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1st Unit Test Science 6 Name:___________________________________________Date:________________


Direction: Choose the letter of the best answer.

1. Ace got wounded from playing with sharp objects. After a few hours the wound was closed and covered with a black scab. Which component of the blood is responsible for this? a. Red Blood Cell b. White Blood Cell c. Plasma d. Platelet 2. Lesters tonsils are swollen and were painful every time he swallows. This means that: a. He has bacterial infection in the mouth b. He ate too much ice cream c. He screamed too much from watching the basketball game d. He ate junk food Sherry Mae was pale and suddenly lost consciousness. At the hospital, the doctor took her blood pressure and found out that she has a very low BP. The test results says that she lacks enough Red Blood Cells. What could be her disease? a. Leukemia c. High Blood Pressure b. Anemia d. Hemophilia


4. Maeo feels deeply in love with Pokwang. Every time he sees him on TV he feels happy. Which part of the brain is responsible for this? a. Cerebellum c. medulla oblongata b. Hypothalamus d. Spinal Cord 5. Mark was the only one who did not catch flu among all the grade six pupils. What could be the reason behind this? a. His white blood cells completely defeated the bacteria and viruses that cause flu. b. His immune system was high c. He was living a healthy lifestyle d. All of the above


Mr. Batumbakal had a stroke and survived. But when he tried to walk, he cannot move his right leg properly. Which part of his brain could have been `affected by the stroke? a. Right hemisphere c. Left hemisphere b. Central hemisphere d. Front hemisphere Mickee was boiling water in a tea pot and accidentally touched the hot surface. Her hand involuntary jerked back. Which part of the brain is responsible for this reaction? a. Thalamus c. Hypthalamus b. Medulla Oblongata d. Skull Erika memorized the parts of the heart and how the blood flows from it. Which part of the brain is responsible for this? a. Cerebellum c. Skull b. Brain Stem d. Cerebrum Cristopher climbed the guava tree to get its fruit, but unfortunately the branch he stepped on was snapped and he fell on his back. He could not move his whole body. Which part of the nervous system could have been affected? a. Skull c. Neuron b. Spinal Cord d. Synapse




10. Junjuns mother had an infection during her pregnancy. When Junjun grew up, he was not moving normal. He lacks muscle coordination, has difficulty speaking, drooling and has tremors. What could be Junjuns disease? a. Bells Palsy d. Parkinsons disease b. Cerebral Palsy e. Alzheimers disease