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Raport stiintific (Scientific Report) va fi complet in decembrie 2013 privind implementarea proiectului in perioada ianuarie 24 iulie 2013 (on

on Project IDEI, PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0256, January 1- July 24, 2013 ) (max 5pages) Summary: There are presented 7 published scientific works: six main articles with high influent score/ ISI [1-6] (one being in press to be published this fall) and four of them [3-6] listed already in ISI Web of Knowledge, in 2013. We list also five electronic preprints [8p12p] submitted to Editors. Project funds transferred for 2014 are planned to be used for travel and other support (together with hosts facilities) for already 5 scientific visits (3 of them being International Conferences) in Greece, Poland and Romania for 6 invited lecture/ talks/ seminars and 3 posters, see details from the list of 10 participations/ communications in [1c-10c], where the scientific results of the Project were presented and future collaborations were established. We applied 3 soft programs and two performance laptops and other relevant equipment got in 2012 using Projects funds and necessary for numeric, analytic and graphic performing of scientific works and communications. Because UEFISCDI shifted 55% of the Project funds from 2013 to 2014-2015, the funds for travel/ conference and remaining equipment were also shifted to next years.
Remarks: 1. Published/ submitted articles and talks are relevant to the Objectives of this Project on Geometric Methods in Gravity and Nonlinear Dynamics. During 20 months (November 1, 2011-July 24, 2013) we published 17 high influent score/ top ISI articles (which is more than maximum 15 ones planed for such a 3 years project). A similar number of invited lectures/ communications / participations at International Conferences / Seminars also points that the participants of this Project have realized already the numbers of planned publication and conference activities. 2. We provide the Titles and shorten Abstracts of seven main ISI articles [1-7] with existing links in the Web. The complete Scientific Report consists from Sections 1 and 2 (with relevant information on preprints, conferences etc). The Reports are provided in English because a) the Proposal was in English and evaluated by exterior referees, b) all publications and talks were in English and c) there is not an established terminology in Romanian on such new directions of mathematical physics.

Section 1. Titles and Abstracts of Main ISI Publications [1-6] and one electronic article [7] Main Paper [1]. S. Vacaru, The algebraic index theorem and Fedosov quantization of Lagrange-Finsler and Einstein spaces, J. Math. Phys. 54 (2013); arXiv: 1005.3647 [in press:
signed proofs: expected publication in hard form for fall 2013] Abstract: Various types of Lagrange and Finsler geometries and the Einstein gravity theory, and modifications, can be modelled by nonholonomic distributions on tangent bundles/ manifolds when the fundamental geometric objects are adapted to nonlinear connection structures. We can convert such geometries and physical theories into almost Kahler/ Poisson structures on (co)tangent bundles. This allows us to apply the Fedosov quantization formalism to almost symplectic connections induced by Lagrange-Finsler and/or Einstein fundamental geometric objects. Our main result consists in an algebraic index theorem for Lagrange-Finsler and Einstein spaces. Finally, we show how the Einstein field equations for gravity theories and geometric mechanics models can be imbedded into the formalism of deformation quantization and index theorem.

Main Paper [2]. M. Anastasiei and A. Sandovici, Banach Dirac Bundles, Int. J. Geom. Meth. Mod. Phys. 10 (2013) 1350033 [16 pages] DOI: 10.1142/S0219887813500333

Abstract: Banach Dirac bundles are introduced within the framework of infinite-dimensional Banach manifolds and their basic properties are derived. Banach Lie algebroids are geometrical objects recently introduced by the first author. It is the main goal of the present paper to reveal the most important links between Banach Dirac bundles and Banach Lie algebroids, respectively.

Main Paper [3]. P. Stavrinos and S. Vacaru, Cyclic and ekpyrotic universes in modified Finsler osculating gravity on tangent Lorentz bundles, Class. Quant. Grav. 30 (2013) 055012; arXiv: 1206.3998 DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/30/5/055012

[It was a red/yellow journal in 2011/2012 granted with 4000/ 2000 Ron in the competition of scientific works; we wait for similar competitions in 2013 - 2014] Abstract: We consider models of an accelerating Universe elaborated for Finsler-like gravity theories constructed on tangent bundles to Lorentz manifolds. In the osculating approximation, certain locally anisotropic configurations are similar to those for f (R) gravity. This allows us to generalize a proposal by Nojiri et al (2011 AIP Conf. Proc. 1458 207-21) in order to reconstruct and compare two classes of Einstein-Finsler gravity (EFG) and f (R) gravity theories using modern cosmological data and realistic physical scenarios. We conclude that EFG provides inflation, acceleration and little rip evolution scenarios with realistic alternatives to standard Lambda CDM cosmology.

Main Paper [4]. S. Vacaru, Super-luminal effects for Finsler branes as a way to preserve the paradigm of relativity theories, Found. Physics 43 (2013) 719-732; arXiv: 1110.0675

DOI: 10.1007/s10701-013-9711-y; Abstract: Using Finsler brane solutions [see details and methods in: S. Vacaru, Class. Quant. Grav. 28:215001, 2011], we show that neutrinos may surpass the speed of light in vacuum which can be explained by trapping effects from gravity theories on eight dimensional (co) tangent bundles on Lorentzian manifolds to spacetimes in general and special relativity. In nonholonomic variables, the bulk gravity is described by Finsler modifications depending on velocity/momentum coordinates. Possible super-luminal phenomena are determined by the width of locally anisotropic brane (spacetime) and induced by generating functions and integration functions and constants in coefficients of metrics and nonlinear connections. We conclude that Finsler brane gravity trapping mechanism may explain neutrino super-luminal effects and almost preserve the paradigm of Einstein relativity as the standard one for particle physics and gravity.

Main Paper [5]. S. Vacaru, Hidden symmetries for ellipsoid-solitonic deformations of KerrSen black holes and quantum anomalies, The European Physical Journal C [Eur. Phys. J.] C 73 (2013) 2287; arXiv: 1106.1033; DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-013-2287-z

Abstract: We prove the existence of hidden symmetries in the general relativity theory defined by exact solutions with generic off-diagonal metrics, nonholonomic (non-integrable) constraints, and deformations of the frame and linear connection structure. There are constructed new classes of black hole solutions and we study hidden symmetries for ellipsoidal and/or solitonic deformations of "prime" Kerr-Sen black holes into "target" off-diagonal metrics. In general, the classical conserved quantities (integrable and not-integrable) do not transfer to the quantized systems and produce quantum gravitational anomalies. We prove that such anomalies can be eliminated via corresponding nonholonomic deformations of fundamental geometric objects (connections and corresponding Riemannian and Ricci tensors) and by frame transforms.

Main Paper [6]. S. Vacaru, Black holes, ellipsoids, and nonlinear waves in pseudo-Finsler spaces and Einstein gravity, Int. J. Theor. Physics 52 (2013) 1654-1681; arXiv: 0905.4401

DOI: 10.1007/s10773-013-1487-5 Abstract: We model pseudo-Finsler geometries, with pseudo-Euclidean signatures of metrics, for two classes of four dimensional nonholonomic manifolds: (a) tangent bundles with two dimensional base manifolds and (b) pseudo-Riemannian/Einstein spaces. Such spacetimes are enabled with nonholonomic distributions and theirs metrics are solutions of the field equations in general relativity and/or generalizations. We rewrite the Schwarzschild metric in Finsler variables and use it for generating new classes of black hole objects with stationary deformations to ellipsoidal configurations. The conditions are analyzed when such metrics describe embedding of black hole solutions into nontrivial solitonic backgrounds.

Paper [7]. S. Vacaru, Diffusion and self-organized criticality in Ricci flow evolution of Einstein and Finsler spaces, SYMMETRY: Culture and Science, vol. 23, nr. 2, (2013) 105-124; ISSN 0865-4824 (printed), ISSN 2226-1877 (online), Thematic Issue: Field theories on Finsler Space (Symmetries with Finsler metric, 2013); arXiv: 1010.2021

[It is an electronic journal, see ; ] Abstract: Imposing nonintegrable constraints on Ricci flows of (pseudo) Riemannian metrics we consider mutual transforms to, and from, non_Riemannian spaces. Such evolutions of geometries and physical theories can be modelled for nonholonomic manifolds and vector/ tangent bundles enabled with fundamental geometric objects determining Lagrange-Finsler and/or Einstein spaces. Prescribing corresponding classes of generating functions, we construct of stochastic, fractional, nonholonomic etc scenarios of evolution for nonlinear dynamical systems, exact solutions of Einstein equations and/or Lagrange-Finsler configurations. The main result of this paper consists in a proof of existence of unique and positive solutions of nonlinear diffusion equations which can be related to stochastic solutions in gravity and Ricci flow theory.

Section 2. All Relevant Electronic Preprints, Seminars, Lectures and Conferences Subsection 2a: Electronic Preprints (submitted to Editors; they will be reported in final form in 2013-2014), numbered 1p, 2p, (p from preprint)
8p. M. Anastasiei, A compactness theorem in Finsler geomtry, arXiv: 1304.2937 9p. S. Vacaru, Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Einstein and Lagrange-Finsler Structures on Lie Algebroids, arXiv: 1306.2813 10p. S. Vacaru, Covariant Renormalizable Gravity Theories on (Non) Commutative Tangent Bundles, arXiv: 1305.1876 11p. S. Vacaru, Off-Diagonal Ekpyrotic Scenarios and Equivalence of Modified, Massive and/or Einstein Gravity, arXiv: 1304.1080 12p. S. Vacaru, Covariant Renormalizable Modified and Massive Gravity Theories on (Non) Commutative Tangent Lorentz Bundles; arXiv: 1304.1079

will published in Proceedings in 2013-2014 when such works will be finally reported] numbered 1c, 2c, (c from conference etc)

Subsection 2b: International Conferences/Seminars/ Lectures [a series of relevant papers

1c. S. Vacaru, Off-Diagonal Wormhole Deformations in Modified Massive Gravity, Oral communication, Parallel session A1 Exact solutions and their interpretation, July 08. 2013. Conference GR 20 & Amaldi 10, Warsaw University, Poland, July 7-13, 2013 [support from organizers, excepting travel] 2c. S. Vacaru, Twistors and Almost Kaehler Models of Einstein and Finsler Spaces, Parallel session A4 Complex and conformal methods in classical and quantum gravity, July 09. 2013. Conference GR 20 & Amaldi 10, Warsaw University, Poland, July 7-13, 2013 [support from organizers, excepting travel] 3c. S. Vacaru, A Survey of the Anholonomic Frame Deformation Method of Constructing Exact Solutions, Poster - Parallel session A2 Mathematical relativity and other progress in classical gravity theory, GR20 & Amaldi 10, Warsaw University, Poland, July 7-13, 2013 [support from organizers, excepting travel] 4c. S. Vacaru, Off-Diagonal Deforms of Kerr Black Holes in Modified Massive Gravity and Higher Dimension, - Poster Parallel session A3 Modified gravity theories , GR20 & Amaldi 10, Warsaw University, Poland, July 7-13, 2013 [support from organizers, excepting travel] 5c. S. Vacaru, Off-Diagonal Ekpyrotic Cosmological Solutions in Massive Gravity and Effective Einstein Spaces, Poster, Parallel session B6 Theoretical / mathematical cosmology GR20 & Amaldi 10, Warsaw University, Poland, July 7-13, 2013 [support from organizers, excepting travel] 6c. S. Vacaru, Spectral Functional for Noncommutative Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Lorentzian Star Products, 30 min. talk on 30 June, section Operator Algebra and Noncommutative Geometry, Joint International Meeting AMS RMS, Alba Iulia, June 27-30, 2013 [expected support from 55% of grant IDEI in 2014 but for 2013] 7c. S. Vacaru, Solitonic Hierarchies for Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Off-Diagonal Solutions in Gravity, 30 min. talk on 27 June, section Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Joint International Meeting AMS RMS, Alba Iulia, June 27-30, 2013 [expected support from 55% of grant IDEI in 2014 but for 2013] 8c. S. Vacaru, Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Einstein and Lagrange-Finsler Structures on Lie Algebroids; invited lecture at 11th Panhellenic Geometric Conference, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, May 31- June 2, 2013 [full support from organizers] 9c. S. Vacaru, Non-commutative Algebroid Ricci Flows, Modified Gravity and Deformation Quantization, Seminar at Department TH P, NIPNE, Bucuresti, Magurele, Romania, May 30, 2013 [expected support from 55% of grant IDEI in 2014 but for 2013] 10c. S. Vacaru, 1 day visit to Bucharest, Magurele, IFIN HH, DTF discussion further seminar and collaborations, hosts prof. A. Isar and M. Visinescu, April 29-May 1 [expected support from 55% of grant IDEI in 2014 but for 2013] Projects Director, Sergiu Vacaru July 24, 2013 [a final scientific report for 2013 will be presented by December 2013]