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1. How do you use any of the principles of perception considering the data in the exhibits associated with the present & the potential users of premium brands? The principles of perception are mainly of the following types

Figure and Ground: When we look at exhibit 2, we see that the figure aspect of perception is seen clearly for sporting a daring and exciting brand. For present users the brandfactors are clearly demarcated on the success attribute. Grouping: Consumers both new and old form a complete picture in their minds of the brand. Thus we can group the brand, user factors with activities interests and opinions. As seen in Exhibits, Exciting personality can be grouped with Take a trip around the world Successful can grouped with Being recognized by others, achieve success etc Closure: Users complete the picture based on their past experiences. When there is no closure, it even attracts the mind better. Thus in personality traits which are similar such as Daring, Spirited, Tough etc a positioning can be adopted where the user perceives partly to give him\her the experience expected. Similarity: When there is similarity with respect to brand ambitions and personal ambitions, we can get a brand positioning that will be perceive by the consumers as a reflection of themselves.
2. Explain the formation of stereotypes and your approach to apply these concepts to the case situation based on the analysis performed in the previous quesiton. How would you relate these aspects to the data?

Individuals tend to carry pictures in their minds of the meaning of various kinds of stimuli. The main factors that can trigger stereotypes are: a. Physical Appearancespeople tend to attribute the qualities they associate with certain people to others who may resemble them. b) c) Descriptive Termsstereotypes are often reflected in verbal messages. First Impressionsthese tend to be lasting.

d) Halo Effectdescribes situations where the evaluation of a single object or person on a multitude of dimensions is based on the evaluation of just one or a few dimensions

Based on the above, the Descriptive term Swiss Made leads to creating of a stereotype of high quality and a premium image. This stereotype which steps in of a premium image can be achieved by using Visual perceptions such as Figure and Ground where the XYLYS watch is the figure and is worn by a person who resonates with the qualities of the Success that is to be portrayed.