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of Mc Gill University, the author of our BC-MMAR

program, conceived /designed /wrote the original OHIP PROGRAM [Ontario Hospital Insurance Program], and this model reformed how health care was being delivered, across the whole industry. He's now semi-retired and he actually conceives that the original construct /model that he used for reforming OHIP [articles] can be applied in reforming our new BC-MMAR articles Furthermore, he now is a programmer of an award winning Logistics Program, called Logenics, and with the help of the designer of Logenics, claim that they can write the software and all the protocal that is needed to set up our BBC-MMAR PROGRAM, by what I Chin called 'lending a creative application to an existing archetypal form', which is done by using most of the existing platform that the MMAR operated under, and re-writing it to fit our BC-MMAR Logenics Program that will emulate the complexity, efficiency and flexibility of OHIP to work for us. We really are lucky to have this professional team, with these credentials on our side. To explain this in reductionism: The Logenics PROGRAM starts with a patient, who has a name, a doctor, a dispensary, and a projected need for a steady supply of herbs all the information that pertain to the patient are all in one-box. All the information that pertains to facilitating the patients is in a variety of separate boxes these boxes connect the collective needs of the patients and assigns /prescribes their [or any] BC-MMAR Grow-Op Co-op to provide a steady supply for all their patients Just like OHIP, there are lots of ways to administer the needs of their patients, and that means there are many ways to run a dispensary, and our programmers have the expertise to set up your present operating system and adapt it to your situation, and in this way create lots of different 'big box models' for a Dispenser to work in, and each 'big box' is totally separate from the other because the are in different EDAs each 'big box' can use all sorts of internal boxes that everyone will find useful, LIKE: a box to trim, a box to make oil, a box to bake, a box for practitioners, etc. With the patients' information for their projected needs, the Dispenser can now calculate the over-all needs of the patients and assign a Grow-Op Co-op to deliver their needs AND This is where Our BC-MMAR PROGRAM really starts looking like OHIP [be comprehensive] All the needs for the patients are assigned with their need for beds [in our case 'lights'] these lights need a maternity ward, a child care center, and no one gets out alive, once dead, they need to be dried /processed in a box and packaged in a box, BUT all of this is in one 'big box' that assigns EDA's to assign /prescribe Grow-Op Co-ops, who can operate in all kinds of boxes [with a local Fire Chief's approval] An EDA can be a Dispensary, and or an EDA can be a Grow-Op Co-op, and they can interact through our Central Logenics Program that prescribes the patients' needs for beds. Our Central Logenics box is a platform for all other boxes to function independently. Our Central Logenics box does not need to know the day to day operations of any EDA it could operate the business accounting system of any box, [but does not need to] BUT the goal of offering a very liberal [totally legal] access regulations under our BC-MMAR PROGRAM cannot affect the whole province, without our Central Logenics BIG BOX.

BOTTOM LINE: Waiting for Death Canada to trample on everyone in the old MMAR
makes lawyers rich in criminal prosecution that will ensue; This is Death Canada's solution to dropping a trust AND I'm certain that Death Canada and the HARPSTER just love it. Constitutionally, any federal Marijuana Party EDA can independently operate under our BCMMAR Program, Our defence is bullet-proof, regrettably we are not. UNITED WE STAND

To think Death Canada has a better solution is dreaming in Technicolor.