. A1. My name is JULIETA BARTOLOME, 40 years old, Filipino, married, and a resident of 1623 Q. Paredes St., Sampaloc, Manila; a Human Resource Department Manager at Dtail Photography; Q2. Madam Witness, do you know a person named ALMARIO A. SEBASTIAN? A2. Yes Maam. ALMARIO A. SEBASTIAN is personally known to me. Q3: Madam Witness, you mentioned that you personally knew the person of ALMARIO A. SEBASTIAN. May we know how well you know him? A3: Yes Maam, ALMARIO A. SEBASTIAN is one of the employees of Dtail Photography, principally located at 1819 Morayta St., Sampaloc, Manila. Q4: Madam Witness, what position does ALMARIO A. SEBASTIAN holds, how much salary, how long he is holding the said position?

A4: Mr. ALMARIO A. SEBASTIAN is holding the position of Junior Accounting Staff with an equivalent gross montly salary of P15,000.00, Fifteen Thousand Pesos. He is holding the said position since November 24, 2011. Q5: Madam Witness, is there any other circumstances would you like to express before this Honorable Court? A5: No more Maam. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hands this July 8, 2013 in Malolos City, Bulacan.

JULIETA BARTOLOME Affiant Postal ID No. 434968 Republic of the Philippines) Malolos City, Bulacan )S.S.

PERSONALLY APPEARED BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in the Province of Bulacan, today July 8, 2013, affiant JULIETA BARTOLOME, who subscribed and sworn to the foregoing document and who avows under the PENALTY OF LAW to the truth of the contents of the foregoing document.

Doc. No. 17; Page No. 1; Book No. 32; Series of 2013.

ATTY. MICHIE L. RONO Notary Public for City of Malolos Until December 31, 2014 Commission Serial No. 12345 PTR No. 56789/ June 6, 2013/ Bulacan IBP Lifetime No. 9101/ January 9, 2013/City of Manila Roll of Attorneys No. 01234

ATTESTATION I, Michie Lancero Rono, of legal age, single, and with office address at Unit 3, Capule Building, Paseo del Congreso, Malolos City, Bulacan, attest under oath as follows: I personally recorded or caused to be recorded the questions asked of the witness JULIETA BARTOLOME and the corresponding answers the said witness gave; and Neither I nor any other person then present coached the witness JULIETA BARTOLOME regarding her answers. I have hereunto set my hand this 8 th day of July 2013 at the City of Malolos, Province of Bulacan. MICHIE LANCERO RONO Counsel for the Defendant