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Centre for Syrian Studies The Syrian Uprising: Drivers and Dynamics St Andrews 17-19 June 2013

Monday 17 June Reception 19:00-22:00 1. Welcome, Principle Louise Richardson 2. Welcome, Director CSS, Raymond Hinnebusch Tuesday 18 June 1. 8:45-10:45: Antagonists and Actors I. Claire Duffet, Reform, Rhetoric, and Repression: Regime Response at the Start of the Syrian Uprising, March to July 2011(Tufts University) Usahma Darrah, Counterinsurgency Strategy of the Syrian Regime (University of Heidelberg) Salam Said, The Uprising and Economic Interests of the Syrian Military (Working Group on Economic Recovery) Masaki Mizobuchi, Why Do the Rebels Continue to Fight? Rational Choice and Geopolitics in the Syrian Uprisings (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) Commentator: Stephane Valter (University of Le Havre) Chair: Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Endowment for Peace Middle East Center, Beirut Tea 10:45-11:15 2. 11:15-1:15 Antagonists and Actors II Naomi Ramirez, The Strategies and Goals of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Syrian Revolution: From Exile to the Front Line? (Autnoma University) Yutaka Takoaka, Infiltration of Mujahidin into Syria: The Essence of the Problem (Middle East Research Institute of Japan) Haian Dukhan, Tribes and Tribalism in the Syrian Revolution (University of St Andrews) Issam Eido, Islamic Revolutionary Factions (Free University of Berlin) Commentor: Raphael Lefevre (University of Cambridge) Chair: Thomas Pierret (University of Edinburgh). Lunch 1:15-2:00 3. 2:004:00 Identity Enrico Bartolomei, Framing the Syrian Uprising: The Question of Sectarianism in Pro and Anti-Regimes Narratives (University of Macerata) Ola Rifai, The War of Identities Amid the Syrian Uprising (University of St Andrews) Valentina Napolitano, The Geography of Palestinian Camps in the Geography of the Syrian Revolution (EHESS) Deniz Cifci, Syrian Kurds Political Stance towards the Syrian National Council (SNC) and the Emergence of Kurdish Regional Autonomy (Fatih University)

Commentor: Firas Massouh (University of Melbourne) Chair: Dawn Chatty, Oxford University Tea: 4:00-4:15 4. 4:15-6:15 Context, Constituencies Leen Al-Habbash, State-Society Relationship in Syria: Power and Resistance During the Reform and the Uprising (University of Exeter) Nicola West, The Protestor, The Activist and the Mother: Women in the Syrian Uprising (Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid) Miriam Wakim, Investing in Citizenship or Security? Economic Discourse and Youth in Bashar al-Asads Syria (New York University) Armand Harault, Political Economy in Syria: The Failure of Bashars Infitah (ASML) Commentator: Tamara al-Om (University of Exeter) Chair: Salwa Ismail, SOAS 7:15- 10:00, Dinner, University Hall Old Wing, Keynote Speaker, Eberhard Kienle Wednesday 19 June 5. 8:45-10:45: Media and Culure. Alessandro Columbu, Zakariyya Tamir: An Example of Resistance Literature? (SOAS) Julie Shackleford, The Role of Heritage in the Syrian Uprising (University College London) Anna Telic, Animated Cartoons from Revolutionary Syria (University of Vienna) Juliette Harkin, Media and Revolution: Reflections on Syria (University of East Anglia) Chair: Carsten Wieland, German Foreign Ministry Tea 10:45-11:15 6. 11:15-1:15 Regional Struggle Andre Banks and Erik Mohns, The Struggle for Syria Redux: Regional Opposition Support and the Re-making of the Middle East (GIGA and University of Southern Denmark) Nasrin Akhter, Strategies of Legitimation: Hezbollah, Asad and the Syrian Uprising (University of St Andrews) Murat Parilti, Turkeys Involvement in the Syrian Conflict (University of Northampton) Konstantinos Zarras, Realpolitik and Sectarianism: Regional Dimensions of the Syrian Conflict (Laboratory of International Relations and European Integration) Chair: Eberhard Kienle, CNRS Lunch 1:15-2:00

7. 2:00-4:30 International Impact Birthe Hansen and Salem Dandan, Friends and Foes: International and Regional Dimensions to the Syrian Uprising (University of Copenhagen) Nikolay Khuzanov, Russian Support of Assads Regime: Driving Factors of Bilateral Cooperation and its Limits (St Petersburg State University) Sofija Radovic, The Syrian Armed Conflict: Regional Implications of U.S. Policy (University of Belgrade) Tina Zintl, The Shifting Visibility and Effectiveness of International Sanctions Against Syria (University of Tbingen) Oded Raanan, Shadows of Libya: Why NATO Hasnt Intervened in Syria (University of St Andrews) Chair: Fred Lawson (Mills College, Oakland) Tea: 4:30-4:45 8. Futures, 4:45-6:30 Sohaib Al-Zahran, What Form of State for the Syria of Tomorrow? (Universit Paris Ouest Nanterre La Dfense) Wisam Elhamoui, From Civil War to Civil Peace: Preventing Potential Conflict within Anti-Regime Armed Groups in Syria (Responding to Conflict, Birmingham) Ari Tatian, Power-Sharing Strategies and Conflict Mitigation in Syria Commentors: Khaloud Mansour (Lund University), Diana Bashur (Independent Analyst); Munzer Aied (University of St Andrews) Chair: Omar al-Imady, (Centre for Syrian Studies) 9. 6:30 -7:30, Senior Scholars Roundtable: Feedback to the Presenters. 8:30-10:30 Dinner, Agnes Blackadder Hall