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The Qufr of Jamal ud Din Afghani by

Ahmad Imran .

Afghani- The Murtad (Disbeliever)

(Negating the Shahada) Accusations of disbelief and flaming heterodoxy dogged the man even in his lifetime and Afghani's denial and undermining the orthodoxy of Islam can be established quite conclusively. It must be remembered that Afghani was initially thrown out of Turkey by a movement spearheaded by the Turkish Shaikh al Islam Hassan Fehmi Effendi for denigrating the prophetic nature of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) , namely the fact that he chose to present prophecy as a type of art [12] as reported by Aytek Sever. Afghani here effectively exited the fold of Islam by denying the first pillar of Islam -the Shahada [13]. As a result of the Afghani's disbelief Shaikh Effendi was successful in shutting down the new modern and secular university called Dar ul Funun. Professor Kedourie also elaborates that the critics of Afghani, which would have been most religious scholarship belonging to the Hanafi Sunni brand if Islam to which Ottoman Empire was representative of, were angered by the fact, that he likened Mohammad's ( PBUH) prophetic office to any other vocation or profession necessary to the body politic [14]. Professer Kedourie cites Dr. Abd al-Rahman Badawi as a source who got this from Abd al-Qadir Maghribi who says that , the most correct refutation of him ( Afghani) who says that the apostolate and prophethood are crafts which could be acquired [by effort]. In the same notation of Prof. Kedouri there exists a reference to Professor Berkes citing of another refutation of Afghani by an alim Khalil Fauzi ( al-Suyuf al-qawati) The Cutting Swords, pg 185-86. This there can be no doubt about the fact the Afghani was never a believer in Allah (SWT) since negating the divine revelation made him effectively a murtad.

Afghani- The Munafiq (Hypocrite)

Janus faced Lies Paradigm of religion cuts religion And when they meet those who believe, they say, "We believe"; but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, "Indeed, we are with you; we were only mockers (Quran 2:14) While in Paris Afghani had begun to hob nob with the reigning philosophers of the times which included the famous Ernst Renan whom we will prove to be an Anti-Ishmaelite Islamophobe of the time. Renan published a charge sheet against Islam in a prominent paper of the time called Journals des Debats and the notion was that supposedly Afghani had promptly and aptly refuted him for it, except Afghani rather lamely acquiesces and admits to the race and hate laden charges of the French Orientalist. Afghani and his devout student Mohammad Abduh carefully manage the situation for damage control by preventing the translations from reaching Middle Easterners. Abduh received the the editions of the Journal of May 18th and 19th 1883 and according to Prof. Kedouri Abduh wrote to Afghani the following, We acquainted ourselves with these two numbers which Hassan Effendi Bayhum translated for us. We then dissuaded our friend from making the translation , alleging that Arabic Text was to be sent, that it would be published then, and that therefore there was no need to for a translation. Thus misfortune as averted (fa'ndafa'a al-makruh).

In the same letter Abduh makes a startling revelation of their common held beliefs and operational methodology. Abduh writes, We regulate our conduct according to your sound rule: we do not cut the head of religion except with the sword of religion (nahnu al-an 'ala sunnatika al-qawima la naqta ra's al-din illa bi saif al-din) [15]. This is more than abundant proof that the master and his disciple were engaged in active subversion of Islam and feigned a false piety making them text book example of Janus faced munafiqs [16]. Their objective was to recreate a new revisionist pseudo-Islam and market it as modern (Adidas) pseudo-Islam. This would come to most Muslims as grotesque despicable behavior but true to characteristics of a munafiq that haunted the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in his own life time. How these individuals are held in high esteem proves the subtle but sure infiltration of these lowlifes creeping successfully into Muslim society. A similar methodology is also being followed by the Wahhabi/Salafis deemed the Religio-Islamists who are actively re-interpreting Islam on all theological and socio-political terms and then plan to carry out those oppressive laws in such draconian rigidity that Muslims would have no choice but to reject that altered unenlightened faith. To read the full article please visit :