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The Farewell Speech A very good evening to all the faculty members, my dear classmates, friends and Abhinav

Ramanna. Being friends with kapil for a long time has a serious drawback, you are generally short of words to say because he is the one who does the talking most of the times. As the President, let me begin by thanking our junior batch on behalf of my batch for dedicating their spacetime in organizing such a wonderful farewell. Especially Yogesh, Tushar, Niranjan, Abhishek and Manasi, who secretly hates me. These guys have done everything in their power to make sure that we get a farewell 2009B5 deserves. So, cheers to them. Sadly, I am feeling a bit nervous standing here. A very contradiction to something we have strived for. I mean, I am standing here amongst people I have played (ahemfixed) cricket matches with, gone for shopping trips to Delhi, sang songs along with, had treats in cnaught, food king, skylab and redis, and ofcourse shared a classroom for more than four semesters. To the juniors and the new teachers who look a bit perplexed, I am not talking of the Men in Black out there. We did all this alongside the faculty members. Something, I am sure, not everyone gets to witness. I can personally vouch this for Mathematics Dept. The beauty in farewell is that you can say anything you wanted to someone you thought you were never going to see again. So I take his opportunity to confess something very personal. One day after Stat Mech class, kunal sir asks me to meet him in his chambers. What happened was that my answer to one of his questions was inaudible, but realizing that it was wrong, I did not reply when he asked me again. He was very mad at me for that, infuriated if I recall correctly, He said I should not have done that. One thing he never got to know was that I was disappointed devastated after that. I recall, I did not attend a single class after that. I thought, how can someone get so angry over such a trivial issue? I did not deserve a beating there. But looking back at it now, I feel I overreacted. I think he was angry more because he expected a better comfort level in a 2009B5 classroom. A place where we there was no fear of, no humiliation in being wrong. Sir, I owe you a very serious apology. Now that I have that off my chest, I will get back to making fun of Ramanna and Kapil and make sure that you all remember what may turn out to be the last thing I will ever say to you. One thing is certain though, independent of how things pan out in our lives, we all will cherish the moments that we spent together. Coming to individual contributions, I believe we all owe Ayushman The Panda, for the inception of 2009B5, the Fb page which kick started what will eventually turn out to be nothing short of an epic saga; Tarun for leading the physics association Sukriti, for giving some of us a reason to attend classes at 8am; Anuj, Pramod, Dipto, and Abhijyan were the only reason I went to music nights. But above all there is one person I owe a lot. I have seen a lot of Anime, and if you have too, you can relate this. You see, Every Vegeta needs a Goku, Ash needs Gary, Megamind needs Metroman, and Naruto needs Saske to go beyond limits and evolve. I too, could not have maxed out myself had it not been for Vijay. He has been one person I have tried and failed to beat for umpteen times. He is the coolest, most helpful, yet the fiercest competition I have faced till date. I am grateful to Shweta, Ishan, Arjun, Bhargav, Dubey and others alike, for making sure that I had to fight at my very best for every grade I got. Now that people have started looking at their watches, I think I should end my parting speech. But as I leave, I want you all to promise me that even though the journey of 2009B5 ends today, the spirit will carry on forever. And that we will always be unique and not ordinary, lions and not lambs. We will follow the heart and not the herd, and we will never ever be boring.

Fare thee well, if for ever and Still for ever, fare thee well.