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Dear all, I have been working on piping stress analysis and studied some good material on the subject.

After going through Pipe Stress Analysis by L.C Peng, I got much of idea regarding the concepts of piping stress problems. With this background knowledge, I was able to use almost every single piping stress analysis software with ease. However, still I want to go more deep in the subject and learn to perform manual calculations. Please suggest me some good reading material along with practical illustrated and solved stress problems so that I get rather more grip over the subject. Thanks.
skul Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by kune 29 Aug 2011, 13:26

skul, Have you studied Kellogg's piping stress analysis? If you want to learn more about manual calculations and assessment that's a very good guide.
kune Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by azaan 29 Aug 2011, 17:24

M.W Kellogg's manual for stress analysis would surely help you in understanding stress analysis calculations. I found it complex when once started reading that out however you get into it with time. A classic approach to stress analysis.

azaan Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by Fizza 29 Aug 2011, 19:43

Codeware's Seminar Report on Piping Stress Analysis is another great effort on the subject matter. Please see also, Piping Stress Analysis by Charles Bechet. Peng's work is really impressive.
Thanks and Regards, Nasir Welding Engineer DESCON Engineering Limited Lahore, Pakistan Javed.Nasar@Descon.Com Mobile: +923364145402
Fizza Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by skul 30 Aug 2011, 09:06

I have seen the Kellogg's calculations, Codeware's seminar report also. Regarding Charles Becht, I know one of his book on Process Piping Guide. Has he written something on "piping stress analysis" also?
skul Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by kaleemfaaras 31 Aug 2011, 07:22

I don't have Becht's book at the moment but if I remember correctly, that includes a chapter on stress analysis. Check that.
kaleemfaaras Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by FAL 07 Sep 2011, 01:28

i'm new to this Forum, so i dont know much about it i began doing piping flexibility and stress analysis back in 1968, at first i studied the Kellog Method, that is very long and tedious, because one do not grasp the relationship between the formats that must be filled, and the real piping configuration, beside that is very prone to errors and they are not easy to find, the only help at taht time was a mechanical calculator and the most consuming part was the equation solution. For 2 anchor pipelines the system flexibility is a 6 equations with 6 unknowns whose solution required almost a 6 hour work. But if the pipeline to be solved is 3 anchors like a normal configuration from a vessel to a pump and its spare the flexibilty equation are twelve with twelve unknowns, that by hand (with a mechanical calculator) can take four whole days to be solved, and you can imagine that a 5 anchor pipeline can be almost imposible to be solved by hand. At that time we were designing a large Ethylene Plant in Mexico, and we search in the United States some computer program to do the chores of stress and flexibility analysis, we found a few but they were unavailable to us, so i had to develop a computer program from scratch it took some time but i get a program for 2 and 3 anchor pipelines and i could make it for more complex pipelines because the capacity of our main frame was 15 by 15 simultaneous equations, now this seem like a joke but that was a IBM of good size. This program was calibrated against two american programs, and it was used for more that 12 years, solving on the order of 100o industrial plant pipelines. With this program a 3 anchor pipeline could be solved (getting and preparing data, punching the cards, waiting space for your

run, making some diagrams of forces, moments and displacements analizing the results in two and a half days) Later we got some other programs, and this was only used for preminary analysis on PCs My experience was gained solving problems, analizing the results of a configuration and comparing it with another, visiting the field to check if major pipelines behave the way your calculations predicted, solving problems of pipelines that had some type of failure, and so on, not doing number criunching, but having said so, this is just my experience

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by skul 07 Sep 2011, 03:12

Thanks for sharing your experience FAL. Here are few of my queries: 1. Are there some simplified books on piping stress analysis (with solved examples) other than MW Kellogg's? If yes please let me know. 2. I do not see manual calculations of piping stress analysis for complete piping containing piping components (valves, strainers, reducers, flanges etc.) also other than just pipe runs. 3. It would be great if you can share some of the calculations you have made in this long time. This how I would be able to grasp more on practical grounds. My objective is to learn manual calculations of piping stress analysis. I would appreciate your help and guidelines.
skul Senior Member

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Re: Piping Stress Analysis

by FAL 09 Sep 2011, 23:31

The only book i recall to have seen was one published by Tube Turn in the 70's, that has formulas for forces and moments and nomograms for very simple plane configurations but maybe is out of print as far as the modeling of different piping components for analisis is just a matter of providing a good moment of inertia for each component and treat it like a pipe run, for stress calculation there are some intensificaction factors in many references for example for flanges unfortunatedly i dont kept any the manual calculations that i perform back in 1967 with Kellogs method, later my co-workers did some matrix calculations with the force method manually to help testing the program i developed back then, but i do know what happen with them, later all calculations were made with my program and after 1984 with some others Maybe i have to find time to write a book on this matter including some simple examples and a simplified computer program

Regarding good books for manual pipe stress analysis: I suggest you to go in the following sequence: 1. Coade Seminar notes on Caesar. 2. Piping Stress Calculatons Simplified by Spielvogel 3. Pipe Stress Analysis by L C Peng 4. Introduction to Pipe Stress Aanalysis by Sam Kannappan 5. Design of Piping System by Kellogg 6. CASTI Guidebook ASME B31.3 Process Piping (first 3 chapters gives the basics) 7. Process Piping Guide - Becht ( Refer Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10) 8. Piping Engineering - Tube Turns 9. Piping Design & Engineering (ITT Grinnell) 10. Piping Stress Handbook by Victor Helguero The above mentioned sequence is my opinion. Its upto you which sequence you like to move on with. But let me tell you one thing, above mentioned books are bible for Pipe Stress Analysis.

Piping Handbook by Mohinder L.Nayyar Important discussions: piping disasters

Spielvogel, SW, 1951, Simplified Piping Stress Calculation. McGraw - Hill.

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Who's Online piping stress

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Hi everyone, i am Mech engr. & my company wants me to start stress analysis, so for transforming i badly need to know all the basic guidelines about Piping stress manually as well as of caesarII, so can any1 in this forum suggest me some genuine online material to learn the basics of piping

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23 24 25 26 27 28 29 stress analysis. plzzzzzz, i'm really in 30 desperate need of it..... Forum Stats Any help shall be highly appreciable. 9247 Members 13 Forums 11623 Topics IMRAN. 52737 Posts
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Re: piping stress [Re: mohammedImran10]

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Go back to your posting on and see a response. _________________________ Jop

#35944 - 06/04/10 07:01 AM

Re: piping stress [Re: Jop]

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You can refer the Coade' caesar II Manual. Normally it is stored in Program Files\COADE\CAESAR II \ C2_ doc when you successfully install caesar software. Get it read read & read it unless you are done. _________________________ PANKAJ A JADHAV PIPING STRESS ENGINEER PUNE, INDIA

Top #35954 - 06/04/10 09:42 AM

Re: piping stress [Re: PANKAJ123]

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Pankaj123 .... THAT IS RUBBISH. You learn stress analysis, having obtained a proper education in engineering, by working with experienced stress engineers, under the guidance of an expert. Caesar II is a world class piece of software but it

does not do stress analysis per se, it does sums. Reading the Caesar II manuals will not teach you stress analysis. Completing a Coade training seminar would give a good grounding in stress, and would provide a valuable reference source in the course notes.

Top #36178 - 06/14/10 12:04 AM

Re: piping stress [Re: MoverZ]

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Dear Moverz, It's not RUBISH to provide the link for the online documents which he is asking for. I can understand that,any new starter in Stress analysis,shall be done under the able guidance of the senior. So Moverz, do learn to control emotions.. They can be distrctiuve most of the time rather than constructive. Mohammed, For new starter, there is so much information available. Just Google by Breen's name in this forum. Also Google by "Peng-stress analysis".


Top #36179 - 06/14/10 12:12 AM

Re: piping stress [Re: PANKAJ123]



Registered: 06/04/10 Posts: 8 Loc: PUNE, INDIA


You will discover that the search function on this discussion board can bring you a wealth of information. Nearly ANY piping design topic or Code topic that you will encounter has already been discussed here. You can search for topics and read the various threads for discussions of those topics. If, in your study, you have difficulty with a specific topic you should form a concise, unambiguous question and post that question here - you will get many good "points of view" from those who regularly post here. ASK QUESTIONS and remember that you are not alone - some people are reluctant to ask questions and so perhaps the answer to YOUR question will also be useful to someone else. You will find that if you are willing "to do your homework" and TRY to find the best answer to your questions in the previous threads, the people who contribute here will be much more receptive to your future questions. Also, Bom has provided you with a list of frequent contributors to these discussions. You can for example search for all the contributions of John Luf or Anindya or any of the others and read what they have written in the past. You will find this very educational. This discussion board also provides a way of asking questions of specific members by way of "private messages". Also PLEASE DO find all the COADE newsletters ("Mechanical Engineering") from the past and print them, read them and put them in a folder for future reference. As mentioned above, there are books you should read. Some of the old (out of print) books may be very expensive

(sometimes the shipping charges are also very expensive) but you may be able to find some titles in libraries near you. There are good books CURRENTLY IN PRINT that may answer most of your questions about the fundamental concepts. The book by Glenn Woods and Roy Baguley (Practical Guide to ASME B31.3) and the Book by Dr. Charles Becht, IV, (Process Piping, A Complete Guide to ASME B31.3) are excellent. If you study and "digest" these books you will learn most of the basic concepts quickly. You may want to "dig deeper" to find the history of some of the Code concepts but it is best to "learn how to walk before you try to learn how to run". If when you read these books you have a need to discuss the concepts further then bring the specific concept to this forum. _________________________ PANKAJ A JADHAV PIPING STRESS ENGINEER PUNE, INDIA
Top #36297 - 06/20/10 02:47 AM

Re: piping stress [Re: PANKAJ123]

Member Registered: 05/31/10 Posts: 4 Loc: U.A.E.

Dear Pankaj, Thanks for conveying encouraging and inspirational thoughts...Shall stick to it .


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