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5/9/2013 12:45:00 PM Historical Jesus-Jesus that we can reconstruct using scientific methods Theological-Christ/Son of God-The jesus that the

church believes in -Real Jesus/Jesus of History-Jesus as e was the real human being/different than the idea of the jesus in the creeds in councils. 3 different concepts -Jesus of History/more interested as Jesus REAL JESUS Was there really a guy The quest-enlightenment Rationalism-ressurection and miracles, Naturalism.-Anti supernatural Dogma, no such thing as miracles, no god, No such things occurred, not a miraculous Jesus. Objectivity Critics The quest 1700 1900 Thirds-When scholars looked for jesus, they saw a jesus similar to what they wanted How do we deal with the fact that out scientific methodology cannot? Wheres the problem? How do we deal with a miracle nt happening? In the gospels, not a problem no problem with supernatural because they aroccur (Theistic) Atheistic(Sceintific, no such thing as miracles, Paranormal-open method agnosticism. Just leave it open, leave your mind open to something new coming in Dead Sea Scrlls, Major manuscript discoveries. Open the door for new theories and methods regarding Jesus and his context. Jesus as a jewish man in the forth century. Gospel of Thomas, goganostie Identity-theological identity problems.

Judaism-Torah, oppression under the romansSectarian/Judaism/christanities/temple, torah, messianic interpretation Saddeuces/phariccess/ zealots/common people/ black sheep of jews. Jesus Movement, Within these multiple parties among these Jesus Common people jesus is a peasant/ Pharises Sadeuces Esses / zealots sawm common jesus move Baptism No wau of verifying FACTS Baptism-John the Baptist Exchtologoy-end times apocalyptuscusn- Teacher, healer, prophet WHAT IS THE RESSURECTION, Why is it a problem? What are the arguments used for it/against it? Argument thats skeptics use? These arent reliable, Misconceptions about Judaism. Love your neighborand love your enemy Teacher-ethics and love, healer prophet, temple incident crucificition r

resurrection Judaism is to be independent and to throw rome out. 3 revolts in less than 100 years each rear squared . Jews wanted to fight against rome Who is responsible for jesus death historically-pilate/caiphas-The jews Communion-The last Supper- The Moment this is my body, this is my blood. Acceptance and communion. Juesus accepts his purpose. Bringing in the eucharist. Sacrifice. Envisioing life as a sacrifice Luke 7:18-23 Earliest evidence about Jesus acts. List of things he hads sone Jubilee (49 years) time when debts forgiven and slaves are free QUESTONSSSS What is the evidence for jesus msssianic identity? Relationship between jesus teachings and eath? History+Films? Analyze two films with categories? Tehological, historical, enaltical, aesthetics? How is jesus portryad? Ressurection evidence for it? Against it? Relationships? Judaism at the time of Jesus. J the B? Fambam? Mary Magdalene? Pharisses? Created a pic of jesus basedon how he is created? Passion of the Christ? Issues-antisemitism, unimaginable suffering that is projectedtoo much. Anna Cathryn Emmerick. (extra sources with the claim that its historically accurate because its from the gospels, Marketed film to preotestants to everyone would go to hell. GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MEL Explore the role of Mary Magdalene or Judas in films.

Criteria for authenticity Problem with the sources- Divinity to humanism, contradictory, All gospels post date paul and are influenced by pauls eyyer, all written in the life and death through the lense of the resurrection. All assume he was was resurrected. Jesus death knowing resurrection rather Synotpic problem first major problem sources dependant on the other, one is coying another. Not independent accounts. Borrowed and plagiraises accounts that are dependant on one another.

5/9/2013 12:45:00 PM

5/9/2013 12:45:00 PM