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THAR BAN-burmese/english
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Bangali is not Rohinja but Bangali
All due to speech by United Nations Secretary Ban Ki Moon on 10th, July such that
RohinJa should be nationality
of Myanmar. Rakine Democracy Partys Principal U Thar Ban reject Ban Ki Moons
usage mentioned RohinJa in
his speech instead of Bangali.
I accept that regarding Bangali but nor Rohinjar because it is just a fabricate. Those
who are Bangali met with
leader of East Pakistani Ali Janna in order to place in Pakistan land by stealing
Maung Daw, Bu thidaung
and Rathet Daung from Myanmar since before independence. Ali Janna did not agree
with them. He even said that
those are Burmar Land. So, Burmar would control. Bangalis are not related to
Rakhine who are ethnics.
After first war of Myanmar and English, the English occupied whole of country and
they brought Bangalis into
Myanmar from Bangladesh for fields as workers. They had been working at fields
devoid of going back to their
country. They are not Myanmar nationalities except foreigners. Bangalis are not the
There are legislations linked to Bangalis at constitution of 47 and 74 sections and
mentioned in 2008 with
foundation eventually. Then, Immigration and Public Resources also mandated with
intensive law about them.
Especially, the legislation created in 1982 is very distinct that they are foreigners. In
fact, there is only reasonable
acceptation as Bangalis because they have been living in Rakhine state from Grand
till new generation.
Since before independence, they tried to get revolution by giving name Muja Head
Their destination is to combine with Pakastin. During their upsrising, they exclaimed
that long live Pakastin.
Myanmar army had a hard time to defeat them. But they had surrendered in 1958.
After that they called
out themselves Rohin Jar again. These Bangalis are easily changing their names as
they wish to without law.
It is not fair and they just tried to put unhistorical event into to the history illegally.
Look at the history of Myanmar,
Rakhine and world, there is no Rohin Jar regards but it is a fabrication. We can not
accept Rohin Jar but Bangalis.
I would like to tell you that Ban ki Moon doesnt read many books even if he is a
world leader.
It is right he doesnt read books. If he read books and then, he must know about the
Myanmar affairs
in details and he wont say Rohin Jar in his speech. He should just say Bangali in
his inaugural speech
said by U thar Ban.