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Bin card utilisation

Function: The bin cards are tools used to identify physically the products in the warehouse. They are frequently attached to the piles themselves. A Bin card can never replace a Stock card.

Instructions for a correct use of the Bin card

The Bin cards are under the responsibility of the storekeeper. When required, he/she will create a Bin card to avoid confusion within the products in the warehouse. There are two formats of Bin cards, the basic and the extended. The extended Bin cards can be useful when the warehouse office is located far from the physical storage. Action contre la Faim recommends the use of Bin cards for food items. Note that Bin cards can be facultative when the volume of activity is very low. All the data mentioned on the Bin card has to be identical to the one registered in the stock card.

Instructions to fill the bin card

Location: Location + code zone Item designation: Batch N: Expiry date: of the product. Common name of the product (Ex: Therapeutic Milk F100 NUTRISET) Number of batch or lot if any Limit date of use, mentioned on the packaging (Ex: 12 / 05 / 2005)
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Physical location in the warehouse (Ex: Bujumbura) For warehouses having defined storage zones:

Packing unit: Unit weight in (kg): Financial Code:

Basic packaging of the product used by logistic (Ex: Carton of 30 packets) Net Weight (weight of the product only) (Ex: 13.68 KG) Code format: CC / BB / N / LLLL CC ACF country code BB Purchase funding donor code N Budget order number designed by a letter LLLL Budget line (Ex: BU / A1 / Y / AA10)

Project code:

Code format BB P NN BB 2 letters for the base P 1 letter for the programme N: Nutrition, H: Hydro (Watsan) F: Food security, M: medical, C: Coordination NN 2 figures to the project ACF item code: Code format CCC NNN CCC Category NNN Reference within a category (Ex: NUT 001) Reference given by United Nations agencies. The reference can be found on the transportation documents. WFP frequently uses SI numbers. This cell can also be used for other IO / NGO reference if any. (Ex: SI 0010696)

UN reference:

Unit price and currency: Unit purchase price of the product as indicated on EOF or PO Contingency stock: technical departments. Quantity defined by the Logistician with the

The following data are mentioned only on the extended bin card: Date: IN: stock OUT: Date of the writing: IN, OUT or physical inventory Exact and verified quantity of product entering in the Quantity released of the stock
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Balance in Kg: Balance in unit

Quantity left, in KG Quantity left in stock, in packaging unit

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