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B. Tech. (Sem.- 4,n) DATA COMMUNTCATION (CS - 206) Time : 03 Hours Instruction to Candidates: - A is Compulsory. l) Section 2) 3) Attempt any Four questions _ B. from Section Attempt any Two questions from Section_ C. Maximum Marks : 60

section - A QI) a) LAN securityis described in the following standard. (A) 802.8 (c) 802.10 b) (B) 8a2.e (D) 802.11 (10 x 2:20)

If you connectto the internet from your home computer,chancesare that you areusing (A) PPP (c) DAP (B) NCP (D) FrAM (B) Tree (D) Fully connected (B) Infraredwaves (D) Opticalfiber


The networktopologywhich useshierarchy of nodesis (A) Ring (C) Bus


The transmission rnediawith maximumeffor rateis (A) ,Coaxcable (C) Satellite link


ABM in HDLC standsfor (A) Asynchronous BalancedMode (B) Asynchronous BalancedModem (C) Asynchronous Bisync Mode (D) Asynchronous Bus Modem



technique the followingrnultiplexing ATM uses


g) uses GigabitEthen-ret (A) 88 10Bencoding

(B) rDM (D) StatisticalMuxing

(B) Pclvl encoding (D) Shanrron Fanoeucoding


(C) I-{r.rffman encoding 'Ihe at thatcanbe outstanding fratnes numberof unconfirmed n-raximum

arlyonetime lvith SDLC is (B) 7 (A) 4 (D) 8 (c) 14

to CLP field is usedin ATM cell header (A) Detectand correctsinglebit errors of frame tYPe (B) Indicate {lorvcontrol (C) Provide necessary cell w'hen (D) To discard j) lbllon the of a l1lessage cioall the clatagraurs typeof switching In r.r4-rich of a Path? salnechannels (A) Circuit switching switching (B) DatagralllPacket switching circuitpacket (C) Virtr.ral (D) Message switching -B Section (4x5:20) serviceand unacknowledged connectionless the differelcebetween Q2) F,xplain that provide Fiow do the protocols service. acknowledged connectionless differ? services these hasa bit rateof 20 l(bps.The stopand wait protocolwith a fian're Q3) Achannel ackby the andsending The delaytbr errorde[ection sizeof 4500bits is used. of a fault.Find the rnaximumefficiencyof is 0.25 seconds-because receiver is 30000 kms away and the speedof the the channelif the destination due in eff-rciency m/s.Findthedecrease of the signalis 2.8 x 108 propagation to thefatrlt.


QQ Explainthe variouslayersof TCP/IPModel mentioningthe protocolsusedin eachlayer Explainthe leakybucketalgorithmto controlcongestion. QS) Whatis congestion? of this areovercomein a tokenbucketalgorithm. Explain how the drawbacks to X.25, explain Q6) Wirhreference (u) Switched virtual circuit. (b) Permanent virtual circuit. (c) Protocols usedat the link level. (d) State to explaincall setup andcall clearing. diagram Section- C (2x10-20) and limitationsof using framerelayover X.25 Q7) (a) Whatarethe advantages control What are the various stepsin congestion for communication? in framerelaynetworks? handling of a switch.How is it differentfrom a Hub? (b) Explainthe structure 10%of the slotsidle. What is ALOHA channel hasan average Q8) (a) A slotted the offered traffic G? Calculatethe throughputand determinewhether is overloaded or underloaded? the channel (b) Describe in detailthe principleof CSMA/CD andTokenring protocol. rnodel. Qe) (a) Explainwherethe following fit in the OSI reference network. (i) A 4 k}Jrz the telephone analogconnection across network. (ii) A 33.6kbpsmodemconnection the telephone across network. (iii) A 64 kbpsdigital connection across the telephone (b) Explainbriefly anytwo application layerprotocols.