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This week from the Rick Sollars for Taylor Campaign - July 20, 2013

Look for our literature!

Campaign supporters are hitting the streets on Saturday, July 20, to distribute official four-page campaign literature to homes throughout the City of Taylor. Page one of the colorful document talks about Rick Sollars plans on working together to improve Taylor. The other three pages are... well... we dont want to ruin the surprise. We hope you find the lit interesting. And thanks to all of the volunteers who help on Saturday and throughout the campaign.

Whats this all about?

To help keep you informed about whats going on in Rick Sollars campaign for Mayor, weve decided to produce a weekly (or more often if necessary) summary of issues and news in the City of Taylor. Feel free to share this with friends. Call us at (313) 600-5984 or find us on Facebook at Visit Thanks for your support!

Thanks, Steve Avery!

Primary Election is August 6

Rick Sollars is one of three candidates for Mayor of the City of Taylor so he will be part of a primary election run-off on August 6. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you will be out of town or cant make it to the polls that day, you can visit the office of City Clerk Cindy Bower and vote by absentee ballot. For more information, call City Hall at (734) 287-6550. You will get someone from the Call Center. Ask for the City Clerks Office. Unfortunately, you may have a lengthy wait while on the phone due to the understaffed workforce. It may be faster to drive to City Hall at 23555 Goddard Road. The Clerks Office is on the first floor near the Goddard entrance. Our recommendation: Pick Rick!

Taylor sports hero Steve Avery says Pick Rick! Steve became a legend when he pitched for Kennedy High School and went on to a successful career in Major League Baseball. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the endorsements!

Thanks to so many people and organizations that have already endorsed Rick Sollars for Mayor of Taylor, including the hundreds of likes on the Rick Sollars for Taylor Facebook page. If you need a lawn sign or want to volunteer to work on Primary Election Day, visit campaign headquarters at 21230 Goddard Road or call (313) 600-5984. We deliver!

Just in time...
We find it odd that several city projects got under way just in time for the election. Why didnt the community center redevelopment begin four years ago? Why did it take to election season to have new sidewalks installed? Things that make you go hmmm...