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Hi I am Ramprasad.Petla ... M.Sc. (chem) KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY....I chose chemistry as domain.. the exam covered.... G.S.

PART (40)questions are in 50:50 ratio of current affairs &G.K. some of them are... 1.Barack Obama got Nobel in which category..? 2.yuki bambri related to which of the games..? 3.rajeev Khel Rathna Awardee for 2009......? 4.Partition line between India & china....? 5.Capital of Lakshadweep..............? age reduced from 21 to 18 by which amendment of constitution....? 7.child labor become crime by which article of constitution........? 8.Last before commonwealth games held at.......? 9.Vascode Gamma reached India at which place ........? 10.longest bone in the human body..........? 11.what does SEBI do..........? 12.quit India movement year..........? 13.RBI nationalized in which year.......? 14.SAARC countries..........? 15.first woman speaker (Loksabha)..........? DESCRIPTIVE: 1. global climate changes & safe steps to take...? 2. problems regarding urbanization....? some of the SUBJECT PART questions (electro chemistry, reagents & spectroscopy topics stressed)...... lead in water causes......? octane number related Qs...? term symbol related Qs..? water gas formula..? purest form of coal........? what is tincture iodine........? acid rains consists of which of the following acid....? rust formula....? nido, arachino boranes related Qs....? claisen rearrangement is_____ sigmatropic rearrangement ? half life is 8min. then what % of a element remains after 24min, ....? basic property decreasing order of NH3, H2O,HF ? non aromatic among.... 18-,14-,10-,6- annulenes...? DESCRIPTIVE: 1.draw & explain M.O. level diagram of hetero diatomic molecule...? 2.define ionic defects in lattices & explain schottkey ,frenkel defects...? 1)which is the highest peak in south Africa? 2)according to Indian constituency the reservations are on what basis? 3)recently who won the Rajiv Khel Rathna award? 4)yuki Bhambri relates to which sport? 5)who brought the Gandhi's memorials in south Africa? 6)who is the chairman of drafting committee of Indian constitution? 7)the quit India moment started in which year? 8)the border line between India and china? 9)lalgarh is related to which state? 10)obama won noble prize on his contribution to? 11)the first or starting page of any website is known as? 12)vitamin B12 is known as? 13)(some lake name i forgot) is in which state? 14)lowest growth of population in which state? 15)vasco di gama came to which place in India on his see route? 16)before India has selected for 2010 common wealth games, which only country in Asia conducted these games? Hi all...I have given ONGC GT-09 exam in INSTRUMENTATION STREAM on 25 oct-09 in delhi. the paper consists of two parts. 1)General awareness 40 q 2)Subect Specialisation 80q 2 descriptive questions in each section. no negative marking. General awareness 1)First Indian city to have sea link through bridge? 2)Chairman of planning commission of india? 3)Who made triple century from india?? 4)where is microsoft head quarters located? 5)where is largest botanical garden in india located? 6)elephenta pass is in which country? 7)Author of "the discovery of india"? 8)Author of "my country my life"? 9)AWACS-"airborne warning and control system" from which country bought by india? 10)MIlatary training "hand on hand " with which country? 11)"asean" development bank head quarters located in? 12)Asia's first DNA identification system is situated in which city? 13)which country is most effected by Nargis? Myanmar 14)Calligraphy means? 15)Recipient of "padma vibhushan" for social work in 2009? sister nirmala

16)The moscut of 2010 common wealth games to be held in delhi contains which animal? cheeta 17)Longest river in world? 18)Indian national river? ganga 19)Green banking? 20)"project arrow" started by which department? 'Postal" 21)kuchipudi belongs to which state? andhra pradesh 22)International date line passes through which sea? pacific Subject specialisation Analog Digital Control Systems Measurements transducers descriptive questions 1)effect of recession on indian economy? 2)effect of terrorism on india? 3)Block diagram of 8085 microprocessor and functionalities 4)BJT and its characteristics. tips:For general awareness study daily newspapers and general awareness book ONGC PLACEMENT PAPER DATE: 17th August 2008 PLACE: Mumbai BRANCH: Electronics Duration: 3 hours

There are two sections: 1) General Awareness 2) Subject Specialization. The test is of objective type except for thw descriptive one. There are 50 qts in General Awareness section out of 40 needs to be attempted. Each qt carries 1 mark. 2 are of descriptive type. Each of 5 marks. So total comes to (40x1)+(5x2)=50. there are 75 qts out of which only 60 needs to be attempted. Each qt carries 1.5 mark. 2 again are of descriptive type. Each of 5 mark. So total comes to (60x1.5)+(5x2)=100. General Awareness section: 1. how many judges are there in judicial system? 2. in 1919, which movement took place ? a. Dandi March b. Chauri Chaura movement c. Lathi charge d. Partition of W. Bengal 3. Which two continents are mirror images of each other? 4. Which of the foll. continents are arranged in descending order of their areas? 5. If a country is 12 hours GMT ahead of the other, then it must be situated at? 6. If a circle is inscribed in an equilateral triangle of side 23 units, then radius of the circle is? 7. There was a graph of area vs. Productivity & related to it was asked Production was high in 1979 & 1985 bcoz of? 8. India can increase production if? 9. The new compost in India is? 10. The non-conventional sorce of energy out of the foll. is? 11. Gupta empire declined bcoz? 12. If a judge has to resign, he should give his application to? 13. The judges are elected by the consent of President &? 14. The responsibility of elections is on? Descriptive: 1. How should India conserve energy? 2. If you get selected in ONGC, what steps will you take to conserve energy? Subjective type(Electronics): 1. Which of the foll instrument can be used for both ac & dc? 2. Which instrument is used to measure losses? 3. Sums on power gain 4. Sums on networks 5. If no. of turns of inductance doubles, then its value? 6. Sums on directivity 7. The distance between dipole & reflector is? 8. The basic parameters of transmission line are? 9. Sums on IF 10. How many lines are there in television? 11. Punch card has how many rows & columns? 12. In a transistor which region is heavily doped? 13. Sums on DD 14. In CRO, which button is used to lessen the magnitude of beam current? Descriptive: 1. WLAN concept 2. CDMA concept ONGC TEST : 17th june 2007 DELHI... Branch: Instrumentation Engg.. time : 3 hrs...

Most of technical questions comes from NON-INSTRUMENTATION subjects like microprocessors,, microcontrollers, optical fiber , communication etc. 1. no of timers of 8051. 2. no. of interrupts of 8051 excluding reset. 3. Addressing mode of SHLD 2050H. 4. MN/MX pin - multiprocoessor mode. 5. why twisted pair of wires is used in instrumentation ? 6. clock frequency of 8051 microcontroller. 7. cheapest instru-- PMMC, EDM, rectifier, thermocouple. 8. numerical on resolution of ADC 9. numerical on total power transmission in AM 10. interrupt controller

11. dummy strain guage 12. numerical on PCM. 13.materials of core and cladding 14. optical fiber losses. 15. numerical aperture 16. no of comparators in flash converter. 17. potentiometer : it is null or deflecting instrument 18. difference between null and deflecting instrument. 19. is multiplexing used in 8085 or not ? 20. 3-4 questions on optical fiber : data based. 21. calibration of instruments. 22. capacitive transducer : dielectric type. 23. mod 6 counter : no. of FF used. 24. 3-4 ques of instrumentation : data based. In GK they ask history, economics, current affairs, and ques related to famous personalities. full form of DRDO, NISSAT. which letter in computer keyboard comes after Q ? who starts golden quadrilateral project ? which country never wins bookers prize ? pulizter prize : related to which country ? 2-3 ques on GDP growth rate ? what is present share of service industry in GDP ? which of the indian govt. bodies decides the electoral of parliament ? No confidence motion is decided by ? Powers of president , and chief justice of india magasayay award: related to which country. Alongwith these there are subjective questions... GK : short note on RED CROSS and SAARC : both 5 marks eack and u have to write about 100 words Essay on RABINDRANATH TAGORE or BHARAT RATNA ( 7 marks ) Technical : 1. numerical on viscosity measurement 2. numerical on efiiciency of Class B ampliifier 3. CE configuration with voltage divider bias is shown. No resistance values given. Capacitors are connected in input and RE resistor. now u have to find out o/p voltage/ 1. problem of control system. calculation of rise time, peak time, overshoot. ( calculator is not allowed in exam ) 2. problem of convolution in DSP. Next time when ONGC comes, prepare non instrumentation subjects like analog, digital, microprocessor and microcontrollers. also prepare subjective questions from IES Electronics and Telecommunication Solved papers book. Prepare GK from magazines like chronicle, CSR, Pratiyogita kiran and GK manual book. numerical from sensitivity of meter..from instrumentation.. -numericals from CS stability part..Routh hurwitxzn is given n find whether stable or not.. -machines some basic questions..transformer numericals.. -a few circuits..for the theorem stuff.. -a gate has high output wen both inputs are low....wich is the gate..options..EXNOR and NAND,EXNOR n NOR..n so on _a mosfet acts as which of the following in on position..Battery..capacitor.. -the voltage n current are given for the collector side...wid emitter grounded..wats the efiiciecny.. problems from load factor...divesity factor..numericals.. Sample questions from GK(mostly current ask all historic stuff..but dis time not much of them) -the name of cricket team owned by SRK....! -civil services wer indianised under which viceroy ...sumthin like dat.. -operation hand in hand with which nation.. -warfare brought from which nation -author of My country My life -Author of Discovery of India -Elephanta pass wer? -Kuchipudi which state -check out latest GDP rates n ll..such stuff was asked.. -Global awareness on terrorism -India during recession times -Speed control of motors both series n advantages n disadvantages -Paralleling of alternators..necessity n condiions 1. Recently Sea link started in which Indian city? 2. What is operation Black-Board related to? 3. Who wrote Discovery of India? 4. Who wrote My country, My life? 5. Highest peak of Nilgiri Hills? Largest Botanical garden in india is situated in which city? 7. Cyclone Nargis hits which country most worstly? International date line passes through which sea or ocean? Asia's first human DNA bank in which city? 10. What is green banking? Which indian cricketer scored triple century in test cricket? Army Operation 'Hand to Hand' is joint operation of India and which other country? Kuchipudi dance belongs to which state? What is the name of first indian nuclear submarine? 15. Mascot of Commonwealth games 2010? What is project arrow related to? 17. Who is the chairman of Planning commission of India?

6. 8. 9. 11. 12. 13. 14. 16.

Descriptive questions(General awareness): 1. Write in brief about global awareness against terrorism?2. Effect on economy in recent recession time? Descriptive questions(Electrical):1. Speed control of shunt & series motors and compare thier merits & demerits? 2. Why is parallel operation of alternators required and conditions for parallel operation?