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JUDUL JURNAL FORENSIK Danu Kusuma Wardhani 0708015041/5127705575 1.

. Potential of Dust and Soot from Air-Filters of Motor Vechile Engines as a Forensic Tool: First Experimental Palynogical Approach in India; 2013; 7 halaman 2. Scanning Elekctron Microscopic Characterization and Elemental Analysis of Hair: A Tool in Identification of Felidae Animals; 2013; 6 halaman 3. Usability of Histological Assessment of Cerebellar Granule Cell Layer Regardless of Postmortem Interval; 2013; 3 halaman 4. An epidemiological Study of Violent Asphyxial Death in Varanasi Region (India) a Killing Tool; 2012; 4 halaman 5. Molecular Typing of Staphylococcus aureus: Understanding and Controlling Epidemic Spread; 2012; 2 halaman

Harrry Hamyasa - 0808015017/5127705578 1. Suicide by Hidrogen Sulfate ; 2013; 2 halaman 2. Fatal Sepsis and Multiorgan Failure Following Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Instillation for Bladder Cancer Treatment; 2013; 3 halaman 3. Epidemiological Profile of Snake Bite at Tertiary Care Hospital; North India; 2012; 5 halaman. 4. Suicide: Attempts Methods and Causes in Cases Brought for Autopsy in Bpkihs, Dharan; 2012; 3 halaman 5. Epidemiological Study of Medicolegal Organophosphorus Poisoning in Central Region of Nepal; 2012; 5 halaman Christi Angelia Arung Labi 0808015029/5127705581 1. Role of Diatoms in the World of Forensic Science; 2013; 4 halaman 2. Restoration of Fingerprints from a Mummified Cadaver; 2011; 4 halaman 3. Truth Statement in Denial Context: A Study of Prosodic, Paralinguistic, and Discursive Cues in Japanese Speakers; 2013; 10 halaman 4. Report of a Case of a Head Injury in a Mule (Eqqus ferus caballus) A Pathological Study; 2013; 2 halaman 5. Quantitative Determination of Hemoglobin in Tooth and Bone by

UV/VisSpectroscopy and Clyclic Voltammetry; 2013; 5 halaman

Listyono Wahid Rhomadani 0808015009/5127705576 1. Pathological And Forensic Implications Of Coronary Dominance In Patients With Inferior S-Elevated Myocardial Infarction; 2103; 4 Halaman 2. Coronary Artery Dissection As Cause Of Sudden Death; 2013; 5 Halaman 3. Forensic identification elements with the help of rugoscopy in children; 2013; 5 halaman 4. An Autopsy Case Of Decompression Sickness : Hemorrhages In Fat Tissue And Fat Embolism; 2013; 4 Halaman 5. Challenges And Pitfalls In The Forensic Assessment Of Posttraumatic Extracerebbral Fluid Collections; 2013; 4 Halaman

Muhammad Farlyzhar Yusuf - 0808015016/5127705577 1. Medico Legal Age Estimation In Living Individual From A Portuguese Population Third Molar Mineralization 2013/ 8 Halaman 2. Identification Of Severely Burnt Bodies To Post Collision Fire : Bus Truck Collision At Induruwa Southern Srilanka 2012/ 3 Halaman 3. Lip Forensic For Criminal Identification 2012/ 9 Halaman 4. Accidental Fatal Intoxication With Carbon Monoxide 2012/ 4 Halaman 5. Study of Suppected Burning Case: A Homicide or A Suicide; 2011; 3 Halaman

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Endang Yulia Anggraini - 080815024/5127705579 1. Accidental Hanging on loaded sugarcane trolley a Case. Report Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences (2012) 1, 139-141 2. Child Physical and Sexual Abuse in Damman, Saudi Arabia : A descriptive case series analysis study. Report Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences (2012) 1, 33-37

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