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Micronox is a trusted global business process outsourcing center, and a full spectrum service provider that offers cutting-edge

solutions catering to small and medium businesses covering a wide range of industries. We provide voice, non-voice and web-based services customized for your business needs. Our call center is staffed with professionals who have years of experienced, who are highly trained to deliver excellent services and who are focused on the advancement of your business or organization. We utilize the latest technologies to provide leading-edge business solutions to help our clients gain maximum efficiency and to ensure highest return of investment.

Our Mission
To provide our clients with cost-effective quality management services, and ensure the highest level of performance that will exceed our clients expectations by continually investing in our people, processes, and infrastructure to ensure a strong financial return to our clients' business.

Our Vision
To deliver exceptional business solutions to our clients and to perform the highest level of quality with low price packages for the benefit of our clients. Our innovative and dependable infrastructure is extremely reliable and disaster recovery compliant. We strictly implement our corporate values, to ensure outstanding quality in management services, and provide optimum productivity level. Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

Improve Productivity: In todays world where compliance is critical, both large and small organizations must maintain
processes that are necessary yet contribute little to improve productivity. Most of these processes are time consuming and, more often than not, require specialized skill and expertise. Businesses find it difficult to manage and maintain these processes without losing focus on the core processes. We at Kaya can help you maintain your non-core yet critical business processes thus saving you valuable time and resources to deploy on core and revenue generating activities.

Reduce Costs: Business process outsourcing can significantly reduce organizational costs. You can manage to transition
a process to your BPO partner while spending much less than what you do to maintain the same at your-end.

Better Skill Set: With a BPO initiative, you are able to hire better skill set to manage your non-core business processes.
Our BPO services teams maintain a combination of diverse and specialized skills to manage a specific set of activities. For instance, you can have an ACCA leading your team of bookkeepers working on logging transactions, reconciling accounts, generating reports on a daily, weekly, or as per your needs. Micronox Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Page 1

Transformational/Integrated Outsourcing We offer a full range of services including consulting, application development and maintenance, and other support services to help you achieve your organizations strategic vision. Our delivery model is built around the following approach: - Selecting the right tools and techniques - Undertake smooth transition without much fiscal impact - Deploy platform approach to standardize business - Outsourced Process in a global delivery framework.

Our Mission
Micronox delivers powerful, high-quality technical solutions that provide our clients a maximum return on their investment. We apply experience, innovation, and dedication to produce lasting value through technology that helps streamline processes, maximize profit, and empower our clients to gain a competitive edge in their markets. Through unconditional honesty and integrity, attention to detail, and complete commitment to our clients growth, we ensure that all aspects of our custom web and wireless software solutions exceed expectations.

At Micronox , OUR business is making YOUR business a success!

Teamwork Add value to clients' businesses Integrity, honesty, and open communication Keep commitments and meet deadlines at any cost Exceed client expectations on all key performance metrics Encouraging creativity, innovation and growth

Our Team Micronox

Asad Rafi - Managing Director/CEO Sidney Wheatley - Director Operations George Willaim - Director Administration Operations Manager Executive Administrator Executive Assistant IT Administrator Shift Manager Account Managers QA Manager Team Leaders Micronox Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Page 2

What we do
We are dedicated to provide best solutions and support for all business sectors (small, mid-sized and large business). We offer excellent Inbound and Outbound services, Virtual Assistance, Backend office Support (voice and non-voice), and Seat leasing services. No matter the size of your business, Micronox offers an array of services that will fit your marketing needs. Whether you need one or more employees and whether it is a one-time project based service or a long term marketing campaign, we have the tools to keep your marketing engine fueled for success.

We provide the following:

Professional Management Team with years of call center work experience Perform technical expertise Customer Support and Services Low cost pricing to maximize ROI

Leading edge technology and infrastructureCompetitive Edge

Significant Cost Savings:
Taking care of your business doesn't need to be costly, and outsourcing your employees is a worry-free solution that saves you from liabilities associated with employer taxes, administration costs, vacation pay, health insurance, 401K, HR costs, office space, expensive trainings and etc. Relatively cheaper labor compared with other countries. Outsourcing with us can save your business as much as 40% in operational expense.

English Language Proficiency

Pakistan is the one of largest English speaking country. English is our second language and Pakistani's speak Excellent English and with no accent.

High Level of Literacy and Education

Pakistan have a literacy rate. Our country also produces over half a million college graduates every year this means that there is significant pool of talented and highly-educated professionals for businesses to choose from.

Available Skills Match Industry Needs

There is ready access to highly skilled resources. About a quarter of Pakistan graduates are specifically qualified for business-related jobs such as finance and marketing. And many of these professionals have had extra customer service training. The skills available in this pool of professionals match the needs of many U.S. and international businesses.

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Good Work Attitudes

A lot of countries hire delegations to the Pakistan on a regular basis to recruit workers for their local businesses because they are hard working, well disciplined, honest and they can be relied on to produce the results expected of us.

Network Devices and Software Technical Specifications

The following are our infrastructure designed to provide our clients and employees with fast, reliable and secure internet connection, fast and secured data access and manipulation for mission critical applications as well as reliable, clear and secure Voice over IP (VOIP).

Call Center Services

Micronox is a dynamic, full service call center services company. We specialize in customer acquisition, customer retention and customer care. We offer our clients the highest quality service at every touch point. MPL possesses a wide array of call center services knowledge and expertise. Our call center services, capabilities and talented team enable us to seamlessly pursue your specific needs and goals across any market or industry. The caliber and variety of clientele that we service is a testament to the level of quality and flexibility we are accustomed to providing. From business-tobusiness and business-to-consumer sales to customer service and order taking, MPL has the experience and the skills needed to make your call center outsourcing project a success

Call Center Services and Capabilities Include:

Direct Sales - Call Center Services

Business-to-Business (B2B) Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Acquisition Chat Lead generation Surveys Market research Verification Win back

Up-sale Cross-sale New services and products to existing customers Custom order processing Customized reports Quality Assurance E-mail follow-up

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Inbound Call Center Services Order taking and processing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) VRU (Voice Recognition) Warm transfer Market Research Services Disaster Response Services Customer Relationship Management TPV (Third party verification)

Help Desk Services Customer service and care Pre/post sales service Level 1 and 2 Tech Support DRTV, Catalog Internet Live-Chat Solutions Credit card activation and up-sell

Support Services

Licensed insurance professionals Data modeling Data, sales and customer analysis Strategic and tactical planning

Licensed insurance professionals Data modeling Data, sales and customer analysis Strategic and tactical planning

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Call Center Services for Regulated Industries

Call Center Outsourcing - Inbound Customer Service & Outbound Call Center Services

Outsourcing Services We work with world class companies providing them with a variety of call center outsourcing services centered on customer service, customer retention and new customer acquisition. Call Center Services Some of our Call Center Services include inbound and outbound campaigns, 800 numbers, telemarketing sales, telesales, customer service and technical support. Micronox MPL is a premier national full service provider of 24/7 call center outsourcing services and

Micronox has extensive experience and success in providing call center outsourcing services, sales support, customer service and lead generation for many industries including some of the most regulated industries in America. Outsourcing Services for Insurance Industry Micronox is a preferred call center outsourcing, sales, customer service and lead generation partner for some of the worlds largest and most well known insurance companies. Outsourcing Services for Financial & Banking Industry Micronox is highly experienced in providing call center outsourcing services to the financial services and banking industries. Call Center Outsourcing Services for Any Industry Contact us now to learn more about our call center and outsourcing services.

contact center solutions.

MPL provides some of the highest quality service in the call center outsourcing industry. We work closely with our clients to develop custom call center solutions designed to meet their unique contact center needs. Using our experience, superior technology, sophisticated analytical techniques and talented team, we work with you to ensure the highest possible return on your investment. We strive to build long-term relationships that extend beyond the typical vendor/client transactions. Our primary focus is to successfully promote and serve each client's products or services as if they were our own

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IT Infrastructure
Internet Connectivity
Main line is dedicated, minimum of 8 mbps and burstable up to 10 mbps fiber optics connection Secondary line is also fiber 6mbps Hardware 2600 Cisco Router (High wire-speed performance and protection) Network Switches

High end 24 port stackable 10/100/1000 layer 3 ethernet routing switches with the following feature configured:
VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Inter-VLAN Routing Q.O.S. (Quality Of Service) Router/Firewall

Multi Layer Security Appliance with the following features configured:

Traffic Shaping Anti-spam Web Filtering Antivirus / Anti-Spyware Intrusion Protection System Firewall IPSEC / SSL VPN Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Servers

Predictive Dialer (Main) has the following specifications:

Capacity 1500-2000 agents Intel Xeon 3.8 GHZ processors (2) 16 GB Random Access Memories 16x 150 GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID 1 configuration)

MSSQL, MYSQL, ASP, PHP and IPPBX Servers have the following specifications:
Intel Xeon 3.8 GHZ processor (2) 8 GB random access memory 250 300 GB SAS hard drives Agent Workstations Software Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2 / .net framework 2.0 Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Micronox Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Page 7

Soft Phone Web Browser Predictive Dialer Web Client Application Optional Microsoft Office 2007

Intel Pentium Dual Core processors 4GB random access memory 160 GB hard drives 17 inches wide flat screen monitor

Software Predictive Dialer(Outbound Dialing)

Current dialer configurations are:

Maximum Dial level: 4 A total maximum of 15 calls are dialed per agent every minute minus the total number of invalid, busy and disconnected phone numbers in the currently used leads list. Average Available Time for agents is less than 20 seconds depending on the reliability of the leads list uploaded. Average Total Calls per agent a day is 300 325 (depending on the complexity of the campaign)

Configured features are:

Listen / Barge Reporting includes: Agent Statistics Campaign Statistics Inbound Campaign reports Real-time Call/Agent reports Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)(Inbound calls) Current ACD features configured are: Agent Queues / Load Balancing Time Conditions DID Routing IVR / Automated Attendant Voicemail Call Parking

Instant Messaging Clients Robust but Lite internal IM client that is used for:
Inter-office messaging Ported/trunked/connected to other IM network such as: Yahoo, Gtalk, IRC, AOL, MSN Chat Support Agent in a click-to-chat or click-for-live support enabled website Micronox Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Page 8

The Operations Department composed of an Operations Manager, Executive Administrator, Executive Assistant ,Account Manager, Team Leaders and Quality Assurance Specialists. We provide Inbound support, Outbound services, virtual assistance and seat leasing services. We have well experienced and professional agents to perform your service requirements.

Telemarketing Experience:


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es Keppel Building, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Server Room

Micronox Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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Fiber Optic Line / Cisco /Patch Panel

Micronox Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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Predictive Dialer

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Company: Micronox Address Base HQ: 1907 Cardova Drive, Greenboro North Carolina 27410 USA Operations Center: 59 A, School Road, F7/1, Islamabad Pakistan Contact: Asad Rafi CEO/Managing Director 336-790-2122 :

Sidney Wheatley - Director 336-207-6254

Operations Manager Email:

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