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PROBLEM DEFINITION: Its good to hear and for which we should be really proud of is that ,if we see our

last few decades, talking about India, there are about 160 power stations[1] all over country supplying electricity to every corner possible. Now, the problem is that, every power station erected, takes the help of the non renewable source known as the Fossil Fuels or in general we could say coal. Coal was first discovered by the Chinese in 1000 BC[1], and from that time it has been used extensively as fuel in all the machines directly or indirectly. If we see the persent coal scenario, the available coal which can be taken into use is about 861 billion tonnes[2] worldwide, and the rate at which the consumption is done is around 7.6 billion tonnes[2] a year. Indian Statistics of 2011 states that, 414.8 million short tonnes[3] of coal was produced and the coal consumption was was 721 million short tonnes[3], ranking at 3rd position[1] in the world. Clearly we can see that the production is much less, compared to the consumption, leading to a situation in which we have to import the coal from different countries.

Huge gap between demand and supply of coal in India. [4]

About 75% of the coal in the country is consumed in the power sector. In the picture above, we can clearly see that the demand for coal is much much higher than the supply in the power sector . Thus in the very near future, the gap has increased from 107 million tonnes to 162 million tonnes. The use of this resource for the production of elecricity, if used at this rate would replenish in the next 80 years, which would cause a great problem for the generations to come. Moreover, it is also affecting the finance of the country and hampering the economic growth resulting in the slow increase in the GDP. So, there is a requirement of a feisable as well as sustainable idea for the production of elecricity which would solve all of the above mentioned problems.

PROBLEM SOLUTION: If we study our surrounding carefully, we will find that our environment is a great source of energy, and much more important than this is that, the energy available in infinite. If we engineer a method which would harness the available energy for the environment, i.e. from the non-conventional source or we could say renewable source, the problem of supply could be solved. We have solar, wind, bio-mass, hydro energy available which will be of great

importance to us. So it serves a solution to our problem of saving the non- renewable source for our future. It was in early 1980s when the government established a ministry for non- conventional energy. Various methods were suggested by the engineers to extract the available energy from the non-conventional sources. Solar panels were introduced which captured the solar energy and convert it to electricity. But the problem with it was that it needed a great finance if established at a large scale. Even Hydro plant had its own limitations. It required a whole lot of space for installation and a proper topography was required for the establishment of the plant. It is the wind which we know is available in every corner of the world and there are places in India where the winds are at their highest paces. It doesnt require a very large place for installation and moreover its of a comparatively lower cost. So a financially stable solution to this problem would be the wind power plant which would be easy to establish and would give continuous energy that to from an infinite source.