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Now a day, many people like to tourism because this is a popular activities.

The destination of Malaysia such as Twins Tower at Kuala Lumpur,Bukit Tinggi at Pahang, and AFamosa Resort at Melaka is very famous places . Besides that, tourism is very important to a country. Why tourism is important in Malaysia? As we know, if many of tourist comes to Malaysia, they will give some comments and tell about our country to their family, friends or their neighbors. When this happen, they will spread our Malaysias culture and make our country becomes more popular. Furthermore, they will know how unique and beautiful Malaysia is. They will love all the things that have in Malaysia like our food, traditional cloth, our multicultural festival and so on. Then, they will travels to Malaysia to describes the personally of Malaysia .If everyone travels
to Malaysia, the number of tourism in Malaysia will increase. Besides that, tourism can improve our country economic. This is because when tourist come to Malaysia, they will change their money to Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Money will flows into our country and it can make a good profit. Furthermore, when tourist go for shopping and buy something, the money also entry in our country. So, this can help to improve our country economy and tourism can become one of Malaysia income economic. Then,tourism can improve business in Malaysia.When tourist visit to Malaysia,they will stay at homestay or hotel. When they pay for it, it can make a profit to the homestay or hotel. Moreover, tourist mostly like to eat seafood such as crab, prawn, cuttlefish and so on. This also can make the seafood restaurant popular and get a lot of profit. Beside that, tourism can improve Malaysia crafts .We all know, Malaysia has many unique and beautiful crafts like batik, wood based products, pearl and so on. All the things is difficult to find and only Malaysia have all the unique crafts. So, when tourist came to Malaysia, they will buy it. This will make our crafts popular and also can improve Malaysia crafts. Tourism important in Malaysia because it can introduce Malaysia culture. Malaysia has many type of culture because our country have a multiculture race like malays, chinese, indian, iban, kadazandusun and so on. All the race have their own culture and that was very unique and only can found in Malaysia. So if tourist came to Malaysia, they will know all about our culture and learn it. When tourist know all about our culture, this will introduce Malaysia culture and make the culture popular around the world. Finally,tourism can give out many benefit to our country . So, we must do something to make the number of tourist increase all the time.