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STATE Opportunity - A Year’s Look
of the
CITY Opportunities can be found in many places, shaped miraculously in the smallest, largest, Mobile Terrace residents made history two
and even irregular containers. years ago when they became residents of the city, but
For Mobile’s newest residents in Theodore and Windmill communities, opportunity came their opportunity became a reality the moment the
on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 when they voted to become a part of one of the nation’s fastest growing husky sounds of city garbage trucks could be heard
cities, opening up opportunities to stellar police and fire protection, weekly garbage collection, blazing a regular route through their westward
Mobile 311, and access to other quality municipal services. neighborhood. Their opportunity was further
Beautifully tucked along Hillcrest Road is an opportunity of a lifetime for senior citizens heightened by the $3 million earmarked to pave
throughout Mobile County. With a façade that extends a hearty welcome to every dirt road in the newly annexed area.
the area’s aging population is the new Mobile Regional Senior Community Some have said Mobile is the “City That
Center, hailed as one of a kind with state-of-the-art aquatic accommodations, Never Sleeps” because late night train whistles keep
exercise equipment, an inviting billiard room, culinary delights and hotel guests and residents awake.  On November 20,
a computer facility that aids senior citizens’ expanding knowledge of 2008, city leaders reached an agreement with CSX
technology. Transportation and seized the opportunity to create
For the parents of a three-month-old child living in Mobile’s police a Quiet Zone in downtown. Locomotives traveling
jurisdiction, their opportunity came on the evening of November 28, 2008 in through downtown will not blow their horns when approaching the intersections of Adams, St.
a life or death situation. Their child was choking and it would take a while Anthony, Dauphin, Government, Monroe, and Eslava streets.
for medical assistance to reach their doorsteps. With one panic telephone Who would have thought an opportunity could be found on a two-way street? If getting
call to Mobile 911, they reached a qualified Mobile Fire-Rescue Public Safety in and out of downtown Mobile was cumbersome, you would welcome a two-way thoroughfare.
dispatcher, Sonnette Buzbee, who masterfully walked the father through Folks visiting downtown now have the opportunity to travel two ways along Royal, St. Louis and a
CPR instructions, an action that saved the child’s life. Their opportunity portion of Spring Hill Avenue at Broad Street, and Dauphin/Royal streets to Water Street.
was in Mobile, a city outside their home’s boundary.
If you live in one of Mobile’s flood-prone areas, access to timely and pertinent encompasses a ten-mile radius that includes
information on threatening weather conditions is an opportunity you would welcome the downtown waterfront to Houston Street
as part of your family’s preparation plans. Though used repeatedly, Mayor Sam Jones, in midtown; to the south ending at Arlington Street; and areas along Three Mile Creek.
Mobile County Emergency Management officials and the Mobile County Commission got A revamped Mobile Civic Center, a medical research corridor and a boat slip near Dauphin
the opportunity last year during Hurricane Gustav to make an electronic alert notification Street for dinner cruises are all part of the new plan. The “New Plan For Mobile” mission
system a reality when they reached thousands of households using Connect-CTY, electronic includes the following: visions of the future; ability to grow and expand; enhancements
telephone messages that can reach Mobile households in a matter of minutes. In an effort as the economic engine to the region; sustainable communities; connections to worldwide
to keep you informed, we strongly opportunities and attractions; economic development; high quality infrastructure; business
urge you and your family to log friendly; viable neighborhoods and quality public services.
onto and post Drainage is an issue that many historic cities grapple with everyday. However, last
your cell phone numbers and email year Mobile officials completed the first phase of the Southern Drain Project, an initiative to
addresses on our CONNECT-CTY relieve flooding from Virginia Street toward Broad Street. Though several other phases of the
alerting system. If you do not have project will be needed, city officials are hopeful the first phase will be a welcome relief for
access to the internet, call Mobile 311 residents in the neighboring area.
to provide those numbers. This is our Mobile is a beautiful historic city with countless potential that has been strengthened
way of keeping you informed and through a cooperative bond with other government entities, community agencies and
safe. business allies. Despite a downward turn in the economy, Mobile continues its commitment
Opportunities to keep our city to build alliances that will link service with citizens.
safe come in a variety of ways. After
noticing a litter ordinance violation, November’s Officer of the Month, Johnny Thornton,
pulled a car over and ended up finding several controlled substances, leading to an arrest.
All of it started when the suspect threw a piece of trash out of his car window.
Dreams only happen when you take the opportunity to make them come true.
Mobile’s dream for planned growth was developed last year with hundreds of citizens
participating in the process, which is dubbed “The New Plan for Mobile.” The plan
CitiSmart - The Accountability Link Between Citizens and Service
Mobile CitiSmart continues to serve as the accountability tool for city government. Every city
department appears before the CitiSmart executive panel to review performance and to work
together for more efficient and effective city service. Here are some success stories that originated
from CitiSmart’s 127 Department Briefs in 2008:

Results of CitiSmart in 2008

•• Reduction in overtime
•• Collected $418,000 through electronic payments in Municipal Court
•• Lowered fuel consumption
•• Answered more citizen’s calls

Here’s How it Works:

A citizen requests a 311 forwards service Department responds Mobile CitiSmart tracks data from response times as
municipal service request to appropriate to service request well as overtime costs and other expenses to measure
to Mobile 311. City department. within 72 hours. the efficiency and effectiveness of city services.
R e v e n u e S o u rce

As the recession worsens, cities throughout the nation are faced with
dwindling revenues, lay-offs, reductions in municipal services and
spending freezes.

Through a conservative financial projection and long-range planning,
Mobile officials have managed to weather the downward turn in the CPI (Consumer Price Index)

economy by:

•• Reducing spending;
•• Reducing overtime.

The watchful eye on spending in Mobile has resulted in:

•• No employee lay-offs;
•• No freeze in hiring;
•• No reduction in municipal services.
District One Councilman Fred Richardson

The neighborhoods that make up District One are diverse: from Trinity
Gardens in the north, to Midtown on the south, and into west Mobile along
Moffett Road. That’s why Councilman Fred Richardson goes beat-by-beat,
street-by-street, and house-by-house to connect with citizens.
Councilman Richardson has become well-known for bringing City Hall
to the people. Department Heads regularly attend the meetings to keep citizens
up to date with city government.
On December 31, 2008, Councilman Richardson’s dream of having a
giant MoonPie rise above the city skyline came true as thousands turned out
for the MoonPie Over Mobile New Year’s Eve Celebration. The event was
highlighted by the world’s largest MoonPie, weighing in at 55 lbs, containing
4,500 calories and stretching four feet across the table. At the stroke of midnight,
a giant electronic MoonPie rose to 200 feet to greet the new year.
District Two Councilman William Carroll

Councilman Carroll tours Police Chief Phillip Garrett and Carroll at the opening
District Two of Airbus Engineering Center.

The soul of District Two is the downtown area which is surrounded by some of the city’s most
prestigious historic neighborhoods — De Tonti Square, Church Street East, Leinkauf, Lower Dauphin,
Oakleigh Gardens, Old Dauphin Way, and the Campground in the Martin Luther King area.
“The transformation of downtown has been the crown jewel which has helped our city become one
of the most progressive cities in the country,” Carroll said, as he toured the district in preparation for the city’s
New Plan for Mobile.
With the restoration of the Battle House hotel, along with the construction of the RSA Towers and
an array of hotels, most recently the Hampton Inn, the district is bustling.
A thumbs throw from downtown lies the Down-the-Bay neighborhood and Plateau community,
which is undergoing such revitalization projects as Hope 6 in the city’s public housing developments.
Carroll, a staunch advocate of structural restoration, recently championed Mobile’s first Land
Bank, an initiative that will address rundown structures throughout the city.
Be it the talent of countless youngsters which make up the James Seals and Sullivan community
bands, a new roof on the Springhill Avenue Recreational Center or the major drainage project in Macy Place,
District Two continues to grow with a mixture of amenities. Downtown Mobile Skyline
District Three Councilman Clinton Johnson “A community pioneer who loves her community and has a zest to leave her
community better than she found it,” were the words recently uttered by District Three
City Councilman Clinton Johnson in describing longtime Oakdale community leader
Bernice Hudson.
Surrounded by residents of the Oakdale area and Hudson’s supporters,
Johnson sponsored a measure to rename Easton Street to “Bernice Hudson Drive.”
It is through the dedication of citizens like Mrs. Hudson, in partnership with
city leaders, that District Three has become one of the city’s most sought after areas for
industrial development at the Brookley Complex. In addition, the spirit of the district
will soon come to life with the construction of a new homeless shelter for women and
children, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Johnson praised the community recently for their willingness to allow the
shelter to be reconstructed in the area. “Their kindness speaks volume to the character of
the community,” he said. “Now that is true service to the community.”

Councilman Clinton Johnson

District Four Councilman John Williams
“The great thing in this world is not so much where we
are, but in what direction we are moving,” Oliver Wendell

The parks and infrastructure improvements

are the benchmarks Councilman John Williams has
highlighted in his southern Mobile district.
With the addition of the Theodore/Tillman’s
Corner area, District Four is slated to get a state-of-the-
art neighborhood park in early 2010.
Some of the parks in Williams’ district with
planned improvements include the scenic Maitre,
Mims, McNally and Trimmier.
Thanks to a Safe Routes for Schools grant
and Williams, the school children at Dodge and Kate
Shepard elementary schools will be getting sidewalks.

“It is vital that citizens have clean

and quality recreational facilities,” Councilman John Williams
Williams said.
District Five Councilman Reggie Copeland
Mobile has become a premier destination for
sports lovers throughout the Southeast. It’s an opportunity
made possible by the efforts of President Reggie Copeland
and the Mobile City Council. As the namesake of the
Copeland-Cox Tennis Center, which hosts 23 tournaments
and has an economic impact of $23 million each year, Mr.
Council President
Copeland has been instrumental in making Mobile the Reggie Copeland
sporting capital of the Gulf Coast.
Ladd-Peebles Stadium, undergoing millions of
dollars in renovations including an expanded playing
field, will soon be the home of the new University of South
Alabama football team. The GMAC Bowl and Senior
Bowl displayed some of the most talented college football
players in America.
Other sporting highlights include the Mobile
BayBears, an affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the
Azalea Trail 10K Run which brings some of the world’s
best athletes to downtown Mobile, and the Bell Micro
LPGA Classic which touts the world’s best female golfers.
Copeland-Cox Tennis Center
The senior population of our community has a great new opportunity for recreation, education

District Six Councilwoman Connie Hudson and activities with the November 17, 2008 opening of the Mobile Regional Senior Community Center
(MRSCC) on Hillcrest Road. The MRSCC boasts amenities such as state-of-the-art fitness equipment,
a thermal plunge pool, a billiards room, 3 multi-purpose activity rooms, a full kitchen and café, and a
computer lab.
The staff, which includes Program Director Anita Mungenast, two Therapeutic Recreation
Specialists, and an Activities Specialist, brings decades of combined experience.
Hours of operation are: Mon – Thurs: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. / Fri: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. / Sat: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m./
Sun: 1 – 5 p.m. The phone number for the Mobile Regional Senior Community Center is 602-4963.

Councilwoman Connie Hudson’s tireless

efforts made the center a reality.
District Seven Councilwoman Gina Gregory
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade. – Chinese Proverb

The residents and businesses that make up the Village of

Spring Hill have worked together as a community to make their
neighborhood a better place to live and work for generations to
come. In addition to planting trees and other green spaces, the
Village has laid the foundation for a vibrant and progressive
area through a master plan, the Blueprint for the Village of Spring
Hill. With a focus on three commercial zones, the corners of Old A Habitat for Humanity crew builds
Shell and McGregor, Old Shell and Bit & Spur, and McGregor at a home in the Hillsdale Community
Museum Drive, the Blueprint will connect some of Mobile’s most
breathtaking locales.
“The Village of Spring Hill is an inspiring example of
Beautification in other
what communities can accomplish when they come together to
parts of the district.
make their neighborhood better,” said Councilmember Gina
Gregory, who represents the area. After securing a grant from the
Alabama Department of Community and Economic Affairs, the
Village hired Dover, Kohl, and Associates to design the Blueprint.
Mobile City Councilwoman Gina Gregory is joined The master plan called for a zoning overlay for the commercial
by shop owners Perry Stewart, Mickey Crosby, and zones. These changes were unanimously approved by the City
Village of Spring Hill President Linda St. John. Council in August, 2008.
Mobile Police Department – Many Parts, One Force.

Mardi Gras, BayFest, and the Senior Bowl are all signature Mobile events,
drawing large crowds. Last year, the Mobile Police Department purchased a new piece
of equipment to ensure the safety of crowds.
Designed for establishing a presence at a planned event, the new mobile
command unit has the ability to quickly mobilize resources at the site of an emergency.
Here are a few special features:

•• Two (2) 6-light towers used to light a crime scene

or other incident

•• One (1) high-resolution digital camera that is

controlled remotely from the command center
with 400 to 1 zoom and 360-degree view

•• Public address system with four (4) external


•• 7,000-watt Cummins commercial generator with

25-gallon fuel tank
A Glance at Law Enforcement Record
Mobile Police Department Crime Clearance Rate
Mobile Fire-Rescue Department – Expanding an Elite Group
While economic times are tight and other cities are affected by high unemployment, the City of Mobile’s
Fire-Rescue Department had a banner year by hiring new firefighters and EMTs. Fifty-four new public safety personnel
joined the department. The department is not restricted to those who walk on two legs. The Technical Rescue Team added
two FEMA-certified Search and Rescue dogs to its ranks bringing the total number of certified dogs to three.
Part of the increase in firefighter numbers is due to the growth of the city through annexation. A super
fire station and police precinct is being constructed at Mobile Regional Airport as a result of the 2007 annexation of Mobile
Terrace and the Schillinger Road commercial corridor. When citizens in the Theodore/Tillman’s Corner area voted to join
the city last year, it gave the department an opportunity to build a new fire station which will increase protection inside
the city limits and in the public safety jurisdiction.

Super Fire Station and Police Precinct being built at Mobile Regional Airport
The Mobile, Alabama Cruise Ship Terminal – the Best Gets Better
This November, the Carnival Fantasy will begin calling Mobile home, bringing with her room for 2,056 passengers,
a crew of 920, and a wider variety of cruising options. If you’ve ridden the Fantasy before, get ready for an even better
experience out of Mobile. The ship recently underwent a $250 million upgrade which includes a water park, a four-story
water slide, and an adults-only area.
To accommodate the stunning new ship, the City will add a state-of-the-art $2.5 million gangway for access to the
large boat. The City Council unanimously approved a contract with TEAM Ports & Maritime S. L. to design, build and
install the gangway. The gangway is needed not only because of the size of the Fantasy, but also so that it can dock on either
side of the ship.

Carnival Fantasy,
a 2,056 passenger,
900 foot cruise ship

The HYDRA passenger boarding bridge, currently

in design phase, will have the capability to move
electromechanically along the whole quay and
will be able to connect with cruise ship entry doors
at various levels.
Ft. Conde Village Fort Conde Village is a Mobile community of
unique Victorian properties meticulously restored

Restoring Our Past Opportunities

to their original design. Each building exudes the
style and feel of nineteenth century Mobile and
is a wonderful destination for any small to mid-
sized firm searching for a prestigious historic
address. Ten historic homes have been restored,
with three more on the way.

The most recent address to be restored is the Spear-

Barter House on St. Emmanuel Street. Dating back
to the 1850s, the Spear-Barter House has been
renovated to a contemporary and modern design
while maintaining the rustic beauty of its original

Each historic home is being restored by Larry

Posner of Fort Conde Restoration Ventures with
more than $4 million invested. This has been an
ongoing project for more than 10 years, with a
master plan to expand the existing homes with
Then: Spear-Barter House Under Renovation Now: Beautiful New Offices retail space and apartment buildings.
Brent R. Orrell, Former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training

Mayor’s 2008 Summit for in the U.S. Department of Labor, was the keynote speaker for Mayor Sam Jones’ Workforce
Development Summit in May 2008. The summit included mayors, industry, educators,

Workforce Development
business and civic leaders throughout Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

On May 15, 2008, Mayor Sam Jones served as the host for the 2008 Summit for Workforce Development, convened as a critical next step for implementation of the
Mobile Workforce and Economic Development Strategic Plan. Over 250 leaders from throughout the region attended the event. Critical partnerships and collaborations were
started at this summit that are now key as we implement the strategies our community is depending on for regional growth and future success. The summit also provided a
template for the Youth Workforce Summit held in October. Over 300 area high-school students met with Mayor Jones and were provided critical information about their roles as
they move into workforce and leadership roles in Mobile.
Business leaders, educators, community agencies and
youth from throughout our area provided valuable input at these
events. That input has been used to establish the agenda we are
focused on as we work to build a brighter future for our citizens.
The picture for Mobile holds great promise as we put into place
the programs and services that will be critical to our success.
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus funds)
will bring much needed revenue to our area and enable us to
improve job training and expand employment opportunities. We
will continue to work closely with industry and the Mobile labor
force to fill the high wage, high demand jobs of the future. Postsecondary Chancellor Bradley
The summit was co-sponsored by Mobile County, Byrne and the Regional Director for
Mobile Works, Community Foundation of South Alabama, the U.S. Labor Department Dr. Helen
Mobile Area Education Foundation, Mobile Area Chamber of Parker were among the panelists
Commerce, and Mobile Area Association of Realtors. for the Mayor’s 2008 Summit for
Workforce Development.
What’s Our Plan?
Last year, thousands of citizens participated in a strategic planning process that yielded a “New Plan for Mobile.” The final edition of the plan laid
out a blueprint for growth in downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods for years to come.

A new retail/entertainment facility on the site of the Mobile Civic Center, a gigantic sportsplex in the Three Mile Creek area, wireless broadband
internet access throughout the Hank Aaron Loop, and a medical technology corridor along St. Stephens Road/Spring Hill Avenue are some of the
highlights the plan produced.

The process began with a series of dynamic community meetings

led by Baltimore-based planning firm EDSA, Inc. Through the help
of strategic partners who specialized in urban planning, the final
“New Plan for Mobile” was unveiled on October 27, 2008.

The entire plan can be seen at

A Crown Jewel for “America’s Sea”
the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico
What’s it like to steer a ship into port? How many boats have wrecked in Mobile Bay? What makes the Gulf of Mexico
different from every other body of water in the world? You’ll get the answers to these and so many other questions with the opening
of The National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the first museum dedicated to presenting the maritime heritage and
culture of the Gulf Coast, and only the third maritime museum in the world to primarily feature hands-on, interactive exhibits rather
than maritime artifacts.
The Museum’s 90,000 sq. ft. structure is shaped liked a ship headed into Mobile Bay – a design that will establish the building
as an architectural icon in downtown Mobile.  Inside this structure, the museum’s exhibits will be housed inside the stern of a
full-sized container ship, displayed as if dockside.  The container ship will look like a real vessel – from its actual size to the water
surrounding its hull, enticing visitors to explore the
maritime world by stepping on board.
The National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of
Mexico is a public-private partnership, made possible
through collaboration between the City of Mobile
and a non-profit organization that is planning the
museum and will operate the facility under a long-
term agreement with the City.
Construction begins in April 2009 with the
opening sometime in late 2010.
Welcome to Mobile’s African-American Heritage Trail,
a chronicle of the experience of African Americans
Starting in May 2009, the citizens and visitors of Mobile will be able to literally walk along history with
the opening of Mobile’s African-American Heritage Trail. From religious establishments like Stone
Street Baptist Church and schools like Central/Dunbar High School, each of the 40 sites recognizes a
business, organization or individual who helped form the rich history of African-Americans in Mobile.
History seekers will be able to charter a tour guide to ride along with their bus or van tour, or you
can simply follow a map and audio guide on your own. Soon, school bus tours will be available for
children from throughout Mobile County to experience the historic landmarks first-hand. For more
information, contact Mobile Historic Development Commission at (251) 208-7968.

Sites of the African-American Heritage Trail

Hank Aaron’s Home Creole Firehouse #l Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church
AfricaTown Emanuel A.M.E. Church National African-American Archives & Museum
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Emerson Institute Dave Patton House
Bettie Hunter House Chain of Finley’s Drug Stores LeRoy “Satchel” Paige
Big Zion A.M.E. Church Fort Conde Plateau Grave Yard
Broad Street Academy/Caldwell School James Reese Europe Saint Martin De Porres Hospital
C. First Johnson House Dr. James A. Franklin House Slave Market
Campground Neighborhood Dr. Thomas Nathaniel Harris St. Louis Street Missionary Baptist Church
Central/Dunbar High School John LeFlore Non-Partisan Voter’s League Office Stone Street Baptist Church
Christian Benevolent Funeral Home A.N. Johnson Publishing The State Street A.M.E. Zion Church
Church of the Good Shepherd Johnson and Allen Mortuary Wallace Turnage
C. H. Council School Magnolia Cemetery Union Baptist Church
Cook’s House, Oakleigh Michael Donald Street Dr. H. Roger Williams Drug Store Local citizen Gabe Peck
Vernon Z. Crawford Law Firm Mobile County Training School re-enacts the Buffalo Soldiers
2008 Annexation: Expanding the City’s Boundary
Making a Difference In The Lives of Residents In Theodore/Tillman’s Corner
and Windmill Subdivision

The city’s annexation process worked, and so did the democratic process.

“We’re very, very pleased with what we saw with the people who decided
to be a part of the City of Mobile. They were very enthusiastic about it.
They wanted the services the city offers,” said Mobile Mayor Sam Jones.

The two groups that approved annexation were the biggest and the smallest:
a section of Tillman’s Corner and Theodore containing 2,400 residents and
commercial corridors on U.S. 90 and Rangeline Road, and the Windmill
Place subdivision off Cody Road where 31 voted yes and 17 voted no.

By joining the City of Mobile, these residents now have:

•• Enhanced Police Protection; “A city that doesn’t

grow dies, and that is not
•• Improved Fire Protection;
something we want to
•• Regular Garbage and Trash Collection; see happen to Mobile,”
•• Many more municipal services. Mayor Sam Jones.
Mobile Housing Initiatives Spacious Homes For Sale
In Historic Church Street East

The Downtown Renaissance — A senior housing residence. This initiative is part of The Mobile Housing Board is building
12 single-family homes in Church
the Mobile Housing Board’s Hope VI Revitalization project. Located on Bloodgood
Street East, off Washington Avenue
at Claiborne Street, the project is comprised of 88 apartments. The project partners near the Mobile Public Library. The
include the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Mobile, homes include both market-rate
homes and homes that are reserved
Alabama Housing Finance Authority and Federal Home Loan Bank.
for first-time homebuyers.

For More Information:

Call (251) 433-1011 or (251) 434-2204
The Neighborhood College - A Unique Experience at City Hall and Beyond

On a Police Segway @ the Fire Academy @ the Mobile Museum of Art @ the Museum of Mobile

The graduates of the first City of Mobile Neighborhood A highlight of the course was allowing each participant
College got a first-hand view of the inner workings of city to become a Mobile 311 operator. The exercise gave participants
government. But their seven-week course didn’t stop at City hands-on experience of the department which allows citizens
Hall. One citizen from each district took part in interactive easy access to City Hall.
tours and exercises at the Police Department, Fire-Rescue The next neighborhood college class will be held
Department, Museums and the Recycling Center. The Office June 2 - July 14. For more information, please call the Office of
of Neighborhood and Community Services designed the Neighborhood and Community Services at 208-7443.
program to educate and assist in disseminating information
back to their respective neighborhood associations and/or
community action groups. Members of the first Neighborhood College join
Mayor Jones at a City Council Meeting
Citizens Crack Down on Litter
Inspired by Mayor Sam Jones, Keep Mobile Beautiful continues the quest for a cleaner, more
beautiful city.  Through radio, television and print media, the city has educated Mobilians on the
importance of a clean community image for tourism and economic development.
The “Cut out Cops” have popped up on street corners to remind motorists that a fine for littering
will cost them $406.
Keep Mobile Beautiful was recently honored by receiving four national awards from Keep
America Beautiful. The awards include:
Litter removal and tree planting on Demetropolis Road
• President’s Circle Award
• Distinguished Service Citation for the “If I Can – You Can” litter prevention television commercial
• Second Place National Award in the Litter Prevention category for the “Cut-out Cops on Patrol”
• The top “Innovation Award” in Litter Prevention

The Mobile Police Department, the Urban Development

Department and Environmental Officers have stepped up efforts to enforce
litter laws, resulting in over 2,000 citations for those who do not comply.
New blue litter containers have been placed in strategic locations
around the city to make it easy for pedestrians to dispose of litter rather
than cluttering up the ground.
Residents of R. V. Taylor Plaza participate in their first
Neighborhood Litter Summit
These blue cans have reduced litter around the city
Mobile County’s Job Growth 2007/08
Company Name          Type Jobs                 Investment                     Average Salary
Atlantic Marine              Exp.       250                   $21.2M                         $52,400
Austal USA                   Exp.       1,000               $254M                          $50,000
C&G Boatworks             Exp.       150                $11.3M                           $45,000
Evonik Degussa             Exp.       10                     $65M                            $72,040
2008 Frascatti Shops             Exp.       5                      $2M                              $30,470
Praxair                          Exp.       6                      $38M                            $64,000
Silver Ships                   Exp.       10                     $790,000                       $48,000
SSAB                           Exp.       180                   $460M                          $65,000
Teledyne                       Exp.       30                     $5M                              $46,000
Berg Spiral Pipe
Total for 2008    1,641                $846.5M                        $52,546

Company Name            Type Jobs                 Investment                     Average Salary

Austal USA                   Exp.       400                   $34M                            $43,780
Berg Steel Pipe             New      100                  $80M                             $53,800
Bristow-Krah                  New      150                   $37M                            $34,320
2007 Evonik Degussa             Exp.       14                     $10M                            $50,000
Holcim                          Exp.       7                      $60M                            $60,000
Mobile Aerospace        Exp.       200                   N/A                                $33,280
ThyssenKrupp               New      2,700                $3.7B                         $58,000
Source: Mobile Area
Total for 2007                 3,571               $3.92B $47,597 Chamber of Commerce

Mobile Container Terminal

S potlight on a Business
C&G Boat Works Number of Employees:
Mobile - 293
Bayou La Batre - 135

Company Profile Total Capital Investment

Mobile - $11.3 million
C & G, founded in 1996, is a young, growing and aggressive company with over 20 Bayou La Batre $5.7 million
vessels now under construction or in repair.  In addition to Mobile, the company also
operates a 21 acre location in Bayou La Batre where only new hulls are constructed.

The company is located in Mobile on a 30-acre site with 600 feet on the bustling Mobile
Ship Channel.  Building and repair facilities include five bays under roof, two outside
bays, a 2000 ton dry dock and a new 600 ton travel lift that was delivered in 2007.

Construction is dominated by high-speed aluminum Fast Supply Vessels, but includes

tugs, fishing vessels, military craft, push boats and specialty boats. C & G’s innovative
FSV cabin-forward design allows for maximum efficiencies for internal and external
cargo capacities, while accommodating maximum carriage of personnel. The unique
design also allows for close to light boat speed with a full load on board.
S potlight on a Business
Austal USA
Expanding a Great Mobile Company

Austal USA is putting the finishing touches on the USS Independence (LCS-2). It’s the first littoral
combat ship being built at Austal’s Mobile shipyard. Austal was also recently awarded a contract
to design and build the US Department of Defense’s next generation multi-use platform, the Joint
High Speed Vessel (JHSV), as part of a program potentially worth over $1.6 billion.

Later this year, Austal USA will finalize an expansion that includes a new Modular Manufacturing
Facility and a new administration building. Here are some figures on the expansion:

Modular Manufacturing Facility Administrative Building

Size: 396,000 sq. ft. Size: 80,000 sq.ft.

Parking: 2,064 paved spaces Accommodates: 400 employees
Completion: July 2009 Completion: June 2010
Total Cost: $82 million (est.) Total Cost: $12 million (est.)
S potlight on a Business Plant will employ 2,700 people once fully operational.

ThyssenKrupp Steel and Stainless USA

“An Investment That Transforms The City, County and State”
•• 2,700 jobs when fully operational;
•• Construction phase expected to generate approximately 29,000 jobs in 3 years;
•• Over 20-year period, the facility is expected to yield 38,000 to 52,000 indirect jobs;
•• Approximately 2,400 construction workers onsite;
•• Recruiting: 207 Steel and 177 Stainless;
•• $3.7 billion investment revised to $4.2 billion;
•• Over $450 million in non-equipment construction related
contracts to date with Alabama companies;
•• Over $120 million in non-equipment construction related
contracts to date with South Alabama companies;
•• A wide range of additional long-term business opportunities in the operational phase.
Hotels and Condos in Downtown - always a great place to stay
Battle House Hotel
New Condominium Developments Continue
to Bring Residents to Downtown

Development Units Completion Date

Mattress Factory 25 2008
Hampton Inn & Suites Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel St. Louis Lofts 21 2008
Parkside Home & Garden 2 2008
With nearly 1,200 hotel rooms in the area, there are plenty of options in O’Gwynn Place 10 2009
downtown Mobile. The most recent hotel is the Hampton Inn & Suites located Carriage Works 11 2009
at the corner of Royal and Conti streets.
Hargrove’s Corp. Apartments 4 2009
Looking for more than just a room to stay in? These downtown facilities also DeTonti Townhomes 4 Summer 2009
feature nearly 60 meeting rooms with a reception capacity of over 4,000.
Downtown Renaissance 12 Summer 2009
The City of Mobile recently solved one of the only complaints from downtown Crescent Theater 2 Summer 2009
visitors. On November 20, 2008, city leaders reached an agreement with CSX
Transportation to create a Quiet Zone in downtown. Locomotives traveling Cedar Street Renovation 3 Fall 2009
through downtown will not blow their horns when approaching intersections 250 St. Francis: A Condominium 28 2011
at Adams, St. Anthony, Dauphin, Government, Monroe, and Eslava streets.
Holiday Inn Source: Downtown Mobile Alliance
Greening of Downtown Mobile

An Eye to the Future


The scenic 23,000 sq. ft. tribute square honors the

accomplishments of Joseph Langan, one of Mobile’s KC-45
most visionary mayors, and Civil Rights leader, John
L. LeFlore. Diagonally tucked between Broad, St. “We won the competition before, and I am confident that
Anthony streets and Spring Hill Avenue, Unity Pointe
if it is judged on merits, we will prevail again,” Mobile
will transform the site into a green area that will greet
Mayor Sam Jones said. “We have an excellent team, both
thousands of motorists daily and serve as a respectful
Citizens Determining The Destiny Of Their City locally and from Northrop/Grumman-EADS working
symbol for these great Mobilians. Opening late 2009.
The Implementation of the New Plan For Mobile Is Underway collectively on the project.”
Mobilian of the Year - Mayor Sam Jones
On March 26, 2009, Mayor Sam Jones was given the top civic
award in Mobile, the Cottage Hill Civitan Club’s 2008 Mobilian
of the Year. The award has been given annually since 1948 to an
individual who has made an extraordinary, positive impact on the
Mobile community. The Civitans specifically cited Mayor Jones’
involvement in economic development, keeping Mobile clean and
safe, and being a great ambassador as reasons for selecting him.
Some of the past winners include Abraham Mitchell, John Tyson,
Sr., and Joseph N. Langan.
“We are pleased at the selection of Mayor Sam Jones as the
recipient of the Mobilian of the Year award for 2008,” Mobilian of
the Year chairman Randy Eckhoff said. “Mayor Jones is a native of
Mobile and has served the city in numerous ways throughout his
career, including his current role as our mayor.”
“The only problem was fitting all of his accomplishments on
the application,” said Sandi Forbus of Mobile United who nominated
Mayor Jones.
The All New!
The internet is changing, and the way friends, family and co-workers
connect is changing, too. This presents an opportunity for the City of
Mobile to get information directly to our citizens and visitors. We’ve
completely revamped our website, making it easier for you to get the
information you’re looking for. In addition to updating the look and
content, we’ve added several features to keep everyone informed about
what is going on at City Hall and around Mobile.

We’re now using YouTube and Blogger to spread the word and video
about upcoming projects, social networking sites like Facebook and
Twitter for better communication and feedback, and technology such as
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds so that everyone can have up-to-
the-minute news.

Log on today to the all new It’s our way of

keeping you informed and involving you in the solution.
April - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 10 National Maritime Museum of the Gulf Coast Groundbreaking - 9
Market on the Square - 25 State of the City Luncheon - 8 ArtsAlive! 17 - 19 May - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 8 Market on the Square - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Market in the Park - 28
Memorial Day - 25 Brown Bag in Bienville Square - 6, 13, 20, 27
Brown Bag in Bienville Square - 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Firefighter’s Ball - 17
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State of the City 5 3

Mobile Container Terminal
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19 17
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26 24
27 28 29 30 25 26 27 28 29 30

Market on the Square 31

June - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 12 Market on the Square - 6, 13, 20, 27
Market in the Park - 4, 11, 18, 25 Kids Days in Bienville 4, 11, 18, 25 July - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 10 Market on the Square - 4, 11, 18, 25 Independence Day (celebrated) - 3
Kids Days in Bienville - 2, 9 Kids Days in Langan Park - 18, 25
Market in the Park - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
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29 30 Kids Days in Bienville 27 28 29 30 31

Market in the
August - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 14 12th Annual Dauphin Street International Beer Festival - 29
September - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 11 Brown Bag in Bienville Square - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Labor Day - 7

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1 Berg Spiral 1 2 3 4 5

Copeland-Cox Tennis Center Battle House Hotel 2 6

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31 30 ThyssenKrupp
October - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 9 Market on the Square - 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 BayFest - 2 - 4
Brown Bag in Bienville Square - 7, 14, 21, 28 Columbus Day - 12 November - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 13 Market on the Square - 7, 14, 21 Thanksgiving Holidays - 26, 27
Mobile International Festival - 21 Veterans’ Day - 11 Lighting of the Trees - 20

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BayFest 1 2 3

4 Mobile International Festival 1

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December - 2009 LoDa ArtWalk - 11 Mobile Holiday & Christmas Parade - 19
Christmas Holidays - 24, 25 MoonPie Over Mobile New Year’s Eve Celebration - 31 January - 2010 LoDa ArtWalk - 8 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - 18
Under Armour Senior Bowl - 30

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1 2 3 4 5 Senior 1 2

6 City Council with Hank Aaron

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February - 2010 LoDa ArtWalk - 12 Mardi Gras Holidays - 15 - 16 March - 2010 LoDa ArtWalk - 12

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28 28
Mardi Gras 29 30 31
Hampton Inn
Downtown Mobile Regional Senior
Community Center
April - 2010 LoDa ArtWalk - 9 ArtsAlive! - 10, 11 Brown Bag in Bienville Square - 7, 14, 21, 28
State of the City - 21
Mobile 311 - Your Three Digit Connection to City Hall
Saturday /
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
Mobile 311 continued to serve as the quickest and best way to connect
1 2 3
citizens to the services offered by the City of Mobile. As the chart below
shows, Mobile 311 answered over 55,000 Service Request Orders (SROs).
Mitchell Cancer The most popular SROs were trash, animals, and garbage.
Institute Litter Campaign 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 Along with Mobile CitiSmart, Mobile 311 allows accountability for municipal
service requests. Mobile 311 sends each SRO to the appropriate department,
11 who has 72 hours to respond. Citizens can follow up with 311 to check the
status of their SRO.
12 13 14 15 16 17
ReAct Report Total Service Request Orders - 2008
19 20 21 22 23 24 㔀Ⰰ   
匀 刀 伀 猀 刀 攀挀攀椀瘀攀搀 㔀㔀Ⰰ㘀㐀㐀
匀 刀 伀 猀 䌀 漀洀瀀氀攀琀攀 㔀㈀Ⰰ㌀㌀  
26 27 28 29 30 ㄀Ⰰ   
  䐀椀昀昀攀爀攀渀琀椀愀氀          ㌀Ⰰ㌀㄀㐀
African American
Heritage Trail
䨀 愀渀甀愀爀 礀 䄀 瀀爀 椀 氀 䨀 甀氀 礀 伀 挀琀漀戀攀爀
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Mobile’s Growth

Sources: City of Mobile GIS Department

U.S. Census Bureau

Photos by: © City of Mobile, Alabama