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The Final Communiqu of the SRF Leadership Council Meetings The Leadership Council of the SRF held a meeting

between the 8th and the 11th of July 2012. The meeting addressed, among a number of issues, the current political situation in Sudan and studied in length and depth all the political developments. The Council salutes the resistance of the patient Sudanese people in their struggle against the genocidal Regime in Khartoum and their continuous uprisings and peaceful marches in the Sudan capital, states, cities and rural areas, and it is a continuous revolution up until the ouster of the government of the National Congress Party and until the accomplishment of change. The SRF stands in solidarity and support to the uprising of the Sudanese people against the Khartoum regime and warns the gang of Khartoum and its security forces, Rabatah, of its persistence in the aggressive confrontation of these peaceful civilian uprisings with fierce and brutal suppression, arrest, and torture. The Khartoum regime bears the responsibility for this unjustifiable repression against demonstrators since peaceful demonstration is a right guaranteed by the constitution, national legislations and international conventions. Therefore, the Khartoum regime must order the release of all detainees, whose number exceeds 3,020, in detention centers and prisons of oppression and repression, facing severe forms of physical and psychological torture, violence and murder. The aggression and fierce torture against peaceful demonstrators will only increase the resolve and determination of the Sudanese people to continue their struggle by peaceful uprising up until they change the system or eventually it will produce counter violence. The Leadership Council appeals to the international community and human rights organizations to uphold their human responsibility in the protection of the civilians and monitoring of all violations of human rights that are inflicted by the government of Khartoum against the peaceful demonstrators and to expose their inhumane practices. The Council also calls on the urgency and necessity of bringing together all the efforts of all political forces, youth groups, civil and popular organizations, students and all peaceful civilian revolutionary and popular movements to be organized under one central leadership and to work together to oust the government in Khartoum. The Council salutes the struggle of youth, students, and women and considers the agreement of the National Consensus Forces as a step in the right direction for the participation of the Sudanese people and the forces of change in the uprisings and the revolts against the injustice and repression of the current government and in order to bring a radical and real change that will guarantee the participation of all Sudanese people in building the state of equal citizenship. At this critical moment in the history of our country, the SRF calls upon all the political forces, the youth groups, women, students, civil and popular forces and trade unions to hold an inclusive meeting to discuss and exchange ideas about jointly working together and to agree on a national democratic program. Abuelgasim Imam Elhaj

Secretary of Information and Official Spokesperson Sudan Revolutionary Front July 11, 2012